Media Hype and Auto-Immune Illness

As a practitioner, lecturer and researcher involved over the years in both orthodox and alternative medicine, the recent ice bucket madness has alarmed me for many reasons. Millions of people all over the world, while billions don’t even have clean water, are throwing out this most important of vital life needs for fun and dare. Few ask where their money is going. Few care that the corporation which stands to benefit spends frivolously on their salaries, or that they test on animals and use aborted human foetus tissue in stem cell research.

Few care that by balancing your pH, you can not only alter your cells at a stem cell level but convert one type of cell to another where needed. For example, a healthy blood cell can convert to a healthy nerve cell or bone cell. Few care that the money raised up until now has never saved a life or discovered any great cure – and I don’t expect it to in the future, based purely on the direction they are headed.

But hey, don’t let that spoil the fun, right?

Nutripur Fluxobile liver cleanse

What of those who suffer with ALS? Medicine is bent on maintaining them – in my experience, when patients who respond well to alternative medicine tell their doctors and specialists that they are getting better, these doctors will not only laugh in their faces but threaten to withdraw any services or assistance they may need, ‘if you refuse our offer of care’.

Mood Effex - Mood Support

Doctors fail to see – or care – that ALS, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, chronic fatigue and many other disorders are so similar to polio – and focus instead on some hoped-for missing gene or pathogen to make it into another unrelated issue. And forget about linking it with multi- generational vaccine damage.

Vivia Formula - VF-360 Defense System

Please see my blog posts on the pH miracle diet – print it off and follow it 100% – test your urine daily for pH – ALS sufferers, like cancer sufferers, chronically experience extremely high pH, which must be brought down. This will work with the right diet (and there are many interpretations, many incorrect, on just what the correct diet actually is). There is also more on the biochemic science on this matter available here.

natural organic products

So, what supplements will assist with ALS? To be blunt – most supplements will to some degree – just as they will help every single person on the planet, thanks to the poor quality of our water, soil, air and food today. Yet we also need herbal supplements that will target the neurons – for all purposes, including movement and pain purposes.

They involve a high potency resveratrol/quercetin for anti aging purposes, and a multi nutrient/superfood combination. Together, these three provide what I consider to be the best nutrient provision possible, with limitless benefits, regardless of health status.

But this post involves the possible effects on ALS and other neural disorders such as nerve pain and weakness. The following is an excerpt from a government research source however there are thousands of studies on record globally involving the use of fucoidan in health care.

Neuronal Protection – interestingly, similar to chronic fatigue, GBS and even bone degeneration.

The above focuses more on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s however its application in all neural related disorders cannot be ignored. Besides, what do you have to lose? Nothing – but everything to gain!

For treatment ideas please see my posts on Chronic Fatigue – the treatment is almost identical (I wonder why) – with the same positive results.


Getting the Run-Around with CFS/M.E.-Lyme-Fibro?

Health professional finds cure for daughter when medicine failed

The Chrysalis blog was set up to direct people, no matter where you are in the world, to finding answers for free to your health – but it began with the fibromyalgia pain of Chronic Fatigue and Lyme – I vowed when my daughter recovered I would share how we did it. She did get better and we do share – but every day I see the same thing: now that it is medicalised it is about diagnosis and chasing symptoms (ie perceived depression and myalgia) – NOTHING about healing or undoing the various causes. And people have given up by the time they find this blog.

How many years have you been waiting for a ‘cure’?

I found that my facebook pages were taking hours to write every single day, but the information was becoming lost due to the increasing number of posts and for visitors with CFS/lyme/fibro it was just too difficult to navigate. Some had a great support network to help print off posts and make up a treatment file but it still wasn’t ideal and the very thing I fought to prevent – sufferers slipping through the net – was still happening.

So, I rewrote all existing posts into articles – and new ones, to my blog, and now direct visitors here, in order to allow them to find answers more easily. I appreciate it is still not ‘easy’ – especially when concentration, ordering, food prep etc, is a vital part of your recovery. However, compared to many other ‘CFS experts’ and their sites (especially the high fee-attracting ones) I know it is much easier as you can avoid the run around. I found these sites difficult to navigate and very secretive, and in my view, doing little more than holding the sufferer to ransom until they paid up, while thinking they had no hope elsewhere. I could not believe how many were raising funds to be sent anywhere around the world to find answers!

CFS has become a business rather than seen as an illness as bad as cancer

More than once I was told that some of these experts, and many of the patients who promoted them, had not yet dealt with a single truly successful case, nor had the patients even got close to a cure. The same can be said for the medical dealings with CFS, fibro and Lyme disease; they hear that yes, auto immune disease is real and yes, it is now accepted in the system so start taking cases while the hapless sufferers have no idea that as yet, not a single case has been cured by this expert they have placed their trust in. This is alarming; I find it incredulous that anyone would claim their protocol could work, if they were yet to see a single cure! Yet these are the services that seem to be attracting the paying customers – all about $$$ while baffling with science…

Shock treatment and removal of vital organs?

And sadly, this is the direction medicine has gone. My first cases of CFS were seen in my nursing days – the standard treatment back then was shock treatment, anti-depressants and hysterectomies for the ladies. I wont repeat what I heard doctors joking about behind the patients’ backs. It hasn’t changed much.

CFS is NOT depression!

In 2006, which is relatively recent, when my daughter became unwell, we spent the better part of 3 years doing the rounds of around 20 different doctors/clinics/hospitals before we realised that yes, I would have to do it alone even if it was technically illegal. That old deja vu of ‘this is what I have studied and rehearsed for my entire professional career’ happened yet again as it has done so many times in my career.

‘Medical treatment’ in this instance involved anti-depressants, addictive analgesics and threat of admission into the mental health system which we refused. My daughter wasn’t depressed, and she was sick of being unwell. If, in frustration, she burst into tears, she was once again reminded that she has depression.

I wonder dear doctor, if you had burning, searing pain that drove you to despair, enlarged abdominal organs that left you unable to eat or even breathe properly, neurological pain that felt like your skull was open, and a deficit of energy that left you dependent on others to be able to walk – through all this, to be told there is nothing wrong with you, that it is all in your mind, and you need addictive drugs to make you feel happy again and only then would all your problems go away – would you cry?

Or perhaps you would feel angry when well-meaning family and friends asked you each and every time you saw them, “Are you STILL sick? Don’t you think it’s time you go over it?” I am certain you would.

