When is a diet not a DIET?

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Many times during my (seemingly never-ending) years of study and research, the topic of food combining and alkaline diet popped up. Sometimes I took a little on board but being a little warped by early medical studies I just could not equate diet with cure. Okay, so it was a good foundation but as for healing, surely you needed other modalities to make a difference? Surely if it’s broken, chop it off; if it’s damaged, use some powerful medication to sort things out and you’ll be ‘healthy’ again?

It was only in my late 40s that I realised even my health was declining, despite a vegetarian lifestyle for most of my years on this planet; despite the supplements, herbs, homoeopathics and even chemical free lifestyle. To the delight of colleagues (especially in the medical field) and so many, it seemed even practicing what I preached was not enough and it wasn’t worth all the effort – at the end of the day we all were ageing. But deep down I knew that was just not true.


Almost in passing, I rediscovered the alkaline diet. In desperation I flipped my household overnight. Totally vegan once again, and food on the 80/20 plan (meaning minimum 80% alkaline plus 20% acidic) and swapping a few habits, in turn flipped my health dramatically – where nothing in the past had worked. Being in constant pain, and missing the most important day in my adult life, my eldest child’s wedding because of sudden poor health was not only a painful turn of events, but a shocking reflection for my patients.

I had heard that people raised vegan alkaline never get sick, live to old ages and have health far superior to anyone else on the planet. But I had trouble believing that. I’d always thought they were just fanatics who stretched the truth a little. It was only when one by one, all my accumulated symptoms disappeared and I became immune to whatever bug was going around that I realised there was much, much more to this.

My foray into diet came in a roundabout way, courtesy of early herbal and organic gardening studies, plus a course in Natural Nutrition. It needs to be mentioned here that both of these paths include foods I now know to be acidic and not good for your health. I am not an expert on alkaline living but as with anything I take on, I am studying all I can on the subject and am blessed to be part of Dr Robert Young’s network.

I am not joking when I say ALL illness can be improved, if not removed altogether by living an alkaline lifestyle. Okay, so the first response is usually “I can’t eat all that raw food. I have to have my meat and dairy. That’s not living, that’s hell.” Really? Compared to what? Is it merely that people have been conditioned to endure ill health rater than do ‘anything’ for good health? Hell to me is being sick!

How is it that people happily agree to organ transplants, cracking open the skull to cut up the brain, pacemakers, removal of vital body parts and drugs with abhorrent side effects – or that ultimate sting – risking life or body function in the hope that a procedure might help them – yet fall down at the thought of eating healthy in the chance they will no longer be chronically or terminally ill? The biggest god-doctor act today is guilting parents into torturing their children – with one of the outcomes being possible brain damage or death. Yet living a healthy life is laughed at and dismissed…


For decades, I have seen miracle after miracle in natural health care. I am not joking and one day I hope to fill a book with the case studies. We are talking healthy births of babies that doctors left to die in utero; patients not given the hope of living through the night, walking out of hospital free of disease (once natural medicines have been snuck in), patients waking from comas when doctors have told families to prepare the last rites – when that family instead chose to learn all they could from me to help their loved one. Cancer patients, legally not permitted (that is how strong the medical system is – condemned by ego) to use natural therapies and told by their oncologists that they have a month at best, introducing simple measures into their water or food (or bodywork) and not only living past that month or so, but being declared free of cancer.

But nothing has prepared me for the depth of what the alkaline diet is capable of. Dr Robert and Shelley Young write life changing books on this – both the research and how to do it. In fact, there is a plethora of books available. These days, if I hear a person is terminally ill, I advise them immediately to begin the diet as per the list below, but then to follow up with a dedicated personalised protocol, as there is a lot to do, if we want to change the effects of our acidic life.


Basically, the body is alkaline by design but acidic in nature – that means if we want optimum health, we need to keep our bodies alkaline. This theory is supported by the fact the blood zaps all alkaline salts and minerals from tissues in our bodies – it has to. If the blood becomes too acidic, we die. In fact, all death – regardless of whether mechanical or medical – is linked to acidity.

How? Water is acidic – not by nature but because of pollution and treatment methods. Cooked food is acidic. Alcohol is acidic. So too with sugar, processed foods, even fruit. So if, like me, you live on kgs of fruit a day, yes, you are getting nutrients but you are filling your digestive system and blood with acidic sugar. Fructose is not the health product we are led to believe. Most fruits should be treated as a luxury – part of the 20% – along with all the obviously acidic foods and drinks. Exceptions to this rule – lemons, limes and to a lesser degree, other citrus, pears, berries and melons. Anything else is to be put into the same basket as other luxuries – chocolate, desserts, cakes, alcohol etc. Meat and dairy are arguably the highest in acidity – stress, chemicals, medications, health and death of the animals is simply passed on to whoever decides to put that into their mouths – and is linked to most disease and inflammation.

* Note: Contrary to what many so-called health experts are saying, slightly alkaline water is NOT enough to combat all the other acidic processes, nor can it raise your pH if you continue to eat the same way and live with the same stress.

Soil is usually acidic – even alkaline, limey soil becomes acidic because each grain is coated with chemicals.  Stress is acidic. Chemical cleaners and even beauty products cause acidic processes.

The theory is that ALL illness is acidic. Some even go so far as to say there is no disease – simply varying levels of acidity. Considering even pain can be removed by alkaline living, I’d have to agree. All bodily processes are acidic – they leave acid throughout the body. For optimal health, these tissues need to be alkaline. Give it a go and you will see why.

