Cellulite – vanity or dangerous health issue warning?

Cellulite – is it a vanity thing or a health issue? It may be news to some that my natural therapy training took me to PhD studies quite a few years back now. Hardly surprising – considing I had to finish about 10 years of studies just to be considered even remotely close to a GP. Not that having ‘Doctor’ in front of my name would make me any more smart or worthy, but it’s the way society sees us – and sadly, some will only trust a naturopath if we have those two little letters in front of our name (or in my case, the 3 letters after my name). So, what was the subject of my thesis?


My research led me to the conclusion that cellulite, like ALL health symptoms, is not a stand-alone issue. In fact, even though it is predominantly a female issue, men can and do suffer from it (but just called fat) and yes, it is attached to a L-O-N-G chain of chronic and even terminal health issues and afflictions. It’s a sad thing that so many women I see have been told it’s just part of being a woman…

That’s not to say you rush off and panic about some hidden sickness. Basically, my research led me to realise that the lymphatic system is possibly the most overlooked and undervalued system of the body. Think about it – like a sewer, the lymphatic system is invisible. It is responsible for taking the waste away that your blood cannot flush into the intestines for excretion. Over time, the lines become gluggy and built up. Yes, we all know about swollen glands, but what about totally bunged up lymphatic pathways?


We should all be able to gently rub our skin with our fingertips without tiny nodules being palpable. Yet today, almost 100% of the patients I see, if I run my fingers over their skin, all display rugged little bumps and irregularities. Run your finger over a child’s skin and even if they are chubby, they will have incredibly smooth skin. Yet within 20 years it feels like a microscopic off-road track. It came as no surprise that almost 100% of case subjects had symptoms of chronic illness and obesity, even though very thin, young and seemingly healthy girls could also have the dimply demons.

Cellulite, as ugly as it is, is still ignored by the health profession – very frustrating from an iridology angle – a blocked lymphatic system is VERY visible… And considering it’s linked to lymphatic cancer, lymphadenitis, and even elephantiasis, I really can’t believe that it’s one of the many diseases that are addressed AFTER the fact – considering it’s so easy to address early on.


As one GP said to me, “Once you develop such a bad blockage of the lymphatics that you need a wheelchair, we have very good services and aids in place that could help with mobility.” So, for the thousands out there who simply seize up thanks to mismanagement, we would have to just accept an invalid life? Another GP once said to me ‘Just eat less calories’ – oh, so you mean less calories than the mostly salad and rawfood diet I was already eating? Less calories than the regular fasting I was doing? So much misinformation out there!


In the 90s, motivated as much by fear as I was by clinical frustration, I developed a two pronged program – internal drops and external body brushing and lotion which could loosen up what had become untouchable internally, by either the lymphatic or circulatory vessels. No, cellulite will do no more to your health than cause embarrassment, but it is very closely associated, out outward sign of true, chronic sickness – not quite causing it, but just may possibly be seen as a side effect of a wide range of sickness.

For example, why is it linked only to around 40% of obesity patients? Why is it so common in diabetes, but only in the abdomen? Why do those with leg cellulite display more heart disease symptoms than anyone else? Why is it very common in depression cases? Why do generations of unvaccinated and unmedicated families show no signs of lymphatic ill health? Of course, these are all serious issues that need addressing and simply removing cellulite wont get rid of the other symptoms. But for now, let’s look at removing the ugly side of these health issues. So, what do you do about it?


Around the time I did my thesis, a French company released (an unnamed) miracle treatment for cellulite that, thanks to overpricing, left my patients rushing to my clinic in droves to buy the treatment I had formulated for less than half the price. At the clinic I was practicing in at the time, we had wealthy ladies from Singapore actually fly to Perth just to buy this heavily promoted fad in bulk. What they spent on one trip could fund an entire village for a year – including their health problems – but such was the clever media coverage and advertising.

Meanwhile for my long story short, lots of success, lots of incredible results (including knock-on effects on other associated symptoms) and hand written thanks (yes, in the days before PCs and facebook) – but without financial support and a ton of attack thanks to the TGA and Australian medical association, I was forced to stop selling it. In short, and in the TGA’s own words, ‘If your product does not have the capacity to cause harm, we cannot approve or register it.’

There are treatments – it takes an alkaline diet and a safe transdermal cream to break down the blockages. Treat the entire body – remove toxic build up and fibrous networks of unnecessary gunk. Unfortunately my products are no longer on the market but I have found products that work just as well. So, what steps?