Fun was made of our veg*n diet, and we were told a number of times that as I do not vaccinate my children, this is what caused it. In our case my children were spared the flu vaccine link (one of many vaccines linked to auto immune diseases and myalgia) however they had been exposed to a number of chemicals by default despite our organic lifestyle. Vaccine injury had also happened amongst my siblings and our children bore the brunt of DNA damage.

One doctor actually Googled CFS/ME in front of us, as he had never treated it.

He sent her home in a wheelchair with the words, “Prepare for the worst. If she stops breathing again tonight, please bring her back. But she may not last the night. If she does, take her to your doctor as we do not have the ability to treat her.” So we had a teen who may or may not last the night – but as they had not dealt with it, go home. It was a long night – especially as earlier that day, we had stood in the local welfare office trying to at least recoup some of the money we’d lost (I could no longer work but did not qualify for a carer’s allowance and she had not been able to work for some time) – she collapsed on the floor and lay there crying and shaking. People – many who looked like actual drug addicts openly laughed at her and a few less than decent comments were made to her. I stood there crying and that was when I vowed to share any answers I found, once I found them!

Anyway, as there are a number of articles on my blog with the protocol and other associated aspects related, and I hope you eventually can read them all. Apologies to those who still find it difficult, hopefully the list below will help make it more clear.

The effort to make one doctor’s visit can have repercussions for days

The truth is, if you had cancer or any visible widely promoted/funded/supported illness, you would have some form of support and understanding. How long does it take you to recover after each visit to a doctor or other practitioner? My daughter usually took an average of 3 days, during which time she didn’t eat, couldn’t have the light on, and shook with pain.

I want to help you avoid this. One thing that may help is knowing how much it takes to even make and keep an appointment and the days of recovery following; you are able to avoid that stress, while ordering what you need to get better, from the comfort of your own home. Hopefully your support network can do the groceries and other needs. It would be nice to have a dedicated service in each city but I guess that will only come with more awareness and honesty in treatment. Sadly for now I don’t see things changing – I have lobbied our government and health systems as many peers have done in other nations and so far, there is no interest. Many of these networks are sufferers or at least former sufferers without outside support.

The great thing to know is that I have had many patients I have never met, across the world, who don’t even have a good support network and have limitless cash – who have been able to return to health, after previously using their life savings and many years in the system without any success. Almost every day I am contacted by someone else thanking me for the protocol.

So what is CFS, really?

As a syndrome is a mix of symptoms that do not fit disease paradigms, so too with CFS – it is a set of seemingly unrelated symptoms – meaning medicine has not yet come up with a specific disease cause – or related patents to make big pharma more money. In truth, there is no one cause.

Known triggers/causes, all of which I have witnessed and treated –

  • insect bites/stings (Ross River, Lyme, etc)
  • vaccinosis or other medication side effects
  • surgery and titanium type allergies (which, interestingly, is not recognised in medicine and like many natural forms of assessment and treatment, one must go outside of medicine to find answers, at their own expense)
  • hormonal damage (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovarian, gonads, etc)
  • allergies triggered by parental toxicity or environmental damage
  • parasitic infestations or mould toxicity/allergy
  • major deficiencies and injuries – it can be a mix of two or more
  • Epstein Barr virus or the flu

If you do not yet have a diagnosis, please stop and take stock. This latent need to get a diagnosis and validation does nothing but tell you what you already knew – it wont offer a magic cure. And it should not be necessary for you to go through the long, drawn out process (often unsuccessful) of trying to get one within the medical system. Please see my assessment page – which is a comprehensive assessment, with additional CFS assessment for those seeking answers – Comprehensive assessment HERE – and indicate upon application, that you would also like the complimentary CFS assessment. This is more detailed than ever before and will allow me to determine whether it is CFS, lyme, fibromyalgia or another disorder.

The stages of recognising and treating fibromyalgia, Lyme and CFS

Stage one – understanding invisible disease. It is no one issue, no magic pill is going to ‘fix’ it. It is a toxic attack that has taken some time and trauma to develop, affecting your nervous system and vital organs – and in turn, every aspect of your health. Usually misdiagnosed for years, much time has passed, allowing symptoms to develop unnecessarily.

Have you been exposed to pharmaceutical or environmental/industrial toxins/chemicals? Perhaps your decline began after a vaccine?

Stage two – starting on the correct detox, diet and lifestyle is as vital as is the correct supplementation. There are many, many simple tips, such as the common herb ginger to help with abdominal inflammation and pain, as well as hormone imbalance. You need your support network to also identify with your illness, as most people fail to understand completely unless they know how it feels, or what it is.

Do you notice that after certain foods, you feel worse?

Stage three – There are so many diets out there, including for invisible disease that it makes your head spin. And it makes you sick eventually, if not immediately. Invisible disease is about inflammation.

Think about it – acid causes swelling and inflammation and is linked to ALL pain and illness. So what causes illness? Primarily what we put into our bodies but also what we put onto our bodies, our thought processes and stress. So how do you take your body from an acidic mess full of inflammation and pain, to a pH neutral, calm, pain free HEALTHY, living individual?

There is no alkaline pill, no magic vaccine that is going to change things if you make no other changes.

If you live acidic, you live with inflammation.

Most newcomers argue with this, yet eventually they get it. So how do you trust what is the correct diet, and how do you learn how to pull it all into one cohesive program? The following is just that – a combination of years of study and various trials and articles and books – and tests. Most importantly, thousands of cases were involved.

anti-inflammatory, alkaline diet

Stage four – the correct medicines – while I agree with analgesia if it means relief and sleep, I do not see it as an effective treatment ideal – many are addictive and come with a host of side effects, even death. But in the short term or occasionally, yes, please take them. After trialing thousands of dollars’ worth of what I would term excellent supplements (including practitioner only and some of the most expensive and well researched options) I began reading up on certain biochemical research.

supplements instead of food

Stage five – this wraps up all the adjuvant tips and ideas that have many benefits and even increase the effectiveness of the steps above.

  • With diet, I am yet to see a single sufferer who is not gluten sensitive – check out the symptoms of GI –

what is gluten intolerance

  • Hormone imbalance is a major factor in invisible disease – including lupus, ALS, MS, MD and much more. And it is one of the most mismanaged health sectors. Just a little here with a few tips on how to ensure your hormones are at their optimum level – you will be shocked –

what every mother should share with her daughters

  • What about the ongoing arguments that natural therapies don’t work? This has been an ongoing very clever spin exercise, with little truth, other than fear and money – why do so many accept a death sentence without even trying”

don’t accept a death sentence

  • What about pain relief? Why are so many sufferers now registered drug addicts?

