Mrs T, aged 79.

History : Sickly child. Regular hospitalisation with asthma which advanced to pneumonia every winter. On steroidal medication, regular antibiotics, heart medication, cholesterol medication, anti-emetic for regular vomiting due to swallowing phlegm, anti-tussive for difficulty in breathing and constant cough and prescription codeine plus for regular migraines. Her voice sounded like a seasoned smoker – she wheezed and carried oxygen with her, taking huge gulps of breath in between talking her short sentences.

Symptoms had worsened since she began taking annual flu shots. She could not walk more than a few steps at a time and was reliant on family for everything. Despite all of what modern medicine had to offer, regular hospitalisation which kept her barely alive, and regular visits to specialists for the toll was taking on her heart, in her words, she felt no longer human – just a nuisance and was tired of just existing. By the end of the discussion she was crying and in truth, I did not hold much hope for her case.

Treatment : I advised her to make small changes to her diet – no dairy, sugar or gluten. But hearing her protests I knew this was going to be difficult. This is one case that I did not really feel I could do much for. I knew even suggesting that she cease any of her medications would scare her and possibly endanger her life.

The only prescription I made was to advise to no longer agree to the flu vaccine and she took the Chrysalis Cough Cold Complex (now VIX TONIC), which is a multi use respiratory remedy capable of covering symptoms from the most basic cough or cold through to the most serious and has successfully been used in cases of pleurisy, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Result : This was a case which I am sorry to say, slipped my mind as I continued with clinic and daily life. I did not hear from her within the usual 2 weeks so mentally relegated her to the compartment of one of the many cases who place so much trust in pharmaceutical dependency – notwithstanding the fact her family did not support her even contacting me, let alone taking my advice – and did not expect to hear from her.

She had deliberately held back from following up as she wanted to make sure she could go through the entire winter without hospitalisation before speaking to me. I did not recognise her. The puffiness from her face was gone, her voice was no longer hoarse, she did not have the oxygen accompanying her. She did not cough when she laughed. Her eyes were bright. It was the first winter in a decade which she did not spend time in hospital. That was her gauge – she needed to know she could get through this. With her GP’s guidance she stopped all medications. She bought 3 bottles of CCC just in case. It was the last time she suffered pneumonia.


Miss K, aged 17.

Background : If you are still of the mind that CFS/lyme/fibro is incurable, take a good look. I watched this beautiful girl go through struggles that thankfully most cannot imagine – including those with invisible disease. Her struggles included physical, emotional and eventually attacks to her most personal life.

Yet she came through it all. She is FREE of all that could be thrown at her. She lost 3 years of her life – she may have been ‘lucky’ that her mum is a naturopath but back then, answers were thin on the ground.

And sadly it was not just an invisible disease that hurt her. I guess this is why I get so angry when sufferers, 9/10 times, will make excuses or choose to dismiss my claims at knowing the truth, that EVERYONE can heal from CFS – you don’t need some fancy, expensive overseas special clinic.

You don’t need some expensive, specialist-prescribed protocol that only results in more suffering that is then dismissed as a necessary evil – as in herxing that doesn’t improve. Primary reactions that continue simply show it is not working.

She spent what life she had, counselling her peers out of their own demons. None of them knew and less cared what she was actually going through. In the end, she walked away because the attacks almost claimed her life – they’d already claimed so much. I still share her story – how can I not?

Her very last dealing with the medical establishment involved a team of health experts declaring that if she refused to take anti depressants, if she refused to admit she was self harming, if she continued to ‘lie’ to them, there was nothing they could do – enjoy what life you have left.

No health care, no welfare, no extended family support, no church or friend support. For me, as the mother, if I found answers, I was going to dedicate my life to sharing those answers. That was actually 6 years ago.

Thankfully, since then, we have had a continuing stream of CFS/lyme/fibro sufferers take advice and all of them are in various stages of once again living pain and sickness free.

Sadly, 9/10 are not – they have chosen to argue and refuse to even consider their case is curable. That is their choice. What’s your choice? As the 80s slogan says – CHOOSE LIFE! Prior to the new site being launched, let me say it IS as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Get alkaline – this means as much of getting rid of acidic lifestyle habits as it does introducing/including alkaline and healthy life options.

2. Clean up your life – detox, removing chemicals, build an effective support network.

3. Protocol of organic, cell building and healing supplements – after completing your online assessment to determine and pinpoint what you need for that inflammation, that weakness, cell renewal and LIFE. Then get back to me and tell me how many days it took to turn your health around – to get your LIFE back again.


Vivia Formula - VF-360 Defense System

The following is an unsolicited testimony – or rather a combination of a number of testimonies written by the same patient, as she began and moved through my protocol.

“I have suffered the severe autoimmune disease labeled by different doctors as CFS, lyme, ME and a string of others. When I first became unwell I also became homeless.

