Are Cigarettes Really To Blame?

Let me just say I hate smoking. In all forms. As in really hate it. If you need something in your body (or think you do) eat it or drink it. Poison you say? Well, your lungs are one of the quickest ways to provide an uptake of any substance – up there with via minute blood vessels under your tongue, into your veins and through your skin.

But why are cigarettes the main focus of modern poisoning? Do you know the ingredients? What if the real issue is not the cigarette but the actual smoking act itself? You wouldn’t consider eating arsenic – would you smoke it? Or inject it? Let’s think about that. You quite probably are already.

Did you know that many skin care products and medicines actually parallel cigarettes in toxic substances? But they are okay because some invisible entity says so? Did you ask? Read? Actually look into it? Nope, fancy packaging and promotion is the key factor in most choices today.

So where am I going with this? Below is a list of just some of the known cigarette ingredients – many inert and harmless in their natural state – but if smoked or injected then they can and do kill. Then I am going to list the active, dangerous ingredients and let you know you are most likely ingesting or absorbing them into your body every single day – by choice.

WHAT’S IN A CIGARETTE (more importantly, why? If people just want a calming nicotine hit – why can’t you drink the tea?)

  • Ammonia: Household cleaner
    Arsenic: Used in rat poisons
  • Phthalates
  • Benzene: Used in making dyes, synthetic rubber
  • Citric acid
  • DDT: A banned insecticide
  • Ethyl Furoate: Causes liver damage in animals
  • Maltitol
    Methyl isocyanate
  • Acetone (Nail Polish Remover)
  • Ammonia (Floor/Toilet Cleaner)
  • Arsenic (Poison)

Butane (Cigarette Lighter Fluid)

  • Cadmium (Rechargeable Battery)

Carbon Monoxide (Car Exhaust)

  • DDT /Dieldrin (Insecticides)
  • Ethanol (Alcohol)
  • Formaldehyde (Body Tissue Preservative)

Hexamine (Barbecue Lighter)

Hydrogen Cyanide (Gas Chamber Poison)

Methane (Swamp Gas)

  • Methanol (Rocket Fuel)

Naphthalene (Mothballs)

  • Nicotine (Insecticide/Addictive Drug)
  • Barium

Nitrous Oxide

  • Phenols (Disinfectant)
  • Stearic Acid (Candle Wax)
  • Toluene (Industrial Solvent)
  • Nitrosamines


  • Bromide
  • Chlorine


  • Squalene




  • Metals
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Mercury (often removed from labels but not product)
  • Silicon
  • MSG
  • Aspartame
  • Titanium
  • Lead
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Glycerine
  • Chromium
  • Selenium
  • Thallium

You will notice I placed an asterisk before many of the above ingredients which are questionable to say the least. This indicates that ALL of these ingredients, and more, are found in everyday products we knowingly or unknowingly consume and give to our children, pets, elderly and even terminally ill.

Now, where else do you think these ingredients are found? For one, nicotine is found in a massive quantity in local anaesthesia – there is no secret to the research showing high incidence of cancers – including lung cancer – among people who have had many procedures requiring local anaesthetics. But what else?

Every single one of those ingredients with an asterisk is found in one very trusted, valued, and even worshipped item – but more of that later.

Something that has reached fever pitch, intended for good, believed to be one of the most important aspects of life in the 21st century, believed to bring about health like no other thing on the planet. Yet it has easily an equal number of professional opponents and formal scientific research proving dangers, as smoking does – and like smoking research once was, is still ignored – and quite likely the leading cause of death in the world today. Most definitely, alongside poor diet, one of the leading causes of both acute and chronic illness in the world today.

Guessed yet?

So why aren’t people listening? Why aren’t so-called health leaders up in arms? Why don’t all the ‘get your flu shots’ come with horrific health warnings like their vapourous counterparts? After all, they are responsible for more suffering and danger than all the illicit, illegal drugs put together.

Let’s put aside the monkey cells, pig, mouse and cow cells, antibiotics, aborted foetal cells etc being injected – ethics aside, what of known carcinogens? Why do we have just the one scapegoat? Laziness? Ignorance? Downright stupidity? Worship of all things medical related?

Of course, there are far more questionable ingredients in both cigarettes and vaccines – just too many for it to be shared easily when you do the deed. So before you do either, why not actually look into what you are doing to your body? Or that of your child.

Please think about it.

Post script – thousands of pharmaceutical medications are in existence. Have you looked at the ingredients in your medication or are you of the belief that they just contain a magical medicine that will mask your symptoms? What if most of your health issues have been self inflicted by complete ignorance?

Why vaccines are on the way out – for good.

You heard right. In 2017 there are many things going on in the world –

I challenge you. When you turn on the TV, watch the news. What are the main stories? With ALL the issues of the world, the number of people sick and dying from all the myriad issues for which there are no vaccines, how many how many times can you watch the news for more than 5 minutes, without the propaganda stories linked to new vaccine discoveries or outright flogging? None.

Image result for dread doctors needle

Watch ANY natural disaster story – without fail, it winds up with a warning for the need to get whichever vaccine is currently being flogged. Stuck in a flood? Forget everything else – get your vaccinations. Watch ANY drama on TV or even a movie which includes sickness in the storyline. Vaccines. Always. Forget hygiene, diet, fresh air, removing toxins or even exercise.

Always vaccines.

Takes the heat off the failure of antibiotics, I guess.

Go to ANY pharmacy – now, make no mistake – pharmacies cover literally thousands of diseases and symptom sets – from the basic to the chronic and terminal. But what is on the window/board outside/signage at the counter?

Flu shots.

When groups such as Medecins Sans Frontieres refuse a vaccine, it is always reported to be about anything other than the truth – big pharma ensures vaccines BEFORE food and water. Don’t believe me? Check out any propaganda on famine – ALWAYS about the need for vaccines and disease elimination. Good way to take control and decisions from the medical experts. Now, if medical experts of old could eradicate disease using just hygiene over 100 years ago, how far have we really come? What sort of monster diseases do we now have that can only be eradicated by magical vaccines?

Image result for healthy vaccine free communities

ALL the past plagues – black death – Spanish flu – malaria – all the massive epidemics of the past – long before vaccines, all eradicated. Think about it – no mass media, no government enforced programs or bribes. We are talking absolute sickness and death. No chance to change your circumstances or afford fresh air, clean water, healthy food or the abundant natural health of the day.

