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When is a diet not a DIET?

Many times during my (seemingly never-ending) years of study and research, the topic of food combining and alkaline diet popped up. Sometimes I took a little on board but being a little warped by early medical studies I just could not equate diet with cure. Okay, so it was a good foundation but as for healing, surely you needed other modalities to make a … Read More When is a diet not a DIET?

Why are weightloss companies failing you?

Anyone who has ever known me or been a patient knows my dislike for weight watching/weight loss groups, programs or plans – especially those advised by pharma, doctors or well known companies. Why? Because pharma is not trained in health or diet; doctors do 6 hours of nutrition courses in their entire training (equivalent of a fraction of high school human biology); companies are … Read More Why are weightloss companies failing you?

Constipation – today’s ‘normal’?

Recently I came upon what I initially believed to be a really good parenting website – well sorry guys, for mums only apparently –  as only mums offer ‘sound’ advice on all things parenting. Pfft. As usual, it was filled with health and advice topics but it wasn’t long before I was gritting my teeth and chomping to start posting. Mothers were actually suggesting … Read More Constipation – today’s ‘normal’?

What To Do When You Have No Health Insurance

The con is complete. First, take away traditional healing, punish those who know truths that have kept lives safe and healthy for centuries, millenia even. Transform health care – even childbirth – into a male dominated power trip. Paint natural healing as quackery and charlatanism. Poison food and water. When synthetic medications no longer work and are responsible for more disease than ever, start … Read More What To Do When You Have No Health Insurance

Basic supplementation can often be the best

It’s true. Before I learned the shortcuts it was normal for me to take 18 different supplements a day. All very safe, all very effective but a huge waste of money. There are a few very vital points to remember when considering supplementation – Today, 9/10 supplements sold on pharmacy and some health shop shelves are synthetic. They are therefore pseudo nutrients. Alien to … Read More Basic supplementation can often be the best

Making the change – how do you even begin?

The average household has over 3000 toxic chemicals in a nasty, ever-changing cocktail; thanks to the unregulated industries responsible for – Cleaning products Laundry products Dishwashing products Bathroom cleaners Carpet vapours Furniture vapours Paint and varnish vapours Toiletries Makeup Skincare Dental Care Hair Care Baby and children’s personal care Personal care/hygiene products Nail products Airconditioners Perfumes Medicines Food Clothing Furnishings 1940 – 1 billion … Read More Making the change – how do you even begin?

How to fast properly

Why do you fast? Pre-baby days, my fasts used to go for between 7 and 14 days. It helped me cast off my old chronically unwell self, gave me energy and charged up my lagging vital organs better than any medicine could do. I often only fast on the occasions that I find myself succumbing to sickness, or when I have a dreaded migraine. … Read More How to fast properly

Back to school health

This topic could be a book very easily but today I want to summarise some of the stuff that I have heard parents talking about recently, with the start of the school year. There is a lot out there, courtesy of the media, old wive’s tales and clever pharmaceutical manipulation on how to raise your child. But what if you want to be a … Read More Back to school health

A News Years’ Health Resolution you won’t fail.

This time of year, the little window between Christmas and New Year is filled with obscene gluttony and unnecessary self-abuse. I wonder when it began and why, with all our knowledge, it is still normal to do so? HOW LONG DOES YOUR NEW YEARS’ HEALTHY RESOLUTION LAST? Along with the guilt of such poor habits, comes the growling snowball of New Years Resolutions, building … Read More A News Years’ Health Resolution you won’t fail.

Integrative health care of those with ‘special needs’

This is a very sensitive subject, not the least because alternative health practitioners are largely forbidden from officially treating those with special needs – an appalling truth, considering how simple it can often be, how low on the trauma scale it can be and how rapidly effective it can be when an individual is unhindered by emotional bias. Something that is voraciously debated in … Read More Integrative health care of those with ‘special needs’

Bell’s Palsy – accidental or a warning of things to come?

Bells’ palsy affects less than 1% of the population and has a number of causes – all of which are treatable and preventable. And no, it’s not a drug treatment nor can it be prevented by a vaccine. Usually affecting people between 15 and 60 years of age, it can be triggered by a virus, diet or be a precursor to a stroke. Bell’s … Read More Bell’s Palsy – accidental or a warning of things to come?

Improve your health & beauty with a few small changes

How difficult is it to make your homes toxic chemical-free?? “I can’t afford to get healthy” is the usual excuse as to why someone can’t do this. Well, now you can. When the Avon lady comes calling, what do you do? Oh, you don’t want to offend so you just grab a few things. What if those few things come with a whopping toxic load … Read More Improve your health & beauty with a few small changes

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