MLM – the death knell for natural health?

As is the norm with my words, I do not expect this article to make me any friends. But I do at least hope it will educate a few people. This article is not telling you that you cannot grow a global business if that is your goal. This is not about the argument that in order for one distributor to do well financially and succeed it will take hundreds, if not thousands of hapless minions to do the hard work. This is about health modalities themselves. If you do not know what a modality is, you really are in the wrong line of work – it should be one of the first words you learn as a distributor but the fact it is omitted, rings alarm bells.

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a) Are you a MLM distributor, representative, executive, diamond, or whatever your chosen company decides to label you – of any manner of health or euphemistically named ‘wellness‘ product companies?

b) Are you the customer of a MLM distributor?

If you answered yes to either question, a) do you have qualifications other than human rights, to qualify you to promote or sell that product? If yes, is your field of knowledge actually within the area of everything you are promoting? Have you studied every product in detail, including benefits, possible side effects, contraindications and whether it could pose dangers in regards to allergies or compatibility with other medications? If not, why not?

And b) do you take your distributor’s word as professional? Have you asked them if they have qualifications in what they are flogging you? If not, why not?

Do you now that if/when it goes awry (and it does very, very often) not only will you not get your money back (despite claims to the contrary) but you will not have a legal leg to stand on? There are no guarantees. The company will not want to know you.

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I can already hear the responses

‘We do not diagnose or prescribe.’

‘We do not make health claims.’

‘Our products are professionally made in the best laboratories in the world. We are industry leaders that other companies follow. Our research shows…’

Save it. I have heard it all

The truth is, people at the top are paid to come up with words (ie spindoctors) that you will learn in ‘training’ to ensure you know the fancy footwork to evade vital and important questions. I know of people who have become deathly ill from a ‘wellness’ product that almost claimed their life. When they complained, the company would not return the money. They refused to take responsibility and blamed the individual – saying they were self abusive and unhealthy to begin with, even though this person lived a very healthy life – and had not become unwell until they suffered a reaction to the product. Sadly working in my own field, I have witnessed such a story too many times.

The long and short of this is if you are not qualified in a modality, you have no right to spruik it. Take essential oils – to become an aromatherapist (originally part of a larger qualification – an elective which could take 6 months on top of all of your other studies including botanical pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, and massage at the very least) it takes dedicated study and an understanding of health that would allow you to understand a little more than, ‘this oil is magic for stress…’

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What about the increasing number of dietary and nutrition MLM companies? It’s a daily brain-scream for me to read on social media and in advertising pages that someone is proudly a local representative of such-and-such weightloss program. To say that clinically, 100% of patients visiting me for weightloss had been through it all, and often become seriously unwell as a result, would be an understatement.  The claims are alarming. If I dare to so much as say something valid such as, “Does this diet take overall health into account?” watch the knives come out (pun NOT intended).

And then we get to the supplements. I have personally been present at ‘product training’ where I would sit through 2 hours of absolute drivel – appalling claims and stories that made my hair stand on end. All the oohs and aahs about making a zillion dollars. Or heart warming stories of rags to riches. Yet as a guest I would get up to at least try and educate them on safety, ingredients and quality control. Forget it. At one memorable event, even though I had the microphone, I was drowned out with moans and comments like, “Do we really have to hear this? We did not come for this.” No, you came for the rah-rah, “here’s your goody bag, give me your prospects and I will ensure they sign up so you will make more money.”

About now, you are wondering why I am so angry at the whole MLM notion. Don’t worry, chances are I have been part of your particular company in some way – as a writer, researcher, customer or even a distributor at some time. Beginning before I was qualified in any form of health care – and eventually to prove the efficacy or value of the product in comparison to what else is out there. Yes, many natural health professionals do get into MLM products but that is as much because of the unhealthy system forcing them to make money from a sideline as it is about any perceivable product quality.

In short, MLM companies cut out the middle man

You are told that shops are the middle man. That is just not true. The middle man in this area is the natural health professional. Imagine signing to a MLM company that sold pharmaceutical products only. The middle man would be the doctor, no? In the time that MLM have made their hostile takeover, pharmacy chains have not only taken over in stocking natural products – without qualification – but have access to products that not even qualified natural health professionals do.

In that same time, doctors have been invited to take part in weekend warrior workshops which affords them the title of holistic or alternative doctor. Rather than, as a number of my peers have done, walk away from the medical industry which has failed so many, they continue to fence sit – but benefit from both sides. As one pharmacy chain head said to me, ‘This is where the money is.” They are also privy to more health fund support and even medicare benefits for their services while the real professionals are not. Cha-ching.

Are you complicit in destroying the very industry you now promote?

You would not know about the other side of this coin – the negative effects. Because it is covered up. Some of you do it to earn a living. Others do it to increase their revenue. I have had executives of certain companies threaten me professionally. I still have copies of letters written to me – one actually telling me I know nothing and need to mature in order to understand things.  One company which shall remain nameless, sent a distributor to threaten me with court action because I dared to answer her honestly when she asked if I would like to take part in her next presentation. I advised her that the products were tested on animals and not of particularly high quality. She refused to hear that just because her company didn’t test at their facility, did not mean the products were not tested elsewhere – and the company paid for it. Or that the products contained toxic ingredients on top of their supposed organic, healthy ones. I simply provided her with paperwork proving my claims and was left alone. At any given time, CEOs and leaders of these companies are in court or jail. This is kept from you. This is just one aspect of MLM marketing. People fall in love with the theory – hang everything else.

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In the last 10 years, natural health has been watered down as it is integrated into modern medicine – not for any other reason than control. So much knowledge is being lost. Natural health experts do not get financial support and as such, 2/3 no longer even operate – between pharmacies, supermarkets, MLM distributors and doctors, vital knowledge is being stolen and lost. If it continues at this rate, it is estimated that by 2025, natural health will be outlawed – and MLM distributors will not care about the original experts – they will just scream about how unfair it all is. Offficially it is about supposed safety – in truth, it is about money. Natural medicines cannot be patented unless they are diluted with pharmaceuticals. Cha-ching.