So, how do you become alkaline? It’s actually really easy and I do recommend you get a good book on the subject as it will go into far more detail than I am here. A few vital steps to take up front –


* Water alkaliser or filter jug sticks – the machines are very expensive, but the rods, which last up to two years, can be left in your filtered water (never drink tap water or straight rain water – the environment is just not healthy enough any more) and both will turn your water alkaline. The machines have the benefits of negatively charging the ions. If you can afford it, this is the best option. The best option is a quality ionising, alkalising filter but these are expensive and often out of reach – your water will be finer in molecular structure, ionised, alkalised, remineralised (as in nature – spring water) and is naturally high in antioxidants. pH can be up to 10 which naturally raises your pH, removing toxins and inflammation and all illness linked to inflammatory processes can be positively affected.

0 8 detox

* Bi-carb – (baking soda) this should never be classed as a cure-all because it isn’t. You can’t just eat and do what you like and hope that a dose of bi-carb will do the trick. That would be akin to not watering your garden and hoping that a daily dose of fertiliser will do the job. But taking a flat teaspoon of bi-carb in water morning and night is pure magic. It flushes the bowel, kidneys and liver while upholding the structure of blood – in fact, it is an ingredient in many sports drinks, liver treatments, kidney medications, even IV fluids (it’s been my belief for many years that if Sodi-bic IV fluids were used instead of 4% and 1/5 saline dextrose, many traumatic and life threatening illnesses could be reversed. Warning – bicarb/baking soda will usually have the effect of a strong laxative – drink lots of water and do not use it if you are heading out – give at least an hour to allow the immediate effects to pass.


* Lemons/limes – these should be seen as your best friend. A minimum of one of either fruit per person, per day will lift your pH like nothing else. If you have a soda stream, adding pure juice to the carbonated water will soon become your drink of choice. If not, adding some to any water you drink will ensure your body’s pH sits at over 7 every day. Note – soda water even without sugary flavouring is slightly acidic.


* Enemas – don’t laugh. Once part of every healthy program at spas, these have been relegated to obscurity and that is a shame. If you can afford to, book a couple of visits to a colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy clinic – this will flush away a lifetime of toxic build up and hurry the process up, as becoming alkaline in the saliva and urine is very different to your bowel sitting at a very healthy alkalinity. At home, coffee (I often joke this is the only way to use it), olive oil, diluted epsom salts or bi-carb will work wonders. Enemas have the ability to also turn around a lifetime of chronic illness and in many cultures, various forms of enemas and suppositories are made from herbs. Enema kits are available via eBay but my preferred apparatus is a simple saline enema bottle. You can use the saline once, then keep using the bottle. Soak in warm soapy water to which a little disinfectant has been added, drip dry and store for the next use. If you can do this even twice a week, you will soon notice the difference to your health.

Something happening more and more of late that concerns me no end – bowel rupture – could be avoided if people stopped popping medication in the hope it will fix from the top, something that is too deep seated to be corrected that way – it just wont. A regular enema will. Then by balancing with all the other measures your blockages, toxicity and chronic ill health can and will be reversed. Warning – this should be done only when you have an hour or so to lay still and wait for effects – either last thing at night or when you have the house to yourself during the day. Relax and don’t answer the phone.


* pH testers – Available over the counter in pharmacies and some health shops. I prefer to buy online and found a handy gadget from China that only costs about $10 and will work for years. Testing your urine a few times a day at first, will soon make way for once or twice, when you feel your body may be acidic. If your acidity is on the increase (low pH) you can take corrective measures such as bi-carb or lime/lemon/enemas to keep your pH where it is optimal. And yes, you can use the pool pH tester.

A detox 3

* Coconut oil – as important as citrus. Take a heaped teaspoon of coconut oil every morning BEFORE eating or drinking anything else. This will not only help flush your bowel and even drag heavy fats from your lymphatics and body in general, but the structure of coconut oil is such that it can positively affect your various body tissues, bones and organ function. Warning – don’t do it if you are on your way out – give it at least an hour to work.


* Blender and juicer – what has been done in ‘health freak’ homes for decades has finally taken off – no one can eat all the food that we’d need to get macro nutrient levels. We’d be eating all day. Today’s diet is so malnourished that we live in a perpetual state of hunger. By eating healthy, alkaline food you actually rarely get hungry. But the fact remains, by juicing or making smoothies from superfoods and alkaline plant foods, you will get more nutrients in one day than many get in a year. A blender can make nut milks, mayo, cream and even cheeses. It sounds unbelievable, but I am yet to hear one guest tell me they know I have just made that food with nuts.

Try it – a cup of almonds that have been soaked overnight, peeled by rubbing in a teatowel and squeezing between your fingers – cover with an equivalent amount of water. Add vanilla extract or paste to taste and a little fresh orange juice. This is the basis of the Spanish delicacy Bienmessabe or almond cream. Use less or more water to taste.

The same can be done with soaked cashews – to one cup, add half a cup of olive oil, juice of one lemon (a little quality vinegar if you prefer but remember it is acidic), a teaspoon of Himalayan salt and a little pepper. Blend until smooth – you can add garlic and parsley and this can also be adjusted to make ranch dressing, tartare sauce, thousand island dressing, etc, etc. I water it down further and add a little more oil and curry powder to make a salad dressing like nothing I’ve ever tried before.

Anyway, a blender can make the best smoothies – which should never contain dairy at all. Try a stick of celery, an avocado, 1 small carrot, 1 small beetroot, one small lime, one small orange, 1 small pear, half a cup of frozen raspberries, a teaspoon of maca powder and a tablespoon of pure coconut oil. Puddings can be made the same way. Even kids love this and don’t have a clue that they are drinking/eating health food! To make a gelato that everyone will love, add the pulp of one orange, a cup of frozen berries of your choice, a little vanilla extract and half a cup of soaked macadamias if you want it more like icecream. Unbelievably good. If you have a juicer, you can extract the very essence of alkaline foods rather than eat the bulk provided by merely blending lots of healthy food. What would usually fill an entire blender, a good juicer can do the same yet fill just a small glass – the benefits are endless. While the more expensive brands are the Rolls Royces of the field, even the cheapier bullet type blenders can be used as both a juicer and blender and if you use them wisely will do the trick for years.