Carry iron umbrellas in case toasters fall out of the sky

More and more are admitting the fraud yet the locomotive shows no sign of abating. But how strong are humans, when we are fighting the onslaught, and learning to live outside of paradigms inflicted upon us in the hope we will comply? In the mass hysteria, it has been a case of shooting themselves in their own feet – while the gullible have fallen for it, more an dmore people are questioning the truth. You can not go anywhere now without the topic being raised. And the more it is raised, the more peopel will investigate for themselves.

No automatic alt text available.

But even the best research, while drawing in these disease names, somehow manages to con the reader into thinking it was up to non existent vaccines to magically bring about restoration of health collectively. And doctors, desperate to continue the money grab, actually fall for the con and heavily promote it. Imagine if a mechanic said to you, “Put this oil in your car and it will stop your tyres from ever blowing. And you will never have to put water in your radiator again.” This is, in effect, what medicine is getting away with. Desperately.

Go to ANY doctor’s surgery waiting room. Look up. Without fail, almost every poster is linked or is outright blatant vaccine advertising. All before you even get to the doctor’s room – then, without fail, asks if you are up to date with the vaccines which cover a small set of obscure symptom sets (if we are honest). “Oh, Jimmy bumped his head? Has he had his MMR shot?”

Now that herd immunity has well and truly been disproven, desperate propaganda will blame an outbreak in a 100% vaccinated school or daycare on the unvaccinated. ‘You are obese because your neighbour eats too much.”

In Australia at least, welfare, daycare and now school is being banned for those who refuse to vaccinate. Even the people who are already vaccine injured. Even those with life threatening illnesses who should never be vaccinated, by medical admission.

When was it a prerequisite that you have a safe car to attend school or daycare?

When was parenting measured on just how the child is cared for? Today, it is all about whether you have a paediatrician and if you are not vaccinated, most likely you will not go to Sally’s birthday party, or visit your new grandchild.

Imagine being banned from seeing a doctor because you are obese

Or because you didn’t want to use a treatment option suggested for ANY other pre-existing illness. Or because you take drugs. Or because you are a rapist. Or because you are a violent alcoholic. Just would not happen. A criminal has more rights than a non vaccinated person. Why?

Why is vaccination the only pharma/medical sector immune from prosecution and liability? You can sue for everything – even the most minor thing and even if it is your own fault. But not a single side effect of vaccine – including death – can be dealt with legally. In fact, in Australia, more than one legal team has been destroyed, just trying. And now there are gag orders in place, forbidding them from warning others.

Image result for healthy vaccine free communities

Why does the vaccine industry have its own adverse event reporting sector? And why is only around 1 in ten patient or parental complaints even recorded? If they were at all concerned with a patient, or what they are responsible for, every single one would be recorded.

If you are unfortunate enough to go to ER, you can literally count down.

5-4-3-2-1 : ‘Are you up to date with your vaccinations?’

Tell me. 100% of us know about vaccines. Pregnant women are told about them. Child health clinics give you a nice little package with instructions. Travellers are given guidelines. Medical and school records are detailed and parents are reminded ad nauseum. We ALL know. Why then, when all things are considered, are vaccines flogged shamelessly?

Because people are waking up.

Medical experts are waking up. The honest ones speak out and often lose their jobs. And the more the truth comes out, the percentage of non-vaccinating families grows.

THEY know that if the wall crumbles, it will REALLY crumble. So they up the ante. The scaremongering is at never before seen levels – not since the world war propaganda, has anything been so heavily promoted. And we all know (or we should) that if something NEEDS to be so heavily promoted, it is usually a scam, usually with a lot to lose. A lot of investors. A lot of liability. A lot to hide.

If this were not so, it would just go along, as every other thing in life continues to do. No pressure. Part of life.

Why so desperate?

We all know there is a calm before the storm. We saw the calm – when parents just sat and failed to take action. We are in the midst of the storm. A storm which is ruining careers and lives, leaving catastrophic destruction in its wake. But we also know that there is ALWAYS calm after a storm – which always results in weeding out fact from fiction. There is no change without a fight. There is no birth without birth pains. No evil goes without a fight – and they are really tenacious, hanging on to the bitter end.

Just half a decade ago, around 5% in the western world refused to vaccinate. Today, it is creeping up to 20% and in some places – especially those with a higher level of education and social standing, it sits around 50%. No amount of bribery will work once the truth is known.

And all the while, pressure is placed heavily upon all natural options which can not only offer a healthy, disease free lifestyle but protect you from susceptibility and injury. What is safe is now seen as dangerous. And what is dangerous is the norm.

Only the ignorant and leasts defensive will remain. I for one pray for the day when it is illegal to even discuss vaccines, let alone force them upon our most defenceless. They created this pressure cooker. And like all pressure cookers, eventually the top comes off – whether it is released carefully or it explodes.

Goliath is falling.

Image result for healthy vaccine free


What to do INSTEAD of vaccination…

Image result for strong immune system

DISCLAIMER – Your doctor, media and government will not support the following information, even though it is factual and proven every single day around the world, by professionals and laypeople. All of the suggestions below are preventing not just sickness but chronic and terminal ill health. However, as your doctor, media and governments depend on the big pharma lie for funding, they are fighting to stop your right to good health naturally. It is recommended you copy and print out the following information as a resource as the information freely available online is being systematically removed. The good news is that there is a growing community of medical and natural experts promoting and supporting this time proven truth, albeit under the radar. The thing of utmost importance to remember in this situation is that long before and all along, these remedies have been used safely and effectively – preventing not just sickness but death and chronic ill health development. As none of them can make a lot of money for big pharma, and there are no kickbacks for doctors, only those who practice with integrity and honesty will promote them. Thankfully, a growing number of experts are standing up.

Image result for strong immune system

Immunisation and Vaccination are NOT the same thing.

In fact, it began with the word Innoculation. Meaning pus or matter from the original lesion, blood or sputum were rubbed into a wound to bring about immunity. It failed. Spectacularly. But those deaths were used to somehow prove that using putrid matter could magically bring about protection from the very illnesses they caused.

No one is arguing bad disease exists.

It just happens to be far more prevalent now than prior to vaccines. No doctor or nurse worth their weight would recommend doing something harmful to bring about protection or a cure. But they do.

The thing is, disease as we imagine it to be, existed due to the environment in which the individual lived – nothing to do with lack of modern medicine. So think – and ask – why did certain plagues and diseases only affect certain populations?

Image result for unhealthy  environment

Why and how do these diseases even exist?

