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As an ex nurse I have to admit the fear of HIV/AIDS hung around long after I had begun studying natural health. Only after I had met people who’d had a diagnosis and lost what was their original life, and were now living vitally healthy lives without sickness, did I start to question it. My own interest in virology and the massive question over the existence of a single virus, lead me down a very lonely pathway to the realisation that if a virus cannot be detected in any medium or petri dish and needs specialised equipment and processes to even prove it is there, well, surely there are questions to be asked.

During my acupuncture studies I saw documented proof over the fraud case of the supposed discoverer of the HIV virus(Gallo). No one cared – there was now a lot of money to be made and questions only got you into trouble.

Fast forward a few years and seeing many supposed cases in Africa ‘cured’ using just a fresh plant based diet and clean water/hygiene and I knew I was onto something. My brain screams with the thought of how much ignorance there is – so bad that in many cultures family members are ostracised, people are jailed for ‘knowingly spreading HIV’, marriages broken down and people even killed – all over this mythological virus and disease. People are wasting away with the poisons given, or ‘cancer’ which itself is just a combination of pH imbalance, parasites, chemical deposits, moulds/fungi and exposure to EMFs and myriad man made triggers which living tissues have no place being exposed to. Overlook all of this, give it a name, re-release banned chemotherapy too toxic to use on cancer sufferers and no one will notice when it kills even more. Just put it down to the fictitious disease…

There is no doubt there is chronic and even terminal disease. But what if the cause is purely medically-inflicted or dietary/environmentally triggered? What if it is a whole host of imbalances that result in cancer-like degradation of the immune system? There are far more researchers in this world who do not believe in the existence of the virus or resultant disease status, than there are so-called HIV experts. But money wins the day – you cannot make an industry from something that does not exist. So keep inventing, keep ‘discovering’ and a multi billion dollar industry will thrive.

The Perth Group is just one of the many groups of researchers trying to share the truth but being stifled.

It is beyond me that pretty animations can con entire roomfuls of scholars and experts. But they do. Thankfully websites such as VirusMyth are here to set the record straight.

I can already hear you say, ‘but what about Africa?’ The continent is no more AIDS affected than the gay community is. Experts exist in most African nations, not just curing disease but bringing about a false test result where it was once positive. So what do the experts do? Create a term ‘false positive’ to bring about more confusion. Ignore medication side effects and ingredients which include cancer cells – anything to keep the story going. Skeptic sites, Snopes, Quackwatch – all set up by disgraced medical failures – churn out their vitriol on a daily basis – spoonfed by the highest bidders.

Dr Sebi was one such expert but he too was silenced. Dr Robert Young and his wife Shelley have been curing all manner of disease by simple pH correction. But he has been silenced, his research of over 300THOUSAND microbiology slides and cases taken down off the internet, and ended in him being placed under house arrest – simply because he was quietly turning dis-ease around without expensive poisons. No disease labels, no buying into whatever makes the most money.

And it does not end there.

The ongoing assault upon the dedicated InfoClinic South Africa with their Umlingo Wamangcolosi – a treatment proven to be 85% effective in official research (some 50% higher than the expected medical norm) was hushed and one by one its creators and supporters silenced in the most horrific ways.

None of these people ‘treat AIDS’ – instead, they treat an unhealthy, unbalanced body. The most interesting thing is that none of these truth-tellers live/d in flash mansions or drove expensive cars. There is no money in truth. But there is a HELL of a lot of money in conning the masses, poisoning them, creating dis-ease and then ‘treating’ them.

QUACKWATCH – are alternatives really a scam?


I was reminded recently of the media and health industry-inspired labels that alternative health professionals have imposed on us. It’s odd how modalities that have been around since the beginning of time can be swiftly overtaken in around 100 years. Have you ever asked why? Is it really because everything is better so we don’t need alternatives any more? Is it really okay in this instant gratification world to be conned into thinking you are healthy based on one diagnosis or the use of one drug which has masked your symptoms – is it really okay to just play Russian Roulette with your health and go through life believing that future chronic or terminal disease came as a complete shock, that it had nothing to do with your lifestyle or the lack of care that your choice in health care provided?


Is it okay for health care to be ‘affordable’ to the point that for a disease that would be cured just by removal of one or two offending foods or chemicals, you are given a drug capable of adverse side effects – so long as it gets rid of what you are feeling, only to leave you with a long term health issue that you cannot afford to have fixed? Waiting lists are for people without money. Those with money can not only afford the health care but also the alternative health care that will keep them alive and healthy. Poor people are locked into the eugenics-lead system of fast food, cheap medicine, long term illnesses barely maintained by their so-called doctors and eventually, chronic ill health.


How many people over 50 do you know who are not on a handful of drugs every day and can’t lay claim to having at least one chronic disease? Not many, I will bet. Old age does not equate to diabetes, arthritis, cancer, gout, rheumatism, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression or Alzheimer’s. It shouldn’t but it does – and the public in general have been suitably brainwashed to believe it is okay.

My work has always been with people on low incomes so I have had more than enough time to work out just what is needed over the years.

Take chronic fatigue – CFS has always been around in various forms – it was first recorded in the 1700s believe it or not but mostly with ppl who had worked with chemicals or gone through huge body/emotional traumas (including the earliest signs of vaccine injury that every good doctor worth their title would scream about – and still be ignored). Around the world, a lot has been blamed on other things like TB and HIV. It makes more money so they think why not.


When I was nursing, any woman diagnosed had their uterus and ovaries removed, were put on HRT and anti depressants. Some even had shock treatment and lobotomies. I’d see them pleading with doctors “But I am not depressed. Something is WRONG with me!” Many ended up in asylums. No, this was not the dark ages, but as recently as 2000. All very wrong. Historically it’s been labelled such lovely titles as hysteria – resulting in oophorectomies and shock treatment. Quackery at its finest.

As for HIV, did you know that there is only ONE way to test for a virus, it does not detect this supposed disease? That means it’s not a virus or retrovirus. Ask a doctor why the only true virus test will not pick it up – they just get confused and angry that you question them. Many things are blamed on HIV – in Africa if you have malaria, parasites or TB you are automatically put on the register. There are more experts out there proving there is no such thing, than there are experts saying it is a disease. But they are not heard. And it’s not their findings that doctors will hear because they learn all their HIV ‘facts’ from pharmaceutical companies.

