Diabetes. The word that spikes fear in the heart of any adult. And many children. It’s just one of the more modern diseases that have people living a terrifying waiting game – and rightfully so.

Around 1 in 10 people now suffer diabetes and the numbers are rising every year.

There is an increasing number of types of diabetes but the most common kind are Type I and Type II – meaning you are ‘born’ with diabetes or you develop it through lifestyle, environment, infection or genetic predisposition (1). There is an alarming number of ‘rare’ type cases appearing – mostly after certain medical treatments, however the ’cause’ is supposedly still not known (2). What if I told you that your hormones have more to do with especially Type II diabetes than random chance?

There is no doubt that most Type I cases have their onset soon after multiple vaccines (3). Or in cases where the mother was vaccinated during pregnancy or immediately prior to falling pregnant . This also includes gestational diabetes – usually diet related or thanks to vaccine injury (4). There is also no shortage of studies and medication side effect warnings linking previously relatively healthy individuals with pancreatic injury – ie type 2 diabetes.


Research linking Type I diabetes to vaccine injury –

“In 1992, 180 European doctors jointly noted that the mumps vaccine “can trigger diabetes which only becomes apparent months after vaccination.”

Albionico et al, JAM 192;9(1) – read this urgent information here

Type II cases have their onset after many years of warnings – usually after years of poor eating habits –

  • Increased thirst
  • Increased hunger (especially after eating)
  • Dry mouth
  • Frequent urination
  • Unexplained weightloss (even though you are eating and feel hungry)
  • Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches
  • Loss of consciousness (rare)

We are told that diabetes can affect anyone, that there is no cure, that diet has nothing to do with it (other than eating carbs at the right time), that it only affects the obese – this is simply not true. The causes are known, and the mere fact that diabetes ‘management’ includes eating foods that ensure ongoing sugar/insulin triggers ensures that sufferers have no chance of cure (5). The simple truth is, diabetes happens extremely rarely in the unvaccinated (6). There surely is a warning bell there for researchers? Apparently not.

Unfortunately the longer one lives with Type I the more difficult it is to treat, but not always impossible. If you are affected by Type I, I recommend including a visit to a homœopath, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist in your treatment path to determine if they have any protocols which may help turn your life and health around. Sadly most medical experts will dismiss these protocols out of sheer ignorance rather than give their patient hope. (7) (8) (9)

But this is not a lesson in what diabetes actually is. It’s also not a research paper. I simply want to share what I have found clinically and personally in research – and what I have seen turn diabetes around.

  • Firstly, all attempts at dealing with all forms of diabetes diet MUST be the most important, number one step. Dr Robert Young has written the definitive work on diet based treatment and you can either read here or buy his book here


Movement – this is vital. Many suffering Type II live sedentary lives, even if they go to work. Life often revolves around eating and allowing blood to pool in the limbs. If you are unable to move (paralysis, surgery, etc) ensure you have physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage etc – anything to keep your blood and nerves healthy.


  • Remove toxic chemicals from your household – this includes cleaning, personal care, dental care, cosmetics and hair care. Watch more on the facts on this short video – and find pure, vegan, ethical and non toxic options here


  • Supplements – there are many available, which most people have no idea about –
  1. Balancing hormones – this is vital as the endocrine system is inextricably involved – whether male or female, teen or adult, you need to use this cream – 21 days out of the month if you are a female or every day if you are a male – Vitality Factor 50% OFF Offer (order here)
  2. Replacing sugar – stevia is now available everywhere – it is actually a pancreatic tonic, able to repair the organ at the centre of diabetes – more info here – (11)type_2_diabetes_diet1_thumb-300x200
  3. Colloidal minerals and chelation – take plant based superfoods to clean up and repair at a cellular level order here – the chromium and vanadium content especially have positive effects on diabetes
  4. Balance blood sugar – Naavudi order here

There is so much involved in diabetic decline, yet if the individual is pro active, these issues can often be avoided. Make no mistake, it is an industry rather than a service. And it depends on people staying diabetic. I understand enough fear has been planted, but there is always an alternative, always hope.