Because of poor sanitation, poor hygiene, overpopulation in squalid conditions, lack of a healthy organic diet, lack of access to safe and natural medicines, and geographical location. Rotten food. Lack of fresh air. Poverty. Filthy water. And the spread of bodily secretions – yes, the same bodily secretions which we are now told are used to protect – or bring about immunity. In fact, in 3rd world areas, disease still exists in alarming states thanks to poor sanitation and water quality. However, there are no massive epidemics of any of the diseases for which we are vaccinated. Yet these people are injected to within an inch of their lives rather than deal with healthy options.

Believe it or not, there are literally thousands of options to achieve optimum health – and to treat symptom sets which may appear. Most diseases for which we are vaccinated are NOT contagious. In fact it is argued in some quarters that no disease is contagious – it is simply a matter of bodily terrain, exposure to the same elements, toxic chemicals, foods, water and parasites.

Given the right terrain, the same or at least similar symptom sets thrive.

So, what do you do to protect your family? Well, quite simply, eating a rubbish diet, taking up bad habits such as smoking in front of them, and injecting with known poisons which are not deemed safe enough to use in any other medium is not going to magically protect your child or build up their health. That old belief that fat babies are healthy babies has to go. Likewise, eating like kings – ie eating as much food as you like – cannot in any way be linked to good health.

Image result for healthy living

But what if it is too late and we are already vaccinated?

Thankfully there are ways to treat an already affected body. Of course it depends on severity and how much time has passed, but there are definitely measures that can be safely taken to undo much vaccine poison damage. And sadly, just like the vaccines do not contain just one ingredient, there is no one measure which will help as a stand alone option. In fact, every single vaccine ingredient carries an entire catalogue of possible symptoms and side effects.

The thing to remember is NEVER just expect good health if you do nothing to achieve it. Imagine not putting fuel, water or oil into your car – but expecting it to run just because you polished it. Imagine not putting nutrients or even seeds into soil but expect a crop because it rained.. Even more basic, imagine not putting ingredients into a dish to eat it. That is what many of us are doing yet expecting a good outcome.

The old standards – fresh air, sunlight, clean filtered water, sleep, exercise, relaxation, and healthy eating are the very basis of good health. But alone, thanks to the onslaught of environmental and pharmaceutical toxins, they are not enough.

Your fridge, pantry and cupboards should be filled only with what is good. Leave the bad for that rare occasion – don’t have them on hand. Every home should have a well stocked dispensary. Leaving it to fate, waiting until you are sick, leaving it up to strangers to magically make your kids healthy with some miracle shot, rushing to ER in the middle of the night – this is the true cause of chronic and even terminal ill health.

Healthy kids do not come magically from well baby visits or occasional poisoning at your local clinic. I guarantee that by the end of this article you will be shocked at how many natural and safe remedies exist for childhood – and adulthood – disease.

  • Do not forget analgesics when treating any illness accompanied by pain.

But what about protecting my family from the same illnesses that vaccines are meant for?

First, remember vaccines never have, and still do not protect, nor have they ever eliminated a single illness since they were first developed. Once you understand that, a little of the fear will dissipate. The truth is, every single illness for which vaccines exist, can be treated successfully using other means. If symptoms to any disease are apparent, ALWAYS refuse a vaccine as it is not only dangerous to administer at this time, but is completely ineffective simply because the reaction and actions triggered take time – and by the time this happens, the illness has already passed.

In fact, once an illness develops, giving a vaccine or some other

well used pharmaceutical drugs is the last thing you should do –

it does nothing but trigger severe reactions.

Image result for treating infectious disease naturally

List of effective and safe treatments for existing vaccinated illnesses 

Firstly, as a homeopath, I recommend setting up not just a homeoprophylaxis kit, but a well stocked homeopathic dispensary – for protection and treatment purposes. It is a good idea to allow your child to build a natural immunity and for some childhood sicknesses, that means allowing exposure to the very things we are vaccinating for. This builds strength and helps with various developmental stages, without which, children can not only fail to thrive but grow up with ‘genetic’ and so-called inherent weaknesses.

Along with the list below, and corresponding treatment or even preventative suggestions, is the homeoprophylaxis (preventative) and homeopathic treatment options. There is much scaremongering in the media concerning pneumococcal and meningococcal illness – however, there is also much research linking recent vaccination as the cause – especially as adjuvants present open the blood-brain barrier, allowing a usually sealed system to be exposed to introduced infection. The following is not all inclusive – in fact, there are thousands of natural remedies available around the world.

Bear in mind, with exposure to, or early onset (within 24 hours of first symptoms) homeopathic Aconite can and does stop most inflammatory and infectious diseases in their tracks. This should always be the first measure taken before other treatment choices – of course along with healthy lifestyle choices.

  • All disease annotated with a  symbol marks it as a non-contagious issue. This is a very important point, considering much of the vaccine promotional propaganda has the world believing if we do not vaccinate, we are responsible for others becoming ill. Please also bear in mind that all vaccines have severe side effects – including symptom sets matching other diseases like meningitis, measles and influenza – the very illnesses the media and medical fraternity advises you they are trying to prevent.

Chickenpox (varicella) – and Shingles

Homeoprophylaxis: Varicella zoster nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Rhus Tox, Ledum, Belladonna, Sulphuris.

Topical : Vitamin A cream. Aloe vera gel. Bicarb/baking soda/oatmeal/Epsom salts spongebaths or paste applications of same. Brown vinegar/Apple cider vinegar swabbing.

Supplements : Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) powder – mega dosage according to age/size. Teatree oil/lavender oil applications.

Herbal : echinacea tincture or capsules. Fresh ginger beer.

Sunlight and fresh air.


Homeoprophylaxis: Diphtherinum nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Mercurius, Lycopodium, Arsenicum album.

Herbal : garlic, echinacea, olive leaf, turmeric.

Salt, colloidal silver or thyme gargle.

Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) large doses according to age/size.

Fresh pineapple and lemon juice.

German measles (rubella)

Homeoprophylaxis: Rubella nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Pulsatilla, Rhus Tox, Gelsemium.

Herbal skin/topical treatments as for chicken pox (see above)

Herbal : astragalus, echinacea, turmeric, licorice.

Hepatitis A, B and C

  • Hepatitis is an adult disease, therefore vaccinating children is a waste of time and money – and causes undue and often irreversible damage. For hepatic (liver) symptoms please seek professional advice. Again, natural health professionals are qualified to assist, even in chronic and advanced cases.

