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Are Cigarettes Really To Blame?

Let me just say I hate smoking. In all forms. As in really hate it. If you need something in your body (or think you do) eat it or drink it. Poison you say? Well, your lungs are one of the quickest ways to provide an uptake of any substance – up there with via minute blood vessels under your tongue, into your veins and through your skin.

But why are cigarettes the main focus of modern poisoning? Do you know the ingredients? What if the real issue is not the cigarette but the actual smoking act itself? You wouldn’t consider eating arsenic – would you smoke it? Or inject it? Let’s think about that. You quite probably are already.

Did you know that many skin care products and medicines actually parallel cigarettes in toxic substances? But they are okay because some invisible entity says so? Did you ask? Read? Actually look into it? Nope, fancy packaging and promotion is the key factor in most choices today.

So where am I going with this? Below is a list of just some of the known cigarette ingredients – many inert and harmless in their natural state – but if smoked or injected then they can and do kill. Then I am going to list the active, dangerous ingredients and let you know you are most likely ingesting or absorbing them into your body every single day – by choice.

WHAT’S IN A CIGARETTE (more importantly, why? If people just want a calming nicotine hit – why can’t you drink the tea?)

  • Ammonia: Household cleaner
    Arsenic: Used in rat poisons
  • Phthalates
  • Benzene: Used in making dyes, synthetic rubber
  • Citric acid
  • DDT: A banned insecticide
  • Ethyl Furoate: Causes liver damage in animals
  • Maltitol
    Methyl isocyanate
  • Acetone (Nail Polish Remover)
  • Ammonia (Floor/Toilet Cleaner)
  • Arsenic (Poison)

Butane (Cigarette Lighter Fluid)

  • Cadmium (Rechargeable Battery)

Carbon Monoxide (Car Exhaust)

  • DDT /Dieldrin (Insecticides)
  • Ethanol (Alcohol)
  • Formaldehyde (Body Tissue Preservative)

Hexamine (Barbecue Lighter)

Hydrogen Cyanide (Gas Chamber Poison)

Methane (Swamp Gas)

  • Methanol (Rocket Fuel)

Naphthalene (Mothballs)

  • Nicotine (Insecticide/Addictive Drug)
  • Barium

Nitrous Oxide

  • Phenols (Disinfectant)
  • Stearic Acid (Candle Wax)
  • Toluene (Industrial Solvent)
  • Nitrosamines


  • Bromide
  • Chlorine


  • Squalene




  • Metals
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Mercury (often removed from labels but not product)
  • Silicon
  • MSG
  • Aspartame
  • Titanium
  • Lead
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Glycerine
  • Chromium
  • Selenium
  • Thallium

You will notice I placed an asterisk before many of the above ingredients which are questionable to say the least. This indicates that ALL of these ingredients, and more, are found in everyday products we knowingly or unknowingly consume and give to our children, pets, elderly and even terminally ill.

Now, where else do you think these ingredients are found? For one, nicotine is found in a massive quantity in local anaesthesia – there is no secret to the research showing high incidence of cancers – including lung cancer – among people who have had many procedures requiring local anaesthetics. But what else?

Every single one of those ingredients with an asterisk is found in one very trusted, valued, and even worshipped item – but more of that later.

Something that has reached fever pitch, intended for good, believed to be one of the most important aspects of life in the 21st century, believed to bring about health like no other thing on the planet. Yet it has easily an equal number of professional opponents and formal scientific research proving dangers, as smoking does – and like smoking research once was, is still ignored – and quite likely the leading cause of death in the world today. Most definitely, alongside poor diet, one of the leading causes of both acute and chronic illness in the world today.

Guessed yet?

So why aren’t people listening? Why aren’t so-called health leaders up in arms? Why don’t all the ‘get your flu shots’ come with horrific health warnings like their vapourous counterparts? After all, they are responsible for more suffering and danger than all the illicit, illegal drugs put together.

Let’s put aside the monkey cells, pig, mouse and cow cells, antibiotics, aborted foetal cells etc being injected – ethics aside, what of known carcinogens? Why do we have just the one scapegoat? Laziness? Ignorance? Downright stupidity? Worship of all things medical related?

Of course, there are far more questionable ingredients in both cigarettes and vaccines – just too many for it to be shared easily when you do the deed. So before you do either, why not actually look into what you are doing to your body? Or that of your child.