But back to the real reason for this article. Every day – every single day – I am contacted by people asking for my help professionally. This has now gone on for over 3 decades. It involves sick people from various MLM companies asking me which of the supplements or oils or products they should take – from their line of course. Their ailments range from basic issues to life threatening. I have seen people end up in ER – even in intensive care – because there was no safety net within the company they dedicated and almost lost their lives to; because aside from the token expert everyone quotes like a bad case of Chinese Whispers, there is no expert advice at close hand, nor is it a prerequisite.

Seriously, it is simple

a) If you want to promote products that is your right but for goodness sake, get educated! In this day of accessibility, there is no excuse for ignorance. Look up ingredients and study them. Or go one better and study the modality – yes, there it is again. Modality means modal quality – and in health, that means the particular field of health care. So herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy, orthomolecular medicine. All of these will – or should – include learning about health in general and how safe your products are alongside others.

Did you know that many oils are not ingestible?

Did you know that many calming supplements can not be used alongside pharmaceuticals?

Did you know some herbals can aggravate symptoms of chronic illness?

b) If you are going to use or have natural health products recommended, get professional advice. Or become a professional yourself.

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Our God is a Healing God. Yet we humans are sicker than ever.

Watching Benny Hinn this morning I was reminded of this one thing: Trillions of dollars are spent worldwide annually this century – 84% of the entire world’s rescources are spent on ‘health care’ – yet the world has NEVER been sicker!

Big statement to make I know, but think of these facts before all the old rhetoric comes out like:

  • What about the great plagues?
  • What about famine years?
  • What about the dark ages?
  • What about all the diseases modern medicine has cured? age sick and dying today
  • What about our better quality of life?
  • What about humans now living longer than ever before?
  • What about scientific discoveries?

While I was out walking this morning as the sun came up, my brain was barely able to focus while I thought about all the possible comments that would be screaming in the minds of people reading the headline of this article…

So let’s deal with all of the above in point form!

The masses pray for healing …

…while they chow down on fast food, takeaway chicken and cakes and biscuits. This one came to me when I was still very young and had not yet crossed the floor to natural health. How were so many Christians so sick? How could they be an example to others of His goodness and mercy? So many Christians are obese; prayers go up each Sunday for the healing of so many – and prayers for God to guide the doctors – the most common prayer requested online is for healing – even above financial prayers …


I have lost count over the years of the number of people who agree to end their lives because the doctor has told them they will die at a specific time. I have had Christians come to me for advice, only to refuse to listen because a pastor has told them that natural health is demonic. So they accept death stemming from sickness which has come from unBiblical food, drugs, habits and emotions.

But more people died during the great plagues …

History is repeating itself and no one wants to see. Great plagues only ever happened when the true quality of life ended. I don’t mean wealth and luxury (read how Howard Hughes or King Henry VIII died despite not only wealth but access to the ‘best’ medical care – and you will understand).

The great plagues of Europe were confined to the poorest areas, with appalling living conditions, little sunlight or clean water. Diets were high in meat for those who could afford it but putrid scraps for those who could not. Superstition counted for much in the old days. People who became sick were often starved, poisoned or left to die – there are many records of people not even dead being piled onto carts and burned with the dead. Today’s convenient habit of history recalling covers up much truth.

When sickly, vile nations conquered vibrant nations, they brought poor diet and disease – including often-terminal venereal disease and bred (usually by force) with locals, watering down genetic strength and changing the miasma to weaken future generations who eventually became dependent upon the new leadership.

The ‘great influenza‘ of 1918/19 was not the pandemic we are told; it only affected highly-populated areas where vaccines were given which set off the feeble immune system issues we see today. Instead of seeing the truth, lead-coffin burials, superstition passing itself off as science – right through to modern exhumation of bodies and … you guessed it … making and stockpiling new vaccines for ‘when’ the next outbreak occurs.

But famine though …

Humans cause famine. It really is that simple. Some of the main reasons, when all linked together to result in famine, include:

  • Political conflict (barriers, laws, restrictions, embargos, privilege)
  • Political issues affecting resolution of ongoing issues (including financial)
  • Meat and dairy industry (70% of food crops are spent on feeding meat and dairy animals which are fed to the lucky 30% top group of the world’s population. As in plague eras, the remaining populations eat the scraps/leftovers.
  • Weather and pollution – whether you support climate change notion or not, industry and pollution are destroying our planet. Ripping out the ‘guts’ of one area cannot fail to affect downstream in a negative way. It can be as simple as mining an area, or building a sea groin while taking out vital coastal habitat to change an entire region. Poisoning our waterways by dumping and poisons such as Roundup/glyphosate – which, like DDT, are having catastrophic effects globally.

More people die today from basic lack and the effects of western world greed, than ever before – more than the ‘great’ wars, more than the plague eras. In Uganda alone, every single day the equivalent of 9/11 happens from basic lack. One country.


  • over 12 MILLION deaths a YEAR happen from unhealthy environments.
  • 10 MILLION deaths a YEAR could soon happen from so-called superbugs which in reality are nothing more than overuse of medications and mismanagement. Just let that sink in – every single year more deaths than from any plague era.
  • Medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death worldwide.
  • Incorrect diet (despite all the diets out there, despite a multi billion dollar nutrition industry) is the leading cause of deaths globally.
  • Infertility is on the rise, more than ever in history thanks to vaccines, toxic baby care and venereal disease.
  • In the US alone, over 125 MILLION people visit ER every year. That is 41/100 people.
  • It is roughly estimated that 1/100 people now suffer auto-immune disease which stems from man made toxic damage over many generations. For much of this there is no permanent cure.
  • Mental health is a trillion dollar industry and on the rise – and seen as a common issue.

– kind of makes everything else all of a sudden become very pale and obscure, doesn’t it?