* Dehydrator – by joining a few raw food websites, you will be able to learn how to make alternatives to every one of your favourite foods – alkaline cakes and desserts, chips and crackers, even breads. I can make dozens of kgs of food into dehydrated foods in a few days – sadly, they are polished off exponentially faster than they are made…

Get the full CHAPS plan here – the only diet you will ever need for health and weightloss.

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Constipation – today’s ‘normal’?

Recently I came upon what I initially believed to be a really good parenting website – well sorry guys, for mums only apparently –  as only mums offer ‘sound’ advice on all things parenting. Pfft.

As usual, it was filled with health and advice topics but it wasn’t long before I was gritting my teeth and chomping to start posting. Mothers were actually suggesting that other mothers were wrong in using a healthy diet. To go and discuss diet with doctors, who are untrained in nutrition. I was the 5th alternative health professional to try and comment. You could hear the tumbleweeds. Other mothers who argued that they had raised children using safe and effective natural health methods were attacked.  If I didn’t force myself away I am pretty sure I could be responding for the next year – such is the level of misinformation on health care out there.

Group of sick children in pajamas on the floor
Group of sick children in pyjamas on the floor

As parenting slides down the slippery slope from something natural, to something that now requires constant medical, media and big brother monitoring I have to ask – how did something that should be instinctual, become so tightly bound in fear and manipulation? Kids are actually being abused and tortured in the name of health in 2015. There is now a common procedure within paediatric medicine which involves insertion of a nasogastric tube, administration of strong aperients and minerals, to drag the digestive system clean. It is painful and traumatic. Manual evacuation of impacted faeces is also common. But we can’t mention diet or gentle therapies?


The most basic of issues are now serious medical issues. Drugs are prescribed for even the minor concerns – no one seems aware that those scheduled drugs have side effects. Surgery is seen as some achievement – it’s pretty commonplace nowadays to see a gaggle of excited/tired mums gather and boast of the paediatrician, specialists and latest surgical procedures.


My kids were seen as an oddity while growing up and they each, at different times, came to me asking if I would let them be a ‘normal kid’ – why? “Because all my friends have had operations, needles, are on medications, see specialists or psychiatrists.”


Don’t get me wrong, raising 4 children was no walk in the park, especially for a (mostly) single parent. It’s just that I actively sought the best, most effective, SAFE options every single time extra effort was needed. And aside from an occasional plaster cast, there was ALWAYS an alternative.


So too with digestive disorders. Let’s get back to the basics – in utero, a baby’s body is formed based on a cocktail of DNA, heredity, chemical exposure, diet, stress and medications/supplementation. The digestion is already gearing for assault. If not delivered naturally, the most fundamental process for health is not transferred from mother to child – natural immunity and probiotic formation. If that basic nutrient/chemical is not supplemented after birth, the child is already set for some major health issues. This stems from poor immunity and digestive disorders and affects every aspect of health.


Then, the choice between breast feeding and bottle feeding rears its ugly head. This article is not an exercise in ethics or guilt but the simple fact is, the western world is the only sector where it is a ‘choice’ – and for some mystical reason millions of westerners ‘can’t’ breastfeed. I wonder why we are any different? For me it was not even a question – I would have done anything to make sure I could feed my baby the healthiest way possible – and sadly, in my circle of friends, I was the only one who did. With the middle child, the same thing. And with the twins, while even midwives and doctors went on about my ‘choices’ I didn’t see it. Even when it became obvious that just one side was ‘working’ I still fed both of them up to 12 months. No heroics, it was the best and I took steps to make sure it worked. Herbs, supplements, diet – I made it work.


Why is this so important? Somewhere along the line, vaccines and antibiotics took over where mother’s milk once stood. What naturally builds over time – natural immunity and protection – is now long gone. By the time a child reaches 1 year old, their bowel is no longer making red blood cells* and many food intolerances are ignored.

  • For the record, the true place of RBC manufacture is the large intestine – over time, as damage increases, the spleen and then bones take over – in turn, leeching vital nutrients (calcium, magnesium, silica etc) and causing osteoporotic processes while in childhood. Rather than address this with the simplest method – diet, we have become conditioned to ignore it until it becomes life threatening.


Why do you need to know this information? Well considering health begins in the digestive system, unless we address it from an early age, we are facing chronic ill health. Why is it considered quite okay to just wait to see if we end up with cancer, diabetes, and so on? Why do we now think sickness is a part of old age? It’s not. And yet it is.

We are happy to say we have allergies, yet loathe to do anything about it – yet by simply going alkaline, allergies become a thing of the past. No, we’d rather go and get a medicine that comes with a host of side effects. Worse still, we’d rather go and have a camera invading our bowel just to be told what, that we have a slow digestion?

What food intolerances are precursors or even long term effects of constipation? Has your doctor ever mentioned the importance of body pH? Yet it is THE most vital aspect of health.


Are you intentionally missing certain foods? Why is that? And more importantly, who told you this? Did you know that doctors study an elective 6 hours maximum of nutrition? And that most dietitians learn their advice from industry written books? That means people who have something to sell – wheat, dairy, meat and sugar industry. Did you get your advice from them?

Find out why the intestines of some small children are double the size of an adult’s.