Please think about it.

Post script – thousands of pharmaceutical medications are in existence. Have you looked at the ingredients in your medication or are you of the belief that they just contain a magical medicine that will mask your symptoms? What if most of your health issues have been self inflicted by complete ignorance?

Are you taking BANNED medications?

Image result for drug side effects

Chances are, you are doing just that.

Right now in Australia the clowns running the TGA, Pharmacy Board, AMA and the media – not to mention the puppets in Canberra, are pushing for one such drug – if I had time I would do the dot – dot – dot thing and make you scroll down. But I don’t, so I wont. Can you guess though what it is? Blink and you will miss it, but chances are you have been conned already.

Naprogesic – Nuromol – any other ridiculous combination with both ibuprofen AND paracetamol. Which was, incidentally, banned years ago. Now that they are trying to get more doctor kickbacks and putting analgesics that actually work (paracetamol/codeine combinations) onto the PBS, despicable ads spruiking weak options as strong pain relievers are everywhere.

Placebo effect…

And people are falling for it. I wonder how long this placebo con will last? I have no doubt some people will feel placebo benefits – anything is possible. But strong pain does not respond to water. Or aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol. Unless you are happy to support over funded pain clinics who try to tell you that you must just put up with pain.

Drugs are banned for a reason. Side effects are real. Including death. Ibuprofen has been linked to catastrophic side effects.  Including death.

What pharmaceutical drugs have been banned but are still being prescribed?

Some of the banned medications are not combinations however, strong warnings have been made not to combine certain medications. While doctors are happy to give dark warnings against combining natural health supplements with medications (funny, considering the warnings are usually only because they have a cleansing effect, so wont ‘protect’ the body with the drug for 24 hours) they are loathe to advise that the very drugs they are loading should never be taken together. It is not uncommon for elderly and chronically unwell to be on more than half a dozen different contraindicated medications.

Don’t take my word for it. Make WebMD your friend. This is NOT ‘Dr Google’ – this is doing the job your health care provider can’t be bothered doing. Also, don’t just check consumer side effect lists. Check the practitioner information – it is proof positive that there is information that they do not want you to know.

Voltaren (diflocenac) with paracetamol – prescribed like lollies to the elderly.

Heparin with voltaren – a large portion of aged ‘care’ prescribes both.

Cough syrups containing ammonium chloride + sodium citrate + chlorpheniramine maleate + menthol – over-the-counter medicines – who can be bothered actually reading or researching the labels?

Discloxy – combination of discloxicillin and flucloxycillin – and they wonder why drug resistance is such a huge problem?

Lipitor with Metformin – a common combination given in obese diabetics…

Ritalin/Adderall – still prescribed to Aussie kids and across other western nations.

Nembutal/pentobarbital – still given to elderly, migraine sufferers, asthmatics, anxiety, insomniacs and mental health patients.

Acomplia – suicide is a common side effect of many banned drugs still available.

Temafloxicin – don’t worry, just change the name and voila, no trail.

Temazepam – just give it other names and no one is the wiser.

Thalidomide – back in circulation as a chemo drug…

Digesic/Doloxene – you can still buy over the counter at discount pharmacies.

Diane-35 – contraception. As an acne treatment, capable of clots and strokes?

Telfast – banned overseas, given a new name and shiny advertising and e voila, magically no longer causes cardiac arrest.

Mibefradil/Posicor – hypertension and angina – but don’t worry, it’ll only dangerously slow your heartbeat down…

Ecstasy – apparently okay if your doctor prescribes it to you as MDMA, for PTSD…

Tylenol/paracetamol – after vaccinations, can heighten the side effects of the vaccine. Hence the horror stories we are hearing of infants with supposed contagious diseases.

This is just the tip of the corrupt iceberg that is big pharma. Much investigation is being conducted into stakeholders of pharma companies manufacturing these drugs. The findings are a little more than interesting – conflict of interest is alive and well in our media and politics.

If India is aware of this (and Indian doctors are not considered worthy of practising outside of India by western god doctors) why don’t our doctors? Why are some drugs banned in SOME countries but not others? As if one’s nationality magically becomes immune to side effects.

It’s starts at the top – our PM and his wife major stakeholders.

How much is your doctor getting in kickbacks?