More on the diabetes lie here

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Murdoch Institute Set to Unleash A Whole New Series of Epidemics?

murdoch-childrens-research-institute-parkville-medical-centres-059e-938x704I recently read about an upcoming study being conducted by the Murdoch Research Institute – you know, the one headed and funded by the media Beelzebub himself, Rupert Murdoch – along with well-indoctrinated son James (previously on the board of GSK) – and with the social darling Sarah as its spokesperson – which is calling for newborn infants to be sacrificed as guinea pigs ‘trialling’ the theory that the BCG vaccine (yes, the one currently responsible for the suffering of millions of the world’s poorest inhabitants) will actually reverse allergies. What, you say, the very vaccine that has destroyed the lymphatic system (immune) is now miraculously going to cure those same allergies it has triggered along with its bedfellows?

Medical-Fraud1It’s not secret among any group who have ever been involved in medical research, just how trial results can be manipulated to suit. In fact, I have seen trials where patients died as a direct result of the ‘medicine’ that was being trialled, and those deaths were used to actually ‘prove’ its efficacy. As m
uch money is thrown at spin tactics as it is into any other facet of pharmaceutical research & development.

See proof here –

  1. Fraud & Misconduct Threatening Scientific Research
  2. Admission of data manipulation in ‘Responsible Conduct of Research’ guidelines
  3. Conflict of Interest in Childhood Prescriptions
  4. Corrupt Pharmaceutical Research
  5. Novartis Data Manipulation
  6. Pressure to Fudge Medical Research Findings
  7. Mass Suspect Research
  8. Leading Medical Journals Agree Research is Corrupt
  9. Buy data harvesting and manipulating programs.
  10. Pharma Industry’s Influence
  11. How Drug Companies Manipulate Doctors, Journals & Research
  12. Drug Companies Manipulate Study Data
Protect your family from EMF/EMR - buy @
Protect your family from EMF/EMR – buy @

Truthfully speaking (very difficult when faced with so much spin and lies), the list of references above could go on indefinitely, such is the vast field of pharma corruption. Yet this is the governing factor in ‘health’ and ‘medicine’ – it manipulates governmental decision, media bias and yes, the very words that come out of the mouth of most doctors.

More on the fluffy, cutesy labelled study shout out to ignorant parents found here

This vaccine was pulled from the Australian schedule in 1984/1985 – unless you are Aboriginal of course – they are still using remote communities as guinea pigs, with well known doctors at the helm, including those previously reported for trialling unapproved drugs in remote hospitals. So the obvious thing to do is find a way to once again make a lot of money from an obsolete vaccine. Nothing new here folks, this is being done all over the world – a once banned chemotherapy is now used to ‘treat’ HIV affected people – and thalidomide is now used for certain types of cancer…

One only has to go to an area of high incidence of TB – and overall mismanagement, which in reality is a large petri-dish of trial and error – and prevention of millions of sufferers from being allowed to access safe, effective treatment which does not include systematic eugenics – in other words, deliberate killing off of the masses – sadly they are expendable – and in areas where vaccination rates are near 100%.


Formal research, which proves that the BCG vaccine is only 19 – 27% effective, and at best, if already ‘infected’ only 58% effective in preventing progression (study found here) – meanwhile homœopathic treatment sits at around 90% (study found here and more here) – yet the WHO, the same group that promised in 1991 that homœopathy, along with many other natural health modalities, would be approved and registered on par with medical counterparts by the year 2000, turned a 180 degree course and came out in full force against it (read more here). The most interesting thing is, when it comes to tuberculosis, homœopathy, diet and herbalism is quietly curing millions who are brave enough to go against their doctor’s advice. Rather than record their progress, the patient is dumped – this allows for the non-disclosure of results.