Why are so many now needing the assistance of drug detox and pain clinics? And why is the suicide rate so high in sufferers? –

pain relief without addiction

  • What about scams? How do you know the protocol is safe or effective?

how to avoid CFS scams

Feel free to print off this information and share with anyone you know who may need it.

On top of the above suggestions, please use the following Rx protocol – it can be ordered online at a fraction of the cost of any competitor. The general rule of thumb is for every year you have been sick, it will take a month to reverse but this can be dependent on many varying factors. Be patient and just know you are doing the right thing –

1. Fibromyalgia symptoms – boron – buy here

(Research on effects of boron – why do you need boron?

2. Fibromyalgia/adrenal tonic – buy here

3. Anti inflammatory – buy here – turmeric based pain relief

4. Superfood, probiotics, herbal, adaptogenic, tonic – buy here

5. Anti inflammatory fucoidan – buy here

(Fucoidan effects on fibro/CFS/lyme – read here)

6. Anti parasite/mould – buy here

7. Noni superfood tonic – buy here

8. Colloidal minerals – buy here

This is the basis of the treatment – these are not my products – I simply find the most affordable, effective options and share. Please advise if there are any other symptoms you need help with – no two cases are identical and each can be associated with a whole range of health issues. The above list includes practitioner quality recommendations at a reduced price. ALL the products listed above are needed – as CFS is not a single symptom set and requires a multi faceted attack. Adjustments to the protocol are made as you respond and recover.

Feel free to contact me for individual symptoms that you would like advice on supplemental and alternative treatment.

Just know it can be done!

  • Homeopathic treatment currently being researched and formulated. I hope to have this available by the end of 2017. Find more information here


The LAST diet you will ever need.

Yes, that includes sports people and paleos. Many people ask ‘how’ to lose weight, or how to get alkaline. The truth is, if you are asking, it means you are keen to try ‘anything’ – sadly, not everyone is of the same mind and it’s usually the others who need it most.

As my colleague Neil Whyte says in his book, those who choose to drink alkaline water often need it the least. Those who could benefit the most wont even consider it. Today’s world does not make being alkaline easy or popular – but the truth is, your blood MUST be alkaline for life – and in order to do this, it must rob alkaline salts from surrounding tissues to keep us alive – and this causes illness as vital organs and tissue begin to break down with acidity. The real truth is that we ALL need to be alkaline – if we are drastically less than 7.4 we will have compromised health.


There are simple steps to ensure we get alkaline and stay that way. It is by no means easy to do, and there is no one single measure that will do it for us, but unless geographically you are unable to access even the basics, you too can get alkaline, treat chronic health issues and avoid acute ones. You can even join the growing band who do not respond to the myriad contagions in our air and water. I am not joking when I say we can be exposed to colds, flu, gastro, etc and have no fear of ‘catching’ (in reality, being acidic/unhealthy enough to have a weak immune system).

The following are examples for Australia but you can do a little Googling to find someone who can ship them to your area. It is not expensive to be alkaline, not if you do a little homework to find the most effective gadgets – yes, it can cost a lot but it does not have to.



I don’t believe in dieting to lose weight – weightloss should only ever be a happy side effect of healthy living. The food list will be discussed closer to the end of this info leaflet, along with an eating plan which you not only will learn from but gradually be able to use and adjust to suit your lifestyle and preferences. The eating plan at the end of this thread will ensure not just weight loss but sickness loss.



I have a distinct dislike of most of the nutraceutical brands who advertise heavily on TV. At first glance you may say “Yay, it’s finally legal for naturopathy to advertise.” Nothing could be further from the truth. You may even say they must be the best brands – even further from the truth. I have my favourite brands but that does not mean I support every product even these companies make. I can guarantee, if everyone reading this had a bioresonance test to determine their deficiencies, not one person would report 100% balance.

For many reasons, the main being we get our food from the ground and our soil and groundwater/tapwater is tainted/deficient. I like superfood/herbal tonics. If you just can’t stomach the food types or volumes, make sure you get some green blend tablets such as this one and this one.

And contrary to what our ‘nutritionists’ say, we NEED oils – good oils, not those high-heat rubbishy oils in plastic bottles – it must be cold pressed and there are MANY good oils – as Dean from Safe Soda says, Oils aint Oils… 90% of oils on supermarket shelves should be banned – they are complete rubbish depending on the ignorant masses who like to fry everything to death. Do not make the mistake of putting a cold pressed essential fatty acid oil into the same dirty basket as lard or dairy fat.


I’d comfortably say most people I know don’t like water. How sad. Water is THE most important factor of life. You can survive without food, but not without water. And much of the world’s water is so tainted it’s toxic. That doesn’t mean (as I hear many say) that you have to boil or distill it to death – filtering, ozonating, alkalizing, ionising – these are what makes good water. And with a good mineral quota, by taking in a good volume of water daily, you are doing more for your health than you know. Now, please don’t go and ruin it by making coffee, regular tea, cordial etc – or think by drinking a huge volume of beer or fizzy drinks that you are doing something beneficial. You’re not. Make sure that you occasionally add Himalayan or Celtic salt – these are full of electrolytes – in fact you can make your own electrolyte or sports drink by dissolving the crystals in purified water with a little lemon juice added. Remember, for every ‘other’ drink you have, you will need another glass of water to undo any effects. Unless you are just adding fresh lemon juice, herbs or good salt.


There are many gadgets that ensure good health – and most kitchens don’t have a single one of them. The stove is the most important appliance in most kitchens – second to the kettle and toaster – and sadly, not one of these things contributes to truly good health. The humble fridge is next in line but is usually so overstocked with rubbish that there is no room for fresh, healthy food and drink that it joins the others to form a toxic team that is pulling our health collectively into the grave. If you want the Rolls Royce appliances and gadgets, you can pay big money and in a perfect world, we would each have them. But the good news here is that there are economical equivalents that are readily available. Buy them one by one to make your kitchen a place of health, rather than a place of unhealthy indulgence. A strong blender – even a cheapie bullet gadget will do more for your health than just about anything. A good juicer – one that really smashes the cell walls of the plants, and keeps in a ton of the fibre, is the next. A spiraliser to make raw pasta and curly treats for even fussy kids is another. A dehydrator will allow you to make amazing rawfood snacks that most people wouldn’t even believe is healthy. A steamer – even a steaming basket in a saucepan will allow you to lightly cook anything.

pH TESTING PEN or strips

The ones I buy in bulk are the same ones sold in swimming pool shops for around $100 but you can get them cheaply enough to be able to sell them for around $20. You can buy test strips instead and are cheap, eBay sells these for a few dollars a pack. Your pH must be around 7.4 (optimum) and initially you’ll need to test your urine a few times a day. Eventually you’ll only need to test it once a week or so as you can ‘feel’ your pH.