Political parties major stakeholders in the pharma game.

All I can do is what I have done since even before I left nursing – stop relying on someone else to make you well.

Change your diet.

Set up a home health dispensary.

Remove poisons from your home.

Stop bad habits.

Find natural alternatives.

See your NATURAL health professional if symptoms persist.

Only then, if you still don’t have answers, THEN see your doctor.







EVERY body may be malnourished. Are you?

Image result for natural vitamins

Every body. Every system. Every health issue. Acute, chronic or terminal.

Why? How?

Well, it is proof supreme that the human race in general has been brainwashed to see the body as hundreds of separate entities, that disease has nothing to do with healthy blood, lymph, cells, organs or even hydration. These are people who believe a pill can magically fix disease – which in turn is caused by a massive breakdown in balance, supply and nourishment.

Image result for clean blood

‘But what about trauma?’ I hear you say. Well, yes, trauma is linked to hundreds of issues. So why aren’t you seeing an osteopath or chiropractor – or any of the myriad bodyworkers out there? Nope, instead, off to the doctor to ask them to cut it out, poison it dead or burn it away. Do you see the irony yet?

It has been known in real science, that the body NEEDS over 90 nutrients to be healthy. Yes, you can survive. But you cannot thrive. Our soils, air and water are more toxic today, more deficient in nutrients than ever before in history. So where do you think our food is grown? If deficiency and toxicity affects our soil, how do you really think you will feed your body? And based on cooking/preserving/processing methods, you can bet that even a ‘balanced’ diet is deficient.

We ALL need supplementation. I have written about this ad nauseum. During my nursing days a few cases stood out in particular – usually the supremely healthy cases which was a rarity. One such case was a new mum – daughter of a naturopath who eventually became my mentor. I later went on to emulate her during my own pregnancies. The thing that was different about her was that following the birth she looked (and felt) like she could run a marathon. It was around the time I discovered supplements, so when she said her secret was the supplements her mum had her on, I no longer rolled my eyes as I once did. It only took me a few years to work out that synthetic supplements are not the answer. And sadly, most supplements today are synthetic – usually the ones in pharmacies and especially the ones that your doctor agrees to.


So, what is chelation therapy?

In short, life. Everything. Every system of the body. Your circulation. Organ health and function. Hormone levels. Brain health. Mental health. Energy. Anti aging. Pain and inflammation. While removing toxins and heavy metals, it nourishes your body at a cellular level, with micronutrients and elements, turning your body into a nutrient magnet. Most supplements are positively charged – so is your body. Basic science tells us that two positive charges will repel each other. So too with nutrients. Chelation therapy is negatively charged, meaning your body attracts it. Likewise, most supplements have a large molecular structure.

Image result for fulvates

I have always explained to my patients that is akin to chewing on a piece of iron in the hope you will increase your iron levels. Our digestive system is only able to absorb a certain molecular sized particle. And if too fine will go straight into your blood – depending on a range of factors this can be a good or bad thing. With the right chelation therapy, the molecular size is vital for ensuring nutrients go exactly where they are meant to.

Image result for fulvates on human health

And with colloidal minerals and fulvates and humic acid, the structure is of such a fine nature that it literally turns your tissue into a magnet for the right micro minerals. While I have also written much on the futility of taking calcium or iron tablets, in the right molecular structure and combination, depending upon each tissue structure, the right combinations are absorbed and utilised rather than just becoming sticky waste that clogs your digestive tract, arteries and lymphatic vessels. After all, fulvates and humic acids are vital – but often lacking from our soil – for the roots of plants to take up nutrients. Without any fulvates at all, a plant will simply not grow.

What do you think that is doing to your body?

Regardless of your age, your health status or supposed diagnoses, chelation therapy WILL improve your health. You simply must have these 90 nutrients to ensure vital health. To take them separately would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month and you would be doing little more than making expensive urine.

Meanwhile, VF360 gives 24 hour coverage for optimal health –

  • a morning balance of fulvates, micro minerals, trace elements and amino acids to heal and build healthy cells and energy
  • a midday balance of anti oxidants, compounds, super nutrients and anti inflammatories to grow healthy tissue
  • a night time dose of calming herbs, healing bioflavonoids and anti inflammatories to heal the body while you sleep

Moreover, when you order, you can check out every individual ingredient along with the thousands upon thousands of benefits. This is truly the most concise powerhouse of nutrients I have ever used in over 30 years of health care. And I have resourced only the best during this time. The closest I can find would cost at least twice as much as the VF 360 blend, usually 3 or 4 times the cost.