Homeopathic : Hep A nosode. Hep B nosode. Nux vomica, Chelidonium, Thuja, Carduus marianus, Lycopodium, Belladonna, Myrica, Bryonia, Podophyllum, Arsenicum.

As all forms of hepatitis are various inflammations of the liver and can be caused by numerous pathogens and triggers, treatment choice is never as easy as a jab or one remedy. Lifestyle choice is central – dietary adjustments, detoxing and careful remedy choice is necessary.

Hib (haemophilus influenza)

Homeoprophylaxis: Haemophilus nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Bryonia, Phosphorus, Chelidonium, Sulphuris.

Supplements: Antioxidants ACE, grapeseed, pinebark, circuminoids.

Herbal: Olive leaf, echinacea, colloidal minerals, turmeric.

HPV (human papilloma virus)

Homeoprophylaxis: HPV nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Thuja, Causticum, Dulcamara.

Herbal antivirals : Echinacea, calendula, astragalus, ginger, licorice.

Influenza (flu)

Homeoprophylaxis: Influenzinum nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Arsenicum, Belladonna, Bryonia, Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Gelsemium, Nux Vom, Rhus Tox.

Herbal : Echinacea, olive leaf, garlic, licorice, slippery elm, pelargonium, elderberry, andrographis.

Supplements : antioxidants, circuminoids, pine bark, high dose Vit C, zinc.


Homeoprophylaxis: Morbillinum nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Belladonna, Bryonia, Euphrasia, Gelsemium, Pulsatilla, Sulphuris. 

Topical skin treatments as above for chicken pox

Supplements : high dose Vit C, Vitamin A,

Herbal : licorice, turmeric, lemon and orange juice, coconut water and flesh, eggplant seeds (develops immunity if given early),

Meningococcal  (meningococcal meningitis)

Homeoprophylaxis: Meningococcinum nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Early treatment even if you are not yet sure, is vital. Treatment as for mumps and HPV (as meningitis can be caused by either of these entering the brain tissue) is important. If flu like symptoms accompanied by light sensitivity, neck stiffness, blotchy skin and extreme headaches, it is wise to take precautions such as Aconite dosage as this can prevent further infection taking hold and often prevents more illnesses than can be attributed as it does not have a chance to take hold.

Homeopathic : Aconite, Belladonna, Sulphuris, Mercurius.

Herbal : As for flu treatment above.


Homeoprophylaxis: Parotidinum nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Belladonna, Rhus tox, Mercurius, Pulsatilla.

Herbal : Ginger tea, carrot and pineapple juice, orange juice, garlic, oat porridge, asparagus, chamomile tea.

Topical applications (poultice) : Ginger, black pepper, fenugreek, bicarb (baking soda), aloe vera – mix any or all into a paste with a little boiled water and apply over mumps once a day. Wild yam cream (black and blue cohosh) is a natural anti inflammatory and applied over clean skin before bed.

Pneumococcal (pneumococcal meningitis)

Homeoprophylaxis: Pneumococcal nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

  • treat as for early stage meningococcal with necessary urgency. For secondary respiratory symptoms, treat as for whooping cough. If too advanced, begin treatment and seek urgent medical care.


Homeoprophylaxis: Lathyrus Sativus remedy

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Rhus tox, Bryonia, Gelsemium, Arnica.

Herbal : Fennel, ginger, coriander, black pepper, licorice.

Supplements : High dose Vit C.


Homeoprophylaxis: Rotavirus nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Belladonna, Ipecacuanha, Aloe soc, Podophyllum, Veratrum album, Arsenicum.

Supplements : High dose probiotics.

Herbal : Slippery elm tea. Lemon and ginger tea with a pinch of Himalayan salt. 1 ts/sp apple cider vinegar in water. 1/4 ts/sp bicarb/baking soda in warm water morning and night. Keep up fluids but do not just give water. Alternative each of these teas with each drink. Rotavirus is the more recent scare-tactics name for gastroenteritis – yes, it is capable of killing you IF not managed properly or if you do not have access or knowledge of suitable effective treatment.


Homeoprophylaxis: Tetanus toxin nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

  • The tetanus bacterium (clostridium tetani) cannot thrive in an oxygen state so simply allowing a wound to bleed will kill off all bacteria. Tetanus bacterium are all around us – and in us already. It is only when the conditions are right that it can flourish. NEVER allow a wound alone, or allow symptoms to develop. Always be pro-active. The tetanus shot takes weeks to take effect (if at all) – therefore if you must go to ER, always refuse the tetanus shot.

Homeopathic : Ledum, Hypericum, Belladonna, Nux vomica, Cicuta virosa.

Herbal : Turmeric poultice, Flax/linseed tea, Ginger, Magnesium oil applied to skin.

Supplements : High dose Vit C, Echinacea, Colloidal silver (internally and topically on wound), Olive leaf extract.

First aid : Allow wound to bleed. If blood is not flowing, gently squeeze lesion to allow blood to wash the wound naturally. Then soak area in clean water with any of the following added – food grade hydrogen peroxide, salt, lavender oil, iodine, eucalyptus oil, Condys crystals. If you have an ozonator, treat some water and soak the wound in this.


Homeoprophylaxis: Tuberculinum nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Phosphoricum, Calcarea carb (if obese), Calcarea phos (if thin), Calcarea iodata (skin and liver affectations), Lycopodium, Pulsatilla, Silicea.

Herbal : Umlingo wamangcolosi, Slippery elm tea. Rhodiola, astragalus, food grade peroxide in water, lemon/ginger tea.

Dietary : pH neutral diet. Regularly test saliva and urine pH and adjust with bicarb/baking soda. Avoid all dairy, meat, processed and GMO foods. Plant based diet, juices, smoothies should be the centre of a TB treatment protocol. Avoid alcohol. Take probiotics at least twice a day. Adequate sunlight is imperative.

  • One of the most medically mismanaged illnesses globally, it is also one of the most simple to treat. No one should die of TB unless they have complete lack of knowledge or access to natural cures. While millions die every year unnecessarily, many are being cured daily just using what God left here for us to use.

Whooping cough (pertussis)

Homoeoprophylaxis: Pertussinum nosode

Treatment following exposure or onset of symptoms:

Homeopathic : Aconitum, Antimonium Tartaricum, Ipecacuanha, Drosera, Belladonna, Cuprum metallicum, Coccus cacti, Cina, Mag Phos, Kali bichromicum.

