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Food Combining – fad or how we were meant to eat?

First things first. Ayurveda is one of the world’s original medicine forms, dating back many thousands of years. Food combining is a relatively ‘new’ term (coined circa 1920s) by Dr Hay, then later on it was termed nutripathy by Dr Martin in the 1970s – today it is known more for the pH aspect via modern day luminaries such as Dr Robert Young and both Cayce and Jarvis.

So no, it is not a fad. And you only have to try it for a short while for your body to be able to tell you that yes, it is the way our bodies prefer we eat.

There is more on the pH aspect here with more on the stomach’s plea here.

Basically it is founded upon the most optimal eating process for our digestion, assimilation and health – removing inflammation and in turn, disease.

Some people base their dietary choices on still including meat and dairy or the original Ayurvedic advice if you prefer easy to follow tried and tested methods.

So how to make it simple? I find the easiest way is to have a simple chart printed up on your fridge, which you can use for your shopping list also. While preparation methods, habits and recipes will have to be adjusted, once you ‘get it’ this way of eating is really easy.

The following chart is a relatively easy to follow cheat sheet for ‘how to’ –

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And for the definitive list, I find the easier the better. If your preferred foods are not there, please ask if they are foods at all (ie processed) or if they are just compare them to the different plant foods and what is closest (ie different nuts or for example, various brassicas or similar plants).

Food combining chart-page-001

A Plea From Your Stomach

Dear vessel (human) –

Guess what? I am meant to be the size of your fist.

Or you can double that if I am full. While I can stretch up to 40 times my size if I have to, I don’t like it.

Nor do I like the acids you throw down. While you were probably taught I am meant to be acidic to digest food, that is not quite right. I am acidic BECAUSE it is the only way I can digest what you feel I need to make you feel better.

Unicorn Pooping Ice Cream Plush Toy

The more acids you eat, the more you need ANT(i)acids! What are these acids? Meat, dairy, grains, sugars, processed foods, alcohol, coffee and fizzy drinks.

It may interest you to know that while I can accommodate just about anything you do to me, masking my cries for help is NOT helping things. I do not like sharing my spot with my neighbours, your heart and intestines – which are now also many times the size God intended them to be!

Why haven’t you worked it out yet? Your eyes and habits are not my friends. Your addictions are causing me to suffer. When food leaves me, the few nutrients you consume then go into your blood and lymph to help me grow and be healthy.

MOST of it just goes into your intestines and sits there, putrefying – because like me, your intestines do not recognise that mass as food.

Why do you not notice that when you drink pure water, eat fresh organic food or eat smaller portions that WE feel better? Why do you continue to cover up bad habit with medications that make US feel worse even if your brain is tricked into thinking otherwise?

Just a fair warning: if you continue to abuse us, we will eventually give up. Your time is near. You ignored us when you were a child. You abused us in your teenage years. As an adult I doubt you even know we exist. There is no fanfare when we give up.

We just do.Those poisons irritate us so badly that we try and encapsulate the irritations – which eventually kill you. I am a kind of go-between for my neighbour the heart. He told me he is about to go to sleep for good.

He can’t take it any more.

He is also only meant to be the size of a large fist but is at least twice the size and is covered in awful yellow fat and can’t beat hard enough any more to clear his head.

So here I am, putting in one last request. It is not too late. You know what I NEED is more important than what you WANT.

But finally, I do make this promise. Put the right things into me and I will have a word with all my buddies.

We work together you see; if I am sick, they are sick – YOU are sick.

Feed me right, stop stuffing me until you feel sick (which incidentally, does not equate to ‘full’) and I promise to turn your life around!

Herbal Papaya Leaf Supplements

The LAST diet you will ever need.

Yes, that includes sports people and paleos. Many people ask ‘how’ to lose weight, or how to get alkaline. The truth is, if you are asking, it means you are keen to try ‘anything’ – sadly, not everyone is of the same mind and it’s usually the others who need it most.

As my colleague Neil Whyte says in his book, those who choose to drink alkaline water often need it the least. Those who could benefit the most wont even consider it. Today’s world does not make being alkaline easy or popular – but the truth is, your blood MUST be alkaline for life – and in order to do this, it must rob alkaline salts from surrounding tissues to keep us alive – and this causes illness as vital organs and tissue begin to break down with acidity. The real truth is that we ALL need to be alkaline – if we are drastically less than 7.4 we will have compromised health.


There are simple steps to ensure we get alkaline and stay that way. It is by no means easy to do, and there is no one single measure that will do it for us, but unless geographically you are unable to access even the basics, you too can get alkaline, treat chronic health issues and avoid acute ones. You can even join the growing band who do not respond to the myriad contagions in our air and water. I am not joking when I say we can be exposed to colds, flu, gastro, etc and have no fear of ‘catching’ (in reality, being acidic/unhealthy enough to have a weak immune system).

The following are examples for Australia but you can do a little Googling to find someone who can ship them to your area. It is not expensive to be alkaline, not if you do a little homework to find the most effective gadgets – yes, it can cost a lot but it does not have to.



I don’t believe in dieting to lose weight – weightloss should only ever be a happy side effect of healthy living. The food list will be discussed closer to the end of this info leaflet, along with an eating plan which you not only will learn from but gradually be able to use and adjust to suit your lifestyle and preferences. The eating plan at the end of this thread will ensure not just weight loss but sickness loss.



I have a distinct dislike of most of the nutraceutical brands who advertise heavily on TV. At first glance you may say “Yay, it’s finally legal for naturopathy to advertise.” Nothing could be further from the truth. You may even say they must be the best brands – even further from the truth. I have my favourite brands but that does not mean I support every product even these companies make. I can guarantee, if everyone reading this had a bioresonance test to determine their deficiencies, not one person would report 100% balance.

For many reasons, the main being we get our food from the ground and our soil and groundwater/tapwater is tainted/deficient. I like superfood/herbal tonics. If you just can’t stomach the food types or volumes, make sure you get some green blend tablets such as this one and this one.

And contrary to what our ‘nutritionists’ say, we NEED oils – good oils, not those high-heat rubbishy oils in plastic bottles – it must be cold pressed and there are MANY good oils – as Dean from Safe Soda says, Oils aint Oils… 90% of oils on supermarket shelves should be banned – they are complete rubbish depending on the ignorant masses who like to fry everything to death. Do not make the mistake of putting a cold pressed essential fatty acid oil into the same dirty basket as lard or dairy fat.


I’d comfortably say most people I know don’t like water. How sad. Water is THE most important factor of life. You can survive without food, but not without water. And much of the world’s water is so tainted it’s toxic. That doesn’t mean (as I hear many say) that you have to boil or distill it to death – filtering, ozonating, alkalizing, ionising – these are what makes good water. And with a good mineral quota, by taking in a good volume of water daily, you are doing more for your health than you know. Now, please don’t go and ruin it by making coffee, regular tea, cordial etc – or think by drinking a huge volume of beer or fizzy drinks that you are doing something beneficial. You’re not. Make sure that you occasionally add Himalayan or Celtic salt – these are full of electrolytes – in fact you can make your own electrolyte or sports drink by dissolving the crystals in purified water with a little lemon juice added. Remember, for every ‘other’ drink you have, you will need another glass of water to undo any effects. Unless you are just adding fresh lemon juice, herbs or good salt.