Modern medicine and science …

There is no doubt that developments in knowledge and science have brought about some amazing inventions and discoveries. But have you ever heard of the adage ‘Can’t see the wood for the trees’? When things become so distant from their focal point, their baseline or their origins that facts no longer matter – this is where modern medicine is at in 2017:

  • Before a newborn even has a chance to develop, it is shot full of chemicals so that ANY illness can be dismissed as ‘genetic’.
  • Rather than feeding nutrients or even clean water, starving 3rd world individuals afflicted by the worst of poverty and lack, are given vaccines and antibiotic shots which destroy immunity and gut health.
  • When presented with an infection, a doctor will not focus on gut health or blood health (which are the basis of all health imbalance) but give antibiotics which further damage both blood and gut biome.
  • Officialdom dismisses ALL alternative modalities which can work miracles in both emergency and acute/chronic health issues, or opts for surgery to rip out an organ rather than rebuild with something as simple as diet or supplementation.
  • People are kept artificially alive – barely existing – on medications that cover up symptoms rather than ever actually healing.
  • ‘Treatments’ for man made diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease are so toxic that they can poison the body to the point of death.
  • The bulk of modern medical experts ride on the coat tails of true miracle workers – such as micro-surgeons and all-rounder family doctors without so much as following up a single case other than flogging off their pharma-rep’s monthly quota suggestion.

But we have a better quality of life …

Today we have access to everything – the ‘best’ of medicine for free, organic food, the best chef-cooked inventions yet no one sees what is going on. How many fit, healthy chefs do you know? No, the bulk of them are obese and so busy inventing new dishes with appalling ingredients based on meat, dairy and sugar, that once again the wood has disappeared behind the trees. How many healthy, fit doctors and nurses do you know? Even nutritionists are trained from the same meat, GMO, dairy and sugar industry books from which doctors and home economics experts receive all their knowledge.

We live in artificial environments with more toxicity within our homes than in the toxic environment outside. We apply and ingest more chemicals than ever before via our skin care, personal care, hair care, cosmetics, cleaning products – even the vapours from our furniture are embedding chemical cocktails within our bodies that have clear health warnings on them in their original state.

We cover our children with sanitizers and wipe our surfaces in all manner of germ killers (which in turn kill off vital good bugs which are essential for health – and life). Parents actually argue against allowing their children to get dirty or a speck of sunlight. Those vitamins B12 (soil/dirt) and D (sunlight) are intrinsic to the network of our very extensive and complex health structure and parents are actually robbing their children of the basic building blocks of life.

So they are admitted to hospitals with chronic and terminal illness – robbed further of the same nutrients, forcefed toxic chemicals and acidic diets. There is no better quality of life. There is no proof we are living longer. There have always been examples of people living past the expected age. The only time people throughout history have lived short lives is when they have lived in shocking situations and circumstance as outlined above.

Today, it is rare to see a single person over the age of 30 who is not dependent upon pharmaceutical meds. 1 in 3 children are obese. 1 in 3 will develop cancer. Pregnant women are being shot full of poisons which cross the placental and blood/brain barrier. People in the first world actually exist, who have never consumed water or vegetables.

… and we are back to asking the masses to pray for healing … God forbid any dares suggest Edenic living …


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Food Combining – fad or how we were meant to eat?

First things first. Ayurveda is one of the world’s original medicine forms, dating back many thousands of years. Food combining is a relatively ‘new’ term (coined circa 1920s) by Dr Hay, then later on it was termed nutripathy by Dr Martin in the 1970s – today it is known more for the pH aspect via modern day luminaries such as Dr Robert Young and both Cayce and Jarvis.

So no, it is not a fad. And you only have to try it for a short while for your body to be able to tell you that yes, it is the way our bodies prefer we eat.

There is more on the pH aspect here with more on the stomach’s plea here.

Basically it is founded upon the most optimal eating process for our digestion, assimilation and health – removing inflammation and in turn, disease.

Some people base their dietary choices on still including meat and dairy or the original Ayurvedic advice if you prefer easy to follow tried and tested methods.

So how to make it simple? I find the easiest way is to have a simple chart printed up on your fridge, which you can use for your shopping list also. While preparation methods, habits and recipes will have to be adjusted, once you ‘get it’ this way of eating is really easy.

The following chart is a relatively easy to follow cheat sheet for ‘how to’ –

No automatic alt text available.

And for the definitive list, I find the easier the better. If your preferred foods are not there, please ask if they are foods at all (ie processed) or if they are just compare them to the different plant foods and what is closest (ie different nuts or for example, various brassicas or similar plants).

