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Pain, inflammation and aging – fighting all 3

Since the development of modern medicine, we have learned to focus on ‘A’ disease which is usually nothing more than the body screaming out that we are living/eating/behaving the wrong way. What if the truth is easier than believing we are a ticking time bomb? What if you don’t have to remove that organ/tumour/gland? What if it really is as easy as eating the … Read More Pain, inflammation and aging – fighting all 3

Benefits of anti oxidants

We have all heard medical experts say there is no research to show or prove that natural therapies work. Nothing to back that up, lots of posturing and theorising but the truth is, as much research goes into alternatives as it does orthodoxy. It’s just that medicine refuses to accept anything pharma can’t make money from. The benefits of anti oxidants are far-reaching. Able … Read More Benefits of anti oxidants

Stem Cell Therapy from an Alternative Perspective

People often ask me about stem cell therapy and they usually don’t like my reply. While new vibrant young cells are an exciting thought, there are many ethical and even common sense things to consider here. If you are okay with the use of aborted foetal cells, the chance of developing Graves Host Disease (like organ rejection), high expense and eventually failure, I guess … Read More Stem Cell Therapy from an Alternative Perspective

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