If you ask a doctor what HIV is, they will quote the lies – that it is a mutated virus that you will catch by any means – some even say from cups and sharing towels, yet I know people supposedly with the disease and they have not one symptom, their partners have no symptoms and they are not sick – they just had the flu when they were ‘diagnosed’… . I recently lost a friend from the effects of ARVs – he wasn’t even sick. As soon as they found out he was gay and had the flu, bam.

Once he started taking ARVs he developed tumours throughout his body. He tried to fight the effects and seemed to be winning and then he said he had done all he could but the tumours (kaposis) returned – he had no other sickness. Even his homoeopath and naturopath could not help him as the effects are too strong. Of course his death was put down to AIDS but he was not sick, apart from the tumous that the ARVs caused. He was a wealthy businessman and died broke because of them.

Did you know that ARVs are a banned chemotherapy? If given for just a few weeks, cancer sufferers will die? They caused too many deaths decades ago so they put them on the shelf, looking for a use. When they came up with the lie that is HIV, they said, “Oh well, they’re all blacks or all gays so it doesn’t matter how many die.” Fact.

I have some colleagues who are experts on it and have so much proof that it doesn’t exist, that other diseases are being blamed as HIV but the media make fun of them. And they wont even listen to them – because they wont agree on the lies. Many have been struck off medical registers or publicly humiliated for telling the truth.


I have seen it close to me with TB. When I asked the doctor why he thought it was HIV, when there was no possible way it could be, he said that they had no answers and could not treat the TB so they didn’t know what else to do. I said if you can 100% guarantee that this person actually has a disease and 100% guarantee that they will not die from the drugs, go ahead.

The doctor told me I was a trouble maker and was I prepared to be responsible for this person’s death. I asked him if HE was. He finally said this person did not have HIV but not before they were forced to have the tests. But if they had still been suffering from CFS they would have labelled her for sure because all it takes is a rise in a few pathogens in the blood and you will be labelled, especially if you are pregnant because the hormone change will trip a false positive response to their fake virus test. I have seen to many lives destroyed by the lie. Even a supposed ‘false positive’ to cover their mistakes is not an admission of fraud. On that subject, the doctor who ‘discovered’ HIV was jailed for fraud – his findings were fraudulent – but by then, the lie had gathered momentum and too much money was to be made of these supposed miracle drugs going to waste, so it was too late to retract or admit error. And now? If you, as a practitioner, advise your patients that HIV is a myth, you will go to jail for fraud. That is how corrupt the whole HIV industry is – and believe me, it IS an industry. A billion dollar one. With the only winners being the financial ones.

I saw the HIV lie in its worst when a friend supposedly was diagnosed with it – yet this person had not had one sick day from ‘it’ in their life. They were ‘tested’ when they were unwell with medically-contracted hepatitis, in hospital. Their partner remains unaffected even though they have had unprotected sex for the last 10 years. Their kids were born without it and the ‘experts’ are saying it’s only a matter of time. Thankfully this family already knew the truth so they were not scared. This person is one of the healthiest and strongest people I know – but are guilty by association, because they are from Africa, almost an automatic ‘positive’ in any case.

This family told the foundation that they use natural medicine and that their doctor is a naturopath and they said that’s great, it’s ‘obviously working’ – so if that is true, why aren’t they asking me, or any other naturopath, for all the patients on the list? Because there is too much money in it all.

If someone has been labelled HIV positive it is because they have another sickness and neatly fit into the minority label – gay, black, or just in the way. It is, along with vaccines, one of the worst lies in human history and ARVs are killing more people than any other cause – but when they die, they blame HIV or cancer or TB or whatever….

And now to cover up the error, experts, the same who are offloading ARVs deemed to toxic for regular people, are saying they have a cure – a vaccine. Well, no vaccine ever cured a disease – time did. But that is another story – a long one. They have done reports and research into just how many people know the truth – that there is no AIDS – so in their preemptive strike, they are now coming up with lies about ARVs curing millions of people miraculously – and also that the new vaccine will protect us all – rather than admit they got it wrong…. But this is not quackery?


And on the subject of Lyme disease, from doctors coming up with a ’cause’ of CFS – Lyme disease has been around for centuries too and my own child was tested for it first up because that was my first thought. Nope, not Lyme, but that wont stop desperate people rushing for the test or believing there is a cure. Of course, it will neatly offload billions in a miraculous drug to cure the millions affected with CFS, but in reality, it will only serve to recognise there IS a sickness after all, and rather than admit the last few decades have been rife with mismanagement, they will cough up a ‘miracle cure’ which will do nothing.

Excuses will be made (like mutation), more ‘research’ will be funded (hell, millions are being thrown around now, just with the early comments about it possibly being a retrovirus and linked to Lyme – and no one has even proven anything yet!) and just as with HIV, flu, colds, cancers, etc, the public in general will be blinded by the brilliance of the spin and along with all the other complimentary medicines that medicine is stealing and copying, and misusing, the story will be no different in 50 years to now. It will just become a blurred line with lots of quoting and misquoting to confuse the issue. But that’s okay – as someone recently said to me, “At least I have a diagnosis.” Shame no cure came with that one…

Did you know, medicine has no cure for one single virus? Even homoeopathy can cure strains of herpes and flus, yet medicine can’t. (But you didn’t hear that from me…) So officially there is ‘no cure’ for any viruses. Yet they are offering false hope that anyone with CFS now has a chance at a cure. Liars. Just who are the quacks? Of course, a number of previously banned drugs will be re-released as miracle cures and on it will go. Just like thalidomide – banned due to birth defects but now they use it for cancer – in patients too old to have kids. Oh great. Don’t worry about how many healthy and stem cells are being killed off, so long as you can get rid of the drugs and make some money. Besides, aren’t most cancers curable these days? On that subject, 5 extra years added to a sufferer’s life is regarded (and on record) as a successful cure. Forget that most people will die with their cancers (many years later) than from their cancers (which will usually stay dormant for the rest of your life). What’s a few chop shop, poison and burning procedures amongst friends, hey? No, I am not taking this lightly – this has been my life’s work and I have sadly sat at both tables and seen the best and the worst. And I have lost many friends to the cancer industry.