Food combining chart-page-001

Milk vs Osteoporosis

What? Isn’t milk vital for your bones? Don’t doctors tell us that like sugar, meat and other industrybased ‘foods’ such as GMO corn and Round-up laced wheat (flour) products, dairy is no longer a food. But don’t let that good ol’ home-spun cookies and cream advertising slow down an inch… With the current dairy wars and more people than ever turning to a plant based diet, governmentbolstered industries are going nuts in their advertising – actually shaming the public into drinking milk, as if we are somehow (like the sick-making ‘Strayan lamb, pork and steak ads) less human if we have a heart and walk a little lighter and far more sensibly.
One question – never before in history has a civilisation consumed so much dairy – yet osteoporosis – like tooth decay – is at epidemic proportions – now at over 50% of the adult population; even within younger age groups. Your doctor will never tell you that it’s actually your fault that your bone density is so bad. Instead, he/she will prescribe supplements for which they know nothing, drugs whose side effects can lead to cancer or brain cell death, or tell you to do weight bearing exercise. This advice is seriously flawed – despite the fact they will tell you that each of these things is scientifically proven.
I’d like to know on what planet. Initially, isolating a nutrient and taking it in high doses is not only dangerous but leads to severe imbalances – and down the track, they lead to even worse… The public needs to know that all of these actors talking about their successes with ‘caltrate’ or ‘calcium/vitamin D’ supplements are just that – actors. It’s a paid gig – and for actors/singers/sportspeople who work in an industry with close to 90% unemployment, it’s just that – they don’t give a toss about what happens to you once you fall for the blurb.
Sad but true. You need to know that calcium is one of the most readily available nutrients on the planet – it’s in just about every whole food. It’s your fault if you choose to eat junk over proper food. Taking a supplement that is not made from whole food will not change the situation. I was told by a very proud person the other day that they do not eat vegetables – and it was said with the sort of pride one would expect of a 6 year old who has mastered his ABCs or someone who recently graduated from uni. The truth needs to be shouted from the rooftop. If you ate a human being – or drank the milk of a nursing (human) mother, would you expect to get all the nutrients you need? Sounds pretty stupid, right? Well, the meat – and dairy) of one animal is no better nutritionally than any other. It’s just the way each individual species is marketed by its relevant industry. Correct amounts of perfect calcium – along with all the other nutrients are already available – in fresh food.
So, what is calcium found in? Leafy greens, seeds, nuts, tofu, and coloured vegetables just for a start. And what else is calcium necessary for? Well, hundreds of functions actually but in a nutshell, strong teeth and bones, nerve and muscle function, and blood clotting – but guess what? It’s not calcium alone that does all this – so if you take calcium alone, you may as well be one of the poor malnourished pica sufferers eating rocks. Your car, which is a far less intricate machine than your body, needs water, fuel and oil to function. Imagine if you just poured water into all the receptacles – how good would it run?
And what happens if you take too much calcium (which occurs with calcium supplementation)? Poor bone development and maintenance, tetany, excessive nerve activity, poor circulation with tingling in hands and feet. But that is just the beginning. BTW, dairy is an atrocious form of calcium. It’s actually detrimental to your health. Flawed studies by – yes – industry-paid ‘experts’ are used repeatedly to ‘prove’ that our kids need – what was it? A cube of cheese, a tub of yoghurt, a bowl of cereal a day to get all the calcium they need.
The calcium in dairy is not very assimilable by humans – which means it is locked away, only available to the species for which it was made – calves. You know, the millions of babies who die within days of birth so you can have your mucous-producing, inflammation-causing white poison. Enough of that – this is not an ethics paper. But I included it to show just how ridiculous the whole scenario actually is. The thing is, it is not just calcium and vitamin D that our bones need. And regardless of whether you took a whole bottle of vitamins a day, if your body is acidic, it wont make one spot of difference.
Magnesium is by far, a more worrying deficiency because a lack of magnesium will result in soft bones, and calcium deposits IN your muscles and blood vessels. That’s right – plaque in your blood is caused initially by calcium deposits which become a magnet for fats, toxins and other waste. Vitamin D is synergistic to calcium – meaning it wont work properly without it – and it is free! So what do we do? Rather than go out into the sunlight, we choose to live like vampires and take a toxic synthetic version of D that our doctors (untrained in nutrition or supplementation) tell us to take.
And on the flip side, what about too much calcium? If taken through artificial sources, soft tissue calcification – aka rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tumours – even stomach cancer as the body battles to assimilate and excrete the excessive levels. And when x-rays show deposits of calcium tablets throughout the bowel of an unsuspecting patient? Of course naturopathy gets a bad rap (even though it is nothing to do with it) and your diligent doctor will find another drug that will aid in the breakdown of calcium.
Back to square one – your bone levels of calcium will not increase. In fact, those who take these supplements have been proven to still suffer bone softening – osteoporosis – but now you will have a false sense of security because it is now ‘monitored’… The synthetic version of vitamin D is not true D – in fact, skin cancer is on the increase because of the lack of vitamin D – along with an increase in asthma (linked to low D).
No, there is no magic pill – it is all down to doing what we are supposed to – eating well. What can you do?
Eat right. Work to get your body pH neutral – I can’t stress that enough. Get more sunlight – even if you sit under shade outside – but for goodness sake, don’t cover up with sunblock, hats, long sleeves and whatever else ‘protects’ you from good health. Your doctor and pharmacist will tell you that there are no studies in natural medicines and that is why it is not supported or promoted – in fact it is dangerous to follow such advice. There are actually more studies into alternatives – it is just that the results are not appreciated by orthodoxy – and of course when things are ‘proven’ it is the scientists who take the credit, not those who have already proven it.
Here is just one study – proving diet and alkalinity is the only way to prevent bone weakening. Yes, other studies show there are things you can do to improve bone density – like using wild yam cream every single day to draw calcium and other harder minerals back from the soft tissues into the bones – and Himalayan salt, which balances electrolytes, micronutrients and pulls high sodium levels out of your bones, replacing them with harder minerals. But if you are serious about your health and that of your family, you need to do what is necessary – not leave it to your doctor to try and attack after the fact – and the fact is that all elderly people now taking caltrate or any other high calcium supplement STILL HAVE OSTEOPOROSIS and will have it until they die.
This is NEVER to say supplementation is not necessary. But it IS to say that you must get supplementation advice from someone actually qualified and experienced in orthomolecular medicine and health. That does not include university-trained ‘nutritionists’ who are trained by meat/dairy/wheat/sugar/pharmaceutical industries. ALL of your food should be seen as supplementation – anything not nutrient-dense should be seen as alien to your body and used under duress – as in on rare occasion rather than the norm. Everything from your drinking habits to your snacks and meals should be highly nutritious. More HERE

Can You UNdo Vaccine Damage?

Yes and no. Sometimes the assault is so rapid, so extreme, that there is simply not enough time to remove the acidic, toxic effects. There are ways to deal with symptoms individually to some degree. However, if adverse events are mild, gentle detox of metals, chemicals, adjuvants and even DNA ingredients alien to the human body (or animals, in veterinary cases) can be safely and effectively carried out.

I will not suggest that this is an easy undertaking and may often require professional assistance and bioresonance testing. The suggestions made in this article have been used clinically with positive results of varying degrees – BUT there is no way we can sit back and do nothing.

Please click on any of the blue links in this article to be redirected to other studies, articles and documented facts on vaccination. Don’t just accept the inevitable. YOU are the parents of your children – and those faceless people who are responsible for the pandemic proportions of vaccinosis will be nowhere if you are unfortunate enough to join the ranks growing by the day.

