How to balance your hormones – and every other system of your body.


In my nursing days, hormones were, like the endocrine system in general, not deemed very important. I will spare the feelings of patients from those days by not sharing the comments made by sexist doctors – (even to tired and overworked nurses), who could not care less about someone’s emotions, whether they were suicidal or suffering horrific mood swings, or felt less than a woman/man. I saw reproductive glands or organs removed for no other reason than to ‘give them something to complain about’…


Fast forward a few decades and it became a very common thread in my practice. All roads led to hormone imbalance. Among the most common and basic well known links –

  • Diabetes: while linked to insulin and sugar metabolism, the entire endocrine system was affected. Balance the hormones and you can often restore health.
  • Cellulite: While gluten and bad diet, sedentary lifestyles affect circulation and the mostly ignored lymphatic system, hormone balance can restore a smooth, supple state of affairs.
  • Depression: over-medicated, over-medicalised, all cases of depression are affected in some way, by hormone imbalance. Why is it so easy for the health profession to overlook the fact that men beat women to death when their hormones are out of whack? Or that women get post natal depression so easily after birth – ie when the hormones remain out of whack?
  • Digestion: not just dependent upon enzymes, hormones play a vital role in balanced digestion.
  • Energy: it’s no secret that if you are low in testosterone, you will be tired. If you are low in progesterone, you will just not be bothered wanting to do anything.
  • Enzymes: we are given a set number of enzymes at birth – these recycle and are released over time to trigger, through various life stages, to grow the right hormones. With today’s fast paced world, poor diet and stressors, we use up our supplies at a relatively early age. This means our hormones are peaking younger and younger. Then we’re done. We don’t know what to do in order to slow it down or develop more.
  • Heart disease – hormones and imbalance play a large part in heart disease and all the knock-on effects.
  • Tissue integrity – the strength of your connective and elastic tissue is dependent upon many things – including an intricate hormone balance.
  • Sleep – without adequate hormone levels, even a small imbalance can affect your ability to sleep well – as well as sleep patterns.
  • Reflex, response and fitness – even a slight imbalance can affect your stamina, fight or flight reflex and ability to even get fit, let alone maintain it.
  • Knock-on effect to other glands in the endocrine system – very rarely is one gland affected in a stand-alone symptom set. Most cases of thyroid insufficiencies for example, are also accompanies by major fertility hormone imbalances and deficiences. And treating one aspect will often positively affect others.

A simple explanatory equation –






The above is what a normal human’s basic reproductive hormone pattern looks like, male or female. Of course, males have a little more testosterone than females and in turn, females have more progesterone and œstrogen than males. In between, there are other hormones but they are all reliant upon BALANCE.

And due to hormone mimicry in an increasingly toxic world, the balance is out – resulting in the other hormones in this delicate balance either not being made by the body, or in the wrong balance. This is usually triggered by a massive increase in œstrogen which in turn causes depletion of both progesterone and testosterone. There is always more œstrogen than the other two, but the problem lies in being too much.

We need to naturally increase progesterone – this, in turn, triggers an increase in testosterone and a natural draining of excess œstrogen. Most medical hormone-related treatments are œstrogen or steroid based – resulting in the imbalance and the hundreds of negative symptom sets that goes with it. Yes, including cancers, psychiatric disorders, massive weight gains, organ damage and even autoimmune disorders such as lupus.

Yet, the answer is so easy! If our governments were really concerned about our health, we’d be on the very basics of treatment from pubescence. Not only would it balance our hormones but it would prevent so many illnesses and symptoms that are commonplace today. At the very least, a progesterone-like herbal transdermal cream – for boys and girls, from the age of around 13, could prevent so many issues of today. It can safely be taken throughout life and not only prevent early menopause but aging.


There are men’s and women’s hormone balancing, natural and safe treatments available – from so-called natural fertility type clinics you will pay many times what is necessary. I have seen them work personally and clinically and have seen true miracles. Below are my favourite suggestions.

You have nothing to lose but so much to gain –

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Should I get a mammogram? Hear from personal stories…

breast cancer

How often do you get a mammogram? Why do you get a mammogram? Do you enjoy what is done to your body? And more importantly, would the males in your life agree to having their penis/testicles slammed and crushed with 20 kilograms at a time – on each testicle? Why not?

 a male-mammogram

So, what is a mammogram?

It’s a modern day torture device used without question in detecting breast tissue cancer. Or it is supposed to. Breast tissue is squashed flat between two metal/screen pads while images are taken. Unnecessary trauma – it is not uncommon for women to report torn tissue – being squashed while the woman is repositioned and pushed while entrapped.


You receive 1000 times as much radiation as you would from one chest xray. And we all know xrays are dangerous as it is.

Dr Samuel Epstein, one of the world’s top cancer experts, has stated:

“The premenopausal breast is highly sensitive to radiation, each 1 rad exposure increasing breast cancer risk by about 1 percent, with a cumulative 10 percent increased risk for each breast over a decade’s screening.”

But how effective are they? 

Up to 6 percent of women who have a mammogram – that is 6 in 100 or 3 out of 50 – will be given a false positive. This can have varied results – from unnecessary stress to unnecessary treatment. Including mastectomy, radiotherapy (more radiation) to chemotherapy. All because of a mistake.

0 mammomiss1

In a 2009 Cochrane Database Systematic Review of breast cancer screening and mammography, the authors wrote:

“Screening led to 30 percent overdiagnosis and overtreatment, or an absolute risk increase of 0.5 percent. This means that for every 2000 women screened for 10 years, one will have her life prolonged, and 10 healthy women who would not have been diagnosed if they had not been screened, will be treated unnecessarily.”