On my own, I battled the spreading of tumours through my own body, while so-called friends, colleagues and even family laughed at the irony. The cause? No one could tell me whether it was because of the massive TB shots I had on repeat during my nursing career, or exposure to certain chemicals found in my body courtesy of weed killing sprays I was exposed to years ago. I was pressured by well meaning family to get a second opinion (aka, not naturopathic).

The cure? I was offered surgery – lots of it. That would have included brain, spinal cord, abdominal, and limb surgery. I was told I would be in a wheelchair eventually, and the chances of paralysis were 50/50. I chose to go it alone. These ‘cancers’ – like most others, were not malignant but may grow to develop side effects such as migraines, weightgain and hormone imbalance. Through alkaline diet, homoeopathics, supplements and a few simple changes my ‘tumours’ are gone.

Meanwhile, a former patient, with this same, quite common form of tumour, decided I had let them down and put their trust in the cancer industry. This person suffered a stroke induced by the surgery and their ‘life’ has been ruined. “But at least I don’t have any of those tumours. The doctor said they will come back but at least we have got them for now.” Who is the quack here?

I loathe what has happened to the health industry so much. The corruption is open and hostile, yet covered by clever spin – more and more naturopathic medicines are being recommended in pharmacies, more doctors are recommending herbs they know nothing about. Even medical shows on TV are advising naturopathic ideas now.

Not because they are joining us for one second but because they are taking over. Medical school now offers a 6 week elective on natural medicines – all different kinds – supposedly to understand us, but in reality, to add it to their repertoire. Within a generation of doctors, we will become extinct and have to practice underground – or become doctors as well. And then we wont be able to practice naturopathy at all, only the few things that we are told we can. Who are the quacks?

It’s the reason I have to write….


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“Sorry but there is nothing more I can do for you.”

“Maybe not YOU, but what if someone else had the answers?”

Ask any person if they ‘believe’ in alternative medicine. Go ahead. 9/10 will say “I don’t ‘believe’ in it. They are all quacks. No alternative medicine has ever been proven. No alternative medicine has ever cured anything, it’s fact. My doctor told me.”

The other 1/10 will say “I never get sick because my naturopath helps me with everything.”Unknown-12

The most astounding aspect of natural or alternative health (which I was ‘informed of’ very officially this week is actually the term used to describe anything that doesn’t work) is that MOST successful natural therapy cases are the ones discarded by the medical system. In fact I was once approached by a doctor to deal with his ‘difficult’ patients. I asked what he meant, and he said it was the ones he couldn’t be bothered with, that were malingerers, hypochondriacs and bludgers. He even named a few – we lived in a small town so none of them were strangers to me. I accepted of course but made the mistake of suggesting that perhaps they were difficult because medicine had no answers. The following week he took out a full page in our local rag, advising the town to not frequent my clinic, that he would not be responsible if things went wrong, and that I was not a qualified medical practitioner. The fact his stupidity had the opposite effect of his intentions made no difference – but it did reinforce very early in my second career just what I was in for. And I soon learned to never refuse a case – the most ‘difficult’ – be they chronic or even terminal, these were the cases that shone – and continue to shine.


Imagine the scene, I dare you.

1) Whether one ‘believes’ or not isn’t even an issue. Belief is not what makes that astragalus remove the virus. Belief is not what cured that cancer when medicine had no answers. And whether one ‘believes’ or not, wont make one ounce of difference to the fact billions around the world are healthy because they never use modern medicine except for fractures or severe accidents. Or that modern medicine is still one of the least used medicines in the world (‘the world’ is not just the USA, UK, Australia and EU)…. Not by circumstance but by choice. It’s just that pharmaceutical companies, universities and media are linked by more than nepotism. Money talks – loudly.

2) Quacks, charlatans and witchdoctors – all terms coined by a jealous, growing medical system. Traditionally, women were doctors and it was common practice for even a child to identify which herb or mineral could help them that day. Then ‘medicine’ became male dominated – wealthy, corrupt men began their boys’ clubs, and even midwifery was labeled as witchcraft. Herbalists were reputed to sell snake oil and various poisons – only called as such because doctors did not understand and had no intention of understanding. And only the wealthy could access modern medicine – if you were poor and had no access to traditional medicines (finances, geography, etc) too bad. Eventually with the world wars, manpower was needed on the battle field. Well it wasn’t, but once again male dominated warfare meant the public were pawns. And anyone who did not agree was labelled cowards and even shot for that crime.


In medicine, traditional herbs and other concoctions that doctors were still using, were easily synthesised in laboratories. Manpower was no longer needed. More money, less effort. Those medicines that could not bring a huge income became illicit. Drug companies popped up all over the western world and all of a sudden the money machine grew into a monster. A huge portion of modern medicine is simply synthesised natural medicine – so long as it comes from your doctor, it’s okay. But if recommended by a naturopath, you don’t believe it. Why? Because if you ask your doctor he/she will say they don’t believe in it. Such is the power of the god-doctor. It doesn’t make the medicines automatically stop working, you just choose to not believe it so either use it for one dose and expect a miracle, or avoid it altogether – therefore it doesn’t work…


And what if you are told that medicine has nothing more for you? What if you are given 6 months? Most people will accept that and lay down and die. Many of that group will be poked, cut, prodded, drugged and assaulted in the faint hope that a miracle will happen. And if someone tells you they were cured of the same thing by naturopathy or any other alternative modality, you will still say “But I don’t believe in it.” And your god-doctor will say, “Misdiagnosis” – or as in one of my own cases, “So where is this wonderful miracle worker snake-oil merchant? I told you that patient was going to die and she will.” Even if by force.

3) More research into alternative medicine is conducted every single day, than modern medicine. But the purposes are very varied. Many companies set out to disprove alternatives. When they don’t, the research is shelved as unsuccessful – reported and on record as “Ineffective” – when in reality it’s the hoped-for result that failed, not the medicine or therapy. Other trials are set up to fail. You just cannot put a medicine into a test tube or into a lab animal and expect it to cure something. A few cells in a glass tube are nothing like the body as a whole, interdependent on every other system.