There are many gadgets that ensure good health – and most kitchens don’t have a single one of them. The stove is the most important appliance in most kitchens – second to the kettle and toaster – and sadly, not one of these things contributes to truly good health. The humble fridge is next in line but is usually so overstocked with rubbish that there is no room for fresh, healthy food and drink that it joins the others to form a toxic team that is pulling our health collectively into the grave. If you want the Rolls Royce appliances and gadgets, you can pay big money and in a perfect world, we would each have them. But the good news here is that there are economical equivalents that are readily available. Buy them one by one to make your kitchen a place of health, rather than a place of unhealthy indulgence. A strong blender – even a cheapie bullet gadget will do more for your health than just about anything. A good juicer – one that really smashes the cell walls of the plants, and keeps in a ton of the fibre, is the next. A spiraliser to make raw pasta and curly treats for even fussy kids is another. A dehydrator will allow you to make amazing rawfood snacks that most people wouldn’t even believe is healthy. A steamer – even a steaming basket in a saucepan will allow you to lightly cook anything.

pH TESTING PEN or strips

The ones I buy in bulk are the same ones sold in swimming pool shops for around $100 but you can get them cheaply enough to be able to sell them for around $20. You can buy test strips instead and are cheap, eBay sells these for a few dollars a pack. Your pH must be around 7.4 (optimum) and initially you’ll need to test your urine a few times a day. Eventually you’ll only need to test it once a week or so as you can ‘feel’ your pH.


Let’s face it, most bottled waters are rubbish and if they weren’t when they went into the bottle (some purine glacier in the mountains of untouched territory), they will be. Anything stored in regular plastic has the capacity to trigger many types of cancer – phthalates are shocking and take little time to form, while BPA in plastic is a known carcinogen, especially in heated temps. Tap water, contrary to what we are told, is atrocious. I once had some tested – 82 abnormalities were detected – chemicals, parasites, chlorine bleach, ammonia, fluoride (Hitler’s last hoorah – a waste product from nuclear weaponry), pathogens. And boiling it will only concentrate the contents. Bore water is the same – in fact, it has the added bonus of being tainted with all forms of waste in the soil – dumping of chemicals and various unwanted waste all leeches into groundwater (ever wonder about that smell?) A simple water filter (preferably non PCB/BPA) will suffice in removing 99% of the waste you don’t want in your water. Tupperware makes a safe one (not all) – when you go to your stores, just ask or read labels carefully to ensure you get an affordable, safe filter. Buy %20pH%20Miracle%20WaterMark” target=”_blank”>here


Some expensive machines filter, ozonate, ionise and alkalise. And they cost more than the average household can afford. Instead, I use alkaline rods that are basically mineral salts sticks that last for 2 years. I buy mine from ebay in bulk and can sell them for around $10 each – but you can also buy them a little cheaper (or far more expensive) if you look. They basically sit in your water jug and alkalise your water. Like I said previously, contrary to what some people believe, drinking alkaline water is not the holy grail of getting alkaline but it is a part of – or should be – your perfect health regime.


Ozone generation should be part of every home – able to kill parasites, moulds, pathogens – while sanitising the area – this is a must if you are serious about your health. I use mine to clean the air and water, taking out what just shouldn’t be there. It is the final step in filtration and some of the more expensive water machines can cost from $100 to over $1000 for doing all necessary steps. These gadgets wont win any medals for beauty but when it comes to health, who cares? The uses are endless and considering the average human being is made up of trillions of bacteria and various pathogens, we have to carry at least millions of unwanted ones – especially if we have poor immunity or chronic illness. Mould and fungi are linked to everything from skin disorders to chronic fatigue – even MS and cancer. There are other simple gadgets to use when there is a known mould disorder, such as simple argon zappers – and while they can cost thousands you can also get a home made version for around $40 – so worth it (please ask if you are looking for one of these – I know a great supplier).


While this little beauty wont necessarily make you alkaline, it is a valuable tool in helping you enjoy your water. There is something seriously refreshing about sparkling water. Once your water is filtered, clean and alkalised, you put it through the soda stream – if you thought you didn’t like water before, you will now. Some may like to add fruit or spices but please, never add the syrups or cordial. Soda water makes the most unreal punch and summer drinks. I have owned 3 and all have been brought from garage sales, in perfect order. The latest model in our house is a new one and even though it looks great, it is no different really to the cheaper ones I managed to pick up. Replacement bottles mean you can make about 2 litres for less than 50c. Not bad…


AKA bicarb, baking soda, bicarbonate of soda, sodi bic. This is THE alkaline salt of choice that we all should take above and beyond all supplements. While it will never remove illness if it is the only step taken in the hope of getting healthy, it is a vital step in BEING and STAYING healthy. All you have to do is google ‘baking soda protocol’ to see how many people with chronic, even terminal health disorders have managed to cure themselves. The ONLY reason it is not flying off the shelves as a cure all is because drug companies cannot patent or make a trillion from it. Instead, they educate doctors to say it is a toxic poison. Funny that.

Feel out of sorts? Take some bicarb. Tummy upset? Don’t rush out for gaviscon, take some bicarb. Feel a cold coming on? Yes, take some bicarb. Get alkaline and the truth is, it’s impossible to just get sick or ‘catch’ an illness.


Every home should have a blender. In seconds you can make icecream, sorbet, gelato, milks, puddings, cream, soup, smoothies, mayonnaise, dressings, slushies – all healthy, all dairy-sugar-wheat-additive free. So simple. I have so many recipes now but there are more out there – Shelley Redford-Young, Sunny Raw Kitchen, Russell James, Green Smoothie Girl, etc. My blender is used for just about every meal. As a result, we NEVER buy mayonnaise or dressings, sauces, cream, icecream, gelato, sorbet, milkshakes, hommus or dips – imagine just the financial savings. But more than that, you can ensure the tastiest meals and treats that only take seconds to whip up. Being alkaline and healthy will never mean you have a bland diet. A breakfast smoothie of avocado, banana, orange, frozen berries, celery, carrot, beetroot, ginger, maca powder, soaked almonds and spinach will give you more nutrients than most people will take all day in a western ‘balanced’ diet. You can superboost it and add acai, supergreen powders, flax oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds, etc. No one will know. And while we’d all like a Vitamix, who has $1000 to throw around? More on healthy and amazing recipes in the CHAPS health/weightloss diet, to follow.

I made do for years, with a heavy motor Breville and a cheaper magic bullet – you can buy the equivalent for about $25 in Kmart… I managed to find a pay as you go system for a Vitamix and as handy as it is to make raw soups and nut milks, I can honestly say I was just as happy with my cheapie bullet… Only difference is that you can leave it on for longer – usually. I also can’t say I am too impressed with the Ninja or any of the so-called ‘nutrition extractors’ out there – a rose by any other name…


Anyone wonder why Boost Juice is always surrounded by dozens of keen customers? What is usually seen as an expensive treat when you are out, can be done at home for a fraction of the price. It’s been estimated, that with the low quality of fruits and vegetables today, we’d need to eat 4kgs just to get what we NEED to be healthy. I don’t know many who can do that and besides, the fibre present would be massive. Instead, why not concentrate it and put it through a juicer.