2011 BMJ findings about the damage being done by breast cancer screening, Sayer Ji of Green Med Info wrote:

“What is perhaps most disturbing about these findings is that, while they clearly call into question the safety and effectiveness of breast screenings, the studies upon which they are based use an outdated radiation risk model, which minimizes by a factor of 4 to 5 the carcinogenicity … What this indicates, therefore, is that breast screenings are not just ‘causing more harm than good,’ but are planting seeds of radiation-induced cancer within the breasts of millions of women.”

At nursing school, we were taught that most women will die WITH their breast cancers, not BECAUSE of them. What does that mean? Breast tissue, like cellulite, something else I often speak about, is comprised of fatty tissue that is known to attract and store toxins. Our body naturally encapsulates the offending toxins – this forms a cyst/tumour. And it is usually blocked off from circulation – including blood and lymph. Therefore it cannot spread. I have seen large tumours – the size of a golf ball, protruding from the tissue. It is not malignant and the woman has had the tumour for decades. Yes, it can be surgically removed but this type of trauma can in turn release the acidic mass that then affects surrounding tissue, resulting in metastases – see Annals of Oncology Journal


As awful as these tumours are, they are benign –

and if treated correctly would never have grown to this stage.

But wouldn’t doctors advise against them if they are so dangerous?

The short answer there is, many do! But they will ask you not to quote them or identify them. The sad truth is that they will be investigated and deregistered if found out to speak out against the monster that not controls modern medicine – pharma. And honest doctor is a wonderful friend to have. And becoming more rare with each passing year. Many no longer practice. Others have faced legal ramifications – others still have died untimely deaths.

Via J Miller – “Years ago at Baylor Hospital Dallas Texas, while waiting for an appointment to have a mammogram done, a doctor who was walking down the hall ask me why I was there (he was looking for some one). When I told him, he took me to a lab sort of room and showed me synthetic breasts on a board used for palpation training. Four of them and showed me how to palpate them and find cancer. Just amazing and easy. He told me never to get a mammogram again because they cause cancer. I left and never got another one. That was over twenty years ago….so they have known for a long time.”

The fact is, doctors are speaking out. Ex radiographers are speaking out – See more here

Via B Love – I got an ultrasound in place of a mammogram. I simply said to my dr “I don’t want my breast smashed can I have an ultrasound instead?” (Found a lump – benign) She said ok. Now this lady is Middle East Indian and also “prescribed” me yoga 6 days a week.. I wouldn’t call her integrative / she told my mom to take a cholesterol pill. Mom declined and 3 months later proved cholesterol could be lowered with diet and (normal pace) walking alone. But she is open to other ideas and modalities and says herself that private yoga instruction saved her daughter’s scoliosis. I simply decline all shots no one says anything to me. But my daughter goes to different dr – kaiser (actually there’s been a few switches but none of it matters of your kid is healthy, safe and sane. It’s like OK who is our urgent care she needs stitches this time – those of us who don’t vaccinate we don’t rush our kids around to ER or UC looking for [yet abother] antibiotic or ALMIGHTY MD opinion, we just don’t do we…

But doesn’t mammography protect you?

There is proof it could actually be one of the leading triggers for breast cancer. Between the trauma and radiation, anyone with a trace of common sense could see it’s a recipe for disaster and could cause exactly what you are being conned into thinking you are preventing. See the facts here

0 breasts

So what are the alternatives?

Aside from the obvious, self detection, our governments should be funding thermography instead of systematically having clinics shut down.

Meanwhile, around the world, we see Mammography banned while it is being pushed in the US, UK and Australia.

See more on my article re thermography here

Via T Martino – A few years ago they found a “cluster”. Put me through the breast biopsy from hell, sucked out 1/2 of my right boob then claimed to the biopsy results dissolved and did not give me any result. I just had a Breast Thermography scan. It is more sensitive and can pick up cancer sooner in time than mammograms. It may not be covered by insurance. I paid $180 for the initial and will have a second one in a few months, then yearly. It’s worth the $ to me, peace of mind, no radiation, and no idiots saying something is wrong when nothing is wrong. The nutjobs who screwed up the biopsy wanted me to have mammos every 3 months. I have never had another one and never plan to.

Via D William – I would just stay away from doctors, period. Check yourself and give yourself a good massage at the same time and that will circulate the toxins out of your breast tissue. Breast cancer happens because that is the fatty place in a woman’s body and that is where the body puts all the “medicine” and other toxins that it can’t process properly. Over time the body may try to wall the toxins off and you get a lump, its misdiagnosed as malignant by incompetent idiots in white coats who proceed to feed the cancers growth with their devastating “treatments” which usually will result in them surgically mutilating you or killing you with their poisons.

Where else can I get honest facts?

It’s true, while there is a plethora of advice available, paid groups like Snopes and Quackwatch – along with media and even your trusted doctor will plant just enough doubt for you to question even the most in-your-face honest truth. People exist just to bring the truth to you, if you want to truly know.

See more here

Wouldn’t there be a LOT more information available if mammograms were not okay?

The truth is, there IS a lot of information! You wont see it if you ask your doctor though.

Via J Strope – “Radiation is not the only dangerous thing about mammograms either. The destruction of the breast tissue also contributes to the formation of tumors.” Thankyou also to J Strope for the following links –

Is your bra capable of causing cancer?

Pink washing – is it complete?

So what can be done if I do have cancer?

There is so much that can be done. You just need to be pointed in the right direction. Ask why millions of former cancer sufferers are now walking free of cancer while doctors dismiss them as anecdotal, or deny they had cancer in the first place, or fight to have natural substances banned or restricted? Surely, if a doctor truly cared about your health he/she would find ANY answer, so long as it worked?

See answers on how to prevent this acidosis (the real cause of cancer) here

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