Get your body alkaline – information here – you wont get rid of cellulite without this one step. The diet is found here

It’s not just fat that causes cellulite – in fact one of the very first really bad cases I saw as a teen was with my ærobics instructor – she was as fit as anyone I knew but suffered badly, only in the thigh area – she ate healthy and played sport all day, but was addicted to bread and other processed carbs – a massive portion of cellulite is linked to  both carbohydrate and protein toxicity (ask why bodybuilders and athletes who overdo the protein and carb intake all end up suffering the worst from the visible effects) – your lymphatics become blocked and engorged, trapping other foreign particles that form the glue in your arteries – calcium, parasites, waste…


Gluten is one of the main causative criminals in cellulite formation – it’s amazing at just what a difference removing gluten from the diet makes. Massage is a great step, as is JET type therapy, so is manual lymphatic drainage. Colonic irrigation will begin a great flush but if you are not up for that, there is a great internal flush link below. At-home coffee enemas shock the liver and in turn, the lymphatics and are a great way to remove unnecessary fats. cupping therapy easily done at home will also bring rapid results. I am currently working with an orgone scientist to develop an exclusive cupping set to have even more harmonising benefits.

Hot lemon drinks in the morning – just fresh lemon juice in hot water, is the best start to a day you can have. Add a heaped teaspoon of coconut oil or eat that separately – it works like soap upon waste and fats in the body. Dry body brushing gently encourages your lymphatics and capillary tone and gets things moving.


But how do you flush your body? How do you stop it from happening again once you succeed?

To order safe, effective and vegan products please head to my page –

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– then type in the following codes next to the magnifying glass at the top of the page – each of these highlighted codes in order to find all the products you need to get rid of your cellulite –

Digestive/liver/lymphatic tonic – CSR-01760

Topical cream – SKI-82940

Detox/cleanse – REN-53450

Parasite cleanse – CSR-03600

Body brush – CSR-03600

Make sure you cut down on processed carbs – processed foods in general. Get healthy. Make chronic health issues history by making cellulite history. Eradicating this issue is by no means an easy one – but it really is that ‘simple’.

Medicine is yet to admit that ALL of our health issues, in all their complex forms, are intertwined. We need to think less of diagnoses and more of what our bodies are doing, then act accordingly. Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? Then just get moving! Swim, walk, breathe deeply, stretch and stop slouching. Stop wearing tight clothing as this was proven many years ago to be linked to circulatory damage that leads to lympœdema. I have seen women who were previously size 8 and exotic dancers, end up size 26 because, despite good healthy living habits, their circulation was cut by their clothing, over a long period of time.


Please see my other posts for any other symptoms or health issues – by typing in key words into the search bar on the main page. And click ‘follow’ to get updates!

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* CFS/lyme/fibro testimonies Pt 2


More testimonies on the Chrysalis protocol for CFS, lyme, fibro and so on –

* Thankyous and testimonies always make my work worthwhile. Especially in a career which finds most of us out of work or earning lower than the average wage. I keep every one of them but wanted to share the latest, from K in Sydney. It is highly emotional, such is the nature of CFS suffering once you find a cure.



I actually became paralyzed with cfs – with a fulltime carer. I had a pan next to my bed and I was so sick I would miss and fall on the floor, and be crying for help as I had no energy to climb back on the bed……

My carer would pick me up and pat my head to sleep…u wanna talk about sick…..I had the worst form of cfs………I was told I was dying.

I had severe asthma.

I had severe multiple chemical allergies, and suffered 7 anaphalaxic attacks to environmental causes.

I have now diminshed this with an alkaline diet.

I had severe amine, msg and salicylate intolerances with one anaphalactic reaction to almonds, with rashes and hives all the time.


CURED THIS – INSOMNIA; LEAKY GUT SYNDROME;  my stomach was badly destroyed by sugar, western medicine, and unorganic foods, heavy metal toxcity ; gone – addisons, adrenal burn out; parasite infection d.fragilis; GONE!

NO ONE ELSE COULD EVEN BEGIN TO HELP ME EXCEPT THE CHRYSALIS PROTOCOL. I WOULD HATE TO THINK HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN WASTED………….(Please dont go to another planet Lulu, cause all cfs people would die……thats 20million of us, wiped off the planet, u have our answers.)

People I saw that failed me miserably – I saw BIOCHEMISTS, no help. I saw so many health professionals, no help. I went to into hyper baric oxygen chamber therapy – waste of money.

In regards to cfs I saw two nutritionists – waste of money as they say to eat animal products which are killing you. I saw two **** NATUROPATHS, told me to eat animal products. The reason they failed is because they have no experience in disease.

How can u treat disease unless u have had it or cured it?

The biggest lie? I saw 25 western med trained DOCTORS, THE ******* WASTE OF TIME MEDICAL PROFESSION ON THE PLANET…..dangerous, full of lies, and brutaly destroys ur immune system, also funny that western medicine vaccines and gmo foods are all linked – seems to me they want DISEASE…not wellness.