Suddenly, 1kg of raw food becomes a glass of nutrient concentrate that tastes magic. Think of it as a multi vitamin in a glass, rather than something people do to look good when out… And if you grow your own herbs and vegetables – all those leaves and stalks that usually get thrown away can first become a nutrient shot, then the waste given to the chooks or thrown into the compost.


I can put 4 or 5 kgs into my dehydrator and in a day or so you have jars of fruit leather (banana, strawberries, pears, mango) that tastes nothing like the rank commercial stuff – a container of ‘facon’ which is made from marinated eggplant and liquid smoke – a jar of sundried tomatoes and capsicum, ‘raw’ biscuits that make even the fussiest eaters knock them off in minutes – a jar of dried apple and banana, sweet potato chips. It is a little time consuming but once you get the hang of it you wont believe what you can make – cheesecakes, pizza bases, cakes, pies, slices – and more – reducing your shopping bill while increasing variety.

And because nothing is technically cooked, you are getting the benefit of 100% raw food. Considering anything from 50 – 100% of nutrients can be cooked out by regular means, dehydrating is one of the best ways to ensure increased nutrient intake.

There is more – spiral ‘pasta’ and ‘curly fry’ makers, graters, slicers – the list is endless. But it is very easy to become alkaline – and healthy.


To be truly healthy, to be able to avoid illness and premature aging, from a cellular level, to reverse many genetic disorders and to ensure immunity from contagions – as well as maintaining the best weight for you, there is really only one way to go – alkaline. Including as much raw food as possible. Many ‘experts’ will deny this is all possible just by diet – they obviously haven’t tried it. Most people don’t realise that you are not just what you eat, but what you don’t eat. Every single day we bombard our bodies with foods we just cannot break down, so not only does every cell react badly in different ways, but by avoiding whole, super foods, we are not nourishing our bodies. A medically trained nutritionist will tell you that if your body doesn’t need it, it will just pass through , and if you have no appetite, that is fine because your body will cope. None of this is true – you may survive but you wont thrive.

The whole purpose of food is to nourish our bodies, but what are we doing? Filling ourselves with useless, nutrient deficient ‘foods’ and wondering why, generation after generation the human race is getting sicker and sicker weaker and weaker.  The good news is that we can change it. But the word change is vital – no magic pill, that idea is a science fiction lie. It takes effort and dedication. And yes, you survive , but who wants to be barely living, just for the sake of enjoying one or two minutes of food, when doing it the right way can allow you to really live, free of pain and inflammation?

Rather than the myriad utensils and appliances our kitchens are filled with, we need to change that entire way of thinking. On this diet you will rarely use your oven, frypan, toaster, mixmaster or kettle – and definitely not your coffee machine. nstead, you’ll have a water filter, soda stream, alkaline stick, steamer, a dehydrator and a blender. And you’ll use them all the time. And instead of sugar, flour, salt, meat, milk, cheese, white rice and pasta, you’ll have frozen berries, tons of raw greens, nuts, alkaline fruits, superfoods and sea salt. The funny thing is, the food actually tastes heaps better. And you’ll wonder how you ever ate any other way.

This is not to say you can never have any of the old stuff ever again – you can, but just on occasion. In fact, so long as you balance 80% alkaline to 20% ‘regular’ food, you will thrive and you will see your life change before your eyes.

Acids are present in every painful or inflammatory reaction in the body. Our body needs certain acids but foods that make up the staple of our diets – sugars, processed foods, bread, pastry, biscuits and stimulants, all cause severe chemical reactions in the body – dumping acidic and toxic waste into cells and in turn affecting joints, organ function, blood balance – even nervous system processes.  We all need to eat food that is alkaline, but especially so for chronically unwell people, to bring our bodies back to a decent, pain free and sickness free pH balance. Note, that medicines, drugs, even moods can cause acidic reactions in the body. This news is not new but has not been taken in by mainstream medicine. Dr Hay proved in the 1930s that sickness and pain virtually disappear if the right food is first eliminated and then the body is detoxed, followed by alkaline and neutral foods.

Of course, most people find it easier to live on drugs or suffer than give up the foods and drinks that they love. Why, I do not know – I would rather abundant health any day than relying on medicine to keep me alive (of sorts, anyway). This diet is safe and healthy for every human being and most animals. Nutrients are actually absorbed, as opposed to regular diets where food lies stagnant and fermenting in the gut and bowel and is eliminated without much being used at all.  A few things need to be considered but the benefits are endless. Firstly, a very real detox needs to be undertaken – including either coffee enemas (to kick the liver into purging and throwing out unnecessary waste and chemicals) or colonic irrigation (professionally done). Then we need to incorporate a lot of raw food into the diet – by way of eating or juicing (preferred option for most because of convenience) and predominantly green food (alkaline).

Below is a basic chart but there are many extra medicines, tonics and treatments that can help. My favourite scientific website to support this is – miracle – Dr Young has decades of experience with countless cases – far superior results to any single practitioner I have ever read of or witnessed. The funniest and most interesting thing about his detractors, is the fact that every single one of them is someone who has been unable to follow the plan completely – and of course medical doctors who as usual seem to have an ego about it all – thankfully more and more practitioners of all persuasions are starting to learn about it all and follow the easy plan – the work has all been done for them.

Lots of pure water needs to be drunk every day. Breakfast, as we know it, has to be eliminated – after a week or so it is very easy. Get a serious strong blender – it can be anything from a magic bullet to a vitamix. Breville sell a high watt version for about a tenth of the price (1200watt motor). Recipes in the link below.


If you are serious, follow the eating plan – order here – vegan, alkaline, gluten free, low allergy, and much more. It not only burns fat but acidity, inflammation and chronic health issues.


It contains grocery list, recipes, health tips and will set you up for life. If you need to lose additional weight there are also highly recommended natural supplements that will assist – please send your requests and intentions and it will be personalised. If you would prefer a health assessment, please send your request and details will be forwarded.

But get started now – the CHAPS plan is all you need.

IBS – Unnecessary suffering

Herbal Papaya Leaf Supplements

Ask anyone with chronic abdominal pain and a plethora of symptoms that all focus around our digestive system, if they would consider IBS a friend, and they’d probably scratch your eyes out.


Before we go any further, do you know what a ‘syndrome’ is? According to Merriam-Webster, it is a group of signs or symptoms – this is it – not a disease, not a diagnosis per se. It is a collection of ‘signs’ and symptom sets – so it can be thoughts, emotions, feelings, outward appearance, sensory reactions and yes, even visible/obvious symptoms – but can be part of many disease states, and is not necessarily a disease in and of itself. Usually given to states that cannot be tested for or diagnosed…


IBS – as a GP friend once happily told me – is a collection of symptoms that basically mean abdominal pain that is unexplained. Wow, that was a very simple explanation – the truth is, there is much, much more to it – and medicine is failing millions, if not billions of sufferers around the world.

And yet, I would consider IBS is a friend – because without these symptoms, you would not even realise there is anything amiss. The truth here is that your body has most likely been trying to tell you since you were born but it wasn’t until the pain and other symptoms got to the point they would no longer be ignored, that you took yourself off to the doctor and were told that you have IBS.