Let’s face it, most bottled waters are rubbish and if they weren’t when they went into the bottle (some purine glacier in the mountains of untouched territory), they will be. Anything stored in regular plastic has the capacity to trigger many types of cancer – phthalates are shocking and take little time to form, while BPA in plastic is a known carcinogen, especially in heated temps. Tap water, contrary to what we are told, is atrocious. I once had some tested – 82 abnormalities were detected – chemicals, parasites, chlorine bleach, ammonia, fluoride (Hitler’s last hoorah – a waste product from nuclear weaponry), pathogens. And boiling it will only concentrate the contents. Bore water is the same – in fact, it has the added bonus of being tainted with all forms of waste in the soil – dumping of chemicals and various unwanted waste all leeches into groundwater (ever wonder about that smell?) A simple water filter (preferably non PCB/BPA) will suffice in removing 99% of the waste you don’t want in your water. Tupperware makes a safe one (not all) – when you go to your stores, just ask or read labels carefully to ensure you get an affordable, safe filter. Buy %20pH%20Miracle%20WaterMark” target=”_blank”>here


Some expensive machines filter, ozonate, ionise and alkalise. And they cost more than the average household can afford. Instead, I use alkaline rods that are basically mineral salts sticks that last for 2 years. I buy mine from ebay in bulk and can sell them for around $10 each – but you can also buy them a little cheaper (or far more expensive) if you look. They basically sit in your water jug and alkalise your water. Like I said previously, contrary to what some people believe, drinking alkaline water is not the holy grail of getting alkaline but it is a part of – or should be – your perfect health regime.


Ozone generation should be part of every home – able to kill parasites, moulds, pathogens – while sanitising the area – this is a must if you are serious about your health. I use mine to clean the air and water, taking out what just shouldn’t be there. It is the final step in filtration and some of the more expensive water machines can cost from $100 to over $1000 for doing all necessary steps. These gadgets wont win any medals for beauty but when it comes to health, who cares? The uses are endless and considering the average human being is made up of trillions of bacteria and various pathogens, we have to carry at least millions of unwanted ones – especially if we have poor immunity or chronic illness. Mould and fungi are linked to everything from skin disorders to chronic fatigue – even MS and cancer. There are other simple gadgets to use when there is a known mould disorder, such as simple argon zappers – and while they can cost thousands you can also get a home made version for around $40 – so worth it (please ask if you are looking for one of these – I know a great supplier).


While this little beauty wont necessarily make you alkaline, it is a valuable tool in helping you enjoy your water. There is something seriously refreshing about sparkling water. Once your water is filtered, clean and alkalised, you put it through the soda stream – if you thought you didn’t like water before, you will now. Some may like to add fruit or spices but please, never add the syrups or cordial. Soda water makes the most unreal punch and summer drinks. I have owned 3 and all have been brought from garage sales, in perfect order. The latest model in our house is a new one and even though it looks great, it is no different really to the cheaper ones I managed to pick up. Replacement bottles mean you can make about 2 litres for less than 50c. Not bad…


AKA bicarb, baking soda, bicarbonate of soda, sodi bic. This is THE alkaline salt of choice that we all should take above and beyond all supplements. While it will never remove illness if it is the only step taken in the hope of getting healthy, it is a vital step in BEING and STAYING healthy. All you have to do is google ‘baking soda protocol’ to see how many people with chronic, even terminal health disorders have managed to cure themselves. The ONLY reason it is not flying off the shelves as a cure all is because drug companies cannot patent or make a trillion from it. Instead, they educate doctors to say it is a toxic poison. Funny that.

Feel out of sorts? Take some bicarb. Tummy upset? Don’t rush out for gaviscon, take some bicarb. Feel a cold coming on? Yes, take some bicarb. Get alkaline and the truth is, it’s impossible to just get sick or ‘catch’ an illness.


Every home should have a blender. In seconds you can make icecream, sorbet, gelato, milks, puddings, cream, soup, smoothies, mayonnaise, dressings, slushies – all healthy, all dairy-sugar-wheat-additive free. So simple. I have so many recipes now but there are more out there – Shelley Redford-Young, Sunny Raw Kitchen, Russell James, Green Smoothie Girl, etc. My blender is used for just about every meal. As a result, we NEVER buy mayonnaise or dressings, sauces, cream, icecream, gelato, sorbet, milkshakes, hommus or dips – imagine just the financial savings. But more than that, you can ensure the tastiest meals and treats that only take seconds to whip up. Being alkaline and healthy will never mean you have a bland diet. A breakfast smoothie of avocado, banana, orange, frozen berries, celery, carrot, beetroot, ginger, maca powder, soaked almonds and spinach will give you more nutrients than most people will take all day in a western ‘balanced’ diet. You can superboost it and add acai, supergreen powders, flax oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds, etc. No one will know. And while we’d all like a Vitamix, who has $1000 to throw around? More on healthy and amazing recipes in the CHAPS health/weightloss diet, to follow.

I made do for years, with a heavy motor Breville and a cheaper magic bullet – you can buy the equivalent for about $25 in Kmart… I managed to find a pay as you go system for a Vitamix and as handy as it is to make raw soups and nut milks, I can honestly say I was just as happy with my cheapie bullet… Only difference is that you can leave it on for longer – usually. I also can’t say I am too impressed with the Ninja or any of the so-called ‘nutrition extractors’ out there – a rose by any other name…


Anyone wonder why Boost Juice is always surrounded by dozens of keen customers? What is usually seen as an expensive treat when you are out, can be done at home for a fraction of the price. It’s been estimated, that with the low quality of fruits and vegetables today, we’d need to eat 4kgs just to get what we NEED to be healthy. I don’t know many who can do that and besides, the fibre present would be massive. Instead, why not concentrate it and put it through a juicer.

