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Changes to this site – update 2017.

I am currently building a new web-site as the blog has become overloaded and too difficult to navigate, especially for new members and visitors.

The blog will remain but will instead be attached to the new site. Current members will not have to do a thing – all articles on the new site will be redirected to this blog, while the current URL of chrysalis-edenic-health.org will be redirected to the new site so when you search you will go to the new site.

If you want to visit the new site now, it will simply be chrysalis-edenic-health.jigsy.com in the meantime – until the URL changes.

The blog will go back to the URL of chrysalis-edenic-health.jigsy.com – you will still receive new posts as they happen. The new site will have a store for recommended health products and my rebranded homeopathic range (which began in 1991).

I hope this makes sense!

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