While it can be part of many genetic or pathological diseases such as Crohn’s or Coeliac disease, it can be just the body’s pre-warning system – one that is usually ignored until it ‘develops’ into its own diagnosis such as bowel cancer or diverticulitis.


Most people will go home happy in the knowledge they finally have a diagnosis – and are happy to go on, take a pill for the pain and do nothing else – at least until the symptoms worsen to the point that your digestive system is literally dying. Then your doctor may well tell you that you have ulcers or cancer or need a colostomy bag. Yes, it really is that bad. See why IBS is your friend? It’s time to take action.

Let’s follow the timeline of your IBS. During gestation, most women find it okay to eat for two. That old wive’s tale is just that – she is not eating for two. In fact, the growing baby only needs nutrients – not food. The bulk of that food will sit on her hips and sadly stay there. But that is another story entirely. The growing baby only needs a good balance of nutrients – that is why expectant mothers who take wholefood supplements eventually give birth to healthier babies than those who did not.


Everything the mother puts into her body will affect the baby in some way. Ridiculous cravings are not only damaging her but also the new cells growing at a rapid rate – are you feeding good cells or unhealthy cells? Add DNA to that – aka hereditary, and the new life arrives with an imprint of health – or ill health. The new baby will already have all the cells it will needs for full body function – including digestive lining, plus precursors to enzymes and hormones. This is where the future of the new person’s health is already founded.


After birth, depending on the diet, the perfectly formed gastric lining comes under assault. Iridologically, you will see the picture clearly from birth. I love to look into irises of newborns! Is there an acid ring around the bowel area? Are there already pockets showing inherited disorders and weaknesses? Believe it or not, toxins already show up – based on what was eaten/drunk during pregnancy, and what the umbilical tube and then liver/kidneys could not excrete.

The most perfect food is mother’s milk, but if the mother eats rubbish, that new baby is already suffering. Colic is just one of the few obvious symptoms something is already wrong. Poor immunity is never medically linked to the bowel – the truth is, that is exactly the source of all future illness – including chronic and terminal.


Infant formula will keep the child alive but it will not offer anything by way of all the micronutrients, enzymes or factors that mother’s milk does. If a child is born by caesarian section, natural chemical processes will not occur – one of the most vital aspects is transfer of the original beneficial bacteria – which in turn sets about an entire chain of reactions.


Through life, if that child is not given the right foods and is allowed to live on what has become normal, immune function will weaken – eventually forcing the individual to succumb to a huge array of what is now accepted as part of aging.

Yet, if the original pregnant mother lived on truly healthy food, then the baby was at first breastfed, and then prevented from the assault of sugars, grains, dairy, meat and additives, the entire quality of life and vitality would be a polar opposite.


My pet peeve right now is the flogging of NEXIUM for indigestion. If you have indigestion change your diet! Your body is screaming that you are harming yourself. Even more unbelievable is that Nexium is being marketed for babies!

nexium babies  694.full.nexium

Do you have a clue what is in Nexium or even care what the side effects are? Like all other indigestion type medications, it’s nothing more than a string of unpronounceable ingredients, as well as brake fluid, talc (adhesions), vinyl and a real gutful of what amounts to a poison cocktail – with a little adulterated magnesium thrown in for good measure (ironically, taking Mg is a very good thing for indigestion, cramping or any other sort of pain).

For the record, what are just a few of the known side effects of Nexium – remember – taken to ‘address the symptoms of indigestion’ ?? And don’t forget, you can check this out on the manufacturer’s website – as can your doctor or pharmacist. Remember, this is not the full list that is available if you know where to look.

All because you cannot possibly eat healthy…

Dizziness, confusion (can anyone say Alzheimers?)
Fast or uneven heart rate (but don’t worry, it’s not related to indigestion)
Jerking muscle movements and jittery feeling (legal high)
Diarrhea that is watery or bloody (better go and get that bowel cancer screening)
Muscle cramps, muscle weakness or limp feeling
Cough or choking feeling
Seizure (convulsions)
Headache, drowsiness;
Nausea, stomach pain, gas, constipation
Dry mouth
Gout symptoms
Abdomen enlarged
Allergic reaction
Back pain and chest pain, substernal chest pain
Hot flushes
Fatigue, fever, flu-like disorder (chronic fatigue? Don’t worry, they’ve got a flu vaccine…)
Hypertension & tachycardia
Earache, tinnitus
Leukocytosis, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia (blood cell disorders)
Hepatic function abnormal
Diabetic symptoms – glycosuria, hyperuricemia, hyponatremia, increased alkaline phosphatase, thirst, vitamin B12 deficiency, weight increase, weight decrease
Musculoskeletal: arthralgia, arthritis aggravated, arthropathy, cramps, fibromyalgia syndrome, hernia, polymyalgia rheumatica
Nervous System/Psychiatric: anorexia, apathy, appetite increased, confusion, depression aggravated, dizziness, hypertonia, nervousness, hypoesthesia, impotence, insomnia, migraine, migraine aggravated, paresthesia, sleep disorder, somnolence, tremor, vertigo, visual field defect
Reproductive: dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorder, vaginitis;
Respiratory: asthma aggravated, coughing, dyspnea, larynx edema, pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis;
Skin and Appendages: acne, angioedema, dermatitis, pruritus, pruritus ani, rash, rash erythematous, rash maculo-papular, skin inflammation, sweating increased, urticaria;
Special Senses: otitis media, parosmia, taste loss, taste perversion;
Urogenital: abnormal urine, albuminuria, cystitis, dysuria, fungal infection, hematuria, micturition frequency, moniliasis, genital moniliasis, polyuria;
Visual: conjunctivitis, vision abnormal.
DIGESTIVE SYMPTOMS CAUSED BY NEXIUM – Dyspepsia, dysphagia, dysplasia GI, epigastric pain, eructation, esophageal disorder, frequent stools, gastroenteritis, GI haemorrhage, pharynx disorder, rectal disorder, serum gastrin increased, tongue disorder, tongue edema, ulcerative stomatitis, vomiting

… hang on….

SEVERE interactions with heart medication and sedatives….


This is where medicine steps in to ensure that pattern remains – milky white, sugary and meaty diets, drugs with side effects, surgery which only results in part function of the entire system, chronicity in bowel habits and associated disease – all linked back to that poor bowel that never stood a chance. One vital to remember here is that doctors are not trained in nutrition and many medical dieticians are also trained from the same books as medical students – funded and published by food industry rather than natural health experts.

How does a human being, designed to eat raw, healthy food, become so unwell that they cannot tolerate the very food that will heal them? Yet this is exactly what happens with food sensitivities and allergies. As a baby, they were already acidic. Medications will never correct that – just mask it. By the time the individual has reached that terrible, deficient health state, the digestive lining is so damaged that even the most basic function is not possible.


If you have abdominal pain, indigestion, either chronic diarrhoea or constipation that are unexplained – and if food aggravates all of these symptoms, you will fall under the banner of IBS – irritable bowel ‘syndrome’ – which is a collection of seemingly unrelated symptoms. They ARE related and it is all down to our diet and lifestyle.

If you have abdominal pain, indigestion, either chronic diarrhoea or constipation that are unexplained – and if food aggravates all of these symptoms, you will fall under the banner of IBS – irritable bowel ‘syndrome’ – which is a collection of seemingly unrelated symptoms. They ARE related and it is all down to our diet and lifestyle.