Household harmonising

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To be considered effective and get approval a drug only has to be 35% effective (and that includes trial cases that die from side effects) – for a naturopathic medicine to be effective it must reach 50%+ efficacy – meaning even the weakest dilutions, poorest quality test preparations must work. As with the new cannabis push, what good is a natural medicine which works in its natural form, if grown in sterile, sub standard laboratory conditions? Alternative medicine has millions of ‘proven’ results – they just don’t make it into the Lancet because it is not a pharmaceutical preparation. But all that is changing – as big pharma buys up manufacturing companies after cleverly orchestrated public disgrace and collapse. The eventual research only serves to prove what we have been saying all along. And like with drug research, it is in-house research that offers the best results (aka skewed results).


4) Doctors are not trained in alternative medicine – other than those who jump ship (and they are dying at a rapid rate from mysterious ‘self inflicted’ means). For them to say ‘it doesn’t work’ is akin to a naturopath giving medical advice. No, they do not know all there is to know. I have had doctors, unaware of who I am, telling me that certain supplements treat such-and-such, “But you didn’t hear it from me. There is some good research out there now so you may want to try it,” and even more others will say, “It’s been proven once and for all that no alternative medicine has ever worked.” No back up, no proof but that god-like authority is usually enough.


So, back to the purpose of this blog. What if your doctor said to you that you have months to live and there is nothing we can do? Do you try every dangerous drug or surgery in the bare hope that a miracle happens? Or do you do what millions are doing every year in frustration? No, little of it makes headlines apart from the rare story that makes a best seller, but it is estimated that over 50% of the population will use alternatives (even in secret so as not to offend their doctor) and over 30% of the population all over the world have become self-researchers, courtesy of Google and myriad self help books flooding the market in desperation. The joke there is that doctors slam ‘Dr Google’ yet overlook that most medical consults today involve just that.


Alternative medicine is frowned upon as being self-regulated. So what does that make medicine? Self regulated but it’s backed by media and big pharma so that’s okay? Homoeopathy is laughed at and labeled as a placebo medicine at best – because a) it has zero ability to cause harm and b) doctors don’t understand it, researchers have been unable to work out how or why it works. Diet is dismissed by doctors – because they are not trained in it. Supplementation is regarded as unnecessary – how can that be? Our soils have been found to be deficient in dozens of micro nutrients – if even one is lacking, we have a chain of events in our bodies that are catastrophic. Yet improved diet and supplementation wont change that?


I am not alone as a practitioner who has seen true miracles every single day. We are banned from ‘claiming’ we can cure disease when we do so every single day. The introduction of ‘evidence-based’ medicine was constructed with a set goal in mind – including the ability to pull down natural therapies. They have not been used in hospitals so therefore they do not work – until we are told they do. And one-by-one we are being discredited and struck off – even our own registering bodies are cutting us free to avoid bad publicity. And ultimately, our controlling factor is run by a medical group – who in turn are not trained in any of our modalities. Imagine if a pharmacy was run by an accountant. Or your doctor walked out at your local garage and announced he was going to fine tune your engine….

So, what ‘terminal’ and ‘chronic’ and possibly fatal disease has my own work helped to a cure? Not just a few years’ grace or a removal of symptoms that eventuate into something ‘unrelated’ but real cures and return (or even achieved for the first time) to perfect health.

Cancers (many different types, regardless of fancy names)


HIV (much more to this story)



Rhesus negative factor in unborn child




Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Organ failure


High cholesterol

Heart disease

Congenital heart defect (hole-in-the-heart)

Suicidal depression

Brittle bones

Placenta praevia




This is just a fraction of what I have witnessed cured without modern medicine. The integration of medicine in each case extended only to rare blood tests and x-rays, analgesia and occasional medication until the patient presented as free from the health issue. And yet people will still say they ‘don’t believe in it.’ Even if it is a choice between life and death.

During my time as a practitioner, we have lost our ability to provide sick notes, conscientious objection forms, even insurance provider numbers. It’s only public pressure that is going to change that. If not, then expect things to get worse than they already are.


So please, do not ask your natural health professional, ‘What do you treat?’ or, ‘What do you do?’ Just ask them and trust them to do their job and get your whole body healthy.

And now, with the miracle of the internet, many of us offer online consultations. The interesting thing is, natural health professionals began to do this from the earliest days of dial up internet. And it was banned. And like pharma drugs made from herbs, once the industry managed to control it, eHealth medicine became the way of the future. ‘Please see your doctor’ took on a whole new meaning.

The good news is that natural health professionals can now help you, regardless of what part of the world either of you are. That means no waiting room queues, no sitting in a packed waiting room or ER breathing in everyone else’s ailments. And if you feel too unwell to wait all day for the privilege of seeing your doctor (especially so in cases of CFS or other auto immune illnesses – you’ve all been there) this is an invaluable service which allows your practitioner to gather more information than any regular face-to-face consultation. See more via this link

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Disease is not selective

It seems more and more recently that celebrities are being struck down with various disease – I have a sneaky and sad suspicion that pharma and medicine is using this for their own good.

What better way to get the masses on board to buy their wares and believe the hype if idols are spruiking their lies in desperation? Like Magic Johnson who arguably has pushed more sales of ARVs (HIV toxic meds) than anyone else on the planet, celebrity is now being used to con more and more people who are living in fear of whatever disease they are being told they now have. Often, these celebrities aren’t even using the treatments they are advising the masses to take.

This week just one of the celebrities I witnessed on TV – complete with visible suffering – was Tim Ferguson. I have long been a fan of his comedic antics and vibrant energy, and to see him so frail – unnecessarily so, is as heartbreaking as it is frustrating.

Multiple Sclerosis is one disease that is shrouded in misinformation and lies. People are being left to die appallingly while hidden truths are dismissed by academics and experts without even a hint of ‘just maybe’. Just maybe these alternatives will help make a difference. After all, millions of cases around the world are improving without so much as a portion of suffering – and these cases are dismissed as anecdotal or placebo at best. In all honesty, any person who pretends to live by the Hippocratic oath and professes to first do no harm, would take ANY opportunity to cure their patient rather than robbing them of all hope.

