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Have you ever donated to a charity before? Maybe you are scared that your money wont get to where you want it to? We have all heard horror stories of rip-off scams and lost funds.


From the beginning, costs have been covered by the founder of Mukwano Mwana and 100% of ALL donations are divided and shared amongst the four groups –

  • BAM Animal Clinics
  • Arise & Shine Orphanage School
  • Divine Hearts Africa
  • Bugiri Children’s Centre


Mukwano Mwana was started by an Australian mother and her children; buying and selling goods on eBay to raise funds. It began with one charity – Pearl Children. Eventually that was taken over by a Canadian group and Mukwano Mwana grew to embrace 3 orphan/widow centres and one veterinary rescue and care centre.

Unfortunately, four charities which do not fit within the paradigms of larger – more heavily funded groups (most do not and are left to fend for themselves) have great needs and we rarely meet our targets as people back away from donating – for whatever reason.

We have just over a month to organise and ship physical donations plus fund food and clothing bales – and urgent veterinary/rescue work – to all our beneficiaries. I am trusting in a miracle. Donations so far are not enough to provide this for one of the groups – let alone all four.


Bank deposits need to be done directly at an ANZ bank in Australia – or Paypal –

Deposit Details –
Mukwano Mwana (dear child) account – 100% gets to the kids, widows and animals.
ANZ Bank
BSB 016270
A/C 393162421
* Please put your name in reference.
* Please add a post of encouragement here once you have donated.

For PAYPAL payments –
leagueonations@iinet.net.au and please email the same address to advise that you have made a payment.



  • Underwear – boys and girls, all sizes
  • Socks and bras
  • Stationery
  • Small books
  • Small toys
  • Dental care
  • Hard soap
  • Deodorant
  • Supplements
  • Pawpaw cream
  • Veterinary and medical supplies (no liquids) – syringes, gauze, bandaids/bandages, ointments, surgical equipment

PLEASE share this as often as you are compelled. By scrolling down you can see our previous Christmas successes.
Thankyou and God Bless.


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