In the full article, see why our eyes are linked to the health of our bowel. And find out why certain bacteria could be the difference between bowel health or your excretory system packing it in altogether. An iridologist can determine if a patient has a constipation issue without even having to use any special iriscope. It is that obvious, as the toxins begin to leech into surrounding organs and circulation. Eventually the kidneys, liver and even reproductive system are badly effected as they attempt to excrete the toxic buildup.


Unicorn Gold is a ‘before-you-squat’ potty spray. Just a few sprays of Unicorn Gold into the toilet bowl and that, skunky, putrid bathroom stench stays where it belongs – trapped deep below the surface of the toilet water. Made with REAL GOLD!

While I don’t recommend constant or excessive use of any aperient/laxative medicines, surely making an organ do its job is better than waiting for something irreversible? There are many foods that help with occasional constipation like prunes, citrus, apricots, even some chewing gums – but each of these is acidic so all they are doing is shocking the body on a temporary basis. The overall aim is to rebalance the body.


What illnesses and symptoms are linked to constipation?

  • Anal fissure (tearing)
  • Hæmorrhoids
  • Diverticulitis
  • Abdominal pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Colo-rectal cancer
  • Belching, bloating & flatulence
  • Weightgain
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Impaction & bowel rupture
  • Enlarged bowel
  • Anæmia
  • Fertility issues
  • Headaches


What issues can be associated or cause constipation?

  • Medication side effects
  • Low natural probiotic reserves
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Iron & calcium supplements
  • Analgesia side effects
  • Low water and oil intake
  • Incorrect posture
  • Incorrect toileting posture
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction or injury
  • Hormone imbalance, especially œstrogen dominance
  • Pregnancy
  • Low dietary fibre

For more information on the correct diet, please see my threads on the pH miracle. But what about at-home measures that not only correct elimination regardless of age, but prevent and even reverse chronic health issues?

Probiotics – The human body consists of 90% pathogens and parasites – most of them beneficial. However, once there is an imbalance, the digestive and immune systems decline. Probiotics have many functions and are safe for use during pregnancy, for infants right through to old age. This formula has not just digestive tonics that are safe and gentle, but also a powerful probiotic that will assist in digestion, elimination and immunity – Probioactive – suitable for use in infancy and childhood. If you prefer a drop formula – Jarro-dophilus will better suit you. For older children, these chewable Berry-dophilus will help make it fun. Adult/family probiotics – Power-Dophilus.


Vital oils

  • 1 teaspoon (children) or 1 tablespoon (over 12) of coconut oil daily will not only work as a gentle laxative but release colonic plaque buildup.
  • For chronic issues and to avoid surgery, 1 teaspoon (children) or 1 tablespoon (over 12) of castor oil will relax the bowel and stimulate peristalsis while moving impaction and buildup.


Toileting habits

In many cultures and in history, humans squatted to straighten the lower bowel and evacuate sufficiently. This is especially effective when dealing with weak pelvic floors, those affected by long term medication or constipation, as it alleviates straining. There are many who prefer a squatting toilet, however in the western world most would prefer to sit. In this case you can use a simple small footstool to elevate both feet while on the toilet. This is one of the most simplest but effective measures for those with limited mobility.


Enema – many cultures use this simple at-home method on a regular basis to aid with removal of both parasites and constipation. Soap pellets are a common treatment in many African nations – mixed with herbs, they are an effective alternative to soap enemas still used in hospitals today. Simple saline enemas can be purchased, washed and re-used by using coffee, oil or soapy water. This is especially good for someone who is constipation long term – the impaction can be impossible to shift from top down, so moving things from the bottom up is the way to deal with it safely and effectively. Larger enema kits can be purchased online but the small saline 150ml bottles are more than enough.


Movement – simple movement. In infants, this can mean gentle pushing up and straightening of the legs repeatedly (warning – this must be done gently and was their muscles allow rather than forcing). Once a regular practice by new mothers and taught by child health nurses, it has all but disappeared. In older children, sedentary lives lead into worsening problems in adults. It’s no coincidence that a dog or horse, upon exercise, will evacuate within a relatively short time of exerting themselves. Movement can also include a form of acupressure which needs no professional instruction. Beginning under the rib cage and working down in straight lines, from the centre of the abdomen to just above the pubic bone, repeat to each side, then again further out until you have made four imaginary lines each side of the median – simply by pressing and releasing gently, as if you are massaging. Press and release – move the hands down a centimetre or two, press and release, move the hands down again and continue to repeat. This works in a combination of massaging the bowel contents and correcting imbalances of the digestion.


Constipation does not ‘just’ happen. It is the end result of many things. It is neither normal or part of a healthy lifestyle. As all things lead to digestion and bowel health, it is imperative that it is dealt with swiftly and in an ongoing manner. I have sadly heard of too many deaths from bowel-related health, including 100% unnecessary and unavoidable intestinal ruptures, to not want to write on this subject. Constipation in infants and children is at the highest level ever, despite access to fresh food and water, as is chronic ill health. It is up to every parent to ensure it is dealt with before it becomes a life threatening issue.


.To get an extensive alkaline chart –

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Murdoch Institute Set to Unleash A Whole New Series of Epidemics?

murdoch-childrens-research-institute-parkville-medical-centres-059e-938x704I recently read about an upcoming study being conducted by the Murdoch Research Institute – you know, the one headed and funded by the media Beelzebub himself, Rupert Murdoch – along with well-indoctrinated son James (previously on the board of GSK) – and with the social darling Sarah as its spokesperson – which is calling for newborn infants to be sacrificed as guinea pigs ‘trialling’ the theory that the BCG vaccine (yes, the one currently responsible for the suffering of millions of the world’s poorest inhabitants) will actually reverse allergies. What, you say, the very vaccine that has destroyed the lymphatic system (immune) is now miraculously going to cure those same allergies it has triggered along with its bedfellows?