Help challenge the Australian Government to have a full vaccine catch up in public to prove that it is safe AND effective – Sign & Share URGENT

Sadly, not only is the brainwashing and corruption complete thanks to billions of dollars, many lives sacrificed (including the experts who speak against this corruption) but action is already being taken to prevent homœopathy from even being legal. That is like banning water. Oh wait, Nestlé already has plans afoot to take care of that.

The current global push by the western world to enforce a never ending increase in unnecessary toxins, known neurotoxins, genetically modified cells and other matter that is passed off as supposedly being able to trigger ‘natural‘ immunity, is as dangerous as it is a deliberate intention to reduce population. Now, if this was a safe and effective method it might make sense but the known, well researched side effects are well documented yet covered up – and this modern day system of eugenics and legal iatrogenesis is killing people and animals in the most slow, painful methods known in dis-ease history.

This article is not about arguing whether you should or should not vaccinate. I know you shouldn’t but you most likely will, whether in agreement or by force. The point of this article is to share with you a method used around the world, with the intention of preventing and treating vaccinosis – something prevalent but dismissed by the medical fraternity.

You will be told you must – because you will help with ensuring a mythological herd immunity – and that if your baby is not shot full of leadmercuryaluminiumformaldehyde, remnants of aborted human baby cell culturesgenetically modified material, from the day it is born, your child will somehow not possess an immunity – all others who dare to go unvaccinated are somehow a threat or danger to your child.

So, what is vaccinosis? It’s something recognised in medicine, that has allowed powerful medical/pharmaceutical groups to have relegated to only being something recognised in veterinary science as happening as a consequence of vaccine reaction. Therefore, doesn’t affect humans. It can be as simple as pain, or fever or rash. Consider those words carefully. Would you, in any other situation, administer ANYTHING to your child that is capable of hurting them? Yet in the complete wisdom of your doctor or pharmacist – or journalist – you actually believe that hurting them is capable of doing good? You rush off to the pharmacy to buy nurofen or paracetamol to fix those symptoms when they appear – yet you are willingly allowing a stranger to cause them?

NO vaccine is exempt from the ability to cause side effects ranging from a rash to death – like all medication, they all carry side effects. Often far worse than the actual illness they are supposedly preventing. These symptoms appear due to DNA/genetic damage – and can be so complete that they are passed down through generations. Interestingly, there is a relatively secretive legal system that is involved with only vaccine injury – it’s perfectly accepted, no one is liable once these multi billions in payouts are approved, and on we go…

The 3 vaccinosis symptoms above worry me enough but in my previous nursing career, during my studies to become a health professional, and in my few years in pharma research, I have seen vaccinosis so sinister it reads like a horror movie – (click on @ next to each point to see proof – others are simply already linked on the very sites of vaccine manufacturers if you care to see them) –

– and is by no means inclusive. Few diseases carry as many side effects or symptoms as a single vaccination carries. Yet it’s one of the most funded forms of medicine today. And once again, stealth and lies (not to mention passing a few bucks under the table) have resulted in it actually being termed preventive while the real preventive medicine has been given the newer label of ‘alternative’ – another story altogether but one can’t help but ask alternative to what? Actually wanting the same thing, but sans side effects? Alternative to making squillions?

New diseases are being ‘discovered’ every day – all linked to vaccine injury, especially now that mutated (aka GMO) organisms are being included in these evil little vials. Not to mention the possibilities now that ærial spray vaccinations are already being trialed. Why and how were teh initial trials even approved without our knowledge? These diseases were rare, many absent prior to the politically-driven introduction of vaccines. The most interesting thing here is that ALL of these symptoms are listed as possible side effects on vaccine packaging, manufacturer websites and MIMs annual – yet when they arise, your doctor will blame anything other than the real cause – and despite a reporting system in place, few are ever reported, especially the more deadly side effects. More in detail here

Homœopathy, whether your medical experts want to accept it or ‘believe’ it, has been preventing, and treating (yes, the word ‘cure’ is illegal to use) early vaccinosis from the start – while it’s almost impossible to undo established, extensive and necrotic damage, it should be considered before and after every single vaccination. Homœopathy does not have the ability to harm – in fact if your body does not recognise this energetic medicine, it will simply have no effect, like a few drops of water. But if an individual’s energy rate has been compromised, or is about to, this tiny dose of medicine will be life saving and disease preventing. If that sounds like science fiction to you, then perhaps you will understand to hear that much of modern medicine is ‘energy’ based – and all automatically accepted without proof.

It should NEVER be seen as an open gate to vaccinations. If the medical system were honest, this would not be necessary – but in order to address what is going on in 2015 after a few decades of billion dollar efforts to enforce medicines which were up until recently not compulsory, it is the best chance you have.

So, which remedies should be on hand? I recommend that you have these in stock in your household dispensary anyway, as they have the ability to treat hundreds of symptoms, but to administer prior to and immediately following ANY and all vaccinations. This is not a homœopathic lesson – more can be found on that via this link.

For more facts on research, articles, accurate history and studies, please read this – set up a vaccination file at home or a folder on your computer. You are going to need it. Please note there is an amazing array of homœopathic nosodes aka homœoprophylaxis which not only addresses all illness including those for which vaccines have been used, but any other symptoms.

Listen to a world authority in homœoprophylaxis here and learn the facts for yourself in this FREE course.


