Cancer – beat it at home


Yes, you heard right. The sad truth about the cancer industry is that research and anecdotally, most orthodox therapies have been proven to be barely effective at best, extremely toxic to life, and could be killing more people than all the various cancers put together. And sadly, you could be facing legal challenges if you dare to take it into your own hands – even if you are successful.

The simple thing to remember is that while experts are busy dividing and conquering, baffling the public with science, and planting just enough doubt, cancer is cancer – meaning it is acidic. Tumours and blood cancer, as well as lymphatic cancer alike, are all the effects of acidic lifestyle – be it emotions, chemically induced, diet induced or parasites, we must know this one thing –



So if you take away the acid, you take away the effects on bodily tissues. The first step is to become alkaline (see my various posts on this subject). Meanwhile you can take many measures to heal tissue and boost the effects of the alkaline steps.

Many therapies exist that are tonic toward the body, encouraging healing –

Cassie Teawidely researched and proven but your doctor will never prescribe it if he/she values her reputation and registration…

Graviola – panned widely by medical experts who are too busy discrediting and scaremongering against it than actually offering hope. Despite extensive research and proof.

Homœopathy – which despite centuries of cures, is now a blackened word thanks to unqualified skeptics who even medical experts take advice from. As it cannot be ‘tested’ using core scientific methods (the same way someone speaking English could not be tested for IQ using for example, French or Latin) it is much easier to dismiss. However, seeing the various experts of other fields attempt to explain, shows the massive lack of understanding. This is the only reason that unlike herbal medicine, orthodoxy has been unable to ban it in order to steal and medicalise it – however they are trying!

Acupuncture  – (especially surrounding the dragon) sadly relegated to being used as an adjunct to the very therapies causing so much suffering, in and of itself acupuncture has been capable of cures for many centuries, long before modern medicine decided whether to use it or not. Sadly, the invention of ‘medical acupuncture‘ teaches doctors just a handful of points, resulting in a huge deficit of capabilities. If you are planning to see an acupuncturist for cancer – or anything for that matter, give this type of weekend warrior treatment a miss and go straight to a fully qualified practitioner.

Pineapple juice – you heard right. Who would think a simple enzyme (bromelain) could reverse brain tumours? Sadly medicine would have it that an extract and medicalised version should be chosen – however I have seen almost instantaneous results using fresh pineapple juice.

…. massage, or supplementation, each step is a positive one.


And the baking soda protocol is going to make your body inhospitable to cancer cells – minus the myriad side effects that you’d see with orthodox methods.

Your house, as well as your body, needs to be detoxed – begin with your pantry and your cleaning cupboard.

Foods to throw out NOW –

Sugar and all foods containing various forms of sugar
Dairy – regardless of form
Wheat and all flour-containing foods
Table salt and all associated foods
Animal fats and all animal/flesh/blood containing foods of all species

Replace with – (please see my post under food and diet for more instructions re these foods) –

Sugar (purest form of acid = inflammation and cancer) – it is best to go 100% without sugar but less acidic options which are part of the 20% allowance (with 80% being alkaline foods) – stevia is a fair replacement if you must have sugar. And an allowance for the baking soda protocol. You will need to read labels stricter than ever before as insidious sugars like corn syrup are in just about everything – on that note, go fresh and organic if you can.

Dairy (mucosa irritant of the worst kind – attacks every mucous membrane, impairing healing and irritating cell linings) – by referring to a rawfood page like Sunny Raw Kitchen or Russell James’ site – or Shelley Young’s cookbook, you will, like most of us, be astounded at just what can be made without dairy – icecream, cream, mayonnaise, milk, dressings, butter – and you’d be hard pressed to detect that there is no dairy.

Wheat – like corn syrup, wheaten flour is in everything. It is not a health food, nor is it necessary as ‘part of a balanced diet’ – gluten intolerance now affects most of us in varying ways. It is high acid and irritates every cell in your body. In fact, by removing wheat and wheat containing products alone, many people report removal of pain that even analgesia could not do. It does take some time, just bear in mind that giving up wheat for one day is not going to be very beneficial. Gluten free foods are available today and you can buy gluten free flours for home cooking.

Table salt – is so highly processed that there is little beneficial mineral content remaining. It builds high levels of sodium as your body fights to remove what is not needed and like anything, too much of one thing is toxic and results in imbalance. Regardless of whether you are on a low sodium diet or not, Himalayan salt or river salt is a MUST – it contains good electrolyte levels – in balance – and will actively flush high sodium from your body. Any food prepared with salt on the label belongs in the bin. Sprinkle beneficial salt onto your food prior to eating rather than cooking in it (sodium present during cooking, at levels enforced by table salt, will leech vital nutrients which go down the drain. On that note, steaming is the kindest way to cook vegetables but the best way to source nutrients is eating them raw or juiced – or in a raw smoothie.

Animal-derived foods – one thing I need to mention is the heavy promotion of meat based products, gelatine, etc. Big money exchanges hands – this covers cookbooks, education, even training of nutritionists and diet advisory groups. It has zero to do with health benefits – in fact, most nutrition and cook books are funded and written by the various meat boards. Our bodies cannot assimilate flesh, it is that simple. Animal derived foods are highly acidic and cause inflammation immediately.

Many cancer forms are connected to high meat intake and even if you only eat it occasionally, to have cancer your body is already highly acidic – meat intake will simply ensure that pH level remains dangerously low. Unfortunately this also includes eggs – which are not only carriers of an alarming number of parasites (all cancer involves myriad parasitic levels) but are highly acidic in their own right. There are many meat alternatives now on shelves – and with a little forethought you can make your own alternatives. Please see my upcoming post on the food and diet thread for food replacements – and a food list is available on the same thread (link below).

One of the most common comments I get on eating this way is ‘It’s too expensive’ – I get that, but if you consider the amount of food you will no longer be buying, and allow your brain to rethink where your grocery money should go, you will realise that it’s not expensive at all.

See the food pyramid below – contrary to what we are taught at school and even during medical training, the basis of all food consumption should be green, fresh and if possible, raw –

Best of all, there is minimal cost, no crippling side effects and it can be done at home. Please message if you have any questions. More on detoxing the house on my toxic homes thread. This is vital as we are exposed to a veritable cocktail of chemicals every day – most are carcinogenic.

More on what foods to eat and why here – please feel free to print off and refer to as needed.

For a personalised online assessment, please head to the page – and complete here – it will individualise your protocol and needs – including patients who decide to also use orthodox treatment methods.


To purchase the full diet protocol, please head to this page.

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  1. Leah Ellery says:

    Hi Lulu,
    I just had a friend read through this page and they are questioning the best foods to eat. This blog post refers to the baking soda and suppliments – which I know hold more nutrients than an average person would receive in a day on any diet. However a new reader would not be aware of the nutritional richness of these foods. Altering our perception of nutrient intake is a challenge when particular foods are not mentioned.

    Could you perhaps add a comment here about what foods would be good for a person who is
    currently fighting cancer would be best to eat? – or potentially, drink 😉



    • Veritas says:

      Thanks heaps Leah. Your friend’s best bet is to read my thread on food and diet – this goes into much more detail and can be printed off or referred to – including food lists and all the whys of this particular way of eating. Rather than have too much of the same on each thread, I am hoping blog visitors will make good use of each section. Thanks for alerting me to the fact it doesn’t lead them there – fixing now!


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