Herbal : Teas made of ginger, garlic, oregano, thyme, turmeric, lemon, licorice,

Supplements and treatment measures : Mega doses Vit C daily. Zinc. Sunlight and fresh warm air. Probiotics 3 times a day. Steam bath. Warm room.

  • While most illnesses have a dedicated homeoprophylactic nosode, most practitioners believe that they are not all necessary. And while multiple doses are possible, many practitioners give one dose and are comfortable knowing that the body will respond as necessary.

What of all the other hundreds of communicable diseases?

Right now, there are hundreds of vaccines in the works. Let’s be honest – most of us think vaccines are a magical antidote. Thanks to movies planting the lies (guess who funds those movies?) None of them are needed. If you treat illness symptomatically instead of demanding a diagnosis – instead of expecting a stranger to care about your health more than you do, then you will be far more successful – and have far less side effects.

Unlike vaccines, usually just one dose is enough. To keep in line with the vaccine schedule your homeopath may suggest repeat dosage, however this is not necessary. Clinically, I have witnessed generations taking just the one dose and building such an immunity that when they are exposed to the most serious illness such as TB, they have a strong immunity while all around them, those who are fully vaccinated succumb to the illness.

As so-called experts realise that vaccines are not working, and they increase dosage repetitions, and release more and more vaccines, all we need to remember is that it is totally unnecessary. There is always something in nature, and something in homeopathy that is already available to prevent and treat any symptoms which may arise. And keeping in with the times, homeopathy provides a suitable answer with each new vaccine. Only safer and more effective. For symptoms you find a little difficult to manage at home please always seek the assistance of someone qualified to assist in this matter.

In fact, your home will be one of vital health as opposed to waiting for illness and death.




Failure of first Innoculation (Jenner – smallpox)

Original opposition to Vaccination (UK 1800s)

Sanitation, not vaccinations (saved us)

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated (surprise!)

Pharmakeia: The biggest Biblical threat in history

Image result for revelations pharmakeia

Biblical threat. And churches in general do not want to know.

This would be the most complex, difficult and controversial article I have ever tried to put into words, but something I have been meditating and praying on for months – only reinforced during sermons and gatherings. Even more than the modern day Babylon article. More difficult than trying to explain to a doctor that you are a natural health professional. More difficult than trying to tell your nursing peers you are leaving the fold in order to find safer, more effective answers. And more difficult than telling a church leader that you ‘practice’ natural healing. Meanwhile, religions that do practice Edenic living are ostracised and vilified. Yet Nazi and Jewish investors alike continue to feed Pharmakeia.

Few see the irony here…

Go to any church, any university or any school. Watch any TV for more than a few minutes, read any newspaper or magazine. Listen to any radio station. View any billboard, any advertising banner.

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One of the most ridiculed churches who live Edenically.

And go to any church. ‘Church’ has gone from being anti-natural medicine to outright hero worship of medicine and big pharma. I believe more than half of the sermons I have ever heard, or visiting speakers who ever brought a message, included almost subliminal promotion of Pharmakeia – warning of in the book of Revelations in verse 18:23 – ‘ for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia).’ That sadly includes sermons outright preaching against natural health and diet. Many churches now offer microchipping and vaccine clinics as part of their outreach.  I can only wonder how much of the world’s charity mission donations goes towards poisoning those desperately in need of clean water, food and access to their own indigenous plants.


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Funded by Freemasons of Missouri

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And what about your FREE shot of aborted foetus and cancer DNA?

It is no secret that doctors are modern day gods. People actually pray for Him to guide the doctors in their choices – toxic chemo, unbiblical vaccines, disfiguring surgery, diets consisting of flesh and body secretions. Few Pastors can finish their word without such comments as ‘Don’t forget Dr ******* who you will need to see for *******’ or ‘I would be sad if my doctor was not well qualified to care for my health.’

What happened to caring for your own health?

The purpose of this article is not doctor-bashing. It came about during a recent church service, where the speaker mentioned a certain fast food outlet no less than 7 times in a matter of minutes – his love for the burgers, the greasy food – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The next speaker praised his doctor for issues he is educated enough to take care of all by himself. I looked around and was reminded that if I were to stand up and declare who I was, what I practiced and that I am not vaccinated, that I would become the veritable leper of Biblical proportions.

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I know who Jesus would choose.

When did Edenic health become modern day Leprosy?

Make no mistake. Lepers of biblical times were untouchable. Outcasts. Unable to access anyone or anything. Cut from society. Unfunded. Despised. Yet in the latter part of last century it was proven that leprosy is neither highly contagious or terminal. Ignorance.

Today’s lepers eat plant based diets, have home dispensaries of all manner of herbs, oils, supplements, superfoods, and self care. Gardens of herbs and healthy foods. They actively avoid toxic poisons and anything remotely dangerous to their health. Including vaccines. They often have a family history of poor health and managed to turn it around. And like the lepers of old, they are not contagious, yet are treated as they are. Outcasts.

World domination and control

It depends on how far one wants to travel down the rabbit hole. Once you do, there is no going back. It is a horrifying tale and sadly too repugnant to want to even believe. So most don’t.

Quite simply, the same few kingpins control and own Big Pharma which in turn controls

Basically, anything we see as important. And in turn, the CEOs – even world leaders – are among the most serious investors in Big Pharma. Wars are fought daily over legal drug crops, killing thousands of children daily. More humans are addicted to legal, medical drugs – responsible for killing millions annually but put down to the diseases they have caused. All the while, existing natural health companies are being systematically shut down and bought out/taken over by Big Pharma while existing experts are deregistered, (while any doctors caught practising natural modalities are deregistered) and natural health schools taken over by Big Pharma and mainstream education – the outcome is synthetic supplements and watered down knowledge.

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Poppy fields paid for by Big Pharma

Yet more is sunk into funding Big Pharma while ‘fighting’ illegal drugs which often include effective herbs. And sadly, churches pander to these same institutions, promoting them daily, without even seeing the irony.

And what of medications?

No one seems to care how many animals are vivisected, how many animal parts are cut up and used to prove a point.

No one is concerned that aborted human infant DNA is extracted and injected into our babies, creating modern day hybrids – genetically modified in our own right. But don’t worry – you can just develop a new genetic disease to cover that up. People are actually lining up to be microchipped and any mention of the Mark of the Beast is laughed at. I was called a heretic for daring to suggest it.