If you are tired of the pain, bloating and discomfort, I’d say you have little to lose. But much to gain. See my posts on the alkaline diet – please! It’s not a suggestion, it’s a demand IF you want to get better. Here are the alkaline diet guidelines – print them off, follow them 100% – this is not a 50% half hearted stab at something. If you want full health you will put in everything you have to get well. Or you should.

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Just like your IBS didn’t just happen overnight or by one fluke cause, your healing will not happen with one magic medicine that simply masks the symptoms.

Heal your gut. Heal your body at a cellular level. An Edenic level.

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When is a diet not a DIET?

Proposal - June 24-25

Many times during my (seemingly never-ending) years of study and research, the topic of food combining and alkaline diet popped up. Sometimes I took a little on board but being a little warped by early medical studies I just could not equate diet with cure. Okay, so it was a good foundation but as for healing, surely you needed other modalities to make a difference? Surely if it’s broken, chop it off; if it’s damaged, use some powerful medication to sort things out and you’ll be ‘healthy’ again?

It was only in my late 40s that I realised even my health was declining, despite a vegetarian lifestyle for most of my years on this planet; despite the supplements, herbs, homoeopathics and even chemical free lifestyle. To the delight of colleagues (especially in the medical field) and so many, it seemed even practicing what I preached was not enough and it wasn’t worth all the effort – at the end of the day we all were ageing. But deep down I knew that was just not true.


Almost in passing, I rediscovered the alkaline diet. In desperation I flipped my household overnight. Totally vegan once again, and food on the 80/20 plan (meaning minimum 80% alkaline plus 20% acidic) and swapping a few habits, in turn flipped my health dramatically – where nothing in the past had worked. Being in constant pain, and missing the most important day in my adult life, my eldest child’s wedding because of sudden poor health was not only a painful turn of events, but a shocking reflection for my patients.

I had heard that people raised vegan alkaline never get sick, live to old ages and have health far superior to anyone else on the planet. But I had trouble believing that. I’d always thought they were just fanatics who stretched the truth a little. It was only when one by one, all my accumulated symptoms disappeared and I became immune to whatever bug was going around that I realised there was much, much more to this.

My foray into diet came in a roundabout way, courtesy of early herbal and organic gardening studies, plus a course in Natural Nutrition. It needs to be mentioned here that both of these paths include foods I now know to be acidic and not good for your health. I am not an expert on alkaline living but as with anything I take on, I am studying all I can on the subject and am blessed to be part of Dr Robert Young’s network.

I am not joking when I say ALL illness can be improved, if not removed altogether by living an alkaline lifestyle. Okay, so the first response is usually “I can’t eat all that raw food. I have to have my meat and dairy. That’s not living, that’s hell.” Really? Compared to what? Is it merely that people have been conditioned to endure ill health rater than do ‘anything’ for good health? Hell to me is being sick!

How is it that people happily agree to organ transplants, cracking open the skull to cut up the brain, pacemakers, removal of vital body parts and drugs with abhorrent side effects – or that ultimate sting – risking life or body function in the hope that a procedure might help them – yet fall down at the thought of eating healthy in the chance they will no longer be chronically or terminally ill? The biggest god-doctor act today is guilting parents into torturing their children – with one of the outcomes being possible brain damage or death. Yet living a healthy life is laughed at and dismissed…


For decades, I have seen miracle after miracle in natural health care. I am not joking and one day I hope to fill a book with the case studies. We are talking healthy births of babies that doctors left to die in utero; patients not given the hope of living through the night, walking out of hospital free of disease (once natural medicines have been snuck in), patients waking from comas when doctors have told families to prepare the last rites – when that family instead chose to learn all they could from me to help their loved one. Cancer patients, legally not permitted (that is how strong the medical system is – condemned by ego) to use natural therapies and told by their oncologists that they have a month at best, introducing simple measures into their water or food (or bodywork) and not only living past that month or so, but being declared free of cancer.

But nothing has prepared me for the depth of what the alkaline diet is capable of. Dr Robert and Shelley Young write life changing books on this – both the research and how to do it. In fact, there is a plethora of books available. These days, if I hear a person is terminally ill, I advise them immediately to begin the diet as per the list below, but then to follow up with a dedicated personalised protocol, as there is a lot to do, if we want to change the effects of our acidic life.


Basically, the body is alkaline by design but acidic in nature – that means if we want optimum health, we need to keep our bodies alkaline. This theory is supported by the fact the blood zaps all alkaline salts and minerals from tissues in our bodies – it has to. If the blood becomes too acidic, we die. In fact, all death – regardless of whether mechanical or medical – is linked to acidity.

How? Water is acidic – not by nature but because of pollution and treatment methods. Cooked food is acidic. Alcohol is acidic. So too with sugar, processed foods, even fruit. So if, like me, you live on kgs of fruit a day, yes, you are getting nutrients but you are filling your digestive system and blood with acidic sugar. Fructose is not the health product we are led to believe. Most fruits should be treated as a luxury – part of the 20% – along with all the obviously acidic foods and drinks. Exceptions to this rule – lemons, limes and to a lesser degree, other citrus, pears, berries and melons. Anything else is to be put into the same basket as other luxuries – chocolate, desserts, cakes, alcohol etc. Meat and dairy are arguably the highest in acidity – stress, chemicals, medications, health and death of the animals is simply passed on to whoever decides to put that into their mouths – and is linked to most disease and inflammation.

* Note: Contrary to what many so-called health experts are saying, slightly alkaline water is NOT enough to combat all the other acidic processes, nor can it raise your pH if you continue to eat the same way and live with the same stress.

Soil is usually acidic – even alkaline, limey soil becomes acidic because each grain is coated with chemicals.  Stress is acidic. Chemical cleaners and even beauty products cause acidic processes.

The theory is that ALL illness is acidic. Some even go so far as to say there is no disease – simply varying levels of acidity. Considering even pain can be removed by alkaline living, I’d have to agree. All bodily processes are acidic – they leave acid throughout the body. For optimal health, these tissues need to be alkaline. Give it a go and you will see why.

So, how do you become alkaline? It’s actually really easy and I do recommend you get a good book on the subject as it will go into far more detail than I am here. A few vital steps to take up front –


* Water alkaliser or filter jug sticks – the machines are very expensive, but the rods, which last up to two years, can be left in your filtered water (never drink tap water or straight rain water – the environment is just not healthy enough any more) and both will turn your water alkaline. The machines have the benefits of negatively charging the ions. If you can afford it, this is the best option. The best option is a quality ionising, alkalising filter but these are expensive and often out of reach – your water will be finer in molecular structure, ionised, alkalised, remineralised (as in nature – spring water) and is naturally high in antioxidants. pH can be up to 10 which naturally raises your pH, removing toxins and inflammation and all illness linked to inflammatory processes can be positively affected.