My first foray into medicine began aged 15 and continued until I was 25 and it was fraught with questions that had no answers – not from the experts, anyway. Yet as young and naive as I was, I found answers almost every day. Any effort to suggest them was met with smirking and ignorance – eventually I walked away from my medical school plans simply because the industry was dirty and corrupt. I saw too many innocent children, mothers and fathers, grandparents and disabled die needlessly, while others once again thrived by making their own choices in health care.

Multiple Sclerosis is one of the most terrifying and feared illnesses known to man. Yet dig deeper and it mirrors many other illnesses and deficiencies that medicine refuses to acknowledge –

In doing what I do, half my time is spent pleading with people trying to get well – over the last few decades, medicine has managed to con the western world into thinking they somehow can’t survive without medical ‘help’ yet more people live and thrive without it globally than depend on it. Sadly, the amount of over-medication that goes on, coupled with the spin and investment alongside the media and stakeholders is too powerful to consider anything as simple as honesty.

In the first decade or so of my years in practice I would spend as much time pleading with prospective patients (that I often didn’t charge for). Eventually I stopped doing so, but I can’t say I don’t want to keep trying to contact people when I hear they have cancer or MS or CFS or whatever I know can be helped.

But I’d still love to have an hour with Tim Ferguson. Diet, gentle natural therapies, eradication of foreign matter in the body such as mould and fungus and toxins – nothing to lose, so much to gain. It’s so frustrating knowing the truth in a world where that one word really doesn’t matter any more.








TB – one of the most mismanaged illnesses globally

Today is a painful one for my family. We lost someone so special to us it changed our lives forever when he left us. Not the least because it was needless. Yet thanks to red tape it was unavoidable. The void in our lives now can never be filled and it is only made more painful because it is happening every single day.

TB, like other ‘communicable’ and vaccinated diseases, is not eradicated, nor is it being cared for in any way other than one that makes as much money for the corrupt as it does cause suffering for the innocent.

The treatment for TB is harsh – a type of chemotherapy that renders the sufferer in a worse than the disease itself wreaks. But thanks to hand sitting suits and red tape, it is a must – a register that monitors sufferers much in the same way that HIV registration inflicts on those already scared out of their wits.

Even worse, experts are getting away with one of the biggest ongoing cases of fraud in history – in Australia for example, or any other predominantly caucasion nation, a TB sufferer is treated rapidly and is cured within a relatively short time and all that is on their record is that they had TB. But in a nation where the population consists of non-caucasians, a TB sufferer is usually automatically labeled as an HIV sufferer sans testing and the label sticks – sufficiently enough to prevent any semblance of life again thanks to the stigma. This alone breaks life – families, jobs and community like nothing else can.


The treatment is harsh, as mentioned – side effects are life threatening and often do take life – easily as much as the disease itself . Spend time in a TB unit, especially one like Provincial in Ladysmith, which is specially ‘built’ for non-caucasians, and you will see two things – appalling suffering without a trace of pain relief or even basic comfort, and the horrific deaths of people who are fully vaccinated. Make no mistake – TB ‘treatment’ is nothing more than a money making exercise which is firmly in place to stay – laws and medical services have ensured this. All while their caucasian counterparts are being cured in the comfort of 5 star hospital care.

And various immigration groups are as complicit in this game as pharma. Laws are in place concerning anyone found to have TB – meaning they are forced to have this treatment even if they are sensitive to it – and officially at least, side effects are said to be minimal. If minimal means seizures, ascites, pain, vomiting, nausea and death, then they are right. As one of Africa’s leading TB experts said to me personally, “It’s not working but we don’t know what else to do. It is most likely not HIV but it is similar so we must place this label on the individual so they get appropriate treatment. It could kill them but we have no other answers.”

Officially at least, 95% of sufferers are cured – and for early detection this could be correct. But it’s not. Instead, deaths are put down to other secondaries – pneumonia, bronchitis, etc – this ensures TB goes on record as not being a killer.

Accepted treatment involves drugs not used elsewhere as it is considered too harsh – add HIV drugs to the ‘treatment’ and it’s a sure death cocktail for those whose systems are already compromised.

  • Isoniazid (INH)
  • Rifampin (RIF)
  • Pyrazinamide (PZN)
  • Ethambutol (EMB)
  • Streptomycin (STR)

Side effects include, but are not limited to –

  • No appetite
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Yellowish skin or eyes
  • Fever for three or more days
  • Abdominal pain
  • Tingling fingers or toes
  • Skin rash
  • Easy bleeding
  • Aching joints
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling or numbness around the mouth
  • Easy bruising
  • Blurred or changed vision
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Seizures
  • Ascites
  • Sun sensitivity and loss of pigment
  • Withdrawal similar to methadone
  • Multi drug resistance

Yet, around the world, cures are happening every single day, using natural therapies – dismissed as anecdotal and as it wont make money for pharma, still widely unapproved despite its success. Diet, homeopathy and supplements are curing without the need for analgesia-deprived procedures and deathly pain-causing medication. Pathology proves that it can be done, yet since systems are firmly in place that prevent future life and freedom, nothing is done or accepted.

If you suffer TB or any other related disease, please seek alternative care. It IS possible. Treatment (orthodox) is shockingly abrasive to life. Yet by eating an alkaline diet (see my other links on this blog), homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies to address symptomatically, probiotics and anti oxidants – contemporary options are faster acting and remove hit and miss efforts, supplements which rebuild your health at a cellular level – these are what will bring about the cure.

But don’t expect your doctor to tell you this.


Bell’s Palsy – accidental or a warning of things to come?

Bells’ palsy affects less than 1% of the population and has a number of causes – all of which are treatable and preventable. And no, it’s not a drug treatment nor can it be prevented by a vaccine. Usually affecting people between 15 and 60 years of age, it can be triggered by a virus, diet or be a precursor to a stroke. Bell’s palsy can also be a long term effect of a stroke and is very different to simple Bell’s palsy.

It has been linked to sarcoidosis, lyme disease, heart disease and blood clotting factors. It gives no warning and aside from drooping of one side of the face, and sometimes numbness, it doesn’t affect other parts of the body. It usually corrects itself but if left alone, it can sometimes leave the lop-sided or raised eyebrow appearance permanently.