So, rather than asking ‘What diseases will it help with?’ you need to change it to ‘How long until ALL my health issues are a thing of the past?’ Ask any question – name any disease or health issue – and the answer will be YES – this will not only help, but help make poor health a thing of the past.

Vivia Formula - VF-360 Defense System

Pharmakeia: The biggest Biblical threat in history

Image result for revelations pharmakeia

Biblical threat. And churches in general do not want to know.

This would be the most complex, difficult and controversial article I have ever tried to put into words, but something I have been meditating and praying on for months – only reinforced during sermons and gatherings. Even more than the modern day Babylon article. More difficult than trying to explain to a doctor that you are a natural health professional. More difficult than trying to tell your nursing peers you are leaving the fold in order to find safer, more effective answers. And more difficult than telling a church leader that you ‘practice’ natural healing. Meanwhile, religions that do practice Edenic living are ostracised and vilified. Yet Nazi and Jewish investors alike continue to feed Pharmakeia.

Few see the irony here…

Go to any church, any university or any school. Watch any TV for more than a few minutes, read any newspaper or magazine. Listen to any radio station. View any billboard, any advertising banner.

Image result for church and big pharma

One of the most ridiculed churches who live Edenically.

And go to any church. ‘Church’ has gone from being anti-natural medicine to outright hero worship of medicine and big pharma. I believe more than half of the sermons I have ever heard, or visiting speakers who ever brought a message, included almost subliminal promotion of Pharmakeia – warning of in the book of Revelations in verse 18:23 – ‘ for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia).’ That sadly includes sermons outright preaching against natural health and diet. Many churches now offer microchipping and vaccine clinics as part of their outreach.  I can only wonder how much of the world’s charity mission donations goes towards poisoning those desperately in need of clean water, food and access to their own indigenous plants.


Image may contain: outdoor

Funded by Freemasons of Missouri

Image result for churches promoting vaccines

And what about your FREE shot of aborted foetus and cancer DNA?

It is no secret that doctors are modern day gods. People actually pray for Him to guide the doctors in their choices – toxic chemo, unbiblical vaccines, disfiguring surgery, diets consisting of flesh and body secretions. Few Pastors can finish their word without such comments as ‘Don’t forget Dr ******* who you will need to see for *******’ or ‘I would be sad if my doctor was not well qualified to care for my health.’

What happened to caring for your own health?

The purpose of this article is not doctor-bashing. It came about during a recent church service, where the speaker mentioned a certain fast food outlet no less than 7 times in a matter of minutes – his love for the burgers, the greasy food – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The next speaker praised his doctor for issues he is educated enough to take care of all by himself. I looked around and was reminded that if I were to stand up and declare who I was, what I practiced and that I am not vaccinated, that I would become the veritable leper of Biblical proportions.

Image result for leprosy outcasts

I know who Jesus would choose.

When did Edenic health become modern day Leprosy?

Make no mistake. Lepers of biblical times were untouchable. Outcasts. Unable to access anyone or anything. Cut from society. Unfunded. Despised. Yet in the latter part of last century it was proven that leprosy is neither highly contagious or terminal. Ignorance.

Today’s lepers eat plant based diets, have home dispensaries of all manner of herbs, oils, supplements, superfoods, and self care. Gardens of herbs and healthy foods. They actively avoid toxic poisons and anything remotely dangerous to their health. Including vaccines. They often have a family history of poor health and managed to turn it around. And like the lepers of old, they are not contagious, yet are treated as they are. Outcasts.

World domination and control

It depends on how far one wants to travel down the rabbit hole. Once you do, there is no going back. It is a horrifying tale and sadly too repugnant to want to even believe. So most don’t.

Quite simply, the same few kingpins control and own Big Pharma which in turn controls

Basically, anything we see as important. And in turn, the CEOs – even world leaders – are among the most serious investors in Big Pharma. Wars are fought daily over legal drug crops, killing thousands of children daily. More humans are addicted to legal, medical drugs – responsible for killing millions annually but put down to the diseases they have caused. All the while, existing natural health companies are being systematically shut down and bought out/taken over by Big Pharma while existing experts are deregistered, (while any doctors caught practising natural modalities are deregistered) and natural health schools taken over by Big Pharma and mainstream education – the outcome is synthetic supplements and watered down knowledge.