So then I figured no one could help me,  and I was prepared for death.  A buddhist practitioner prepared me for death……………….BUT THE FUNNY THING THESE PRACTICES ACTUALLY HELPED ME AND I ENEDED UP FEELING BETTER, was karma cleared???

Then I decided to do it myself,  and I was failing because of the diet advice I kept finding all over the internet…………….the anti-candida diets which every idiot said was cfs, this is not true cfs is not candida. I continued eating animal products thinking they would resurrect me……….YET THEY WERE KILLING ME. I GOT MYSELF TO ABOUT 20% BETTER – no more.

I found this protocol and within a year she has totally changed me. I do homeopathy, I speak to a brilliant naturopath weekly (Chrysalis) online, I use the supplements recommended (after taking thousands of dollars’ worth of supplements wrongly), I did see an accupuncturist every fortnight, and an orthomolecular doctor for intravenous IV of vitamin C, and I use the pH Miracle as my diet. If I come off one thing I go down fast. They are all pieces of the puzzle that is my case.

This seems to be the cure – doing EVERYTHING you can do get well.

I will never trust anyone else except Chrysalis, my homœopath that has changed my life – and my doctor whose name I can’t mention as she is scared of AMA repercussions – as western medicine is so corrupt they do not want people well and shut down any doc who practices alternative therapies. THAT is how little our medical groups want us well.


Love to you all and if u wanna get better like I am, LISTEN and change what you are doing.”

New research is being done all the time and rather than play the waiting game and release it in 20 years as in “Trials will need to be proven so we can release it” the answers are here now and millions are benefiting. I don’t even expect it to be mainstream as big pharma is not going to be making billions from it – all the more reason to trust!

(Please note: the ads on my page are site-placed and have nothing to do with my own work or recommendations – apart from the supplements at http://www.iherb.com/me/Veritasintegrativevegan and Watermark alkaline filter adverts).


To order your own Watermark alkaline water filter, please click here –  pH Miracle WaterMark.





Homoeopathy for students and laypeople



Homoeopathy as a healing method came about purely by coincidence, when a German doctor discovered exposure to a medicinal substance actually caused the disease which it was used to treat. That original substance was Cinchona, the active extract of bark that was and still is, used to make quinine; still used to treat malaria to this day. Workers in a factory with high exposure to quinine were developing malarial-type symptoms, despite never having travelled to the tropics or been exposed to malaria. From there, he theorised that if a substance could cause the same disease in a healthy person, surely the sick person could heal by using dilute versions of the same poison?

His life’s work went on to prove his theories correct. We are by nature, energetic beings – that is not an airy fairy or new age statement. If you believe the most basic of science, you will believe that we, along with all matter, contain a vibratory rate. So too with disease – and it is the homoeopathic disease match, found in any morbid matter on the planet, that results in rebalancing the body and restoring health.

The easiest way I find to explain homoeopathy to a patient is to ask them to describe what cutting onions does to a person. Explaining that Allium Cepa will not only remove those symptoms but the ones of hayfever, catarrh and sinusitis – this is usually enough of a ‘picture’ of symptoms. And it is often one of the first remedies they buy.

There are many medical excuses or dismissive explanations for homoeopathy – placebo effect to outright scam. I wonder then, how the bird that had been hit by a car and was bleeding from every orifice and already turning cold, could stand up and fly away some 25 minutes after being given one dose of Arnica 30c.

Or how that baby, tested to be a rhesus negative blood type, the third child of a rhesus positive mother, whose second baby had already gone through a traumatic entry to the world, and subsequent blood transfusion just to survive, not only avoided early spontaneous abortion at 5 months gestation, but survived in utero for another 3 months and was born without any trace of associated health issue. Just through the use of a range of homoeopathics.

Or the comatose lady who was not given the night to live, awoke, walked, talked and ate – things she had not been able to do for months. Or the tuberculosis patient for who modern medicine had no answers – this new wave of drug resistance – that after his family told to prepare for the worst, that he would not last the night, walked out of that hospital free of TB. If placebo, how do these cases ‘encourage’ the cure? One bright spark tried to tell me it was the placebo effect of those around them.

To the world, it sounds incredulous. To a homoeopath, it is commonplace. We see miracles every day, yet medicine and science spends millions annually to shut the modality down altogether – with more and more experts publicly denouncing homoeopathy, one has to wonder if it is out of pure ego.

In my own work, I guess it is no difference to any other homoeopath’s. In order to be accepted, I studied many other modalities – all of which I utilise – but somehow homoeopathy is at the forefront. Coming initially from orthodox medicine, I found homoeopathy almost impossible to understand – and that is possibly the main reason why it has so many detractors – why support something you can’t understand; it’s easier to ridicule! One of my colleagues, a GP, met with a renowned homoeopath in the 80s – one said it was pseudoscience and a ridiculous notion. The other said “If I can explain it to you in a few hours, will you stop with the public ridicule?” They not only sat for a few hours, but the new homoeopathic supporter spent the whole night firing questions – he eventually became one of Australia’s top homoeopaths and upon opening a large training facility, shared that knowledge with hundreds, if not thousands more fledgling homoeopaths.