Medical-Fraud1It’s not secret among any group who have ever been involved in medical research, just how trial results can be manipulated to suit. In fact, I have seen trials where patients died as a direct result of the ‘medicine’ that was being trialled, and those deaths were used to actually ‘prove’ its efficacy. As m
uch money is thrown at spin tactics as it is into any other facet of pharmaceutical research & development.

See proof here –

  1. Fraud & Misconduct Threatening Scientific Research
  2. Admission of data manipulation in ‘Responsible Conduct of Research’ guidelines
  3. Conflict of Interest in Childhood Prescriptions
  4. Corrupt Pharmaceutical Research
  5. Novartis Data Manipulation
  6. Pressure to Fudge Medical Research Findings
  7. Mass Suspect Research
  8. Leading Medical Journals Agree Research is Corrupt
  9. Buy data harvesting and manipulating programs.
  10. Pharma Industry’s Influence
  11. How Drug Companies Manipulate Doctors, Journals & Research
  12. Drug Companies Manipulate Study Data
Protect your family from EMF/EMR - buy @ ikhaya-eco-living.com
Protect your family from EMF/EMR – buy @ ikhaya-eco-living.com

Truthfully speaking (very difficult when faced with so much spin and lies), the list of references above could go on indefinitely, such is the vast field of pharma corruption. Yet this is the governing factor in ‘health’ and ‘medicine’ – it manipulates governmental decision, media bias and yes, the very words that come out of the mouth of most doctors.

More on the fluffy, cutesy labelled study shout out to ignorant parents found here

This vaccine was pulled from the Australian schedule in 1984/1985 – unless you are Aboriginal of course – they are still using remote communities as guinea pigs, with well known doctors at the helm, including those previously reported for trialling unapproved drugs in remote hospitals. So the obvious thing to do is find a way to once again make a lot of money from an obsolete vaccine. Nothing new here folks, this is being done all over the world – a once banned chemotherapy is now used to ‘treat’ HIV affected people – and thalidomide is now used for certain types of cancer…

One only has to go to an area of high incidence of TB – and overall mismanagement, which in reality is a large petri-dish of trial and error – and prevention of millions of sufferers from being allowed to access safe, effective treatment which does not include systematic eugenics – in other words, deliberate killing off of the masses – sadly they are expendable – and in areas where vaccination rates are near 100%.


Formal research, which proves that the BCG vaccine is only 19 – 27% effective, and at best, if already ‘infected’ only 58% effective in preventing progression (study found here) – meanwhile homœopathic treatment sits at around 90% (study found here and more here) – yet the WHO, the same group that promised in 1991 that homœopathy, along with many other natural health modalities, would be approved and registered on par with medical counterparts by the year 2000, turned a 180 degree course and came out in full force against it (read more here). The most interesting thing is, when it comes to tuberculosis, homœopathy, diet and herbalism is quietly curing millions who are brave enough to go against their doctor’s advice. Rather than record their progress, the patient is dumped – this allows for the non-disclosure of results.

But all of that is about TB. What of the BCG vaccine itself? What are the known side effects? Who are the main targets?

Firstly, who is the vaccine NOT suitable for?

(And we need to remember that newborns have not yet had a chance to prove whether they fit these groups) –

  1. Those with an allergy to MSG (which did not exist prior to its use in vaccines)
  2. Those with eczema/dermatitis/psoriasis
  3. Those with immunodeficiency conditions
  4. Those with a latex allergy (which did not exist prior to its use in vaccines)
  5. Those who already have TB (yet it is systematically given in highly contagious areas)

This is little Riuriu – following his ALLERGIC reaction to the BCG – he died in 2011. Sadly this is not a one-off but you won’t find it in any of the Murdoch literature – his story is here


What other little alarming factors should be considered, but you can guarantee parents would not be told – 

  1. The BCG contains live attenuated mycobacteria – considered to be infectious – however, on publicly available literature it is said NOT to be infectious…
  2. Recently vaccinated individuals are capable of shedding – meaning anyone around them is exposed to the possibility of contracting TB – this happens on a mass scale in Africa and India.
  3. The vaccination is NOT recommended for administration during pregnancy – as it is unknown if it could damage the fœtus. Yet it is being used in this trial on newborns….
  4. Live vaccines are excreted in milk – not recommended during breastfeeding – yet it is being used in this trial on newborns…
  5. There is limited understanding of safety or efficacy in the elderly
  6. Interference in laboratory tests has not been studied – yet it is being used in this trial…
  7. It should NOT be given within 4 weeks of other vaccines

What are the KNOWN side effects?

  1. Lymphatic nodule enlargement (often requiring surgical puncturing and chemotherapy)
  2. Abscess
  3. Lymphadenitis (infection of the lymphatic system – often linked to lymphatic cancers)
  4. Splenomegaly (enlarged spleen)
  5. Hepatomegaly (enlarged liver)
  6. Osteomyelitis
  7. Death

What is not known but SHOULD be – is that doctors are given (but rarely memorise) even more detailed information. What are the REAL, in depth side effects which, if they appear, are usually dismissed as unrelated issues?

poison-ivy-rash Unexpected reaction to latex involved with BCG vaccine.

Healthcare Professionals’ Information on BCG dangers – 

  1. Genitourinary side effects (including difficulty in urinating/inflammation) – 54% affected
  2. Hæmaturia (blood in urine) – 39% affected
  3. Urinary tract infection – 18% affected
  4. Genital pain – 10%
  5. Neurological disruption (including malaise/myalgia) – up to 40% affected
  6. Anæmia (modern day epidemic) – 21%
  7. Leukopenia (reduction of WBC – lowered immunity) – includes misdiagnosis of TB/HIV/cancers
  8. Gastrointestinal effects – up to 16% effected
  9. Pulmonary infection – 3% – not a huge percentage but this is in individuals without pre-existing issues…
  10. Renal toxicity – 10%

See full article here

Let’s also not forget that the BCG is linked to lipoma (read here) and is a well known causative factor in juvenile cancers and adult onset cancers (read here)

So, who do you believe? Do you take the time to find out facts or just take your doctor’s word for it? Is your child’s health really worth such a risk?

