Breaking News – herb could cure cancer?

Herbal Graviola

Don’t you just love the media? They take a tiny part of a story and make world news with it. And the public falls for it. When I practiced from a health shop, every single Monday without fail, dozens of people would bring in the clipping from the Sunday paper and demand whatever someone had just paid thousands to advertise. Why? Because it was in the paper. So it must be true. Some would come in with the comment, “I saw my doctor first thing this morning and he said it was okay for me to take.” Really?

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Amazing. During my nursing days, we were subliminally conditioned to view complimentary therapies as quackery – dangerous even. Any drugs synthesized to emulate a herb or mineral combination were “Okay because scientists made it and it has been proven to work” – all the while, the real herb or concoction was made illegal or seen as just plain witchcraft.


I grew up in a town full of herb gardens. Some were amazing and I was grateful to be given slips, cuttings and seedlings of these incredible plants. The odd thing was that the best ones were just for show. One lady had a huge David’s wheel herb garden with plants I only hoped one day to be able to grow. I remember going to an elderly lady’s house one day to take cuttings and she didn’t have a clue what they were for.

I’d often stop my horse by the side of the tracks and pick wild plants to grow at home. Then one day I realised that people were looking at me strange – yes, the old “She must be a witch” had hit me. It didn’t help that even those I had known all my life and sat next to in church every Sunday were now believing it.


So what did I do? I wrote a little piece on herbal medicine for the home, including the little known fact that King David was the original master herbalist. And I was soon invited to speak at CWA and other meetings. I was thankfully able to teach stuff that their mothers and grandmothers would have known – you could see the lights going on. “My nanna used to give us that. It tasted awful but by golly, it worked!”

So I find myself balanced on a knife’s edge. On one hand I am constantly frustrated that doctors will usually deter patients from self care and frighten with threats and warnings about poisoning. On the other, as soon as medicine or those clever scientists realise what we have known for millenia, that herbs DO work, they take them, extract one or two components, then synthesize them. Okay. So far, so good.

But then the herb is mysteriously banned pending further research – after all, we don’t want to find out that all of those millions were wrong after all, do we? In time, it is eventually returned to the shelves in a new, ‘improved’ form that is only accessible by pharmacists and practitioners – and quite often out of reach of those of us who have actually studied herbal medicine.


Oregano has been known – and used – for its benefits for so long now; alongside hundreds of regular safe herbs (no, not all herbs are safe – many are toxic if you don’t know how to use them – but in the right hands, can work miracles). The thing is, thousands of herbs all around the world, aka traditional, indigenous and bush medicine, are already curing ill health.


It’s just sad that big pharma and your doctor would rather frighten you away from that little fact, than tell you to maintain optimum health by growing and using them.

Yes, herbs can cure cancer. There are many available and even many preparations available OTC. It can be as simple as taking a preparation or two without a single setback or side effect.

And many more have been banned long ago, awaiting re-release by big pharma. For now, please take the time to learn all you can about health maintenance. It is the only way we can hope to live free of chronic illness. And if you can’t find what you need in the search bar of this blog, just ask – I will happily write your topic while ensuring anonymity for whomever is seeking the truth.

The central purpose of my work, outside of bringing the truth to health care, is to teach every householder to set up an extensive home medicine chest – and that includes a home health manual which will store all necessary health advice so that anyone can safely look up what they may need at any given time.

images-16Thankfully as mentioned there are literally thousands of cancer ‘cures’ – the fact remains, cancer is NOT a disease, it is a state. An acidic state. Ah, I can already hear the cogs clicking away – what?

Think about it – would you dive into a swimming pool with a pH of 4? No – it would burn your skin off! Yet your body is most likely around that exact pH. Medical knowledge on acidity vs alkalinity is very sparse. In fact in 2014 I had a very public argument with someone who claims to be a world authority in natural health care. He had no idea on this matter yet boldly went into a rant about something that his worshippers thought was very clever. In reality it reflected his ignorance and arrogance. Acid is a side effect of diet, stress, toxins and poisons. It affects and inflames every single cell of your body. It affects your blood and interstitial fluids. It washes your organs, your glands, your nerves, your bones. And it degrades and destroys. ALL disease is affected by, if not caused by, acidity. Your body is acid by nature but alkaline by design – meaning you must keep your body alkaline to prevent acid formation and destruction. Yet most of what we do to ourselves IS acidic. This acid wash bathes tissues and eventually the body attempts to encapsulate or fight it, causing necrosis, tumours and myriad damage.

Conveniently for medicine and pharma, many fancy names and diagnoses have been given to explain away the truth. Yet by getting alkaline and focusing on all the symptoms, you will successfully deal with ‘cancer’. Regardless of age, type, whether it is blood, lymph, organ, bone or neural the cause and results are the same – and sadly most ‘cancer symptoms’ as you know them are the effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery rather than any disease state.

Start with your diet (see my other posts – search ‘cancer’ on main page) and take safe, effective age-old supplements, herbals, homœopathics and adjuvant therapies. On that topic, the more recent push to legalise cannabis is alarming. I have to insist that much of it has to do with the fact that it is illicit and many think once oil is legal, so too will smoking be. I have been personally trying to legalise homœopathic cannabis for over 20 years – yet I have an absolute disrespect for smoking it – just as I do for drinking alcohol for the purpose of wiping oneself out. I’ve personally and professionally seen the effects of pot smoking – don’t even consider trying to debate with me on the benefits or lack of research showing negative effects. They can and do exist – and the absolute epidemic proportions of depression, paranoia and simple laziness are sound reflections of long term use. For the record, I have seen too many cases of cancer and seizures while using cannabis to even believe or consider its use.

On the other hand, I know of hundreds, if not thousands, of individual remedies, herbs, minerals, foods and superfoods that can and do cure these issues every single day. Where are the petitions, media stories and outcries for this? Double standards prevail when there is an ulterior motive.

If you are really interested in dealing with cancer, please get prepared. As mentioned diet, along with removing toxic chemicals from your life, de-stressing, along with the many options for healing –

Cassie Tea/Essiac – order here

Oregano/herbal adaptogen/immune support – order here

Supreme anti-oxidant – order here

Graviola – order here

Superfood tonic – order here

Anti parasite/mould/fungal – order here

Fucoidan (anti inflammatory) – order here

The above are just a small portion of what you can do for your health if affected by cancer. Individually they have been known to bring about total health. Together they include thousands of dollars’ worth of treatment if given at a professional clinic.

Remember, any media story you hear on some exciting discovery, chances are it’s already being done…

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