During my training I was fortunate to study with some of India’s best. And even a few German homoeopaths. Considering homoeopathy is the most used form of medicine in both these nations, that’s some blessing. I was astounded at just how much further their insight went, compared to mine. They allowed me to use the knowledge of course, but allow my own instinct to see the disease picture and compare it to the remedy. To the point that during a consult or discussion, I am able to write down the remedy before we are finished. No blood tests, no scans – the picture the patient displays, often without even opening their mouth to talk, is often enough.

As today’s person is exposed to more disease, more chemicals, more pollution than ever before, and despite medical and even DNA manipulation, thanks to pharmaceutical and surgical influence, one would think that the dilute attenuations of homoeopathy would weaken. Not so. Many of my most memorable cases have been in constitutions that have been so damaged that a human is barely recognisable. Those for whom pharmaceuticals no longer aid the suffering – these are the cases that respond the most efficiently.

So how does this modality fit into today’s competition for health care? It is not funded by governments, as other forms of medicine are. It is publicly lampooned by medical experts who are paid handsomely in kickbacks for doing so. All these people succeed in are preventing the needy from accessing the safest modality of health care in the world. If a remedy is not well chosen, unlike pharmaceuticals or even some herbals, it will have no effect. There is no side effect or dangerous contraindication. It simply wont work because your own vibratory rate does not recognise the vibratory rate of the remedy.

It is not as easy as walking into a pharmacy or health shop and saying you need something for a headache – that is why only homoeopaths should prescribe traditional homoeopathy. And it is the reason why some of us formulate contemporary remedies – this allows an individual to pick what is needed quite easily.


While writing study guides for homoeopathic students, I made sure the most difficult aspects of homoeopathy were firmly grasped before introducing the complexes – otherwise we face the real risk of classical homoeopathy disappearing altogether – as it is now, many naturopaths and doctors claim to be homoeopaths – they are not trained but have learned how to recommend complexes. This may be fine for a small percentage of patients but we face the very real risk of the difficult nature of homoeopathy being left to a few experts and allowing it to turn into a throw away, over the counter health care system.

A homoeopath will usually only choose one simplex – or one remedy. But for home use, and for family health care, even medical care, the contemporary remedy can avoid error. This is where homoeopathy comes into its own. The mystery and confusion that a layperson will find, when trying to navigate a materia medica can be avoided using the complex.

But for any health issue, or range of health issues that your chosen health care has not been able to correct, maybe it is time to book an in-depth consultation with a homoeopath.

Good homoeopaths, like good naturopaths (even less, good doctors) are rare. If you find one, hold onto them. But for simple health care at home, try incorporating some complexes into your medicine kit – http://chrysalishealthdirect.viviti.com/

Sadly in Western Australia at least, I have come into very public scraps with other practitioners – including some very questionable homoeopaths who have done nothing more for the practice than a bad doctor has. But they do exist and are worth seeking. If you haven’t yet, please try it.

Here’s a very interesting link by an esteemed colleague – may quieten the detractors for a while – http://homeomodulation.wordpress.com/wp-comments-post.php

Note – Lulu has been a qualified homoeopath since 1990, having lectured on the topic to medical doctors as well as students. The Chrysalis Homoeopathic Home Medicine Kit was formulated in rural Western Australia, between 1991 and 2000, increasing as demand dictated – up until this time, she found it increasingly frustrating to find that the ‘secretive’ atmosphere around homoeopathy did little to improve the image that had long been one of derision and scorn, so she set about changing it – to the dismay of many of her colleagues. Traditional home medicine kits consist of single remedies (simplexes) which required some major understanding of how to choose a remedy and identify a disease picture. By formulating complex remedies which not only removed the guesswork but allowed a broad-spectrum coverage, the kit has been sold initially around Australia and then (based purely on word-of-mouth) in many nations around the world. Between 1999 and 2003 the range was manufactured in coastal WA. It has been used from pregnancy to elderly, in humans as well as both domestic and wild animals; sports stars and in the entertainment industry. By eventually incorporating WA bush flower essences, tissue salts, a number of bach essences and using only ethically-sourced, cruelty free ingredients, the resulting range has been able to help families all over the world improve and take care of their health by removing the middle-of-the-night emergency dashes, while reducing waiting room queues. The Chrysalis range was also the first to contain purely liquid form tissue salts after unsuccessful lobbying failed to encourage larger homoeopathic companies to stop using lactose (an ingredient linked to many allergies and sensitivities). Today, the Chrysalis range tradition is continuing in the Perth hills and will soon be sold direct via our online store.


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