Image result for poppy fields and child soldiers

Poppy fields paid for by Big Pharma

Yet more is sunk into funding Big Pharma while ‘fighting’ illegal drugs which often include effective herbs. And sadly, churches pander to these same institutions, promoting them daily, without even seeing the irony.

And what of medications?

No one seems to care how many animals are vivisected, how many animal parts are cut up and used to prove a point.

No one is concerned that aborted human infant DNA is extracted and injected into our babies, creating modern day hybrids – genetically modified in our own right. But don’t worry – you can just develop a new genetic disease to cover that up. People are actually lining up to be microchipped and any mention of the Mark of the Beast is laughed at. I was called a heretic for daring to suggest it.

No one cares we are being injected with DNA of other creatures, or having organs and tissue of other species transplanted into our bodies (Dominion did not include this). All of this is okay but don’t whatever you do, consider anything so demonic as eating healthy food, taking herbs of the Bible, or using safe therapies first. It is so far from Godly that it is just too hard to think about.

So the church in general, does not.

But that does not stop them promoting it by default. This is the modern medicine being preached. I loathe the term New World Order but it is what we are slowly but surely moving into. I do not know what to do about this other than pray – but when we have millions praying in the other direction, what hope is there? I personally have little hope that things will change before Christ returns – some days I doubt He even wants to. If He destroyed nations and even the world with the great flood for far less, what will He make of all this? I hold so little hope for the church in general. Most days I wish I did not know what I know. At least I would not be continually told I need deliverance. Ignorance is bliss.

But not all conspiracies are theories.













Recommended Ethical Products

All of my recommended products are chosen according to a very narrow and deliberate paradigm –

  • Pure
  • Ethical
  • Cruelty Free
  • Organic (where possible/necessary)
  • Fair Trade
  • Natural
  • Efficacy
  • Affordability
  • Safety

It has been the bane of my professional career to see how many people choose products based on the fanfare of MLM or well meaning suggestions without any true anecdotal or experiential background. Even as a practitioner I have never been comfortable recommending products just because the advertising was great or a distributor or rep told me so. I need to see results. I need to know that I am not throwing arrows at a target – I need to know that my choices are the best, first time. And I need to know that no one has suffered for that choice.

Each of my categories will now have a preferred product or company page and this category (my recommended products) will also be tagged into each new associated post. The plan is to provide a hub for all health needs so that you are able to source anything you need at any time from the comfort of your own home.

After all, my professional goal from day 1 in 1990 was to help patients and customers care for their health and that of their families, without depending upon waiting rooms, expense, or leaving it up to complete strangers to take care of their health AFTER the fact.

On that note, please refer to my posts on setting up your own home dispensary. In the changing climate of controlled and mandatory health care, this is vital.

©  Chrysalis Natural Health 2017











Vaccination Truth


It’s not that doctors don’t know the truth – they are not ALLOWED to know it. To do so marks the end of their career – and for many of late, their very lives. As a former nurse, researcher, writer and natural health practitioner, my dealings with vaccination went far deeper than most medical experts could claim – personally and professionally. This post was triggered by an episode of one of my favourite TV series – Bramwell…

If you get to read the original history of vaccination, it soon becomes more evident that it was a political stunt and little to do with results. The UK show Bramwell – episode 3.9 – dealt with this very thing.

It was validating but also frustrating that this has been known for so long – yet even our most ‘learned’ experts are too dense (or well paid) to understand or work out for themselves.

This is well worth the watch – as in really worth it. If you link it to the heartbreaking Raggedy-Ann story in the same era, it’s a stark in-yo-face dose of reality!

Most of all, Bramwell is possibly the BIGGEST anti-establishment, non-conformist show ever – fought racism, sexism, pædophilia, slavery, child slavery, workplace conditions, poverty – and spat in the face of governments and gentry of the time. Exactly what someone like me needs in her corner.