If an auto-immune link is noted, the health picture overall needs to be addressed, whether lyme, sarcoidosis, CFS/ME or any other similar issue. Please don’t just see the palsy as the issue (more on these issues on this blog). Facial/cranial nerve inflammation is apparent and while some report pain, it is generally painless.


An alarming movement by medicine/pharma is to now use Bell’s Palsy as a ‘diagnostic tool’ to prove you have HIV/AIDS. This is just one of the everyday health issues now being used to try and continue the lie that is HIV – while they scramble to find more to support their theories as the world moves closer and closer to seeing through all the hype. As they get more desperate, they are closing in on all sides, just to plant more fear where common sense used to exist.

So what can you do?

My immediate answer to this is see your Homœopath, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Osteopath or Acupuncturist.


Each of these therapies can assist. If it is virus related, you are best to go onto an anti-viral program to rebalance the body – this will usually involve high dose anti oxidants and herbals which fight long term viral effects.


Æsthetically, gentle massage, reflexology, spinal adjustments, cupping and acupuncture will help rebalance and correct your appearance. If you are worried about your blood, please have a Live Blood Analysis and Bioresonance testing – or if accessible, Infra Red Imaging to ensure your blood is healthy, ensure there is no blood clot risk, and that both blood and lymph are optimal.


By far, my favourite (and most successful for me clinically) is homœopathic care.

So what homœopathic remedies will help?

Homœopathic remedies of good choice (ie clinically proven) are –
If there is stress about health and the individual worries a lot – Agaricus
If they feel weak and one eye closed or nearly closed – Cadmium
If the symptoms came on slowly – Causticum
If they have allergies or back pain and speech is difficult – Dulcamara
If they are irritable, impatient and very sensitive – Nux Vomica

If one eyebrow is raised or they have numbness anywhere – Platinum

Natural Home Medicine Kit

Homoeopathy should be considered for every home, where people are seriously dedicated to safe and effective health care and maintenance.

Any of these in a 30c dosage – if you can only get 30x or less, that is fine also but I just prefer 30c as you don’t need to take it so often. Something else to remind you of now, is to set up your own homœopathic dispensary so you can be well prepared for any future health issue. This can save days/nights in emergency, can prevent symptoms from worsening – and yes, it saves many lives a year.

So, what supplements can you safely take to turn this around?

There are many I would recommend but it would be lazy and irresponsible to just suggest a heap and think everyone is going to respond the same way. I recommend oral chelation therapy, blood and lymphatic cleansing, detoxing and dedicated protocols depending on your own health history so feel free to do my online assessment for a comprehensive analysis and personalised/confidential response which will include all necessary recommendations –

If brain health is in question, you will need to clean up the circulation and prevent toxic overload which is something that is forgotten in general by the medical system. A clinically-trialed brain tonic is recommended, especially if memory or even Alzheimer’s is a concern.


If there is a history of stroke, impaired circulation or tuberculosis, then these issues must be treated – not with anti biotics and chemotherapy, but with alkaline food and drink, bicarb (see my posts on alkaline diet), herbal medicine and acupuncture. In my experience, most people who suffer Bell’s Palsy have terrible diets, high stress levels and are not interested in taking natural health advice, or changing their lifestyle. The truth is, making these simple changes not only remove Bell’s Palsy but prevent it from becoming more serious – AND improve the overall health permanently.

The thing is, Bell’s Palsy can happen to ANYONE. But contrary to what I see frequently, it is not a death sentence, nor should you undergo drastic surgery or treatment ‘just in case’…


Finally, I’d like to see everyone stick to a health diet – you can see my posts on getting your body alkaline – which will in turn positively effect EVERY HEALTH ISSUE known to humans. Also, my ebook can be found here – it will help you learn easily, regardless of your culinary skills, age or geographical location, just how to turn your pantry, fridge and health around –












Known medication side effects


From a young age, I was aware of side effects of the different medications I had been exposed to. Having heard my parents talk of the loss of a baby with deformities thanks to thalidomide, some of my earliest health memories were the fears discussed on a regular basis. By age 6 I’d already suffered a cardiac/respiratory arrest due to the side effects of an anæsthetic, and by age 18 I saw the side effects of various vaccinations and even OTC medicines.

Rather than just accept them as a rather sick game of Russian roulette, I have spent my adult life seeking ‘others’ aka effective options – both orthodox and alternative – to things that I simply wont consider using.

In my family alone, we have seen medication side effects ranging from minor to fatal –