But all of that is about TB. What of the BCG vaccine itself? What are the known side effects? Who are the main targets?

Firstly, who is the vaccine NOT suitable for?

(And we need to remember that newborns have not yet had a chance to prove whether they fit these groups) –

  1. Those with an allergy to MSG (which did not exist prior to its use in vaccines)
  2. Those with eczema/dermatitis/psoriasis
  3. Those with immunodeficiency conditions
  4. Those with a latex allergy (which did not exist prior to its use in vaccines)
  5. Those who already have TB (yet it is systematically given in highly contagious areas)

This is little Riuriu – following his ALLERGIC reaction to the BCG – he died in 2011. Sadly this is not a one-off but you won’t find it in any of the Murdoch literature – his story is here


What other little alarming factors should be considered, but you can guarantee parents would not be told – 

  1. The BCG contains live attenuated mycobacteria – considered to be infectious – however, on publicly available literature it is said NOT to be infectious…
  2. Recently vaccinated individuals are capable of shedding – meaning anyone around them is exposed to the possibility of contracting TB – this happens on a mass scale in Africa and India.
  3. The vaccination is NOT recommended for administration during pregnancy – as it is unknown if it could damage the fœtus. Yet it is being used in this trial on newborns….
  4. Live vaccines are excreted in milk – not recommended during breastfeeding – yet it is being used in this trial on newborns…
  5. There is limited understanding of safety or efficacy in the elderly
  6. Interference in laboratory tests has not been studied – yet it is being used in this trial…
  7. It should NOT be given within 4 weeks of other vaccines

What are the KNOWN side effects?

  1. Lymphatic nodule enlargement (often requiring surgical puncturing and chemotherapy)
  2. Abscess
  3. Lymphadenitis (infection of the lymphatic system – often linked to lymphatic cancers)
  4. Splenomegaly (enlarged spleen)
  5. Hepatomegaly (enlarged liver)
  6. Osteomyelitis
  7. Death

What is not known but SHOULD be – is that doctors are given (but rarely memorise) even more detailed information. What are the REAL, in depth side effects which, if they appear, are usually dismissed as unrelated issues?

poison-ivy-rash Unexpected reaction to latex involved with BCG vaccine.

Healthcare Professionals’ Information on BCG dangers – 

  1. Genitourinary side effects (including difficulty in urinating/inflammation) – 54% affected
  2. Hæmaturia (blood in urine) – 39% affected
  3. Urinary tract infection – 18% affected
  4. Genital pain – 10%
  5. Neurological disruption (including malaise/myalgia) – up to 40% affected
  6. Anæmia (modern day epidemic) – 21%
  7. Leukopenia (reduction of WBC – lowered immunity) – includes misdiagnosis of TB/HIV/cancers
  8. Gastrointestinal effects – up to 16% effected
  9. Pulmonary infection – 3% – not a huge percentage but this is in individuals without pre-existing issues…
  10. Renal toxicity – 10%

See full article here

Let’s also not forget that the BCG is linked to lipoma (read here) and is a well known causative factor in juvenile cancers and adult onset cancers (read here)

So, who do you believe? Do you take the time to find out facts or just take your doctor’s word for it? Is your child’s health really worth such a risk?

Read opposing information here – Sanofi (Manufacturer’s site) and the watered-down parental information here

So what does all of this have to do with your child being a modern day guinea pig, and allergies? There is no doubt that allergies in either humans or animals were virtually unheard of prior to the appearance of vaccinations – however any attempt to study into this phenomenon has always led researchers off on a tangent. The convenience of modern day research in prohibiting the use of research references older than 10 years allows them to avoid older research and medical records – which clearly shows that allergies were a rarity whose appearance was of major concern.