REMEDIES NEEDED IN ORDER TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD OR YOURSELF FROM VACCINE INJURY (note, those vaccines will still not protect you from any diseases and I still recommend administration of the homœoprophylaxis kit if you really want to truly build immunity) –



CALCAREA CARB 30c Fear, anxiety, infections, nervous effects

LEDUM 30C Following any skin-puncturing injury (injections included), feels cold, pale, puffiness, joint stiffness, to prevent unfolding injury

PHOSPHORUS 30c Following hepatitis (various) shots, swellings, poisoning, allergies, vertigo, shaking, shocks, seizures, breathing difficulties

CICUTA VIROSA 30c Nervous irritability, headache, seizures, pain, esp after tetanus shot

STRAMONIUM 30c After chicken pox vaccine, eruptions (pustules) following vaccination

BAPTISIA 30c Drowsy, confused, acting drunk, stupor, fever, delirium, bruised feeling

GELSEMIUM 30c Flu-like symptoms, weakness, aching, exhaustion, headaches, fear, paralysis

ZINCUM MET 30c Weakness, restlessness, agitation, hyperactivity, lethargy, squinting, twitching, nervous irritation following vaccination

HELLEBORUS 30c  Organ damage, blood in urine, brain swelling, eruptions at site

HYDRASTIS 30c The ‘drainage’ remedy – capable of draining foreign matter, infection and toxic waste from organs, blood, lymph and tissue

BELLADONNA 30c Any ‘red’ symptoms – swelling, heat, colour – able to reduce the most severe and obvious inflammatory symptoms

ACONITUM 30c Within first 24 hours of any inflammation, infection, reaction – often able to prevent even severe illness and prevent early symptoms from worsening

MERCURIUS 30c To be administered after any aluminium-containing vaccine

ALUMINA 30c To be administered after any aluminium-containing vaccine

CELL SALTS (ALL 12 TISSUE SALTS – of which silicea is one)  30c



The above symptom sets accompanying each remedy is only a partial picture of each of their capabilities. Each remedy is able to address hundreds of symptoms. In this case they are used to address artificially triggered reactions while building a natural immune response. I am working on a contemporary kit and will add here once it is available.

As with any comprehensive, natural health care, don’t wait. Buying a safeguard after the damage is done is not the way to do this. The longer an adverse reaction is allowed to slow burn, the more serious the damage, therefore they become far more difficult to address or undo. Medical ‘experts’ and the pro vax community will most likely see no use in this article – yet millions, if not billions of vaccine injured people around the world are alive and healthy now thanks to its use. I know which option I would take (and do take).

Healthy diet, a toxic free home environment and supplements based on natural sources are vital. This includes a form of chelation which can help remove the heavy metals and other adjuvants from the body – such as this liquid mineral supplement.

You can also get it in tablet form – one which specifically targets mercury and lead – here and for adult heavy metal detox order here

  • Behavioural disturbances – 1a and 1b
  • Vitiligo
  • Unexplained obesity 2a and 2b
  • Unexplained anorexia nervosa, wasting and inability to gain weight – cachexia – 3
  • Hives
  • Facial Swelling
  • Juvenile cancers – 4a and 4b (yes, leading cause among oncology knowledge)
  • Juvenile arthritis – 5a and 5b
  • Type I diabetes – 6 (Particularly frustrating to read study after study with facts ignored)
  • Allergy (including peanut, MSG, dairy, pet, environmental)
  • Asthma and other respiratory illness including wheezing
  • Cystic fibrosis – 7
  • Shedding – mutated form of the original disease being ‘treated’ – 8a and 8b and 8c and 8d
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Cerebral palsy – 9a and 9b and (according to doctors) – 9c
  • Bulbar palsy – 10a and (very flippantly listed here ) – 10b
  • Autism, ADHD (proven irrefutably yet dismissed/ignored)
  • Gene mutation (Down syndrome, Spina bifida, etc) – 11 (still not listening…)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • SIDS (still wont add 2 and 2 together) – 12
  • Shaken baby syndrome 13
  • Seizures
  • ALS – 14
  • Guillainé Barré syndrome – 15
  • Diarrhœa
  • Hæmaturia (blood in urine – ie acute kidney damage)
  • Pneumonia (at epidemic proportions globally, for which they are working on a vaccine…)
  • IBS and digestive inflammation (Crohns, Cœliac disease, gluten intolerance, lactose and other food intolerance)
  • Intussusception
  • Otitis media
  • Lymphadenitis – chronic lymphatic issues (swollen glands)
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Gulf war syndrome
  • Vomiting
  • Brain damage
  • Memory loss
  • Alzheimer’s/dementia
  • Brain infections
  • Deafness
  • Blindness
  • Coma
  • Organ failure

Media Hype and Auto-Immune Illness

As a practitioner, lecturer and researcher involved over the years in both orthodox and alternative medicine, the recent ice bucket madness has alarmed me for many reasons. Millions of people all over the world, while billions don’t even have clean water, are throwing out this most important of vital life needs for fun and dare. Few ask where their money is going. Few care that the corporation which stands to benefit spends frivolously on their salaries, or that they test on animals and use aborted human foetus tissue in stem cell research.


Few care that by balancing your pH, you can not only alter your cells at a stem cell level but convert one type of cell to another where needed. For example, a healthy blood cell can convert to a healthy nerve cell or bone cell. Few care that the money raised up until now has never saved a life or discovered any great cure – and I don’t expect it to in the future, based purely on the direction they are headed.

But hey, don’t let that spoil the fun, right?


What of those who suffer with ALS? Medicine is bent on maintaining them – in my experience, when patients who respond well to alternative medicine tell their doctors and specialists that they are getting better, these doctors will not only laugh in their faces but threaten to withdraw any services or assistance they may need, ‘if you refuse our offer of care’.

Doctors fail to see – or care – that ALS, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, chronic fatigue and many other disorders are so similar to polio – and focus instead on some hoped-for missing gene or pathogen to make it into another unrelated issue. And forget about linking it with multi- generational vaccine damage.

Please see my blog posts on the pH miracle diet – print it off and follow it 100% – test your urine daily for pH – ALS sufferers, like cancer sufferers, chronically experience extremely high pH, which must be brought down. This will work with the right diet (and there are many interpretations, many incorrect, on just what the correct diet actually is). There is also more on the biochemic science on this matter available here.

So, what supplements will assist with ALS? To be blunt – most supplements will to some degree – just as they will help every single person on the planet, thanks to the poor quality of our water, soil, air and food today. Yet we also need herbal supplements that will target the neurons – for all purposes, including movement and pain purposes.