Suddenly, 1kg of raw food becomes a glass of nutrient concentrate that tastes magic. Think of it as a multi vitamin in a glass, rather than something people do to look good when out… And if you grow your own herbs and vegetables – all those leaves and stalks that usually get thrown away can first become a nutrient shot, then the waste given to the chooks or thrown into the compost.


I can put 4 or 5 kgs into my dehydrator and in a day or so you have jars of fruit leather (banana, strawberries, pears, mango) that tastes nothing like the rank commercial stuff – a container of ‘facon’ which is made from marinated eggplant and liquid smoke – a jar of sundried tomatoes and capsicum, ‘raw’ biscuits that make even the fussiest eaters knock them off in minutes – a jar of dried apple and banana, sweet potato chips. It is a little time consuming but once you get the hang of it you wont believe what you can make – cheesecakes, pizza bases, cakes, pies, slices – and more – reducing your shopping bill while increasing variety.

And because nothing is technically cooked, you are getting the benefit of 100% raw food. Considering anything from 50 – 100% of nutrients can be cooked out by regular means, dehydrating is one of the best ways to ensure increased nutrient intake.

There is more – spiral ‘pasta’ and ‘curly fry’ makers, graters, slicers – the list is endless. But it is very easy to become alkaline – and healthy.


To be truly healthy, to be able to avoid illness and premature aging, from a cellular level, to reverse many genetic disorders and to ensure immunity from contagions – as well as maintaining the best weight for you, there is really only one way to go – alkaline. Including as much raw food as possible. Many ‘experts’ will deny this is all possible just by diet – they obviously haven’t tried it. Most people don’t realise that you are not just what you eat, but what you don’t eat. Every single day we bombard our bodies with foods we just cannot break down, so not only does every cell react badly in different ways, but by avoiding whole, super foods, we are not nourishing our bodies. A medically trained nutritionist will tell you that if your body doesn’t need it, it will just pass through , and if you have no appetite, that is fine because your body will cope. None of this is true – you may survive but you wont thrive.

The whole purpose of food is to nourish our bodies, but what are we doing? Filling ourselves with useless, nutrient deficient ‘foods’ and wondering why, generation after generation the human race is getting sicker and sicker weaker and weaker.  The good news is that we can change it. But the word change is vital – no magic pill, that idea is a science fiction lie. It takes effort and dedication. And yes, you survive , but who wants to be barely living, just for the sake of enjoying one or two minutes of food, when doing it the right way can allow you to really live, free of pain and inflammation?

Rather than the myriad utensils and appliances our kitchens are filled with, we need to change that entire way of thinking. On this diet you will rarely use your oven, frypan, toaster, mixmaster or kettle – and definitely not your coffee machine. nstead, you’ll have a water filter, soda stream, alkaline stick, steamer, a dehydrator and a blender. And you’ll use them all the time. And instead of sugar, flour, salt, meat, milk, cheese, white rice and pasta, you’ll have frozen berries, tons of raw greens, nuts, alkaline fruits, superfoods and sea salt. The funny thing is, the food actually tastes heaps better. And you’ll wonder how you ever ate any other way.

This is not to say you can never have any of the old stuff ever again – you can, but just on occasion. In fact, so long as you balance 80% alkaline to 20% ‘regular’ food, you will thrive and you will see your life change before your eyes.

Acids are present in every painful or inflammatory reaction in the body. Our body needs certain acids but foods that make up the staple of our diets – sugars, processed foods, bread, pastry, biscuits and stimulants, all cause severe chemical reactions in the body – dumping acidic and toxic waste into cells and in turn affecting joints, organ function, blood balance – even nervous system processes.  We all need to eat food that is alkaline, but especially so for chronically unwell people, to bring our bodies back to a decent, pain free and sickness free pH balance. Note, that medicines, drugs, even moods can cause acidic reactions in the body. This news is not new but has not been taken in by mainstream medicine. Dr Hay proved in the 1930s that sickness and pain virtually disappear if the right food is first eliminated and then the body is detoxed, followed by alkaline and neutral foods.

Of course, most people find it easier to live on drugs or suffer than give up the foods and drinks that they love. Why, I do not know – I would rather abundant health any day than relying on medicine to keep me alive (of sorts, anyway). This diet is safe and healthy for every human being and most animals. Nutrients are actually absorbed, as opposed to regular diets where food lies stagnant and fermenting in the gut and bowel and is eliminated without much being used at all.  A few things need to be considered but the benefits are endless. Firstly, a very real detox needs to be undertaken – including either coffee enemas (to kick the liver into purging and throwing out unnecessary waste and chemicals) or colonic irrigation (professionally done). Then we need to incorporate a lot of raw food into the diet – by way of eating or juicing (preferred option for most because of convenience) and predominantly green food (alkaline).

Below is a basic chart but there are many extra medicines, tonics and treatments that can help. My favourite scientific website to support this is – miracle – Dr Young has decades of experience with countless cases – far superior results to any single practitioner I have ever read of or witnessed. The funniest and most interesting thing about his detractors, is the fact that every single one of them is someone who has been unable to follow the plan completely – and of course medical doctors who as usual seem to have an ego about it all – thankfully more and more practitioners of all persuasions are starting to learn about it all and follow the easy plan – the work has all been done for them.

Lots of pure water needs to be drunk every day. Breakfast, as we know it, has to be eliminated – after a week or so it is very easy. Get a serious strong blender – it can be anything from a magic bullet to a vitamix. Breville sell a high watt version for about a tenth of the price (1200watt motor). Recipes in the link below.


If you are serious, follow the eating plan – order here – vegan, alkaline, gluten free, low allergy, and much more. It not only burns fat but acidity, inflammation and chronic health issues.


It contains grocery list, recipes, health tips and will set you up for life. If you need to lose additional weight there are also highly recommended natural supplements that will assist – please send your requests and intentions and it will be personalised. If you would prefer a health assessment, please send your request and details will be forwarded.

But get started now – the CHAPS plan is all you need.

Vaccination Truth


It’s not that doctors don’t know the truth – they are not ALLOWED to know it. To do so marks the end of their career – and for many of late, their very lives. As a former nurse, researcher, writer and natural health practitioner, my dealings with vaccination went far deeper than most medical experts could claim – personally and professionally. This post was triggered by an episode of one of my favourite TV series – Bramwell…

If you get to read the original history of vaccination, it soon becomes more evident that it was a political stunt and little to do with results. The UK show Bramwell – episode 3.9 – dealt with this very thing.