0 8 detox

* Bi-carb – (baking soda) this should never be classed as a cure-all because it isn’t. You can’t just eat and do what you like and hope that a dose of bi-carb will do the trick. That would be akin to not watering your garden and hoping that a daily dose of fertiliser will do the job. But taking a flat teaspoon of bi-carb in water morning and night is pure magic. It flushes the bowel, kidneys and liver while upholding the structure of blood – in fact, it is an ingredient in many sports drinks, liver treatments, kidney medications, even IV fluids (it’s been my belief for many years that if Sodi-bic IV fluids were used instead of 4% and 1/5 saline dextrose, many traumatic and life threatening illnesses could be reversed. Warning – bicarb/baking soda will usually have the effect of a strong laxative – drink lots of water and do not use it if you are heading out – give at least an hour to allow the immediate effects to pass.


* Lemons/limes – these should be seen as your best friend. A minimum of one of either fruit per person, per day will lift your pH like nothing else. If you have a soda stream, adding pure juice to the carbonated water will soon become your drink of choice. If not, adding some to any water you drink will ensure your body’s pH sits at over 7 every day. Note – soda water even without sugary flavouring is slightly acidic.


* Enemas – don’t laugh. Once part of every healthy program at spas, these have been relegated to obscurity and that is a shame. If you can afford to, book a couple of visits to a colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy clinic – this will flush away a lifetime of toxic build up and hurry the process up, as becoming alkaline in the saliva and urine is very different to your bowel sitting at a very healthy alkalinity. At home, coffee (I often joke this is the only way to use it), olive oil, diluted epsom salts or bi-carb will work wonders. Enemas have the ability to also turn around a lifetime of chronic illness and in many cultures, various forms of enemas and suppositories are made from herbs. Enema kits are available via eBay but my preferred apparatus is a simple saline enema bottle. You can use the saline once, then keep using the bottle. Soak in warm soapy water to which a little disinfectant has been added, drip dry and store for the next use. If you can do this even twice a week, you will soon notice the difference to your health.

Something happening more and more of late that concerns me no end – bowel rupture – could be avoided if people stopped popping medication in the hope it will fix from the top, something that is too deep seated to be corrected that way – it just wont. A regular enema will. Then by balancing with all the other measures your blockages, toxicity and chronic ill health can and will be reversed. Warning – this should be done only when you have an hour or so to lay still and wait for effects – either last thing at night or when you have the house to yourself during the day. Relax and don’t answer the phone.


* pH testers – Available over the counter in pharmacies and some health shops. I prefer to buy online and found a handy gadget from China that only costs about $10 and will work for years. Testing your urine a few times a day at first, will soon make way for once or twice, when you feel your body may be acidic. If your acidity is on the increase (low pH) you can take corrective measures such as bi-carb or lime/lemon/enemas to keep your pH where it is optimal. And yes, you can use the pool pH tester.

A detox 3

* Coconut oil – as important as citrus. Take a heaped teaspoon of coconut oil every morning BEFORE eating or drinking anything else. This will not only help flush your bowel and even drag heavy fats from your lymphatics and body in general, but the structure of coconut oil is such that it can positively affect your various body tissues, bones and organ function. Warning – don’t do it if you are on your way out – give it at least an hour to work.


* Blender and juicer – what has been done in ‘health freak’ homes for decades has finally taken off – no one can eat all the food that we’d need to get macro nutrient levels. We’d be eating all day. Today’s diet is so malnourished that we live in a perpetual state of hunger. By eating healthy, alkaline food you actually rarely get hungry. But the fact remains, by juicing or making smoothies from superfoods and alkaline plant foods, you will get more nutrients in one day than many get in a year. A blender can make nut milks, mayo, cream and even cheeses. It sounds unbelievable, but I am yet to hear one guest tell me they know I have just made that food with nuts.

Try it – a cup of almonds that have been soaked overnight, peeled by rubbing in a teatowel and squeezing between your fingers – cover with an equivalent amount of water. Add vanilla extract or paste to taste and a little fresh orange juice. This is the basis of the Spanish delicacy Bienmessabe or almond cream. Use less or more water to taste.

The same can be done with soaked cashews – to one cup, add half a cup of olive oil, juice of one lemon (a little quality vinegar if you prefer but remember it is acidic), a teaspoon of Himalayan salt and a little pepper. Blend until smooth – you can add garlic and parsley and this can also be adjusted to make ranch dressing, tartare sauce, thousand island dressing, etc, etc. I water it down further and add a little more oil and curry powder to make a salad dressing like nothing I’ve ever tried before.

Anyway, a blender can make the best smoothies – which should never contain dairy at all. Try a stick of celery, an avocado, 1 small carrot, 1 small beetroot, one small lime, one small orange, 1 small pear, half a cup of frozen raspberries, a teaspoon of maca powder and a tablespoon of pure coconut oil. Puddings can be made the same way. Even kids love this and don’t have a clue that they are drinking/eating health food! To make a gelato that everyone will love, add the pulp of one orange, a cup of frozen berries of your choice, a little vanilla extract and half a cup of soaked macadamias if you want it more like icecream. Unbelievably good. If you have a juicer, you can extract the very essence of alkaline foods rather than eat the bulk provided by merely blending lots of healthy food. What would usually fill an entire blender, a good juicer can do the same yet fill just a small glass – the benefits are endless. While the more expensive brands are the Rolls Royces of the field, even the cheapier bullet type blenders can be used as both a juicer and blender and if you use them wisely will do the trick for years.


* Dehydrator – by joining a few raw food websites, you will be able to learn how to make alternatives to every one of your favourite foods – alkaline cakes and desserts, chips and crackers, even breads. I can make dozens of kgs of food into dehydrated foods in a few days – sadly, they are polished off exponentially faster than they are made…

Get the full CHAPS plan here – the only diet you will ever need for health and weightloss.

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Breaking News – herb could cure cancer?

Herbal Graviola

Don’t you just love the media? They take a tiny part of a story and make world news with it. And the public falls for it. When I practiced from a health shop, every single Monday without fail, dozens of people would bring in the clipping from the Sunday paper and demand whatever someone had just paid thousands to advertise. Why? Because it was in the paper. So it must be true. Some would come in with the comment, “I saw my doctor first thing this morning and he said it was okay for me to take.” Really?

See today’s offering…. story here

Amazing. During my nursing days, we were subliminally conditioned to view complimentary therapies as quackery – dangerous even. Any drugs synthesized to emulate a herb or mineral combination were “Okay because scientists made it and it has been proven to work” – all the while, the real herb or concoction was made illegal or seen as just plain witchcraft.


I grew up in a town full of herb gardens. Some were amazing and I was grateful to be given slips, cuttings and seedlings of these incredible plants. The odd thing was that the best ones were just for show. One lady had a huge David’s wheel herb garden with plants I only hoped one day to be able to grow. I remember going to an elderly lady’s house one day to take cuttings and she didn’t have a clue what they were for.

I’d often stop my horse by the side of the tracks and pick wild plants to grow at home. Then one day I realised that people were looking at me strange – yes, the old “She must be a witch” had hit me. It didn’t help that even those I had known all my life and sat next to in church every Sunday were now believing it.


So what did I do? I wrote a little piece on herbal medicine for the home, including the little known fact that King David was the original master herbalist. And I was soon invited to speak at CWA and other meetings. I was thankfully able to teach stuff that their mothers and grandmothers would have known – you could see the lights going on. “My nanna used to give us that. It tasted awful but by golly, it worked!”