No one cares we are being injected with DNA of other creatures, or having organs and tissue of other species transplanted into our bodies (Dominion did not include this). All of this is okay but don’t whatever you do, consider anything so demonic as eating healthy food, taking herbs of the Bible, or using safe therapies first. It is so far from Godly that it is just too hard to think about.

So the church in general, does not.

But that does not stop them promoting it by default. This is the modern medicine being preached. I loathe the term New World Order but it is what we are slowly but surely moving into. I do not know what to do about this other than pray – but when we have millions praying in the other direction, what hope is there? I personally have little hope that things will change before Christ returns – some days I doubt He even wants to. If He destroyed nations and even the world with the great flood for far less, what will He make of all this? I hold so little hope for the church in general. Most days I wish I did not know what I know. At least I would not be continually told I need deliverance. Ignorance is bliss.

But not all conspiracies are theories.













NO JAB NO SHOP on its way?

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Don’t laugh. When the whole No Jab travesty began being waved about many people did just that. Seriously, who would have thought, 5 years ago, that anyone who has known neurological or auto immune disease, or has lost a loved one to vaccine side effects, would be banned from schools, jobs or day care? Who would have thought that single parents who have escaped domestic violence and struggle with autistic or otherwise brain damaged children and living below the poverty line, could now be taken to court to have their children force vaccinated – or had surviving children legally kidnapped by the very official sectors set up to protect them while having benefits cut? Who would have ever thought that those who do not agree to medical ideals which were not compulsory until now, under freedom of choice, could be labelled terrorists? Or ignorant and paid members of the public and professional sectors demanding to have their children removed or worse still, killed? Or called baby killers by the media?

All of the measures rolled out in the last few years have been pre-warned.

I am not necessarily talking about George Orwell’s Big Brother. Or popular shows like Teen Wolf warning us of Dread Doctors. Or even  movies such as World War Z. The media, long known to be heavily in the pockets of Big Pharma (while popular medical choices are heavily biased by Big Pharma funding) always precurse these situations before they take place or are even passed within our governmental laws. In fact, right now, depending upon your media choices, your government leaders are taking their cues and sourcing ‘fact’ from journalists without appropriate education, and those whose income is sourced from Big Pharma.

Headlines scream…

One would be excused for believing simple symptom sets are diseases capable of mass destruction, leaving giant swaths of dead bodies in their wake, despite knowledge and logical capabilities sobbing quietly in the recesses of our conscience. All while millions of deaths from causes that do not seem to matter to decision makers continue unabated.

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But if you know how to read the news, how to decipher what is really being said, you can see the truth. Prior to every new threat, there is ample news reporting. All stuff that is made of real scaremongering which few can see.

This week in Australia, the very clever spin doctors are onto a new agenda under the guise of two very different but inextricably linked ideals.

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Connect the dots…

Driving licence ID photos to be stored in national database to identify terrorists. To be used in public places such as …

  • shopping malls
  • airports
  • public transport
  • schools
  • workplaces
  • hospitals
  • universities
  • large public gatherings

Meanwhile, the latest vaccine-related media scaremongering campaign on every news break, current affair program, newspaper – with full support and guidance from medical leaders and government involves (drum roll)….

  • Shopping centres
  • University
  • Train stations
  • Airports
  • MCG

All complete with headlines the latest headline outbreak ‘sparks health scare’. No, that would be false flag media reporting sparking mass hysteria. As usual, people are doubling up on unnecessary vaccines, scared to go out of their homes while doctors’ surgeries waiting rooms are packed. ER departments are seeing more than the usual number of cases of people thinking they are now dying. Take a look at any mummy related social media page to see women smart enough to breed, asking if everyday symptoms such as nappy rash, pimples or even scratches and bruises are measles – with the faux concern type comments of, ‘you can never be too careful. Go to your doctor.’ 

You could not make this stuff up (unless you were media) – I even read a popular mother’s page with a thread on the topic of taking a toddler swimming in their own pool – ‘Could Johnny now have measles because we dipped his toes in the pool and I am not sure if that is safe at his age as he has not had all his shots…’ The question was stupid enough but the responses left me concerned for the human race and intellect of people breeding future generations.

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Now, how long do you think, until the above two scaremongering dots are connected surreptitiously in order to supposedly make Australia a ‘safer place’? Even our national leader is proudly boasting that our digital imaging will be scanned at shopping centres and other larger places of gathering. Add that to the microchipping they have been promoting of late. I can see it already. Your face is scanned and your microchip scanned at any entry to your preferred place of gathering. Not vaccinated? Missed one vaccine? Refused some dodgy pharma treatment or unnecessary surgery? Alarms go off, automatic doors come down, security is in yo’ face with guns. As I said, don’t laugh. You already did that and look where we are.


As they say, not all conspiracy is theory.









Can You UNdo Vaccine Damage?

Yes and no. Sometimes the assault is so rapid, so extreme, that there is simply not enough time to remove the acidic, toxic effects. There are ways to deal with symptoms individually to some degree. However, if adverse events are mild, gentle detox of metals, chemicals, adjuvants and even DNA ingredients alien to the human body (or animals, in veterinary cases) can be safely and effectively carried out.

I will not suggest that this is an easy undertaking and may often require professional assistance and bioresonance testing. The suggestions made in this article have been used clinically with positive results of varying degrees – BUT there is no way we can sit back and do nothing.

Please click on any of the blue links in this article to be redirected to other studies, articles and documented facts on vaccination. Don’t just accept the inevitable. YOU are the parents of your children – and those faceless people who are responsible for the pandemic proportions of vaccinosis will be nowhere if you are unfortunate enough to join the ranks growing by the day.

Help challenge the Australian Government to have a full vaccine catch up in public to prove that it is safe AND effective – Sign & Share URGENT

Sadly, not only is the brainwashing and corruption complete thanks to billions of dollars, many lives sacrificed (including the experts who speak against this corruption) but action is already being taken to prevent homœopathy from even being legal. That is like banning water. Oh wait, Nestlé already has plans afoot to take care of that.

The current global push by the western world to enforce a never ending increase in unnecessary toxins, known neurotoxins, genetically modified cells and other matter that is passed off as supposedly being able to trigger ‘natural‘ immunity, is as dangerous as it is a deliberate intention to reduce population. Now, if this was a safe and effective method it might make sense but the known, well researched side effects are well documented yet covered up – and this modern day system of eugenics and legal iatrogenesis is killing people and animals in the most slow, painful methods known in dis-ease history.