It was validating but also frustrating that this has been known for so long – yet even our most ‘learned’ experts are too dense (or well paid) to understand or work out for themselves.

This is well worth the watch – as in really worth it. If you link it to the heartbreaking Raggedy-Ann story in the same era, it’s a stark in-yo-face dose of reality!

Most of all, Bramwell is possibly the BIGGEST anti-establishment, non-conformist show ever – fought racism, sexism, pædophilia, slavery, child slavery, workplace conditions, poverty – and spat in the face of governments and gentry of the time. Exactly what someone like me needs in her corner.

This particular episode showed right from the start, most intellects were staunchly opposed to immunisation – or innoculation, as it began its life. Money and politics won the day, not improved health – sanitation was the number one factor in our health ‘change’ – and improved diet – but don’t let those little unimportant factors sway a trillion dollar industry…

View episode here

So, what is the story behind Raggedy-Ann I hear you say… As with modern day disease such as ebola and HIV – with more opposition from the experience, research and educated corner than support, it’s still money and politics winning the day. Life – the very thing they are meant to be defending in accordance with the Hippocratic oath, is expendable. A eugenic society – far from a conspiracy theory, is alive, well and very successful. Your child’s life means little to that noble lab-coated science boffin – and even less to the fat-cat pharma reps. Doctors, nurses and untrained reps make brilliant puppets.

Read true Rageddy Ann story here

So by now you are asking – ‘where is the hard core scientific proof?’ Believe it or not – there is possibly more scientific proof in existence than that which supposedly proves otherwise. There are more legal experts with cold hard knowledge of what goes on out of the media glare. The only difference? One has money – the other goes begging. YOU are the only one who has a say over your body – not that hard-nose behind the desk denying dangers despite even vaccine package inserts clearly stating them.

And in 2016, De Niro et al are in hot water for daring to share the movie Vaxxed. But this time, they have the attention of the world. I for one think that could be a good thing. The attention is already having a better effect than enforced vaccination antics of late.


How much does your doctor get paid to jab?

Vaccine injury court cases

HPV deadly effects ignored

Hep B vaccine dangers

Auto-immune/inflammatory disease link


Auto immune disease link

Aluminium poisoning

More aluminium toxicity

Neurological damage by MMR vaccine

Independent studies and facts

Pertussis facts

Immune destruction

Legal and research publication

No vaccine is safe


DNA fragments in vaccines

Hear experts actually tell the truth

Sound arguments in the debate

Fake disease, fake vaccine

Killing our heroes


Your rights

Your child is not safe – or even yours

Fake diseases

Why do they lie?


I would need an entire blog to list all the studies and stories. Please use this to begin your search and log the proof of what will hopefully become your stand and your child’s life.

If you know someone who is already vaccine injured, please see my other posts – especially on vaccine case studies, chronic illness and CFS.

Further research is readily available – via the links (some will need to be copied and pasted) – make sure you save them and keep searching –

Take a stand

Nurses against ALL vaccines

World leading authority

(please consider homoeopathic immunisation).

And what of that little R word – RIGHTS ???

Most doctors will not officially file your report of vaccine injury – hence the 1 in a million catch cry from any health professional who does not care enough about your child’s health (or your rights). Behind the scenes (not officially reported) stats sit at less than 1 in 100. Then comes the usual ‘Oh but they are just minor cases’ – yet those official reports only record minor cases. All the SIDS, SBS and so forth does not go on record. And rather than listen to the conscience that was consumed prior to the fat GP paycheques, they dismiss any fearful parent’s questions with ‘there are no definitive studies that prove it is caused by vaccine’ – what, even if 5 seconds before that shot, even you said it was the healthiest baby you had seen? Even if in doubt, why push something SO risky, so capable of taking health – and life – why not investigate instead of turning your back?

Well, YOU can report – don’t leave it up to your doctor. Take the forms in – demand they are signed or you will contact a current affairs and news shows. You will sue personally for negligence – did your doctor advise of the actual ingredients? Aborted human fœtus, questionable chemicals, known allergens? Will they sign THIS form that advises you 100% that your child will not be damaged – in the event of said damage, your doctor will agree to be 100% liable?

Download here – No doctor will sign this – try it – please let me know if your doctor signs – I am yet to hear of a single signature.

And what of the official vaccine report of your child’s injury – did you ask your doctor if it was done? Chances are it was not – ask them to sign this as proof your child was injured – Ask your doctor to sign this as well

And then we come to what YOU can do – this page has relevant links – YOU make an official report. Let’s get those stats on a more even playing field before it’s too late –

How to report adverse events (your doctor wont!)


The sad truth is, our government, media and online sources are removing more and more content – making it impossible to share. Feel free to share your vaccine injury stories below.

Sources –

National Vaccine Information Center –www.NVIC.ORG and facebook page

VASA – Vaccine Awareness South Africa – here

Help us CHALLENGE the Australian government by putting a spotlight on their illegal activity. After all, it goes against their own rules in our Constitution and the UNESCO guidelines of human rights.

Please don’t forget the other vaccine related posts if you have not found what you are searching for yet –

Can You UNdo Vaccine Damage?

Healthy kids do NOT come from vaccinations, formula and the ‘health’ clinic…

Do you know the truth?

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HPV, Cancer & other Auto-immunity


If any parent can read the following (as in actually read it, including all the highlighted links) and still subject their teenage children to this modern day torture, I will formally give up on humanity’s common sense.

If you have agreed to your child having the vaccine, why? Come on, you must know WHY you are doing it? You must also know what’s in it?  If this recent schoolyard conversation are anything to go by, neither parents or the kids being jabbed have a clue.

“You’re not vaccinated? You HAVE to get vaccinated.”
“No, I’ve never even had a needle.”
“You have to have the HPV this year. It has cancer cells in it and that protects us from cancer. We need it to be healthy.”

Research any cancer website, ask any doctor and you WILL be told that the HPV virus causes cervical cancer – every time. End of story. Did you know that is still only a hypothesis? And what if some doctors know this – but most do not?


At school we were taught that a hypothesis must be proven or disproven. Pretty sure this is still taught at university although what I have heard of late, maybe not. Yet, before this has been proven, girls and now boys are being poisoned with a known toxic killer, in the belief that they are protecting their children from something they can still develop even if fully vaccinated.


