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Basic supplementation can often be the best

It’s true. Before I learned the shortcuts it was normal for me to take 18 different supplements a day. All very safe, all very effective but a huge waste of money. There are a few very vital points to remember when considering supplementation – Today, 9/10 supplements sold on pharmacy and some health shop shelves are synthetic. They are therefore pseudo nutrients. Alien to … Read More Basic supplementation can often be the best

Cellulite – vanity or dangerous health issue warning?

Cellulite – is it a vanity thing or a health issue? It may be news to some that my natural therapy training took me to PhD studies quite a few years back now. Hardly surprising – considing I had to finish about 10 years of studies just to be considered even remotely close to a GP. Not that having ‘Doctor’ in front of my … Read More Cellulite – vanity or dangerous health issue warning?

Fucoidan and bone degeneration

Recently I’ve had many discussions and questions concerning skeletal and rheumatic disorders, and what could be done to reverse them – or at the very least, prevent further development and suffering. Please see my blog posts on the alkaline diet – which resolves health issues at a cellular (including stem cell) level. We simply MUST remove acidic foods from the diet if we are … Read More Fucoidan and bone degeneration

* CFS/lyme/fibro testimonies Pt 2

More testimonies on the Chrysalis protocol for CFS, lyme, fibro and so on – * Thankyous and testimonies always make my work worthwhile. Especially in a career which finds most of us out of work or earning lower than the average wage. I keep every one of them but wanted to share the latest, from K in Sydney. It is highly emotional, such is the … Read More * CFS/lyme/fibro testimonies Pt 2


One of the latest trends to hit our media outlets, current affairs programs and blatant sales pitch publicity efforts involves stress in the corporate workplace – ie work stress and mental health. This alarming trend of labeling the simplest of issues as a serious mental health threat is often a grab of the corporate dollar while medicalising everything needlessly. The same applications in this … Read More WORK STRESS & MENTAL HEALTH

Why treatment alternatives are always necessary.

 vs  So you’re sick. Or a loved one is. What do you do? Did you know there is always a safe option? Moreover, what if you are told “There is nothing we can do”?  vs As I mention frequently in my posts, there is ALWAYS an alternative treatment option. One of the most painful aspects of a naturopath’s life is to hear of a … Read More Why treatment alternatives are always necessary.

Supplements instead of food?

Don’t laugh. Many do just that. While I don’t recommend it, I can understand it. In 1916 or thereabouts, in Australia alone, soil was determined to be deficient in 16 trace elements. That was long before industry began poisoning our waterways and soils. Considering each of these nutrients are an essential part of our health, and our food comes from this soil, how can … Read More Supplements instead of food?


Thankfully I have friends and patients who keep me on my toes. When I am so caught up in one aspect of my work, without fail (and thankfully) one of them will ask or remind me of something I have overlooked or long forgotten. Today my friend Mike, a media/promo guy from Sydney who has been battling CFS for some time, sent me a … Read More PAIN RELIEF WITHOUT ADDICTION

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