Even Nobel Prize winning research that shows a major cause of allergies is vaccines, has been overlooked. More information with added links available here

And now we get to the study in question. The first line is not “We have a theory that a vaccine known to be linked to allergies is going to be trialled – we don’t know yet of its safety or efficacy” – which would be the truth, but rather “A vaccine that was routinely used in Australia until the 1980s to prevent tuberculosis could reduce the rate of allergies and infections in children.”


So, straight away, the reader is lied to – most will not need to read any further – straight away, you will be thinking yes! A cure for allergies IS near. Such is the clever spin format of pharma publicity. Further, it has the acronym of MIS BAIR (i.e. Miss Bear) – how cute….and callous. Find the misleading article here and the sign-up page here. The page actually has the audacity to list the very side effects listed and warned of – on both public awareness and medical expert links – but with the misguiding implication that this trial will prevent them –

  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Chest Infection
  • Mortality

The page also has both a non urgent and urgent advice line for participants! If that doesn’t alert you, what will? The program is so insidious that it’s linked in with maternity hospitals – not for you or your child’s wellbeing but in order to send out these ‘caring’ letters – wow, way to make a new mum feel special…


Make no mistake – this is a money making exercise – one that Murdoch and all the billions of dollars hope you will not discover.










Aspirin and its role in Colorectal and other cancers


Before you rush out for more aspirin – the latest ‘findings’ are nothing but conflicts of interest in a last ditch attempt to squeeze a little more life out of a useless drug.

I truly hope people on this blog question the cancer industry. If you had any doubt about the corruption and failure of a well oiled machine that chews up and spits out trillions of dollars a year with no result in ‘finding a cure’ this surely has to be it!


Did you know that at best, a ‘cure’ is 5 years? For others it’s 2 years? Yes, THAT is why stats have gone up and why the public is led to believe this vile industry that causes more suffering than cancer itself is winning. Meanwhile, those who see natural therapy doctors live – thrive – in very long lives free of illness.

So now headlines are saying “Aspirin can double the life expectancy of some cancer sufferers” – yay! you think, but let’s do some research before we go running off, shall we? What is that ‘double’ figure? Actually, only 4 years…..


Aspirin is known to be one of the main causes of digestive tract cancers. It begins by forming acids that eat the lining away, exposing it to all the toxins in fæcal matter and other rubbish put into the average digestive system. It is the best known cause of both vomiting blood and bleeding from the bowel. We run from the thought if there is a chance of bowel cancer, letting doctors put tubes up our nether regions – but pop the pill that causes it.

A metastudy – meaning taking a very sweeping glance at thousands of patients in a very broad way – is not a safe or honest way of offering up stats.

The most astounding aspect is that it’s the bleeding that results from the inflammation caused by aspirin is being passed off as the reason it is effective! Interesting that dozens of studies showing the link between this inflammation and cancer are now missing from the internet. Since when? It sucks that medicine is so skilled at twisting facts that the very iatrogenics that are harming patients can be passed off as magic bullets.


Nothing about diet, nothing about environment, nothing about lifestyle or other meds. Must be aspirin… NSAIDS and aspirin have received a lot of flak of late – this is the only reason why pharma scientists are flogging this as much as they can – as they do (one only has to investigate Eli Lilly’s success in stopping Prozac in being taken off the market for males – painting it pink and giving it to females as Sarafem has not reduced suicides, just shifted focus….)


Aspirin has been linked to not just cancer, but miscarriages, cataracts, food intolerances, IBS, ulcers, tinnitus, headaches, asthma, constipation and even strokes. But don’t worry, you can now suffer through all these for 4 more years.

Is it April 1? Please don’t believe the hype.


As aspirin’s popularity waned, as far back as the 70s, pharma pumped as much time, money and effort into keeping it on shelves. It has been after all, one of the biggest cashcows. They even managed to turn the facts around – that it causes enough irritation to the mucosa that it induces bleeding – into a plus. That is actually a sign that it is working. Yet they are unable to understand homœopathic laws of like curing like? Here’s the general gist of what is going on around the world right now, courtesy of well paid media hype –

Not only causes cancer but cures it…for 4 years…

For facts –

So, what can you do? 