HPV vaccine reaction is not a rarity. In fact, almost every country now has a register that both government and medical authorities ignore – along with international support groups overflowing with tragedy and fatality.

UK  –  Ireland

None of the parents in these groups started out as a campaigner or ‘anti’ vaxxer as we are so eloquently and negatively called. In fact, all of their daughters were vaccinated with the HPV. None of them were warned of the dangers and now that the worst has happened, they have no support – not from those responsible, not from the trolls and media darlings who attack and ridicule them, and certainly not from their governments. It’s now illegal to claim publicly that ANY vaccination is dangerous, let alone a killer. Equally nasty is the little-known professional stance that doctors and nurses cannot speak openly once they realise the truth.

Did you also know that sexual contact between recently vaccinated individuals can trigger auto immune dysfunction – even cancer? People all over the western world now are developing unnamed disorders while practitioners scramble with steroids and various chemo cocktails in the hope that they will cover it up – and still refuse to see the link.


I write specifically on Gardasil because the package insert reads like a l-o-n-g horror story. Death is mentioned so many times that one could be excused for ignoring it. Well, that is what Merck is doing – in fact, they are listed as ‘unexplained’ deaths – we are talking HEALTHY teenagers!

The package insert for public viewing is smaller than the doctor’s one (that they do not read – ask them…) and the list of side effects for Gardasil is still 7 PAGES LONG.

What side effects are the public told about?

  • pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site
  • headache
  • fever
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • vomiting
  • fainting

IF you ask about bad side effects (and you must stress BAD) you may be told about – all euphemisms for serious issues –

  • difficulty breathing
  • wheezing (bronchospasm)
  • hives
  • rash
  • swollen glands (neck, armpit, or groin)
  • joint pain
  • unusual tiredness, weakness, or confusion
  • chills
  • generally feeling unwell
  • leg pain
  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • aching muscles
  • muscle weakness
  • seizure
  • bad stomach ache
  • bleeding or bruising more easily than normal
  • skin infection

(Each of these are known precursors to serious health issues – including fatalities. However, if you report these, you will be reassured they have NOTHING to do with the vaccine – try asking).


What warnings are listed on Gardasil package inserts?

  • GARDASIL has not been demonstrated to provide protection against disease from vaccine HPV types to which a person has previously been exposed through sexual activity.

    Not all vulvar, vaginal, and anal cancers are caused by HPV, and GARDASIL 9 protects only against those vulvar, vaginal, and anal cancers caused by HPV 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58 (in other words, Russian Roulette).

    Vaccination with GARDASIL may not result in protection in all vaccine recipients.

    Safety and effectiveness of GARDASIL 9 have not been assessed in individuals older than 26 years of age. (Yet ‘catch-up’ mandatory vaccinations are not based on age).


So, what are the listed ingredients of the HPV vaccine Gardasil? (Just in case you still believe that all vaccines are diluted germs) –

  • Strains of various HPV (virus strains – different with each one, so you can have repeats of all available and still not be covered).
  • Yeast protein (linked to paralysing auto immune disorders)
  • Sodium chloride (contains aluminium – not labelled)
  • Sodium borate (roach killer, seizures)

  • Polysorbate 80 (carcinogenic, infertility, birth defects, anaphylaxis)

  • L-histidine (metal processing, linked to paralysis)

  • Amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate


So, let’s get to the actual, medical data, scientifically-listed and researched SIDE EFFECTS. You won’t be told these. If you question, you will be told there is NO PROOF. End of story. Yet for me to list them in all their full aspects, this article would run like a thesis – thousands of words, dozens of pages. The following is a summary, based on the most important, and omitting whatever has already been listed above.


What are the KNOWN side effects of Gardasil?

(All adverse reactions have been found in increased incidence and severity in non Anglo races) –

  • Fever and convulsions
  • Headache, nausea, dizziness
  • Fatigue and muscle pain
  • Throat pain and swelling
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Asthma and respiratory arrest
  • Tonsillitis and glandular swellings
  • Leukaemia
  • Septic shock
  • Sudden death
  • Influenza like symptoms
  • Anaemia
  • Lymphadenopathy
  • Ovarian ‘failure’ (infertility)
  • Pulmonary embolus and thrombosis (clots)
  • Arthralgia and myalgia (muscle and bone pain)
  • Pancreatitis
  • Encephalomyelitis (brain bleed/stroke/brain damage)
  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome (paralysis)
  • Motor Neurone Disease (ALS – aka Ice Bucket Challenge…)
  • Transverse myelitis (paralysis/blindness)
  • Genotoxicity (genetic damage)
  • Carcinogenic (??)
  • Genital warts (??)
  • Fœtal deformities
  • Spontaneous abortion and stillbirth
  • No studies showing safety during pregnancy

I didn’t make this up. It’s ALL from the manufacturer’s website and data. As most parents are just too lazy to bother researching, I did it for you – each blue highlighted link has toxicity data according to scientific websites, or in some cases, sites of other concerned individuals.


The pharma-funded government, media, pro-vaccine pushers such as Mia Freedman and Claire Harvey (who are surprisingly happy to pump such poisons into their kids, despite feigning absolute parental concern and care), pseudo science type sites that baffle the average person with science in the hope they will blindly follow and in turn, ignore those of us who spend valuable time trying to help people we will never meet.


If you have read to the end and still believe that a vaccine with this much threat, that is listed on its own package insert as still being able to cause both genital warts and cervical cancer – the very things it is meant to protect your child against, then I have no words. If your child is one of the massive number of children affected, there will not be any compensation, no magic vaccine to fix things and no multi million dollar mansion and pay-packet – unlike the monsters who openly promote its use.


Package inserts for the many different types of HPV vaccine –

  1. Gardasil 9
  2. Gardasil 6, 11, 16, 18
  3. CSL Gardasil 6, 11, 16, 18
  4. Cervarix 16 & 18
  5. Sanofi Pasteur 6, 11, 16, 18

(With the ‘brave’ new world of mandatory vaccines, the sheer variety of HPV is a mere reflection of what is really going on. New and multiple vaccines for not just existing illnesses but newly-invented illnesses. There are hundreds in the works in 2015. This means if the gullible public continue to allow it, you will need a different vaccine every day of your life. How long until ‘vaccine packs’ are taken home? Or ‘vaccine mobile services’ start popping up in your neighbourhood?)