This particular episode showed right from the start, most intellects were staunchly opposed to immunisation – or innoculation, as it began its life. Money and politics won the day, not improved health – sanitation was the number one factor in our health ‘change’ – and improved diet – but don’t let those little unimportant factors sway a trillion dollar industry…

View episode here

So, what is the story behind Raggedy-Ann I hear you say… As with modern day disease such as ebola and HIV – with more opposition from the experience, research and educated corner than support, it’s still money and politics winning the day. Life – the very thing they are meant to be defending in accordance with the Hippocratic oath, is expendable. A eugenic society – far from a conspiracy theory, is alive, well and very successful. Your child’s life means little to that noble lab-coated science boffin – and even less to the fat-cat pharma reps. Doctors, nurses and untrained reps make brilliant puppets.

Read true Rageddy Ann story here

So by now you are asking – ‘where is the hard core scientific proof?’ Believe it or not – there is possibly more scientific proof in existence than that which supposedly proves otherwise. There are more legal experts with cold hard knowledge of what goes on out of the media glare. The only difference? One has money – the other goes begging. YOU are the only one who has a say over your body – not that hard-nose behind the desk denying dangers despite even vaccine package inserts clearly stating them.

And in 2016, De Niro et al are in hot water for daring to share the movie Vaxxed. But this time, they have the attention of the world. I for one think that could be a good thing. The attention is already having a better effect than enforced vaccination antics of late.


How much does your doctor get paid to jab?

Vaccine injury court cases

HPV deadly effects ignored

Hep B vaccine dangers

Auto-immune/inflammatory disease link


Auto immune disease link

Aluminium poisoning

More aluminium toxicity

Neurological damage by MMR vaccine

Independent studies and facts

Pertussis facts

Immune destruction

Legal and research publication

No vaccine is safe


DNA fragments in vaccines

Hear experts actually tell the truth

Sound arguments in the debate

Fake disease, fake vaccine

Killing our heroes


Your rights

Your child is not safe – or even yours

Fake diseases

Why do they lie?


I would need an entire blog to list all the studies and stories. Please use this to begin your search and log the proof of what will hopefully become your stand and your child’s life.

If you know someone who is already vaccine injured, please see my other posts – especially on vaccine case studies, chronic illness and CFS.

Further research is readily available – via the links (some will need to be copied and pasted) – make sure you save them and keep searching –

Take a stand

Nurses against ALL vaccines

World leading authority

(please consider homoeopathic immunisation).

And what of that little R word – RIGHTS ???

Most doctors will not officially file your report of vaccine injury – hence the 1 in a million catch cry from any health professional who does not care enough about your child’s health (or your rights). Behind the scenes (not officially reported) stats sit at less than 1 in 100. Then comes the usual ‘Oh but they are just minor cases’ – yet those official reports only record minor cases. All the SIDS, SBS and so forth does not go on record. And rather than listen to the conscience that was consumed prior to the fat GP paycheques, they dismiss any fearful parent’s questions with ‘there are no definitive studies that prove it is caused by vaccine’ – what, even if 5 seconds before that shot, even you said it was the healthiest baby you had seen? Even if in doubt, why push something SO risky, so capable of taking health – and life – why not investigate instead of turning your back?

Well, YOU can report – don’t leave it up to your doctor. Take the forms in – demand they are signed or you will contact a current affairs and news shows. You will sue personally for negligence – did your doctor advise of the actual ingredients? Aborted human fœtus, questionable chemicals, known allergens? Will they sign THIS form that advises you 100% that your child will not be damaged – in the event of said damage, your doctor will agree to be 100% liable?

Download here – No doctor will sign this – try it – please let me know if your doctor signs – I am yet to hear of a single signature.

And what of the official vaccine report of your child’s injury – did you ask your doctor if it was done? Chances are it was not – ask them to sign this as proof your child was injured – Ask your doctor to sign this as well

And then we come to what YOU can do – this page has relevant links – YOU make an official report. Let’s get those stats on a more even playing field before it’s too late –

How to report adverse events (your doctor wont!)


The sad truth is, our government, media and online sources are removing more and more content – making it impossible to share. Feel free to share your vaccine injury stories below.

Sources –

National Vaccine Information Center –www.NVIC.ORG and facebook page

VASA – Vaccine Awareness South Africa – here

Help us CHALLENGE the Australian government by putting a spotlight on their illegal activity. After all, it goes against their own rules in our Constitution and the UNESCO guidelines of human rights.

