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When is a diet not a DIET?

Many times during my (seemingly never-ending) years of study and research, the topic of food combining and alkaline diet popped up. Sometimes I took a little on board but being a little warped by early medical studies I just could not equate diet with cure. Okay, so it was a good foundation but as for healing, surely you needed other modalities to make a … Read More When is a diet not a DIET?

Why are weightloss companies failing you?

Anyone who has ever known me or been a patient knows my dislike for weight watching/weight loss groups, programs or plans – especially those advised by pharma, doctors or well known companies. Why? Because pharma is not trained in health or diet; doctors do 6 hours of nutrition courses in their entire training (equivalent of a fraction of high school human biology); companies are … Read More Why are weightloss companies failing you?

Constipation – today’s ‘normal’?

Recently I came upon what I initially believed to be a really good parenting website – well sorry guys, for mums only apparently –  as only mums offer ‘sound’ advice on all things parenting. Pfft. As usual, it was filled with health and advice topics but it wasn’t long before I was gritting my teeth and chomping to start posting. Mothers were actually suggesting … Read More Constipation – today’s ‘normal’?


Your gut, your health and mental health.

Insanely interesting health facts – and YOUR health. Nice to have things we have known – or believed – for many years now validated by science, no matter how late it may seem sometimes. Here’s a little food for thought, if you still think your illness is an opportunistic or completely random one – 1. Pathogenic bacteria in your body outweigh your cells by … Read More Your gut, your health and mental health.

Is SALT friend or foe?

What if I told you that eating less salt CAUSES heart disease? No doctor will admit those studies were flawed. Not when patients still have heart disease – at a greater rate than when the ‘discovery’ first came about. Not when sales of salt pills and special drinks – and hypertension pills are under threat. The fact is, it is irrefutable that the less … Read More Is SALT friend or foe?

Should You Avoid Soy?

When I first began on the health trail while still working on the sickness trail, I noticed how many healthy products were slammed by medicine. And how we were taught to treat them like the traitors they actually were. Of course I eventually was on the receiving end and it took me almost 2 decades to even try and stop defending natural health. Around … Read More Should You Avoid Soy?

How to fast properly

Why do you fast? Pre-baby days, my fasts used to go for between 7 and 14 days. It helped me cast off my old chronically unwell self, gave me energy and charged up my lagging vital organs better than any medicine could do. I often only fast on the occasions that I find myself succumbing to sickness, or when I have a dreaded migraine. … Read More How to fast properly

Does sugar form fat and disease?

This article is one of Robert Young’s latest. I’d like to add that it merely addresses what we are told by health experts to be healthy. To this list, you can add the obvious – including ‘diet’ drinks which contain an acid called aspartame, which is linked to seizures, MS and diabetes, amongst other things. Sugar is a Disease Causing Acid Sugar is a … Read More Does sugar form fat and disease?

A News Years’ Health Resolution you won’t fail.

This time of year, the little window between Christmas and New Year is filled with obscene gluttony and unnecessary self-abuse. I wonder when it began and why, with all our knowledge, it is still normal to do so? HOW LONG DOES YOUR NEW YEARS’ HEALTHY RESOLUTION LAST? Along with the guilt of such poor habits, comes the growling snowball of New Years Resolutions, building … Read More A News Years’ Health Resolution you won’t fail.

Is Lactose Intolerance killing the kids as well as the cows?

Is lactose intolerance a ‘real’ health issue? Do kids need calcium supplements? What can you have in place of milk? What health issues does milk cause? What health issues are caused by NOT drinking milk? How do I know if my child is getting enough calcium/protein/nutrients if he/she isn’t drinking milk or eating other dairy products? Will my child outgrow lactose intolerance? Will they … Read More Is Lactose Intolerance killing the kids as well as the cows?

Getting your pH right!

I recently became embroiled in a pretty one-sided argument with a colleague – someone with an international reputation to uphold. The sad thing was, despite some very smug comments and many people joining him in attacking me, the basic truth was that he was wrong. It was not only irresponsible but misleading to the very people who were seeking the truth. Regardless of your … Read More Getting your pH right!

The next step – how to get healthy

Why are there so many treatment ideals, different angles of advice? Who is right, who is wrong and does anyone really know? Surely if naturopaths had it right, their ideals would be mainstream and accepted by orthodoxy? Sadly, in almost 3 decades of health care, one thing that has been glaringly obvious to me is the fact that despite honest intentions, and despite sincere … Read More The next step – how to get healthy

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