This article is not about arguing whether you should or should not vaccinate. I know you shouldn’t but you most likely will, whether in agreement or by force. The point of this article is to share with you a method used around the world, with the intention of preventing and treating vaccinosis – something prevalent but dismissed by the medical fraternity.

You will be told you must – because you will help with ensuring a mythological herd immunity – and that if your baby is not shot full of leadmercuryaluminiumformaldehyde, remnants of aborted human baby cell culturesgenetically modified material, from the day it is born, your child will somehow not possess an immunity – all others who dare to go unvaccinated are somehow a threat or danger to your child.

So, what is vaccinosis? It’s something recognised in medicine, that has allowed powerful medical/pharmaceutical groups to have relegated to only being something recognised in veterinary science as happening as a consequence of vaccine reaction. Therefore, doesn’t affect humans. It can be as simple as pain, or fever or rash. Consider those words carefully. Would you, in any other situation, administer ANYTHING to your child that is capable of hurting them? Yet in the complete wisdom of your doctor or pharmacist – or journalist – you actually believe that hurting them is capable of doing good? You rush off to the pharmacy to buy nurofen or paracetamol to fix those symptoms when they appear – yet you are willingly allowing a stranger to cause them?

NO vaccine is exempt from the ability to cause side effects ranging from a rash to death – like all medication, they all carry side effects. Often far worse than the actual illness they are supposedly preventing. These symptoms appear due to DNA/genetic damage – and can be so complete that they are passed down through generations. Interestingly, there is a relatively secretive legal system that is involved with only vaccine injury – it’s perfectly accepted, no one is liable once these multi billions in payouts are approved, and on we go…

The 3 vaccinosis symptoms above worry me enough but in my previous nursing career, during my studies to become a health professional, and in my few years in pharma research, I have seen vaccinosis so sinister it reads like a horror movie – (click on @ next to each point to see proof – others are simply already linked on the very sites of vaccine manufacturers if you care to see them) –

– and is by no means inclusive. Few diseases carry as many side effects or symptoms as a single vaccination carries. Yet it’s one of the most funded forms of medicine today. And once again, stealth and lies (not to mention passing a few bucks under the table) have resulted in it actually being termed preventive while the real preventive medicine has been given the newer label of ‘alternative’ – another story altogether but one can’t help but ask alternative to what? Actually wanting the same thing, but sans side effects? Alternative to making squillions?

New diseases are being ‘discovered’ every day – all linked to vaccine injury, especially now that mutated (aka GMO) organisms are being included in these evil little vials. Not to mention the possibilities now that ærial spray vaccinations are already being trialed. Why and how were teh initial trials even approved without our knowledge? These diseases were rare, many absent prior to the politically-driven introduction of vaccines. The most interesting thing here is that ALL of these symptoms are listed as possible side effects on vaccine packaging, manufacturer websites and MIMs annual – yet when they arise, your doctor will blame anything other than the real cause – and despite a reporting system in place, few are ever reported, especially the more deadly side effects. More in detail here

Homœopathy, whether your medical experts want to accept it or ‘believe’ it, has been preventing, and treating (yes, the word ‘cure’ is illegal to use) early vaccinosis from the start – while it’s almost impossible to undo established, extensive and necrotic damage, it should be considered before and after every single vaccination. Homœopathy does not have the ability to harm – in fact if your body does not recognise this energetic medicine, it will simply have no effect, like a few drops of water. But if an individual’s energy rate has been compromised, or is about to, this tiny dose of medicine will be life saving and disease preventing. If that sounds like science fiction to you, then perhaps you will understand to hear that much of modern medicine is ‘energy’ based – and all automatically accepted without proof.

It should NEVER be seen as an open gate to vaccinations. If the medical system were honest, this would not be necessary – but in order to address what is going on in 2015 after a few decades of billion dollar efforts to enforce medicines which were up until recently not compulsory, it is the best chance you have.

So, which remedies should be on hand? I recommend that you have these in stock in your household dispensary anyway, as they have the ability to treat hundreds of symptoms, but to administer prior to and immediately following ANY and all vaccinations. This is not a homœopathic lesson – more can be found on that via this link.

For more facts on research, articles, accurate history and studies, please read this – set up a vaccination file at home or a folder on your computer. You are going to need it. Please note there is an amazing array of homœopathic nosodes aka homœoprophylaxis which not only addresses all illness including those for which vaccines have been used, but any other symptoms.

Listen to a world authority in homœoprophylaxis here and learn the facts for yourself in this FREE course.


REMEDIES NEEDED IN ORDER TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD OR YOURSELF FROM VACCINE INJURY (note, those vaccines will still not protect you from any diseases and I still recommend administration of the homœoprophylaxis kit if you really want to truly build immunity) –



CALCAREA CARB 30c Fear, anxiety, infections, nervous effects

LEDUM 30C Following any skin-puncturing injury (injections included), feels cold, pale, puffiness, joint stiffness, to prevent unfolding injury

PHOSPHORUS 30c Following hepatitis (various) shots, swellings, poisoning, allergies, vertigo, shaking, shocks, seizures, breathing difficulties

CICUTA VIROSA 30c Nervous irritability, headache, seizures, pain, esp after tetanus shot

STRAMONIUM 30c After chicken pox vaccine, eruptions (pustules) following vaccination

BAPTISIA 30c Drowsy, confused, acting drunk, stupor, fever, delirium, bruised feeling

GELSEMIUM 30c Flu-like symptoms, weakness, aching, exhaustion, headaches, fear, paralysis

ZINCUM MET 30c Weakness, restlessness, agitation, hyperactivity, lethargy, squinting, twitching, nervous irritation following vaccination

HELLEBORUS 30c  Organ damage, blood in urine, brain swelling, eruptions at site

HYDRASTIS 30c The ‘drainage’ remedy – capable of draining foreign matter, infection and toxic waste from organs, blood, lymph and tissue

BELLADONNA 30c Any ‘red’ symptoms – swelling, heat, colour – able to reduce the most severe and obvious inflammatory symptoms

ACONITUM 30c Within first 24 hours of any inflammation, infection, reaction – often able to prevent even severe illness and prevent early symptoms from worsening

MERCURIUS 30c To be administered after any aluminium-containing vaccine

ALUMINA 30c To be administered after any aluminium-containing vaccine

CELL SALTS (ALL 12 TISSUE SALTS – of which silicea is one)  30c



The above symptom sets accompanying each remedy is only a partial picture of each of their capabilities. Each remedy is able to address hundreds of symptoms. In this case they are used to address artificially triggered reactions while building a natural immune response. I am working on a contemporary kit and will add here once it is available.