Please don’t forget the other vaccine related posts if you have not found what you are searching for yet –

Can You UNdo Vaccine Damage?

Healthy kids do NOT come from vaccinations, formula and the ‘health’ clinic…

Do you know the truth?

© Chrysalis Integrated Health

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Diabetes. The word that spikes fear in the heart of any adult. And many children. It’s just one of the more modern diseases that have people living a terrifying waiting game – and rightfully so.

Around 1 in 10 people now suffer diabetes and the numbers are rising every year.

There is an increasing number of types of diabetes but the most common kind are Type I and Type II – meaning you are ‘born’ with diabetes or you develop it through lifestyle, environment, infection or genetic predisposition (1). There is an alarming number of ‘rare’ type cases appearing – mostly after certain medical treatments, however the ’cause’ is supposedly still not known (2). What if I told you that your hormones have more to do with especially Type II diabetes than random chance?

There is no doubt that most Type I cases have their onset soon after multiple vaccines (3). Or in cases where the mother was vaccinated during pregnancy or immediately prior to falling pregnant . This also includes gestational diabetes – usually diet related or thanks to vaccine injury (4). There is also no shortage of studies and medication side effect warnings linking previously relatively healthy individuals with pancreatic injury – ie type 2 diabetes.


Research linking Type I diabetes to vaccine injury –

“In 1992, 180 European doctors jointly noted that the mumps vaccine “can trigger diabetes which only becomes apparent months after vaccination.”

Albionico et al, JAM 192;9(1) – read this urgent information here

Type II cases have their onset after many years of warnings – usually after years of poor eating habits –

  • Increased thirst
  • Increased hunger (especially after eating)
  • Dry mouth
  • Frequent urination
  • Unexplained weightloss (even though you are eating and feel hungry)
  • Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Loss of consciousness (rare)

We are told that diabetes can affect anyone, that there is no cure, that diet has nothing to do with it (other than eating carbs at the right time), that it only affects the obese – this is simply not true. The causes are known, and the mere fact that diabetes ‘management’ includes eating foods that ensure ongoing sugar/insulin triggers ensures that sufferers have no chance of cure (5). The simple truth is, diabetes happens extremely rarely in the unvaccinated (6). There surely is a warning bell there for researchers? Apparently not.

Unfortunately the longer one lives with Type I the more difficult it is to treat, but not always impossible. If you are affected by Type I, I recommend including a visit to a homœopath, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist in your treatment path to determine if they have any protocols which may help turn your life and health around. Sadly most medical experts will dismiss these protocols out of sheer ignorance rather than give their patient hope. (7) (8) (9)

But this is not a lesson in what diabetes actually is. It’s also not a research paper. I simply want to share what I have found clinically and personally in research – and what I have seen turn diabetes around.

  • Firstly, all attempts at dealing with all forms of diabetes diet MUST be the most important, number one step. Dr Robert Young has written the definitive work on diet based treatment and you can either read here or buy his book here


Movement – this is vital. Many suffering Type II live sedentary lives, even if they go to work. Life often revolves around eating and allowing blood to pool in the limbs. If you are unable to move (paralysis, surgery, etc) ensure you have physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage etc – anything to keep your blood and nerves healthy.


  • Remove toxic chemicals from your household – this includes cleaning, personal care, dental care, cosmetics and hair care. Watch more on the facts on this short video – and find pure, vegan, ethical and non toxic options here


  • Supplements – there are many available, which most people have no idea about –
  1. Balancing hormones – this is vital as the endocrine system is inextricably involved – whether male or female, teen or adult, you need to use this cream – 21 days out of the month if you are a female or every day if you are a male – Vitality Factor 50% OFF Offer (order here)
  2. Replacing sugar – stevia is now available everywhere – it is actually a pancreatic tonic, able to repair the organ at the centre of diabetes – more info here – (11)type_2_diabetes_diet1_thumb-300x200
  3. Colloidal minerals and chelation – take plant based superfoods to clean up and repair at a cellular level order here – the chromium and vanadium content especially have positive effects on diabetes
  4. Balance blood sugar – Naavudi order here

There is so much involved in diabetic decline, yet if the individual is pro active, these issues can often be avoided. Make no mistake, it is an industry rather than a service. And it depends on people staying diabetic. I understand enough fear has been planted, but there is always an alternative, always hope.


More on the diabetes lie here

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