Read opposing information here – Sanofi (Manufacturer’s site) and the watered-down parental information here

So what does all of this have to do with your child being a modern day guinea pig, and allergies? There is no doubt that allergies in either humans or animals were virtually unheard of prior to the appearance of vaccinations – however any attempt to study into this phenomenon has always led researchers off on a tangent. The convenience of modern day research in prohibiting the use of research references older than 10 years allows them to avoid older research and medical records – which clearly shows that allergies were a rarity whose appearance was of major concern.

Even Nobel Prize winning research that shows a major cause of allergies is vaccines, has been overlooked. More information with added links available here

And now we get to the study in question. The first line is not “We have a theory that a vaccine known to be linked to allergies is going to be trialled – we don’t know yet of its safety or efficacy” – which would be the truth, but rather “A vaccine that was routinely used in Australia until the 1980s to prevent tuberculosis could reduce the rate of allergies and infections in children.”


So, straight away, the reader is lied to – most will not need to read any further – straight away, you will be thinking yes! A cure for allergies IS near. Such is the clever spin format of pharma publicity. Further, it has the acronym of MIS BAIR (i.e. Miss Bear) – how cute….and callous. Find the misleading article here and the sign-up page here. The page actually has the audacity to list the very side effects listed and warned of – on both public awareness and medical expert links – but with the misguiding implication that this trial will prevent them –

  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Chest Infection
  • Mortality

The page also has both a non urgent and urgent advice line for participants! If that doesn’t alert you, what will? The program is so insidious that it’s linked in with maternity hospitals – not for you or your child’s wellbeing but in order to send out these ‘caring’ letters – wow, way to make a new mum feel special…


Make no mistake – this is a money making exercise – one that Murdoch and all the billions of dollars hope you will not discover.










What To Do When You Have No Health Insurance


The con is complete. First, take away traditional healing, punish those who know truths that have kept lives safe and healthy for centuries, millenia even. Transform health care – even childbirth – into a male dominated power trip. Paint natural healing as quackery and charlatanism. Poison food and water.


When synthetic medications no longer work and are responsible for more disease than ever, start taking bodies apart, maiming and destroying life as it was known. What was once available in every garden is replaced with concrete, smaller plots of land and useless plants. Clever movie storylines have the world walking away from the theatre believing toxic vaccines which are killing thousands a year and maiming many more, are worth it in the bigger picture. How can that be?


Promote pseudo food as healthy food. Allow doctors to advise on diet when they have zero knowledge in anything natural, let alone nutritional. Make obesity a health issue instead of a lifestyle issue. The same companies making these drugs are the same companies making the poisons that now grow your food and make your home more toxic than outdoors – more toxic than a chemistry lab.


When everyone is so sick and dependent, increase prices so necessary health care is out of reach. Pay media to advise the public to ‘please see your doctor’ for even the least medical reasons so that waiting rooms are overflowing. Introduce ‘insurance’ to cover unavoidable health problems.


You are sent off – aka referred – to pathology and other specialists for expensive testing that is largely unnecessary and obsolete. I have seen one test with a bioresonance machine, or far infrared thermography for a relatively small outlay, detect far more issues and offer solutions than a whole battery of expensive and invasive medical tests. How anyone can agree to be dissected while alive in order to find out if they are unwell is beyond me – agreeing to trauma when you may be okay? Isn’t that madness?


Make insurance compulsory so that ‘free’ health services become so over-run with man made ills that people are dying on never ending waiting lists. People becoming homeless just to afford health care? Turn dying people away from hospitals if they have no insurance…..



I just cannot believe that a child dying of cancer can be allowed to die by anyone who has taken the oath – because they have no insurance. I cannot believe people are killing themselves because they are afraid of a slow painful death just because they have no insurance. Worst of all, I cannot believe that doctors possess such an arrogance that they ridicule the very therapies that are capable of helping the people they can’t or wont.


And God forbid you were born in a so-called 3rd world country. Chances are it was not a 3rd world nation before invasion and conquering nations took what they wanted. Diseases are invented and entire civilisations are no more than testing grounds for innocents.


Everything has a new fancy diagnosis. People actually feel ‘better’ about having the fanciest sounding diagnosis! The fancier the better. There are hundreds of new diagnoses based on just side effects of medication alone. And people happily take more medications to treat those symptoms when all they need do is stop the medication and live a healthier life. Even terminal issues are linked to lifestyle and environment.


While I would advise people to put a little money away ‘just in case’ I advise above and beyond this to spend every day, every cent you can, on building your health. Diet, healthy lifestyle, exercise, non toxic home care, good habits – don’t poison yourself.


There are myriad posts on this blog which offer FREE health advice. Use them! Look up ‘how to’… Type in your symptoms… What is your health worth? Recently I had a person contact me, asking for my help. They sent me half a dozen long messages every day about their health. I told them that it would be neither ethical or fair for me to spend hours every day on their issues. Yet they refused to pay for a consultation. I think the comment was “What then, every time I speak to you I have to pay?” Bear in mind this person is chronically ill and happily pays for doctors to keep things this way. This person refused dietary advice despite being obese and unable to walk more than a few metres. They actually said they would prefer to have their body cut open rather than eat healthy or take natural health measures. Actually demanded I prove ahead of time that I could cure. Even though the doctors could not do this. How did ‘health care’ get to this state?