Interestingly, aspirin is a synthetic version of willowbark – which HAS all the good properties that scientists tell us aspirin has – and not one of the negative side effects…

Online eHealth Assessment – Register here

















Making the change – how do you even begin?

The average household has over 3000 toxic chemicals in a nasty, ever-changing cocktail; thanks to the unregulated industries responsible for –

Cleaning products

Laundry products

Dishwashing products

Bathroom cleaners

Carpet vapours

Furniture vapours

Paint and varnish vapours




Dental Care

Hair Care

Baby and children’s personal care

Personal care/hygiene products

Nail products







1940 – 1 billion pounds of chemicals manufactured worldwide per annum

1988 – 600 billion  pounds of chemicals  “              “         “

– 50% increase in cancer between 1950 – 77

– 1/3 population had cancer of some form by 2010


More than 16 minerals missing in Australian soil.

In order to grow culture from soil, minerals needed to be added.

85% USA soil is depleted of all minerals.

55% AUST soil is depleted of all minerals.

CSIRO soil testing decades ago showed deficiency of 16 trace elements which are essential for health of plants and in turn, the animals that eat them.

Nitrate contamination over time leads to formation of nitrosomes – cancer causing.

Osteoporosis can be caused by topical applications such as Voltaren, which leeches calcium & lessens bone density.

Aspartame (Nutrasweet) leeches calcium & triggers diabetes and MS symptoms

Acne – caused by hormonal  imbalance, food & shampoo aggravation.

After 5 + years on HRT or pill – 50% develop Lupus

Perfumes and cleaning products have ingredients used in nerve gas

Continuing on as we are, not even taking into account the external environmental pollutants, we are playing Russian Roulette.

Please inbox me or go to my healthy product page for more info. I encourage everyone to become a member of this company in order to access wholesale healthy home products. Simply type in pure, organic or healthy cleaning products. I guarantee you will be shocked at just what is available!













Cellulite – vanity or dangerous health issue warning?

Cellulite – is it a vanity thing or a health issue? It may be news to some that my natural therapy training took me to PhD studies quite a few years back now. Hardly surprising – considing I had to finish about 10 years of studies just to be considered even remotely close to a GP. Not that having ‘Doctor’ in front of my name would make me any more smart or worthy, but it’s the way society sees us – and sadly, some will only trust a naturopath if we have those two little letters in front of our name (or in my case, the 3 letters after my name). So, what was the subject of my thesis?


My research led me to the conclusion that cellulite, like ALL health symptoms, is not a stand-alone issue. In fact, even though it is predominantly a female issue, men can and do suffer from it (but just called fat) and yes, it is attached to a L-O-N-G chain of chronic and even terminal health issues and afflictions. It’s a sad thing that so many women I see have been told it’s just part of being a woman…

That’s not to say you rush off and panic about some hidden sickness. Basically, my research led me to realise that the lymphatic system is possibly the most overlooked and undervalued system of the body. Think about it – like a sewer, the lymphatic system is invisible. It is responsible for taking the waste away that your blood cannot flush into the intestines for excretion. Over time, the lines become gluggy and built up. Yes, we all know about swollen glands, but what about totally bunged up lymphatic pathways?


We should all be able to gently rub our skin with our fingertips without tiny nodules being palpable. Yet today, almost 100% of the patients I see, if I run my fingers over their skin, all display rugged little bumps and irregularities. Run your finger over a child’s skin and even if they are chubby, they will have incredibly smooth skin. Yet within 20 years it feels like a microscopic off-road track. It came as no surprise that almost 100% of case subjects had symptoms of chronic illness and obesity, even though very thin, young and seemingly healthy girls could also have the dimply demons.