They involve a high potency resveratrol/quercetin for anti aging purposes, and a multi nutrient/superfood combination. Together, these three provide what I consider to be the best nutrient provision possible, with limitless benefits, regardless of health status.

But this post involves the possible effects on ALS and other neural disorders such as nerve pain and weakness. The following is an excerpt from a government research source however there are thousands of studies on record globally involving the use of fucoidan in health care.

Neuronal Protection – interestingly, similar to chronic fatigue, GBS and even bone degeneration.

The above focuses more on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s however its application in all neural related disorders cannot be ignored. Besides, what do you have to lose? Nothing – but everything to gain!

For treatment ideas please see my posts on Chronic Fatigue – the treatment is almost identical (I wonder why) – with the same positive results.

Getting the Run-Around with CFS/M.E.-Lyme-Fibro

How many years have you been looking for answers, and yet are still sick?

The Chrysalis blog was set up to direct people, no matter where you are in the world, to finding answers for free to your health – but it began with Chronic Fatigue – I vowed when my daughter recovered I would share how we did it. She did get better and we do share – but every day I see the same thing: now that it is medicalised it is about diagnosis and chasing symptoms (ie perceived depression and myalgia) – NOTHING about healing or undoing the various causes. And people have given up by the time they find this blog.

I then found that my facebook pages were taking hours to write every single day, but the information was becoming lost due to the increasing number of posts and for someone with CFS/lyme/fibro it was just too difficult to navigate. Some had a great support network to help print off posts and make up a treatment file but it still wasn’t ideal.

So, I copied all existing articles and new ones, to my blog, and now direct visitors here, in order to allow them to find answers more easily. I appreciate it is still not ‘easy’ – especially when concentration, ordering, food prep etc, is a vital part of your recovery. However, compared to many other ‘CFS experts’ and their sites (especially the high fee-attracting ones) it is much easier. I found these sites difficult to navigate and very secretive, and in my view, holding the sufferer to ransom until they paid up, while thinking they had no hope elsewhere.

CFS has become a business rather than seen as an illness as bad as cancer

More than once I was told that some of these experts, and many of the patients who promoted them, had not yet dealt with a single truly successful case, nor had the patients even got close to a cure. The same can be said for doctors; they hear that yes, CFS is real and yes, it is now accepted in the system so start taking cases while the hapless sufferers have no idea that as yet, not a single case has been cured by this expert they have placed their trust in. This is alarming as I find it incredulous that anyone would claim their protocol could work, if they were yet to see a single cure! Yet these are the services that seem to be attracting the paying customers – all about $$$ while baffling with science…

This is alarming as I find it incredulous that anyone would claim their protocol could work, if they were yet to see a single cure. Yet these are the services that seem to be attracting the paying customers – all about $$$ while baffling with science…

Shock treatment and removal of vital organs?

And sadly, this is the direction medicine has gone. My first cases of CFS were seen in my nursing days – the standard treatment back then was shock treatment, anti-depressants and hysterectomies for the ladies. I wont repeat what I heard doctors joking about behind the patients’ backs. It hasn’t changed much.

CFS is NOT depression!

In 2006, which is relatively recent, when my daughter became unwell, we went to close to 20 different doctors/clinics/hospitals before we realised that yes, I would have to do it alone even if it was technically illegal. That old deja vu of ‘this is what I have studied and rehearsed for my entire professional career’ happened yet again.

‘Medical treatment’ in this instance involved anti-depressants, addictive analgesics and threat of admission into the mental health system which we refused. My daughter wasn’t depressed, and she was sick of being unwell. If, in frustration, she burst into tears, she was once again reminded that she has depression.

I wonder dear doctor, if you had pain that drove you to despair, enlarged abdominal organs that left you unable to eat or even breathe properly, neurological pain that felt like your skull was open, and a deficit of energy that left you dependent on others to be able to walk – through all this, to be told there is nothing wrong with you, that it is all in your mind, and you need addictive drugs to make you feel happy again and only then would all your problems go away, would you cry?

Or perhaps you would feel angry when well-meaning family and friends asked you each and every time you saw them, “Are you STILL sick? Don’t you think it’s time you go over it?” I am certain you would.

Fun was made of our veg*n diet, and we were told a number of times that as I do not vaccinate my children, this is what caused it.

One doctor actually Googled CFS/ME in front of us, as he had never treated it.

He sent her home in a wheelchair with the words, “Prepare for the worst. If she stops breathing again tonight, please bring her back. But she may not last the night.” So we had a teen who may or may not last the night – but as they had not dealt with it, go home. It was a long night – especially as earlier that day, we had stood in the local welfare office trying to at least recoup some of the money we’d lost (I could no longer work but did not qualify for a carer’s allowance and she had not been able to work for 9 months) – she collapsed on the floor and lay there crying and shaking. People – many who looked like actual drug addicts openly laughed at her and a few less than decent comments were made to her. I stood there crying and that was when I vowed to share any answers I found, once I found them!

Anyway, as there are a number of articles on my blog with the protocol and other associated aspects related, and I hope you eventually can read them all. Apologies to those who still find it difficult, hopefully the list below will help make it more clear.

The effort to make one doctor’s visit can have repercussions for days

The truth is, if you had cancer or any visible widely promoted/funded/supported illness, you would have Silver Chain at the very least. How long does it take you to recover after each visit to a doctor or other practitioner? My daughter usually took an average of 3 days, during which time she didn’t eat, couldn’t have the light on, and shook with pain.

I want to help you avoid this. One thing that may help is knowing how much it takes to even make and keep an appointment and the days of recovery following; you are able to avoid that stress, while ordering what you need to get better, from the comfort of your own home. Hopefully your support network can do the groceries and other needs. It would be nice to have a dedicated service in each city but I guess that will only come with more awareness and honesty in treatment. Sadly for now I don’t see things changing – I have lobbied our government and health systems and so far, there is no interest.