Hundreds of hours have been invested into this blog – sourced from thousands of hours of practice and research over many decades, in a wide range of health and medical care and studies. Go back to the main page and use the search bar to type in your health issues. Don’t sit back and wait to get worse, or die. Yes, you can take care of your family’s health at home. Save the waiting rooms for unexpected emergencies and issues.


Don’t play the game. Don’t allow this corrupt system to take away your life.

Vivia Formula - VF-360 Defense System







How pharma and dentistry are destroying your teeth.


Colgate’s latest claim on TV advertising is about as low as it can go. So, if you are one of the myriad viewers who believe that eating what you like and brushing with arguably toxic toothpaste will result in a lifelong tenure of your teeth, I can only scream – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Are you crazy or just lazy?

For years, unethical dental advertisers have conned us into thinking that sugar in toothpaste is fine, WWII nuclear waste is okay (fluoride) and just brushing or having a 6 month checkup is responsible for a perceived improvement in dental hygiene.

It’s not.

I remember when my own sister studied dentistry in the 70s – we butted heads so much on what was the truth. Eventually she came across but I remember her saying eating potato chips/crisps was better for your teeth because it was free of sugar. Okay, so over-fried carbohydrates were somehow better than sugar laden lollies/sweets? Enter the glut of obese teens and children, whose parents honestly thought that their efforts were right, based on very misleading advice. And guess what? It had the added bonus of acid formed by eating those carbs causing as much dental decay as sugar.

White smiling teeth as a health concept or symbol
White smiling teeth as a health concept or symbol

In the background, the same pro organic, no sugar, healthy eating community continued to wring their hands in frustration at what was nothing more than propaganda rather than healthy advice. Not much fun screaming into the wind, let me tell you. But time does tell…

Over the years, I was constantly angered by the misinformation out there – spread by dental experts. On one hand they were happy to continue this pro fluoride campaign which was nothing more than Hitler’s last laugh, and sugar-laden toothpastes, which yes, eventually did pave way for other neural irritants – how else can you explain the lie of aspartame as a sugar replacement? It is causing MS type symptoms, causing blackouts of pilots and dieters alike. Appalling poison that oh, okay, it’s approved by dentists. So it must be okay.

dental mould

Back to this latest rubbish by Colgate which I am sure will be snapped up by millions of continually gullible consumers. Hey, you can eat what you like, right? Don’t worry about getting fat. Don’t worry about actually getting SICK. And don’t worry about your teeth, because Colgate is going to fix it.

It wont. There is just one 100% foolproof way to have good teeth unto death. And if you think that is not an issue, just remember one thing – dental health is linked to almost EVERY health issue, sooner or later – and still kills just as many as it did, hundreds of years ago.

NO toothpaste is going to undo an acidic lifestyle. Eat acid and it hits your teeth straight away. Drink acid and it will  wash over your teeth immediately. Drink water after you do so and it will make no difference whatsoever.


The truth is, if you want healthy teeth you need a healthy ALKALINE body. Otherwise you better get ready for your teeth to crumble as rapidly as your body does.

For more info, see my posts on alkaline living and healthy eating here. And yes, see the posts in my ebook which you can purchase here. Up to you!


So, what dental products are non-carcinogenic, not acidic, non toxic and actually capable of remineralising your teeth while ensuring your gums remain healthy? There are many but here are some of my favourites – please head to my wholesale page via this link found here and you can search for yourself or check out my recommendations by copying and pasting these codes into the search bar at the top of the page –

Tooth soap – TSP-00011

Eco dental floss – ECO-02000

Chocolate whitening toothpaste – THE-00300

Non toxic oxygen/essential oil mouthwash – EOX-44416


– and while you are there, check out my other blog posts on pure, eco, vegan and organic personal care available on this site.


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Raising kids on healthy food – avoiding the media scrum for fast food…


Burgers, chips (fries), nuggets, hot dogs, pizza. On it goes. It’s everywhere and most of our kids want it. The good news is that we can let them have fast food – yes, fast food can be healthy. It just needs a little work from you…



My ebook Oh No, A Vegetarian! What Am I Supposed To Cook? has chapters dedicated to this very thing.

Recipes, anecdotes and honest information on how to cook for a veg*n, how to help transition into a healthier lifestyle, famous veg*ns and everything from healthy gourmet to fast food.

You name it, you can make an alternative that they will love. Try this one – burgers. No fat or carcinogenic waste food in sight. And your kids would never know the difference –


Being a lentil burger fan from a young age resulted in a ton of Neil/Nigel (Young Ones) jokes over the years. Even the ones I made up in bulk to sell at Stumpy’s Roadhouse (Brookton) that ended up attracting Perth visitors on weekends who’d do the reverse trip us kids used to do, (in order to get Perth fast foods) didn’t prove to most of my friends that lentils are magic. Sadly most would just make fun and pass on my offers. No mind, more for me!

But nothing compares to THIS recipe. It can be used for everything and is ‘almost’ a raw patty (okay, no debates here on what technically makes a raw meal but you’ll see eventually) – in place of meatballs, burger patties, chicken nuggets – you name it – just change the shapes and kids of all ages will be happy.


* 1 bag brown lentils (due to consistency)
* 4 Massell ‘7s chicken’ stock cubes – or the ‘beef’ if you like steak flavour (don’t worry, they are vegan)
* 1 large grated onion
* 2 large grated carrots
* 2 heaped tablespoons egg replacer (or chia seeds soaked overnight in equal water)
* 1 cup gluten free self raising flour
* 1 heaped teaspoon each of minced garlic, parsley and Italian herbs
* 1 teaspoon each Himalayan salt, white pepper, garam masala spice
* 1/2 cup coconut oil or olive oil

Soak lentils in double the amount water overnight (don’t let the lentils dry out – keep well covered with water so they wont need excessive cooking…

Drain lentils next morning and allow to continue to ‘sprout’ (ie develop and release nutrients/enzymes otherwise locked away) – in a sealed jar in the fridge. About 1 hour before cooking, add all the other ingredients, then bind with a little more water only as needed (better to be drier than too watered down). Consistency needs to be the same as a regular patty mix.