Cellulite, as ugly as it is, is still ignored by the health profession – very frustrating from an iridology angle – a blocked lymphatic system is VERY visible… And considering it’s linked to lymphatic cancer, lymphadenitis, and even elephantiasis, I really can’t believe that it’s one of the many diseases that are addressed AFTER the fact – considering it’s so easy to address early on.


As one GP said to me, “Once you develop such a bad blockage of the lymphatics that you need a wheelchair, we have very good services and aids in place that could help with mobility.” So, for the thousands out there who simply seize up thanks to mismanagement, we would have to just accept an invalid life? Another GP once said to me ‘Just eat less calories’ – oh, so you mean less calories than the mostly salad and rawfood diet I was already eating? Less calories than the regular fasting I was doing? So much misinformation out there!


In the 90s, motivated as much by fear as I was by clinical frustration, I developed a two pronged program – internal drops and external body brushing and lotion which could loosen up what had become untouchable internally, by either the lymphatic or circulatory vessels. No, cellulite will do no more to your health than cause embarrassment, but it is very closely associated, out outward sign of true, chronic sickness – not quite causing it, but just may possibly be seen as a side effect of a wide range of sickness.

For example, why is it linked only to around 40% of obesity patients? Why is it so common in diabetes, but only in the abdomen? Why do those with leg cellulite display more heart disease symptoms than anyone else? Why is it very common in depression cases? Why do generations of unvaccinated and unmedicated families show no signs of lymphatic ill health? Of course, these are all serious issues that need addressing and simply removing cellulite wont get rid of the other symptoms. But for now, let’s look at removing the ugly side of these health issues. So, what do you do about it?


Around the time I did my thesis, a French company released (an unnamed) miracle treatment for cellulite that, thanks to overpricing, left my patients rushing to my clinic in droves to buy the treatment I had formulated for less than half the price. At the clinic I was practicing in at the time, we had wealthy ladies from Singapore actually fly to Perth just to buy this heavily promoted fad in bulk. What they spent on one trip could fund an entire village for a year – including their health problems – but such was the clever media coverage and advertising.

Meanwhile for my long story short, lots of success, lots of incredible results (including knock-on effects on other associated symptoms) and hand written thanks (yes, in the days before PCs and facebook) – but without financial support and a ton of attack thanks to the TGA and Australian medical association, I was forced to stop selling it. In short, and in the TGA’s own words, ‘If your product does not have the capacity to cause harm, we cannot approve or register it.’

There are treatments – it takes an alkaline diet and a safe transdermal cream to break down the blockages. Treat the entire body – remove toxic build up and fibrous networks of unnecessary gunk. Unfortunately my products are no longer on the market but I have found products that work just as well. So, what steps?

Get your body alkaline – information here – you wont get rid of cellulite without this one step. The diet is found here

It’s not just fat that causes cellulite – in fact one of the very first really bad cases I saw as a teen was with my ærobics instructor – she was as fit as anyone I knew but suffered badly, only in the thigh area – she ate healthy and played sport all day, but was addicted to bread and other processed carbs – a massive portion of cellulite is linked to  both carbohydrate and protein toxicity (ask why bodybuilders and athletes who overdo the protein and carb intake all end up suffering the worst from the visible effects) – your lymphatics become blocked and engorged, trapping other foreign particles that form the glue in your arteries – calcium, parasites, waste…


Gluten is one of the main causative criminals in cellulite formation – it’s amazing at just what a difference removing gluten from the diet makes. Massage is a great step, as is JET type therapy, so is manual lymphatic drainage. Colonic irrigation will begin a great flush but if you are not up for that, there is a great internal flush link below. At-home coffee enemas shock the liver and in turn, the lymphatics and are a great way to remove unnecessary fats. cupping therapy easily done at home will also bring rapid results. I am currently working with an orgone scientist to develop an exclusive cupping set to have even more harmonising benefits.