    • Thalidomide deformity
    • Cardiac/respiratory arrest
    • Blindness threat
    • Anaphylaxis
    • Vaccinosis
    • SIDS
    • Heart failure
    • Infantile brain bleed
    • Seizures
    • Death
Most of these involved OTC meds. The thing to remember is that most drugs are synthetic chemicals that have questionable ability to do the reverse of whatever the health issue is presenting. So, if you have an upset stomach, the drug prescribed causes the opposite of that symptom set. Meaning it’s not an actual cure – just jarring the most obvious symptoms and masking them.
And every single drug comes with a host of side effects – which down the line, are excused as unrelated health problems. For a naturopath, it’s easy just by reading the meds list of a patient, to map a health history, as most symptoms, most chronic health issues are in fact side effects of poorly-managed individual health pictures. In fact, we can trace your entire health and medication history simply by examining you, observing your iris, nail, tongue and skin markings. By the end of a modern, adult western life, it’s quite honest to say that most of your ailments and what eventually kills you is a blend of medication side effects, chemical exposure and dietary effects. Yet it’s all avoidable.
In thalidomide’s case, a drug that was known to cause deformities was simply taken off the market until another health issue was found. It is now used in chemotherapy – despite its appalling track record. It is honestly believed within research communities that even the most dangerous drugs have a use. And for the time being, those questionable drugs will be dumped in 3rd world nations and used for health issues that are not only mild, but now result in iatrogenic disorders and death.
The thing to remember is that there is ALWAYS an alternative if you are in doubt. Always.
You just need to care less about what ‘experts’ who have no background in alternatives tell you. I have heard every excuse and scientific bit of ‘proof’ you could imagine, but having got off my butt and actually trialled these things for my own peace of mind, I know that what was written in the bible, what has been taught for millenia and what so many still survive on, is far, far better than anything we hear in the media or from the mouths of our doctors – the very people we trust with our lives.
Please humour me while I put it in another perspective. Imagine if God stood before you and said you have one wish, but you must choose between truth and a lie. Mankind, and indeed the entire planet depends on your decision. Would you take the first thing that comes to mind, and hang the others, or would you stop and think about your loved ones, your kids, your grandkids, those who never had a chance at life, and those who may never have a future?
The catch is, a disease is coming. Something, like in the movie I Am Legend, or any of the myriad “Deadly-disease-and-one-miracle-antidote/vaccine” type movies scares the world over. Would you, A) Grab 24 hours of fun, pleasure, enjoyment and then lay down to die, or would you B) Go out of your way to find the cure, find the answer, solve the puzzle and save it all?
Okay, if it were to cost millions and you know that is out of your reach, I understand if you take option A. But if it were free, if you and only you had the answer, would you still choose that, or go with option B? The Price Is Right has nothing on you right now.
Bill Gates is currently in talks, and in the process of destroying all we know to cherish, because someone with the power of spin got to him first. But for those of you who have seen Rapunzel, what about that elusive flower?
What if all you have to do is walk outside and pick it? Could it really be that easy? Or do you make up a third option, sit it out, wait until the world is all but destroyed; when no laws, no experts, no support at all is there, and chance it? And worse still, do you keep bombarding the delicate ecosystem of the world and your body, just to see how far you can push it?
Would that really be the time to live as a Jackass?
The sad truth is, the answers have always been there – you were just too blinded by ‘civilisation’ to notice. You look at the answers every single day. In the pantry, in your bathroom, on the grocery shelves, in the garden, and in your hands. The answers are here for the taking.
And the proof that our system is failing us is screaming at us every minute of every day. Can you hear it or do you still have blinkers and earplugs in situ?
For example –
  • ARV drugs are simply banned chemotherapy drugs, deemed to toxic for a cancer sufferer to use as it was causing more deaths than the actual cancers it was used for. As HIV has a dark cloud over it, and the general belief that ‘they are dying anyway’ apparently it’s okay to use this chemo cocktail because there is no other way. Forget AIDS has never been proven to even exist.
  • Within cancer research, it is a well known fact that chemo kills more than all the cancers combined, yet ask anyone and they will say that modern medicine has cured most cancers. Why? Clever spin and manipulation of the heart strings.
  • Thalidomide, for 50 years has been considered one of the evils of modern medicine. It has simply been repackaged and is now used as chemo under another name.
  • Doctors and dentists push one of Hitler’s waste products as a healthy option. Fluoride – google its history. How educated experts still believe a nerve gas ingredient can possibly save oral health is one of today’s great medical mysteries.
  • Vaccines are currently clogging up the legal system. Despite millions of recorded side effect cases ranging from rash to death, twisted truths and propaganda keep the public living in fear and brainwashed into thinking they are doing the right thing by pumping an otherwise perfectly healthy infant with toxins. Yet billions are paid out every year – hush money. And no one is held liable – not your doctor, not your pharmacist, not the manufacturers – perfect Catch 22.
  • Prozac, arguably linked to more suicides than common depression, was facing the biggest lawsuit (and still is) in history. Rather than ban it outright, it went silent for a few years until the patent ran out, then it was dipped in a pretty mauve dye, repackaged and sold as a miracle cure for a newly invented disorder (pre menstrual dysphoric disorder) aka PMS. Sales went through the roof while depression, PMS and suicide is recorded in higher levels than ever before in history. But don’t worry folks, at least those poor gals have their diagnosis…
Research files show over and over again, the disregard and facelessness of science, towards the public. A researcher will truly believe that a handful of deaths of otherwise healthy people (and billions of test animals) in trials is worth it, because the grand plan supposedly cures many more.
Sadly, these drugs are often repackaged and bought out once the patent runs out. That way, they can always stay one step ahead of public scrutiny.
The information is publicly available but thanks to clever marketing (‘See your doctor’ for every little thing), people would rather trust a doctor or pharmacist espousing the values of a dangerous drug (even OTC) and most will simply trust the person who tells them what to take. In this day and age, when everything is available at the click of a button, few choose to look. And those who do are laughed at, dismissed as being proponents of Dr Google – yet that generous doctor is allowing more and more to escape the shackles of ill or terminal health at an exponential rate. More than the medical system itself.
Recently, I was walking down a city street, in possibly one of the poorest areas of the world. There was a garbage strike, the streets were littered with homeless and dying. The air, when you took the time to look up to try and see how blue the sky was, seemed to be infused with black, toxic smelling fumes.
The streets were so unkempt that even the uneven pavements seemed to be trying to walk away, such was the nature of disorder. It all blurred into one jumble of decay, death, desperation and destruction. Even trying to stare into the eyes of suffering was near impossible, while shiny BMWs and Mercedes crawled silently past, without the occupants taking the time to really see what was going on.
As I stepped over the rubbish, as I tried really hard not to crumple at what was all around me, I noticed one vibrant, almost fluorescent green seedling pushing its way through the cracks. Despite all the poison, despite the incessant trampling of feet day and night, despite the gloom, this optimistic little thing fought for existence and survival. No protection, no support, yet it was there.
If a defenceless, tiny seedling could survive, how much stronger are we? Even though we bombard our once perfect bodies with all life can throw at it, we survive. But as a friend once said, do we want to survive or do we want to thrive?
I’ve had awful arguments with unwell people, who will rush to the doctor for any of the side effects that the drugs below offer, yet when told these drugs will result in the same symptoms, actually don’t see an issue with it at all. ‘My doctor – the best there is – told me I NEED it.’
This list is by no means conclusive – and I don’t expect anyone to go out and change their health care habits, but I hope many will. Subscribing to MIMS annual or simply Googling drug side effects – or reading package inserts, anyone is able to see just how dangerous the health system has become. I can provide alternatives to all of the drugs below, but that is only offering a bandaid solution. Sadly, most reading this will want to go straight to the alternatives – please don’t overlook the fact that you have these symptoms for a reason – if you truly want to be free of ill health, you must address every single angle of your lifestyle – diet, habits, environment – in order to make sure the changes are permanent.
Last year I had this argument with a so-called world leading health expert. His overpriced, under-performing products can apparently give you eternal life. In fact that is how he won over his most recent female conquest – ‘I may have the body of a 60 something year old but my biological age is just 31’ – sorry, but to claim that, your appearance would have to support it – and yours does not. He argued diet didn’t make any difference to your health. Nor did even exercise. Apparently my claims are ‘dangerous’ – I guess they are, to his sales…
The following list is not from my own research, but available on any medication website and in the MIMS annual… Even more scary than the list of side effects is just how many of these meds actually are able to cause the same symptoms for which they are meant to treat…