The great thing to know is that I have had many patients I have never met, across the world, who don’t even have a good support network and have limitless cash – who have been able to return to health, after previously using their life savings and many years in the system without any success. Almost every day I am contacted by someone else thanking me for the protocol.

So what is CFS really?

As a syndrome is a mix of symptoms that do not fit disease paradigms, so too with CFS – it is a set of seemingly unrelated symptoms – meaning medicine has not yet come up with a specific disease cause. In truth, there is no one cause. Some CFS comes from insect bites/stings (Ross River, lyme, etc). Others come from vaccinosis or other medication side effects. Others still from surgery and titanium type allergies. Some comes from hormonal damage (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovarian, gonadotropin, etc). Some comes from a mix of allergies triggered by parental toxicity or environmental damage. It may even be related to parasitic infestations or mould toxicity/allergy. Or even major deficiencies. Or it can be a mix of two or more. And the final trigger can be as simple as contracting Epstein Barr virus or the flu.

If you do not yet have a diagnosis, please stop and take stock. This latent need to get a diagnosis and validation does nothing but tell you what you already knew – it wont offer a magic cure. And it should not be necessary for you to go through the long, drawn out process (often unsuccessful) of trying to get one within the medical system. Please see my assessment page – which is a comprehensive assessment, with additional CFS assessment for those seeking answers.

One fee ($50AUS) to cover it all, regardless of how many times you need to keep in contact – Comprehensive assessment HERE – and indicate upon application, that you would also like the complimentary CFS assessment. This is more detailed than ever before and will allow me to determine whether it is CFS, lyme, fibromyalgia or another disorder.

Stage one – understanding invisible disease. It is no one issue, no magic pill is going to ‘fix’ it. It is a toxic attack that has taken some time and trauma to develop, affecting your nervous system and vital organs – and in turn, every aspect of your health. Usually misdiagnosed for years, much time has passed, allowing symptoms to develop unnecessarily.

Have you been exposed to pharmaceutical or environmental/industrial toxins/chemicals? Perhaps your decline began after a vaccine?

Stage two – starting on the correct detox, diet and lifestyle is as vital as is the correct supplementation. There are many, many simple tips, such as the common herb ginger to help with abdominal inflammation and pain, as well as hormone imbalance. You need your support network to also identify with your illness, as most people fail to understand completely unless they know how it feels, or what it is.

Do you notice that after certain foods, you feel worse?

Stage three – detoxing is important, as is rest and the correct treatment. There are so many diets out there, including for invisible disease that it makes your head spin. And it makes you sick eventually, if not immediately. Invisible disease is about inflammation.

Think about it – acid causes swelling and inflammation and is linked to ALL pain and illness. So what causes illness? Primarily what we put into our bodies but also what we put onto our bodies, our thought processes and stress. So how do you take your body from an acidic mess full of inflammation and pain, to a pH neutral, calm, pain free HEALTHY, living individual?

There is no alkaline pill, no magic vaccine that is going to change things.

If you live acid, you live with inflammation.

Most newcomers argue with this, yet eventually they get it. So how do you trust what is the correct diet, and how do you learn how to pull it all into one cohesive program? The following is just that – a combination of years of study and various trials and articles and books – and tests. Most importantly, thousands of cases were involved.

anti-inflammatory, alkaline diet

Stage four – the correct medicines – while I agree with analgesia if it means relief and sleep, I do not see it as an effective treatment ideal – many are addictive and come with a host of side effects, even death. But in the short term or occasionally, yes, please take them. After trialing thousands of dollars’ worth of what I would term excellent supplements (including practitioner only and some of the most expensive and well researched options) I began reading up on certain biochemical research.

supplements instead of food

Stage five – this wraps up all the adjuvant tips and ideas that have many benefits and even increase the effectiveness of the steps above. With diet, I am yet to see a single sufferer who is not gluten intolerant – check out the symptoms of GI –

what is gluten intolerance

Hormone imbalance is a major factor in invisible disease – including lupus, ALS, MS, MD and much more. And it is one of the most mismanaged health sectors. Just a little here with a few tips on how to ensure your hormones are at their optimum level – you will be shocked –

what every mother should share with her daughters

What about the ongoing arguments that natural therapies don’t work? This has been an ongoing very clever spin exercise, with little truth, other than fear and money – why do so many accept a death sentence without even trying”

don’t accept a death sentence

What about pain relief? Why are so many sufferers now registered drug addicts?

Why are so many now needing the assistance of drug detox and pain clinics? And why is the suicide rate so high in sufferers? –

pain relief without addiction

What about scams? How do you know the protocol is safe or effective?

how to avoid CFS scams

Feel free to print off this information and share with anyone you know who may need it.

Remember to ‘follow’ this blog to avoid missing out on any updates or articles. If you are seeking a confidential health assessment and the accompanying complimentary CFS assessment, please follow this link

online assessment

On top of the above suggestions, please use the following Rx protocol – it can be ordered online at a fraction of the cost of any competitor. The general rule of thumb is for every year you have been sick, it will take a month to reverse. Be patient and just know you are doing the right thing –

1. Fibromyalgia symptoms – boron – buy here

(Research on effects of boron – why do you need boron?

2. Fibromyalgia/adrenal tonic – buy here

3. Anti inflammatory – buy here – turmeric based pain relief

4. Superfood, probiotics, herbal, adaptogenic, tonic – buy here

5. Anti inflammatory fucoidan – buy here

(Fucoidan effects on fibro/CFS/lyme – read here)

6. Anti parasite/mould – buy here

7. Noni superfood tonic – buy here

8. Colloidal minerals – buy here

This is the basis of the treatment. Please advise if there are any other symptoms you need help with – no two cases are identical and each can be associated with a whole range of health issues. The above list includes practitioner quality recommendations at a reduced price. ALL the products listed above are needed – as CFS is not a single symptom set and requires a multi faceted attack. Adjustments to the protocol are made as you respond and recover.

Just know it can be done!

  • Homeopathic treatment currently being researched and formulated. I hope to have this available by the end of 2016. Find more information here