Hot lemon drinks in the morning – just fresh lemon juice in hot water, is the best start to a day you can have. Add a heaped teaspoon of coconut oil or eat that separately – it works like soap upon waste and fats in the body. Dry body brushing gently encourages your lymphatics and capillary tone and gets things moving.


But how do you flush your body? How do you stop it from happening again once you succeed?

To order safe, effective and vegan products please head to my page –

See here

– then type in the following codes next to the magnifying glass at the top of the page – each of these highlighted codes in order to find all the products you need to get rid of your cellulite –

Digestive/liver/lymphatic tonic – CSR-01760

Topical cream – SKI-82940

Detox/cleanse – REN-53450

Parasite cleanse – CSR-03600

Body brush – CSR-03600

Make sure you cut down on processed carbs – processed foods in general. Get healthy. Make chronic health issues history by making cellulite history. Eradicating this issue is by no means an easy one – but it really is that ‘simple’.

Medicine is yet to admit that ALL of our health issues, in all their complex forms, are intertwined. We need to think less of diagnoses and more of what our bodies are doing, then act accordingly. Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? Then just get moving! Swim, walk, breathe deeply, stretch and stop slouching. Stop wearing tight clothing as this was proven many years ago to be linked to circulatory damage that leads to lympœdema. I have seen women who were previously size 8 and exotic dancers, end up size 26 because, despite good healthy living habits, their circulation was cut by their clothing, over a long period of time.


Please see my other posts for any other symptoms or health issues – by typing in key words into the search bar on the main page. And click ‘follow’ to get updates!

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Improve your health & beauty with a few small changes


How difficult is it to make your homes toxic chemical-free??

“I can’t afford to get healthy” is the usual excuse as to why someone can’t do this.

Well, now you can.

When the Avon lady comes calling, what do you do? Oh, you don’t want to offend so you just grab a few things. What if those few things come with a whopping toxic load that could leave your skin, hair – and health – under threat? Don’t be fooled by those little containers or an innocent bubble bath. I know many serial Avon customers – not one of them has good skin, healthy hair or vibrant health – but most will refuse to change their spending habits – why?


Likewise, you go to the supermarket  and down the toxic aisles (medicinal, beauty, cleaning…) you grab what you ‘need’ – but what if what you need is freedom from toxic overload? What if you can view a catalogue online that not only beats the Avon prices, but only contains healthy, safe and powerful products that YOU can order from your own home – and rather than a stranger getting the financial incentives, you are rewarded with e-credits to put towards your next order?


Why wouldn’t you? It’s only habit. BAD habit. How much do you spend in those toxic aisles each month? Before you say ‘Oh, not much’ – please go and look at your bathroom, laundry and kitchen cupboard and write down what you’d usually spend each month. Shocked? It’s all about a change of habit. If you have health issues or are worried about what you put into/onto your family, it’s time for a change.

Still need incentive? Maybe this will help – – check out the ‘links’ page and see how much research is out there – or one of the many testimonies found on my facebook pages and this blog.

I find it hard to swallow, that in 2015, with all the information technology available, that people still feign ignorance in health matters. Okay so it’s hard to decipher the fact from fiction but there are many of us out there, who have spent our entire careers, doing just that so you don’t have to.

As the old ad says, JUST DO IT.
















The next step – how to get healthy


Why are there so many treatment ideals, different angles of advice? Who is right, who is wrong and does anyone really know? Surely if naturopaths had it right, their ideals would be mainstream and accepted by orthodoxy? Sadly, in almost 3 decades of health care, one thing that has been glaringly obvious to me is the fact that despite honest intentions, and despite sincere effort, it’s very difficult at time to work out truth from fiction.

A consultation to find this out, including a suggested list of recommendations would cost you in the vicinity of $200 – is your health and life worth that?

