Ross River Virus – Implications and chronic effects

Ross River Virus is a virus purportedly spread by mosquitoes much in the same way as malaria. Most cases are not reported as they are mistaken for influenza simply because the symptoms are very similar. In fact, many cases that present clinically are diagnosed as the flu – and most disappear by themselves through strong … Continue reading “Ross River Virus – Implications and chronic effects”

Fucoidan and bone degeneration

Recently I’ve had many discussions and questions concerning skeletal and rheumatic disorders, and what could be done to reverse them – or at the very least, prevent further development and suffering. Please see my blog posts on the alkaline diet – which resolves health issues at a cellular (including stem cell) level. We simply MUST … Continue reading “Fucoidan and bone degeneration”

Disease is not selective

It seems more and more recently that celebrities are being struck down with various disease – I have a sneaky and sad suspicion that pharma and medicine is using this for their own good. What better way to get the masses on board to buy their wares and believe the hype if idols are spruiking … Continue reading “Disease is not selective”

PAIN – why do we have it and what can we do?

PAIN – the word itself sparks fear into the toughest specimens. And while it keeps pharma rolling in dough to the tune of billions annually, it also is the crux of millions of cases of addiction – with not a cure in sight. And by then, the addiction becomes the issue, rather than what actually … Continue reading “PAIN – why do we have it and what can we do?”

How to fast properly

Why do you fast? Pre-baby days, my fasts used to go for between 7 and 14 days. It helped me cast off my old chronically unwell self, gave me energy and charged up my lagging vital organs better than any medicine could do. I often only fast on the occasions that I find myself succumbing … Continue reading “How to fast properly”

Integrative health care of those with ‘special needs’

This is a very sensitive subject, not the least because alternative health practitioners are largely forbidden from officially treating those with special needs – an appalling truth, considering how simple it can often be, how low on the trauma scale it can be and how rapidly effective it can be when an individual is unhindered … Continue reading “Integrative health care of those with ‘special needs’”

Curing CFS/ME, lyme, fibro at home

The recently alarming jump from dismissal to sudden experts in Chronic Fatigue/Lyme/Fibro etc is of very little benefit to sufferers. Please know these truths – There is no cure-all There is not and never will be an effective vaccine or magic pill Invisible disease IS curable Invisible disease is NOT in your mind, nor is … Continue reading “Curing CFS/ME, lyme, fibro at home”

Supplements instead of food?

Don’t laugh. Many do just that. While I don’t recommend it, I can understand it. In 1916 or thereabouts, in Australia alone, soil was determined to be deficient in 16 trace elements. That was long before industry began poisoning our waterways and soils. Considering each of these nutrients are an essential part of our health, … Continue reading “Supplements instead of food?”


Thankfully I have friends and patients who keep me on my toes. When I am so caught up in one aspect of my work, without fail (and thankfully) one of them will ask or remind me of something I have overlooked or long forgotten. Today my friend Mike, a media/promo guy from Sydney who has … Continue reading “PAIN RELIEF WITHOUT ADDICTION”