© Veritas Chrysalis Integrated Health










Chronic fatigue syndrome – avoiding the scams


The amount of misinformation out there for invisible illness, namely chronic fatigue, is alarming. 1 in 5 of my patients is affected by CFS/ME, fibromyalgia or lyme. Out of these people, most have been unable to work or even live in the real world for some time – many years even. Most have financial trouble simply because of the long drawn out process of mismanagement.

Many more are now dependent on addictive drugs and in turn, suffering side effects that only add to their troubles. Now that the medical industry (along with the pharma industry) are jumping on board and finally recognising CFS, the mismanagement has increased exponentially. With disastrous results. But these are the lucky ones – many suicide or give up on life because they lose hope.

My practice methods combine many modalities, and I work to find the most effective, affordable health care for my patients.

I began my health care journey in the late 70s as a keen nursing assistant, moving into training and eventually remote area nursing. Intending to move onto medical school, I was constantly frustrated with the establishment, refusing to hear those words “There is nothing we can do.”

There was always something else that could be done and I saw this when my father who had been given a grim prognosis, became once again vitally healthy with the help of his ‘miracle worker’ – a naturopath. She became my mentor for a long time and over the next 10 years I studied every modality I could – herbal medicine, colour therapy, reflexology, organic farming/gardening, homœopathy, acupuncture, natural nutrition, cupping, moxibustion, massage, nutriceuticals – anything I found that could help. But let me say here that I am the world’s greatest skeptic – if you have an argument, I have already had it and found answers.

By proxy I moved into writing and lecturing, sat on a number of boards and was a constant lobbyist for health reform. I then found myself in medical research – while I did not find one single day rewarding or beneficial, I did learn from the dishonesty and what I had long believed – that modern medicine was so far off track it was rarely of good use to anyone.

Around this time my daughter became gravely ill with chronic fatigue syndrome that almost claimed her life many times and I vowed that once I found a cure I would share it – I did and I do. My personal battle with this insidious but mostly dismissed disorder cost my family personally, professionally and financially. We were alienated – the financial cost was immeasurable as we descended into debt, trying every ‘magical’ promise out there. By the time I found answers, I had lost everything but the life of my kids. Since then I have vowed to share these answers – even if most people seem to not want to listen.


Natural therapies offer hope alongside sound nutritional and lifestyle advice. But not all natural health professionals are conversant or acquainted with the syndrome. I personally spent many years unable to deal with it simply because I did not know enough about it. I was no better than my medical counterparts who blundered along with awful consequences. I even witnessed a surgeon do a radical hysterectomy on a patient who, in his words, wouldn’t stop complaining so ‘this will give her something to really complain about.’

Go back further in medical history, and you will find oophorectomy (ovarian removal even in teens) was commonplace. Shock treatment for ‘hysteria’ which was more the hormonal side of CFS symptoms is well documented. Sadly things haven’t changed much – CFS is still considered a mental health issue – many claim it is a psychosomatic illness and it is treated as such. Too many cases are not treated with anything other than anti-depressants and addictive analgesia.

I have spent decades researching, writing and trialling health care at my own cost. Much of it has been a huge expense with little benefit. I am happy to share this knowledge, after careful and in depth research. But I recommend that rather than hit and miss, ad hoc trials at different ideas, complete my assessment (see link on this blog – here) for comprehensive health assistance, and the CFS questionnaire is included at no extra charge. This will help you pinpoint and identify what is needed in your own case.


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Ross River Virus – Implications and chronic effects


Ross River Virus is a virus purportedly spread by mosquitoes much in the same way as malaria. Most cases are not reported as they are mistaken for influenza simply because the symptoms are very similar. In fact, many cases that present clinically are diagnosed as the flu – and most disappear by themselves through strong immunity.

Those who are immune compromised (having recently had vaccinations, antibiotics or serious chronic health issues) make up the numbers – and only those who have lived or visited heavily infested mosquito areas (where RRV is known to be present) are diagnosed with Ross River – usually because the patient has advised their recent exposure. Ross River is not carried by every mosquito and like other insect borne illness, it is dependent upon geography rather than the large presence of mosquitoes in any given area.

According to Notifiable Infectious Disease Reports, WA Department of Health, while there has been an increase in notifications, it tends to be more of a case that doctors are aware of the activities of a patient, instead of an actual increase in cases.

Around 100,000 cases are recorded annually – usually across the top end of Australia, however it is being more and more reported in low-lying areas such as the south west of WA. According to the Dept of Health,  Ages affected are mostly 39-45; with no real indication of why this age group is most affected.

It is usually classified as a non-fatal virus, however those affected in the long term develop myalgic encephalomyelitis (also known as ME/chronic fatigue syndrome). Initial symptoms include flu like inflammatory symptoms. Mismanaged cases that worsen and develop in chronicity display marker symptoms such as joint pain and swelling (mainly in the extremities), lethargy, myalgia, rash (involving the trunk and limbs), fever, headache and depression. These symptoms are identical in nature to chronic fatigue syndrome which is usually mismanaged medically and diagnosed as depression and fibromyalgia – and treated medically with anti depressants, NSAIDs and strong analgesia – and compound the illness as the patient develops addictions and dependence on the medications.

Development – with an incubation period after mosquito exposure of 7 to 9 days (but with a possible range of 3 to 21 days), diagnosis is often hit and miss as it closely mirrors many other viral symptom sets.

Diagnosis – Blood tests will detect viral loads and those displaying a positive IgM or a 4-fold rise on IgG titre is diagnostic of RRV disease – such cases usually display a range of very slight (and often overlooked) markers –

  • Eosinophilia
  • Splenomegaly
  • Anæmia
  • Blood viral markers

Concomitant symptoms –

  • Photophobia
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Painful and swollen joints – especially knees, ankles, wrists, fingers, jaw, neck, shoulder, back, elbow, wrist, hip, hands, feet and toes
  • Lymphadenopathy (enlarged glands)
  • Sore throat
  • Coryza (watery eyes)
  • Neck stiffness
  • Enlarged abdominal organs

Effective management and treatment –

Please also see my blog posts on Chronic Fatigue for more helpful tips – See here

  • When you place your order via iHerb, be sure to check that the referral code LSH273 appears at checkout to receive another $10US off your total order (first order only).















References –

Energy supplements –

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