Even with supplements, it’s a very difficult truth to accept that while most options will make a difference, very few are even close to what an ethical, honest expert could comfortably promote or agree with. This is not due to some misguided promo spin doctor money-pushing ideal – it stems from years in manufacture, research and development, not to mention extensive case studies and experience. There are actually very few product ranges, for various reasons, that I would comfortably promote or personally use.


Are you on a diet? Why not? We should ALL be on a diet. That means rather than eating random junk, we only choose within the guidelines of what tastes good AND is good for us. Weight will never be an issue if we stick to that one simple rule – that means emptying your brain of all you learned up until now, because industry-penned promotional ‘dietetics’ is the worst thing you can follow for your health. No food pyramid, no 5 food groups, no ridiculous calorie counting, no low fat, low salt, sugar free lies. It’s this rot that got you where you are now. Time for a change. Thankfully the truth has been known for decades – it’s just never been financially beneficial to the industries who have become fatcats on our suffering.


No, this is not a dig at people who already feel bad about unnecessary weightgain or a diagnosis with a terrible prognosis. Simply, ALL sickness and inflammation is linked somehow to acidity. No disease, no cancer, no virus, no bacteria can thrive without acidity. Therefore it makes simple sense to get alkaline.

Please see my other posts on this advice – and order your own alkaline water filter here  – target=_new> pH Miracle WaterMark

The simple truth remains – and never will be ‘proven’ to be wrong – none of us should ever diet just to lose weight. The goal must always be to gain health. Why? Because thin people are equally ill – suffering equally with poor immunity and equally in developing chronic ill health. Half of my patients are thin – and this group suffers an alarming rate of poor health – especially those who fit the ‘fat free’ group.

No, obesity doesn’t equate to good health any more than it equates to a ‘happy, healthy, curvy, beautifully big’ individual. BUT the long-touted medical lie that to lose weight means you automatically gain vibrant health needs to be put to rest. I have seen way too many patients lose a ton of weight and at the end of it, drop dead from a heart attack or stroke – or develop cancer.

Almost daily I am asked by patients and even strangers how to easily make the transition to healthy living without breaking the bank. Yes, money always helps but the truth is we can ALL live a healthy lifestyle. We need to start at the beginning – that means casting off pretty much all you have known – courtesy of parenting, education, advertising and ‘advice’ by people who, despite their claims, have no idea of the truths behind diet and healthy lifestyle.

YOU can do it – don’t forget there is much, much more with all relevant and simple advice on HOW to do it all, including handy tips on, from the comfort of your own home, how to do the following –

  • Pray & meditate
  • Identify habits
  • Body brushing
  • Exercise – the right way for you
  • Drinking habits
  • Be prepared
  • Clean up
  • Fasting
  • … and much, much more.

So, by now your interest is either piqued or it’s already too hard.

Your call. In the past, I have taught other practitioners and keen health students all of the above – and they paid $45 each for a one hour lecture. Is that something you would be happy to do? What if you could get this info for far less?

By simply taking in what this blog shares for free, you can learn –

  • How to begin your day
  • How to control your appetite forever
  • How to establish the right network to prevent failure
  • How to avoid setbacks
  • What questions to ask, every step of the way
  • How to spot beneficial vs poisonous foods and personal care
  • How to access wholesale personal care
  • How to access wholesale health care
  • How to access wholesale home care


(Free tip – there are many shortcuts to health, we just have to know what they are. If you could still eat a LOT and enjoy your food, wouldn’t you want that over a starvation diet? And what about habits – if you could still have a fizzy drink, wouldn’t you want that? Why can’t you? Ever heard of a soda stream? Adding fresh raw fruit juice to carbonated water will soon have you turning your nose up and what you used to drink. Okay, it’s not strictly alkaline due to the slight chemical change, but makes drinking water so much more enjoyable.)

If you have been damaged by wrongful living and medical mismanagement, the journey ahead will be a little more difficult but believe me, decades of practicing in this very arena has shown me it CAN be done.

The only real question now is ARE YOU READY?


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