So I find myself balanced on a knife’s edge. On one hand I am constantly frustrated that doctors will usually deter patients from self care and frighten with threats and warnings about poisoning. On the other, as soon as medicine or those clever scientists realise what we have known for millenia, that herbs DO work, they take them, extract one or two components, then synthesize them. Okay. So far, so good.

But then the herb is mysteriously banned pending further research – after all, we don’t want to find out that all of those millions were wrong after all, do we? In time, it is eventually returned to the shelves in a new, ‘improved’ form that is only accessible by pharmacists and practitioners – and quite often out of reach of those of us who have actually studied herbal medicine.


Oregano has been known – and used – for its benefits for so long now; alongside hundreds of regular safe herbs (no, not all herbs are safe – many are toxic if you don’t know how to use them – but in the right hands, can work miracles). The thing is, thousands of herbs all around the world, aka traditional, indigenous and bush medicine, are already curing ill health.


It’s just sad that big pharma and your doctor would rather frighten you away from that little fact, than tell you to maintain optimum health by growing and using them.

Yes, herbs can cure cancer. There are many available and even many preparations available OTC. It can be as simple as taking a preparation or two without a single setback or side effect.

And many more have been banned long ago, awaiting re-release by big pharma. For now, please take the time to learn all you can about health maintenance. It is the only way we can hope to live free of chronic illness. And if you can’t find what you need in the search bar of this blog, just ask – I will happily write your topic while ensuring anonymity for whomever is seeking the truth.

The central purpose of my work, outside of bringing the truth to health care, is to teach every householder to set up an extensive home medicine chest – and that includes a home health manual which will store all necessary health advice so that anyone can safely look up what they may need at any given time.

images-16Thankfully as mentioned there are literally thousands of cancer ‘cures’ – the fact remains, cancer is NOT a disease, it is a state. An acidic state. Ah, I can already hear the cogs clicking away – what?

Think about it – would you dive into a swimming pool with a pH of 4? No – it would burn your skin off! Yet your body is most likely around that exact pH. Medical knowledge on acidity vs alkalinity is very sparse. In fact in 2014 I had a very public argument with someone who claims to be a world authority in natural health care. He had no idea on this matter yet boldly went into a rant about something that his worshippers thought was very clever. In reality it reflected his ignorance and arrogance. Acid is a side effect of diet, stress, toxins and poisons. It affects and inflames every single cell of your body. It affects your blood and interstitial fluids. It washes your organs, your glands, your nerves, your bones. And it degrades and destroys. ALL disease is affected by, if not caused by, acidity. Your body is acid by nature but alkaline by design – meaning you must keep your body alkaline to prevent acid formation and destruction. Yet most of what we do to ourselves IS acidic. This acid wash bathes tissues and eventually the body attempts to encapsulate or fight it, causing necrosis, tumours and myriad damage.

Conveniently for medicine and pharma, many fancy names and diagnoses have been given to explain away the truth. Yet by getting alkaline and focusing on all the symptoms, you will successfully deal with ‘cancer’. Regardless of age, type, whether it is blood, lymph, organ, bone or neural the cause and results are the same – and sadly most ‘cancer symptoms’ as you know them are the effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery rather than any disease state.

Start with your diet (see my other posts – search ‘cancer’ on main page) and take safe, effective age-old supplements, herbals, homœopathics and adjuvant therapies. On that topic, the more recent push to legalise cannabis is alarming. I have to insist that much of it has to do with the fact that it is illicit and many think once oil is legal, so too will smoking be. I have been personally trying to legalise homœopathic cannabis for over 20 years – yet I have an absolute disrespect for smoking it – just as I do for drinking alcohol for the purpose of wiping oneself out. I’ve personally and professionally seen the effects of pot smoking – don’t even consider trying to debate with me on the benefits or lack of research showing negative effects. They can and do exist – and the absolute epidemic proportions of depression, paranoia and simple laziness are sound reflections of long term use. For the record, I have seen too many cases of cancer and seizures while using cannabis to even believe or consider its use.

On the other hand, I know of hundreds, if not thousands, of individual remedies, herbs, minerals, foods and superfoods that can and do cure these issues every single day. Where are the petitions, media stories and outcries for this? Double standards prevail when there is an ulterior motive.

If you are really interested in dealing with cancer, please get prepared. As mentioned diet, along with removing toxic chemicals from your life, de-stressing, along with the many options for healing –

Cassie Tea/Essiac – order here

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Graviola – order here

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Fucoidan (anti inflammatory) – order here

The above are just a small portion of what you can do for your health if affected by cancer. Individually they have been known to bring about total health. Together they include thousands of dollars’ worth of treatment if given at a professional clinic.

Remember, any media story you hear on some exciting discovery, chances are it’s already being done…

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Why are weightloss companies failing you?


Anyone who has ever known me or been a patient knows my dislike for weight watching/weight loss groups, programs or plans – especially those advised by pharma, doctors or well known companies. Why?

Because pharma is not trained in health or diet; doctors do 6 hours of nutrition courses in their entire training (equivalent of a fraction of high school human biology); companies are set up purely to make money. Treatments to supposedly help someone lose weight are invariably temporary – and come laden with side effects.

Untrained distributors attend rah-rah meetings and learn how to flog products. Nothing gets me going faster than seeing someone struggling with health, flogging health products – or struggling with weightloss, flogging weightloss products.


ANY diet set out just to lose weight is doomed to fail you in some way or another. If not, surely every thin person would be free of sickness or chronic disease? That is simply not true. Likewise, it’s not about calories, food pyramid or 5 food groups – these little games were made up by people who had something to gain – usually fame and money – and they have led many generations down a slippery slope of ill health and obesity.


Likewise, losing weight rapidly like big budget TV weightloss type shows advocate are riddled with issues – starvation tactics are shocking to the body; they do not teach you how to interact with the real healing food; joint/muscle/bone injuries and damage are rife; the organ damage inflicted by such trauma and shock is not a one-off or temporary. It’s permanent. While the makeover end results are great and nice to see, it’s the punishment and self doubt that is soul destroying. And sadly, down the track only a fraction are successful.


The good news is that there IS a diet that heals, rebuilds at a cellular level AND weightloss is just a welcome side effect. Keep reading to find out how…


It’s no secret that obese people are among the most malnourished despite the amount of food consumed.There is SO much you can do to get to your ideal weight BUT it must revolve around HEALTH. Healthy living, healthy habits, healthy lifestyle. And for most, these things are alien. So, what to do?

vegan 6.jpg

1. Get alkaline – for any body to be healthy, it must be alkaline – otherwise you are ageing rapidly, acid is increasing your chance of chronic illness, cancer, emotional/psychiatric illness, organ damage and yes, obesity. This point also rings true for people who cannot gain weight. See my links at HERE and link below for the CHAPS eating plan which is a food preparation and diet plan based on Dr Robert Young’s incredible research over many decades and hundreds of thousands of cases, all based around a neutral pH.

0 7 detox

2. Get moving – for some this is very difficult – but even passive exercise will help. It can be as simple as walking outside. In fact, get that vitamin D into you – it is going to have many more benefits than sitting inside thinking about it. Find an exercise program based around your life or abilities. There is an exercise program for us all – it should not be painful, other than occasional muscle burn. If you are confused, see a physio who teaches clinical pilates which will help your health as well as your body. Smashing and pounding your body at a gym may work for a while if you are inspired, but for most a gym membership is a waste.