I had no support network.

Not only do you feel are you dying, you are left alone to face the neglect and isolation from the world of western medicine, (in which we are programmed from an early age) TO BELIEVE they are the ONLY FORM of medicine with the answers! How wrong, damaging, and invalid this programing is. We are left to fight our way on to Disability Support pension. I was lying on the floor off a Centrelink office when an ambulance was called to take me to hospital, and yet it still took a further 2 years for me to be classified as having a “disability.”

The world in general is completely IGNORANT OF HOW SICK SUFFERERS OF CFS truly are.

Tears roll down my face as I write this, the memories rise like hail clouds about to pound my face with nowhere to run.

This was my life for many years four years with a violent illness, 3 years in recovery. Months of this chronic state went by until I started googling chronic fatigue syndrome.There I learnt about raw organic food diets, herbals, therapies, supplements, and their effects. All of this information about naturopathy, orthomolecular medicine, and other alternative medicines was there for me. But I had never heard of this before – why not? Why was none of this medicine knowledge ever on the television news, radio or in newspapers?

It has been credited by sufferers with thousands of cures…Why have their stories not been told and so many more victims never heard of it? Why was I told lies about alternative medicine by doctors I consulted? Lies can be equally as effective by omission as well as commission. Was it uninformed ignorance as to the efficacy of alternative treatments or arrogance in the belief that there could never be a different way of treatment that was not dependant on drug therapy? Why was I held back from these truths? Why had I never known about naturopaths, homeopaths, herbal medicine…the effects of food and other noxious chemicals on the body and mind…

Why had these truths been kept from me?

Why is it that the foods and other substances that are promoted as being “healthy” are in reality fat laden, over salted, over sweetened, sprayed with carcinogenic chemicals, and loaded with additives, preservatives, and packaged. What are we eating? POISON! Hamburgers and other fast foods plus all the tinned and otherwise treated products offered for consumption, are in many cases devoid of nutrients but have instead been substituted by chemicals, example; flavor enhances, preservatives, additives etc.

I needed to a SEE NATURAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER, and this is when RESULTS started to flow in. I tried everything at great cost but I knew that it was no one’s fault but those who control our medical system.

I could take the ‘care’ that was orthodox, on medicare and continue to die.

Or I could spend what money I had to pay for un-subsidised natural treatments to live again.

NO ONE ELSE COULD EVEN BEGIN TO HELP ME EXCEPT THE CHRYSALIS PROTOCOL. I WOULD HATE TO THINK HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN WASTED………….(Please dont go to another planet Lulu, cause all CFS people would die……thats 20million of us, wiped off the planet, u have our answers.)

People I saw that failed me miserably – I saw BIOCHEMISTS, no help. I saw so many health professionals, no help. I went to into hyper baric oxygen chamber therapy – waste of money.

In regards to CFS I saw two nutritionists – waste of money as they say to eat animal products which are killing you. I saw two NATUROPATHS, who told me to eat animal products. The reason they failed is because they have no experience in the disease.


To me, they were dangerous, full of lies, and brutally destroyed my immune system. (Also funny that western medicine vaccines and gmo foods are all linked – seems to me they want DISEASE…not wellness).

I found Lulu’s protocol and within a year she totally changed me. I do homeopathy, I speak to Lulu online, I use the supplements recommended (after taking thousands of dollars’ worth of supplements wrongly), I did see an accupuncturist every fortnight, and an orthomolecular doctor for intravenous IV of vitamin C, and I use the pH Miracle as my diet. If I come off one thing I go down fast. They are all pieces of the puzzle that is my case. This seems to be the answer – doing EVERYTHING you can do get well.

There is no magic pill or vaccine!

I will never trust anyone else except Chrysalis, my homeopath that has changed my life – and my doctor Iwho has monitored me officially) whose name I can’t mention as she is scared of AMA repercussions – as western medicine is so corrupt they do not want people well and shut down any doc who practices alternative therapies. THAT is how little our medical groups want us well.


Love to you all and if u wanna get better like I am, LISTEN and change what you are doing.”


Reading this over again always blesses me – but also saddens me as people who need this advice the most simply choose to not listen. Most would rather sit back and wait for some miracle to drop in their lap. Others, who have seen other practitioners and failed to heal, see no hope in anything else. This includes people who have followed a paleo diet, nutritionist-penned diets, IV therapies, and much more. Yet if your doctor fails you, don’t you just go back and seek something else?

So, what is the protocol? It’s a combination of detoxing, lifestyle (which can include actively moving away from chemical-laden areas, mould, etc), alkaline diet, the RIGHT supplements (you will need to ask privately for your own personal needs) adjuvant therapies to detox and for wellbeing.

The protocol is available for free in its full form here – no short cuts as no one or two steps will do the trick. It is a total effort. If this patient above was able to turn her life around, so can you.



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