Even Natural Health is Owned by Pharma

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Natural health is also controlled by Big Pharma.

“How?” I hear you say.

To answer this, we need to go back to the start. In the beginning, ALL medicine was natural. There was no alternative medicine. Without getting too technical, herbal, traditional, native, bush, acupuncture, ayurvedic, even energetic and surgery – all had their beginnings from the earliest recorded times. Whether you subscribe to paleo theories or Creationism, medicine in the beginning was natural and according to both geography and natural resources.

Western medicine, which likes to claim their roots in Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BCE), did not arrive until centuries later. In fact, much of what we now know in health care began in places never given credit – India, China, Italy, Greece, the Arab Empire, Israel and Africa.

While western formal medical schools were not established until the 16th century, there were medical schools in many nations, with archeological finds proving the earliest surgeries were in place thousands of years ago. All based around natural medicine.

During the Renaissance period, the European and English began to translate and dominate the works written in Arabic and Greek, centuries previously. Much later the same began to emerge with Indian and Chinese works.


As these ‘developments’ happened, the expert roles also began to change. Originally tribal and predominantly female, the Catholic church began to channel knowledge via nuns and elite women in general. However, it soon became a religious issue as Protestant leaders removed women from these roles – paving the way for wealthy men to control the future of medicine; not only lining their pockets but inextricably linked to government and finance/industry.

Modern medicine as it grew, was for the elite and wealthy – while natural health knowledge was passed down through generations. This was frowned upon by the church and rather than allow valuable knowledge to be taught informally, all things natural were declared to be witchcraft (16th/17th centuries). What better way to destroy valuable knowledge than by ‘proving’ theories which were impossible to pass – especially when they ended in death either way.


By the 19th century, modern medicine was a male-dominated, elitist and very political industry. Pharmacy had moved from depending upon man-power to collect resources, to synthesising new medicines in laboratories. While this was a direct alternative to traditional medicine, careful propaganda and manipulation of wording had begun. Words such as traditional and alternative had reversed roles; the former now meaning orthodox medicine, while the latter meant anything which no longer fell under the umbrella of science – and usually a euphemism for others such as charlatanism, snake oil, quackery, fraud, etc. Eventually even the word preventive/preventative was mongrelised to mean a wishy-washy realm of modern medicine which of course was centred around pharmacy –

Between the 1830s and the 1860s, laboratory research gave rise to the germ theory; if it were not for political power and money, the more favourable terrain theory would still govern medicine today. By the late 1800s, the vaccine industry had begun – fraught with horrors and a mounting pile of fatalities, this industry, along with synthetic medications accompanied by horrific side effects gave rise to the new arena of medical spin and propaganda.


Loss of manpower during the great wars meant more than ever, synthetic medications were easier and cheaper to formulate and manufacture. Pharmacists were among the new elite, receiving immunity from the war effort, in order to keep the burgeoning new industry steaming forward.

Along with the new industry came as much effort to destroy historic medicines. Even the more safe and efficacious were painted as dangerous and ineffective. Many were outlawed, while many more continued to be synthesised into medications.

In the 21st century, while no one can argue that there are many benefits in modern medicine, the locomotive has such steam that it no longer seems to matter what works, what doesn’t; what is safe or what is life-endangering – so long as it makes money.

And here we are – in the new century, with more disease than ever before, more sickness than ever before, more obesity than ever before – worst of all, more drug dependency than ever before in history. The effort to put the final nails into the perceived coffin of natural medicine has never been so pronounced.

People who enter medicine or even pharmacy for the right reasons seem to not notice or nor care that their future is now controlled by pharma. Gone are the days of the kindly country physician who takes care of everything; today, a 5-minute consultation is little more than a push for the latest product being flogged by the pharma rep.

It no longer matters why you have gone to see your doctor; if you have not been given another vaccine for an unrelated issue, or at least one new pharmaceutical wonder product  you just may find you did not see a GP/MD at all. In fact, you have just seen either a natural health professional or an integrative professional – one who places their career and even life at risk simply by practising with integrity.


So how does big pharma own or control natural medicine? Some of these facts may alarm you. At the very least they SHOULD.

  • blood pressure taking to determine whether you need antihypertensives
  • BSL readings to determine the amount of insulin required
  • Blood tests and various analyses to determine which medications are required
  • Administration of such medications as aspirin to ‘prevent’ one symptom set (ie stroke) while paving the way for many more to develop
  • Medically-prescribed (usually synthetic) supplementation which also resulted in myriad side effects
  • Being tied in with various industries for mutual benefit – for example, encouraging people to drink milk for health so they can clean up thanks to the effects
  • Poor dietary advice – again, linking in with various industries; the end result of which is mutually beneficial
  • Vaccination – while extensive research has shown benefits are minimal, and side effects extensive, this ‘prevention’ of disease (most of which are not even contagious) has spawned an entirely new and permanent dependence upon the medical industry.
    • The most popular IBS ‘natural’ product (Iberogast), being packaged and promoted as a natural health product is in fact made by pharmaceutical company Bayer – also known as the company that recently purchased Monsanto (RoundUp) – the company that has surreptitiously been buying up the world’s seeds while killing off all plants that are not RoundUp Ready. Just one of the seemingly endless list of glyphosate side effects is the destruction of the digestive system as it is now found in many foods.
      • The CDC & WHO are headed by a committee made up of big pharma leaders.
      • The EU is funded by big pharma.
      • Since the PAN ‘crisis’ where big pharma set up a well-orchestrated hostile takeover which no one could foresee or even fight, big pharma has taken over or bought out most natural health manufacturing companies. While this takeover took place in Australia, it was also happening simultaneously overseas.
      • The plan has always been to destroy the natural health industry. And it is government-sanctioned.
      • As mainstream media is pharma-owned, it is rare for the truth in natural health care to reach the masses.
      • Medical schools are funded by big pharma so it is no longer about evidence or research – it is more about who is paying. From day one students are brainwashed. By the time they graduate they are already experts in pharmaceutical products and usually have their own ‘favourites’. An expose failed to shake up the world or bring about any changes.
      • As universities take over natural therapy courses, knowledge is watered down while medical experts control both the governing bodies and the courses themselves.
      • Doctors and allied health professionals are now able to do weekend warrior short courses which allow them to practice natural therapies. As they can claim on health funds and medicare as ‘medical natural health professionals’ they continue to put the real experts out of practice simply due to affordability.
      • As more and more medical professionals enter the natural health realm, rather than join forces with established natural health professionals, they are forming new Integrative bodies which prohibit natural health professionals from joining in a professional capacity. Meanwhile, these same Integrative health professionals are in turn targeted by medical and legal bodies in order to shut them down. Online amateur investigators (colloquially termed trolls) are paid to expose and discredit anyone perceived to be threatening big pharma.
      • Analysis of many pharmaceutically-owned natural health products proves that they are not only often synthetic but contain toxic products.So what do we do about it? Not a lot, if recent efforts are to be considered. While most established, experienced natural health professionals are forced out of practice, newer keen graduates are blissfully unaware of what is happening. Indeed, doctors and allied health professionals who have an interest in natural health are most likely unaware.The rest do not care.
        • As natural health/Integrative/holistic whistleblowers expose the corruption within the pharmaceutical industry their careers are destroyed. Rather than put an end to pharmaceutical corruption, dozens have died mysteriously in more recent years.
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