As with any comprehensive, natural health care, don’t wait. Buying a safeguard after the damage is done is not the way to do this. The longer an adverse reaction is allowed to slow burn, the more serious the damage, therefore they become far more difficult to address or undo. Medical ‘experts’ and the pro vax community will most likely see no use in this article – yet millions, if not billions of vaccine injured people around the world are alive and healthy now thanks to its use. I know which option I would take (and do take).

Healthy diet, a toxic free home environment and supplements based on natural sources are vital. This includes a form of chelation which can help remove the heavy metals and other adjuvants from the body – such as this liquid mineral supplement.

You can also get it in tablet form – one which specifically targets mercury and lead – here and for adult heavy metal detox order here

  • Behavioural disturbances – 1a and 1b
  • Vitiligo
  • Unexplained obesity 2a and 2b
  • Unexplained anorexia nervosa, wasting and inability to gain weight – cachexia – 3
  • Hives
  • Facial Swelling
  • Juvenile cancers – 4a and 4b (yes, leading cause among oncology knowledge)
  • Juvenile arthritis – 5a and 5b
  • Type I diabetes – 6 (Particularly frustrating to read study after study with facts ignored)
  • Allergy (including peanut, MSG, dairy, pet, environmental)
  • Asthma and other respiratory illness including wheezing
  • Cystic fibrosis – 7
  • Shedding – mutated form of the original disease being ‘treated’ – 8a and 8b and 8c and 8d
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Cerebral palsy – 9a and 9b and (according to doctors) – 9c
  • Bulbar palsy – 10a and (very flippantly listed here ) – 10b
  • Autism, ADHD (proven irrefutably yet dismissed/ignored)
  • Gene mutation (Down syndrome, Spina bifida, etc) – 11 (still not listening…)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • SIDS (still wont add 2 and 2 together) – 12
  • Shaken baby syndrome 13
  • Seizures
  • ALS – 14
  • Guillainé Barré syndrome – 15
  • Diarrhœa
  • Hæmaturia (blood in urine – ie acute kidney damage)
  • Pneumonia (at epidemic proportions globally, for which they are working on a vaccine…)
  • IBS and digestive inflammation (Crohns, Cœliac disease, gluten intolerance, lactose and other food intolerance)
  • Intussusception
  • Otitis media
  • Lymphadenitis – chronic lymphatic issues (swollen glands)
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Gulf war syndrome
  • Vomiting
  • Brain damage
  • Memory loss
  • Alzheimer’s/dementia
  • Brain infections
  • Deafness
  • Blindness
  • Coma
  • Organ failure

Australian Government Forcing Women to Abort or Deliver in the Bush

When did ‘medsin’ become such a power unto itself, able to dictate to governments, media and the public, that accepting the suffering and even deaths of loved ones or sacrificing their own lives?

When did it become okay to override international guidelines and dictates, even national laws, that offer a loophole for doctors to take the power away from parents and their own bodies, in order to play sycophantic games to massage their own egos?

3rd world nations, whose governments claim to be unable to afford food and clean water can somehow afford to provide armed guards who are forcing (at gunpoint) traumatised women to ‘agree’ to vaccinate their infants even if there is a history of illness or even allergy to the vaccines. Deaths will be put down to myriad regular causes rather than the murderous programs in place.

While nations like Japan are questioning the use of many vaccines today, countries such as the USA and Australia, whose governments ride on the funding of pharmaceutical giants, while government ‘leaders’ are some of the major investors in pharmaceutical companies – in turn, ‘encouragement’ of the acceptance of even the most toxic of pharmaceuticals results in a massive return of each investor. In Australia alone, our current PM’s wife is a major investor in pharmaceuticals while the PM himself is a heavy investor in tobacco – a very slick operation, even if more than a little conflict of interest.

In turn again, pharmaceutical giants seem to be immune to having to pay tax. And despite this being well known no one is interested or powerful enough to do anything about this little palm greasing exercise. But what does it have to do with the bodies of pregnant women and unborn foetuses?

Women are now ‘going bush’ to give birth. They are not registering births. They are choosing poverty and suffering over agreeing to poison their newborns. Now that pregnant women are being guilted all the way through pregnancy to vaccinate, few women are able to avoid playing Russian roulette with their baby.

And rather than take responsibility for what they are doing, the media and government are targeting such women as somehow being at fault. How desperate must someone become to do this, knowing possible risks? How dangerous must vaccines be, in comparison? How long until it becomes a case of legally kidnapping these babies? How long until vaccines are done by force?

It is already happening with cancer ‘treatments’ as children like little Oshin Kiszko are being used as guinea pigs for egotistical doctors who feign to carry the Hippocratic Oath to the nth degree – despite doctors no longer even having to take the oath. Parents of unvaccinated, vitally healthy children, are already being raided with trumped up charges. ANYTHING to take the child away from the parent who has the brain capacity and courage to actually learn the truth in the vaccine industry story.

How far does this modern day population control have to go before some common sense prevails? The public fear being planted by media (who are heavily invested in pharmaceutical interests, with pharmaceutical, chemical, personal care, funeral services, life insurance and ‘good doctor’ type advertisements now clogging every advert break on Australian TVs at least) is no doubt overseen by Murdoch and his ‘research’ cronies.

But why would women take such a risk? Every day in hospitals across Australia and the USA, babies are being vaccinated against their parents’ wish. Even when objection forms are signed, and the usual bullying and ostracisation has failed, babies are still taken and vaccinated under the guise of being bathed or assessed. Social media is swamped with personal stories of parents who have been forced to accept the vaccination of their children. Stories of subsequent vaccine injury – often turned around by medical experts – denied and blamed on anything other than the truth.If women cannot safely leave their babies with the nurses at least – the very people who should know better – who can they leave them with?

Yes, it does sound like a conspiracy theory. The sad thing is, it’s so scary, but so obvious, that it takes a special kind of mass dumbing-down which has resulted in 9/10 simply being unable to see what is clearly in front of their faces. I guess though, in a world that deems it okay to inject aborted foetal cell lines into living babies, what is the life of one or two more infants? Will these newborns who do not live past their first shots soon be deemed ‘foetus’ status as well?

The mere fact that these same pharmaceutical/government staff now include well paid experts whose role is to confuse the truth, to mislead the public – to get a sale – should be warning enough that like any business, it is not about the health of that pregnant woman, or the unborn child. It is about control – and the almighty dollar.

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