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Cellulite – vanity or dangerous health issue warning?

Cellulite – is it a vanity thing or a health issue? It may be news to some that my natural therapy training took me to PhD studies quite a few years back now. Hardly surprising – considing I had to finish about 10 years of studies just to be considered even remotely close to a GP. Not that having ‘Doctor’ in front of my … Read More Cellulite – vanity or dangerous health issue warning?

* CFS/lyme/fibro testimonies Pt 2

More testimonies on the Chrysalis protocol for CFS, lyme, fibro and so on – * Thankyous and testimonies always make my work worthwhile. Especially in a career which finds most of us out of work or earning lower than the average wage. I keep every one of them but wanted to share the latest, from K in Sydney. It is highly emotional, such is the … Read More * CFS/lyme/fibro testimonies Pt 2

Homoeopathy for students and laypeople

  Homoeopathy as a healing method came about purely by coincidence, when a German doctor discovered exposure to a medicinal substance actually caused the disease which it was used to treat. That original substance was Cinchona, the active extract of bark that was and still is, used to make quinine; still used to treat malaria to this day. Workers in a factory with high … Read More Homoeopathy for students and laypeople

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