Form into patties, balls or cutlets, roll in a bit of gluten free flour to which a few spoons of sesame seeds have been added and shallow fry until golden (not too cooked, doesn’t need it).


These get eaten as I am cooking them so few end up on the dinner plate but I try and make double so the kids can have them for salads (school) and I can freeze some to make pasta next. Last time I made them, we only managed to save a few – yes, they really are that good and smell as good as they taste. Warning – if you let the kids take a taste test, there wont be any left by dinner time… True story!

My ebook has much more – many more recipes that I am yet to see a child of any age turn down.

A combination of health tips, facts, a little fun and a lot of time-proven recipes. And it doesn’t matter what age you are or what your cookery skills are. These recipes will have you cooking like a pro – from the aforementioned fast food to gourmet delights for a wedding feast.

What about chips? That’s an easy one and something we have easily every weekend. Just scrub some potatoes (do not peel unless you need to remove a few bad spots), peel some sweet potatoes and butternut pumpkin. You can also go rainbow and do the same with a few beetroots and a mix of carrots – purple, orange, etc. Swedes are another amazing option. Cut into chips or cubes – or curly fries – toss in a large tub to which a mix of olive oil to which Himalayan salt, mixed herbs, powdered/ground garlic, paprika, turmeric and garam masala have been added. Shake well and place in a layer on a large baking tray and bake in a hot oven until golden. Alternatively, cook in a dry fryer. For a sauce, try these options –

  • Smokey BBQ – add a few drops of liquid smoke to regular BBQ sauce
  • Sweet mayo – combine equal amounts of mint jelly, mayonnaise and sweet chilli

But much more in my OH NO! ebook. And best of all, it’s not written by an everyday chef or celebrity cook with no background in health or vegetarian cookery. The author has an almost lifelong history of health care, organic farming and gardening, vegetarian and vegan cooking – a rarity in today’s glut of TV cooks who almost get it right and knock themselves out trying to prove what is healthy and with comments like ‘yes, it really does taste good’ – as if they are trying to talk themselves into eating their own food!

This ebook is the result of years of friends, patients and guests asking for copies of these recipes which combine health, cruelty free living, fantastic taste and even a little celebrity tips as to just who is a famous veg*n. One recipe will pay for the book – just imagine, you will have this one for life!

See my healthy vegan pizza recipe here

For everything from fast food, gourmet and banquet to soups, desserts and snacks, order the ebook download here

For eco stationery writing & stationery – paper & notebooks – envelopes, cards & wrap – file, pack & clean – technology & printing – school supplies – art & craft – gifts, bags & promos

Does sugar form fat and disease?

This article is one of Robert Young’s latest. I’d like to add that it merely addresses what we are told by health experts to be healthy. To this list, you can add the obvious – including ‘diet’ drinks which contain an acid called aspartame, which is linked to seizures, MS and diabetes, amongst other things.

Sugar is a Disease Causing Acid

Sugar is a dietary and/or a metabolic acid waste product of fermentation or the degeneration of matter. It is important to understand that the body, and even the brain runs on electrons NOT sugar. Sugar in all of its forms is a poisonous waste product. So the more you ingest from your diet the higher your risk for disease. Here are several foods that should never be eaten.

1) Yogurt – Yogurt is a concentrated acid full of lactose sugars that break down to the cancer causing lactic acid. Sugar content in yogurts can be very high, however, as Keri Glassman, R.D. told the Early Show that yogurt naturally has about 12 grams of sugar per 6 ounce serving. The fruit flavoured yogurts that most people eat actually have about 32 grams of sugar. 

2) Granola bars – Granola bars have always seemed like a solid pick for some people, but they are packed full of added sugars, and depending on the brand and size, you could be looking at between 11 and 22 grams of debilitating sugar acid.

3) Fat Free Salad Dressing – Consumers are so conditioned to thinking that fat free products were good for them (no fat, right?) that they may have overlooked the fact that companies pump acid sugar into fat free dressings to give them some taste. They also do this so you become addicted to their brand of disease causing acid salad dressing. Check the labels and do some comparison shopping to find dressings with healthy fat (not fat free) and NO acid sugar.

4) Muffins – When you break muffins down to their lowest common denominator, you’re really looking at a chunk of acid cake that you’re eating for breakfast. And don’t be fooled into thinking that bran muffins are healthier, because they’re usually loaded with acid sugar, too. You’re better off skipping muffins entirely or should I say you are better off skipping the acid. You might fry your brain.

5) Canned Fruit – This one seems a little sneaky because you think that because it’s fruit, it’s healthy, but a lot of canned fruit is packed in a acidic sugary syrup. Even light syrup can stack up 32 grams of acid sugar per cup serving! Give up on canned or even fresh high acidic fruit and choose a low sugar fruit like cucumber or avocado. You will feel energized without being high on acid or sugar.

6) Cereal – We all know about those sugary acidic cereals on the shelves, but even some of the so-called healthier options may reveal a load of ACID sugar when you closely inspect the nutrition info. There is not such a thing as a healthy cereal – full of the acid maltose. Another disease causing sugar.


For years health experts and nutritionists have been telling us that sugar is vital for a healthy, balanced diet. This is just not true. Please see my other posts on diet for more information.