How many of these drugs have you had? And how many of these symptoms have you dismissed as part of aging or just life –

Amoxicillin (anti biotic) – mouth ulceration, swollen glands, joint pain, blistering rash, liver damage, weak muscles, bruising, vomiting, vaginal discharge, migraine, swollen and hairy tongue.

Aspirin (analgesic/blood thinning) – bowel haemorrhage, fever, pain, tinnitus, heartburn, drowsiness, headache, liver damage, clashing with most other medications – can be fatal.

Benadryl (decongestant) – glaucoma, stomach ulcers, enlarged prostate, bladder irritation, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, heart damage, asthma.

Botox (muscle relaxer) – respiratory arrest, drooping eyelids, muscle weakness, bladder weakness, vision impairment, weeping eyes, rash, cardiac arrhythmia, chest pain, bruising, flu symptoms, tinnitus, increased sweating.

Clarityne (anti histamine) – cardiac arrhythmia, tachycardia, fainting, jaundice, seizures, nervousness, epistaxis, blurred vision.

Crestor (statin) – muscle pain and weakness, fever, weightgain, fluid retention, muscle pain, blurred vision, joint pain, depression, constipation, insomnia.

Citalopram (anti depressant) – stiff muscles, weak muscles, shakes, fainting, seizures, arrhythmia, tachycardia, poor memory, insomnia, impotence, hallucinations.

Celebrex (NSAIDS) – chest pain, bowel haemorrhage, rapid weight gain, bruising, jaundice, fluid retention, blistering of mucous membranes.

Diflucan (anti fungal) – Jaundice, flu symptoms, blistering of mucous membranes, bruising, seizures, dizziness.

Flagyl (anti biotic) – numbness of hands/feet, mouth ulcers, mucous membrane ulcers, opthamalgia and vision impairment, slurred speech, mood swings, tremors, seizures, swollen tongue.

Gardasil (HPV vaccine) – abdominal pain, swollen glands, bruising, muscle weakness, haemorrhage, shortness of breath, insomnia, dizziness, dental disorders.

Heparin (blood thinner) – blurred vision, numbness, weakness, headache, wheezing, tachycardia, haemorrhage, bruising.

Ibuprofen (anti inflammatory) – chest pain, shortness of breath, slurred speech, dizziness, tachycardia, bowel haemorrhorage, poor vision and balance, nausea, jaundice, seizures, bruising, brain haemorrhage.

Imodium (anti diarrhoeic) – diarrhoea, bloating, swollen tongue, blistered mucous membranes, dizziness, abdominal pain.

Insulin (diabetic) – wheezing, breathing difficulties, tachycardia, seizures, sweating, headache.

Keflex (anti biotics) – bowel haemorrhage and diarrhoea, seizure, headache, liver damage, bruising, hallucinations, nausea/vomiting, dizziness, joint pain, vaginal irritation.

Lanoxin/digoxin (anti tachicardic) – tachycardia, bradycardia, palpitations, bowel haemorrhage, blurred vision, nausea, dizziness, hallucinations, enlarged breast tissue in men, depression.

Lexapro (anti depressant) – rigid muscles, tremors, tachycardia, seizures, loss of coordination, intermittently stopped breathing, insomnia, impotence, tinnitus.

Naprosyn (anti inflammatory) – chest pain, muscle weakness, blurred vision, poor balance, slurred speech, fluid retention, weight gain, abdominal pain, bruising, numbness, jaundice, photophobia, headaches, swollen tongue, blisters, convulsions.

Prozac (antidepressant) – blistered mucous membranes, rigid muscles, tremors, tachycardia, seizures, loss of coordination, over-active reflexes, memory weakness, hallucinations, interrupted breathing, impotence, insomnia, weight gain, suicidal tendencies, fainting.

Ritalin (ADD med) – irregular and tachycardic heartbeats, fainting, headaches, aggression, restlessness, unusual behaviour, bruising, tics, high blood pressure, chest pain, tinnitus, blurred vision, anxiety.

Sudafed (decongestant) – irregular heartbeat, tachycardia, dizziness, anxiety, bruising, brain haemorrhages, severe high blood pressure, tinnitus, flu symptoms, breathing difficulties, chest pain, muscle weakness.

Tamoxifen (breast cancer drug) – Muscle weakness, numbness, vision impairment, headache, wheezing, tachycardia, swelling and heat in legs, rapid breathing, tiredness, weakness, confusion, vaginal discharge, abnormal and irregular menstruation, pelvic pain, eye pain, blurred vision, bruising, haemorrhages, flu symptoms, more breast tumours, jaundice, bone and tumour pain, impotence, depression, hair loss, fluid retention, swollen hands and feet.

Ventolin (asthma medication/bronchodilator) – wheezing, trouble breathing, tachycardia, chest pain, tremors, nervousness, muscle weakness, electrolyte imbalance, high blood pressure, seizure, dizziness, muscle pain.

Viagra (sexual stimulant) – vision loss, hearing loss, tinnitus, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, cardiac arrest, swelling of extremities, sweating, headache, upset stomach, memory loss, back pain.

Voltaren (anti inflammatory) – chest pain, weakness, shortness of breath, weight gain, bowel haemorrhage, nausea, jaundice, bruising, stiff neck, muscle weakness.

So, what are the answers? What can you do to ensure the best health choices available? See my other threads on this blog to assist your preparation in making your home a healthy one. Stock your home with safe and effective alternatives to medications and personal care so that you are always prepared –

Most importantly, don’t put it off until you are too sick to bother.

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