3. Stop bad habits – do you drink sugary coke? Coffee? Lots of alcohol? Choc milks or iced coffee? STOP! Don’t cut down – it’s not about moderation – it’s about doing ALL you can to undo the damage you have already inflicted. It’s your only chance on your only body – it’s up to you, not some magical medical procedure or side-effect laden pill.


4. Find your ‘instead’ – so if you eat a lot of bread, find something else to eat instead – gluten, the protein in wheat and a few other grains, is one of the worst things you can do for your health – pain, inflammation, weight gain, digestive upset, etc. Cut it completely. Find a gluten free bread or crackers – and even luscious snacks by all means but it’s only bad habits that dictate that we must eat it with every meal. Change that habit. If you reach for table salt every meal, use Himalayan salt instead – full of electrolytes and actually good for your cells. If you reach for sugar to go with everything, make sure it’s stevia or xylitol instead. Ask what your INSTEAD is with every single habit and choice. Just because it has the dodgy healthy heart tick or weight watchers stamp of approval does not make it healthy. People actually sit around board tables discussing how to do grant proposals to set these ridiculous programs up. The latest one in Australia is probably the worst yet – Milo gets a top mark for health and wellbeing. Are you kidding me? With actors as usual, faking some form of health and fitness background. By the way, you can still get your chocolate fix


5. Water – yes, this suggestion has been done to death. That is because it’s a valid one! Did you know, if you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated? Your brain is the last organ to recognise thirst but once you feel thirsty your body is already in panic mode and going through damaging chemical reactions to cope – and your brain is past needing water – it actually begins to dry out and shrink. Drink water all day, even if you have to sip it. No, don’t add sugary cordials. And no, coffee or tea is not water. Stop tainting it! The only thing I ever suggest going into your water is lemon or lime juice. And for every ‘other’ drink you have – whether it’s alcohol, coffee, tea, iced drinks, fizzy drinks, etc – you need at least another cup of water instead – to undo the damage. While I don’t advocate alcohol, I know in the real world people drink it – so choose less sugary options. Without sugary fizzy additive drinks – instead, use soda water and a dash of fresh lemon or lime. Water down wine with soda water. Instead of club lemon, how about fresh lemon?NOT sugar.


6. Herbal teas – did you know, you can actually treat your health almost 100% through well chosen herbal teas? Okay so you’d really have to like tea to do that (luckily I have learned to love it) but yes, it can be done. Appetite suppressing tea, energising tea, sleep-inducing tea, lymphatic flushing tea, and so on. There are even fasting teas that help you to go without food… Just a few easy-to-make-at-home ideas (no sweetener or milk):

  • Ginger – balances hormones, soothes/heals digestion, achey joints (grate 1 teaspoon or 1 teaspoon dried, into cup hot water)
  • Parsley – flushes kidneys, clears fluid and acidity (1 teaspoon in hot water with lemon juice)
  • Rosemary – period pain, concentration and antibacterial (1 sprig in hot water)
  • Lemon grass – clears skin and blood (finely chop approx 1 teaspoon and add to hot water)
  • Sage – hormone balancing, calming (1 teaspoon in hot water)
  • Rooibos – tonic (as per directions – no milk)
  • Slippery elm – soothes stomach pain (1 teaspoon in hot water, mix well)
  • Lemon and cayenne – increases thermogenic processes (half teaspoon cayenne in half cup hot water, dash lemon juice)
  • Aloe vera – soothes digestion, skin, great laxative (squeeze contents of a 1 inch slice of aloe leaf into hot water and lemon juice)
  • Psyllium – clears bowel (1 teaspoon dissolved in hot water, with lemon)


7. Fasting – yes, you heard right. Did you know why ‘break-fast’ is named just so? Because it is meant to be the breaking of the fast. As in you should not have eaten since daybreak the previous day. And yes, that means nothing except water. Few live by this healthy rule any longer. And did you know that contrary to popular folk lore (aka modern day health advice) it does not mean shovel in as many calories as you can? It means eating healthy to fuel your body – FYI fatty food and starchy processed carbs do not fuel your body. So how do you fast? Every night eat a light meal and lots of water.


weight 4

Do not get up and have that midnight snack – make sure there is NOTHING in the fridge or pantry that resembles the life you now lead. The most astounding thing is, yes, you can have ice-cream or cake even – which tastes even better than what you now know as those foods (see free recipe page here – click on photos, albums and recipes are attached to each photo in each section).

In the morning, start with a drink of water with lemon added. If you have digestive problems, have some slippery elm to line the entire GI tract. If you suffer constipation, soak some psyllium in a tall glass of water and allow to soak up – then drink. Either dissolved in hot water or eaten off the spoon, coconut oil will flush not just cellulite but plaque from the bowel.

A detox 3

Then have a smoothie – or a freshly squeezed juice – have both if you have a large appetite or demanding day. If cereal and fruit is your thing, try raw muesli. They will give you more nutrients than any other diet possible. So, by doing this you are fasting every single night – hopefully for 12 hours – so 6 to 6, 7 to 7, or 8 to 8 and so on. And try an easy, occasional fast for real. You will need more preparation for this but you will find more here – HERE


8. Natural supplements to help heal and rebuild your body – ask yourself why health nuts are usually thin and healthy ‘looking’ – we’re not lucky magical people. Most of us have a chronically ill past but just decided enough was enough. We eat well, even if we feel like gorging some days. We stick to healthy habits – it takes some effort but it’s worth it. We don’t rely on medications to keep us alive – even if some of us did once. We just find a healthy new way to live. As in really live, not just exist.


Everything I recommend is vegan, organic and ethically sourced – all done for you – and postage from this company (now my chosen supplier due to low costs) is just a few dollars no matter where you are. It’s all affordable – far moreso than buying more food than any of us need every day. So what supplements can help you? There are just so many – find the ones that will help you but please, start with the superfood tonics, healthy foods, superfoods, high nutrients – the stuff that health is made from –

a) Appetite suppressant (healthy kind) – HERE
b) Digestive/vital organ tonic/thyroid tonic/lymphatic flush – HERE
c) Fat burning/metaboliser (non chemical) – HERE
d) Thermogenic/detox tea – HERE
e) Sugar/fat metabolism – HERE
f) Superfood/tonic/vitamin/antioxidant/herbal (vital) – HERE
g) Trace elements/minerals/energy (vital) – HERE
h) Essential fatty acids/Omegas 3/6/9 – HERE
i) Superfood meal replacement – HERE

– none of the above have the same bad side effects that are linked to so many pharma-based diet pills and treatments. They simply work. It’s not about the latest fad, or the VLCD which is a starvation diet that your body is going to rebel against; ever noticed why all these poor girls, excited about ‘advising’ you on TV ads, still carrying the extra weight – are nowhere to be seen down the track? When it fails they simply find another girl to do the ad, and so on.


(See Elizabeth’s before an after pics above)

If weightloss comes without health, what is the point? I’ve lost count of the number of weightloss patients who came to me AFTER they lost the weight and were seriously ill. Get healthy – weightloss will follow.

See here for the diet to end all diets. It will take you through a step by step programme that will change your life forever.


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