Harvey & Hansen paid by Murdoch to support the real baby killers?

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Murdoch or Murder? All one really has to do with the trolls and vaccine pushers is stand them before a mirror. I am yet to see a vitally healthy vaccinated, pro mandatory type. That alone should be cause for concern – Jabba the Hutt or Mr Burns – take your pick…. apparently they are brilliant (barely) glowing, fine examples of someone that the public want to follow. And their poor antibiotic/medication dependent children with medical files as big as a pharma investor’s file…. Oh, that’s right. Vaccination has nothing to do with their health (or lack of it), does it?

Ah my little puppets....

Ah my little puppets….

In 2015, pressure by pro vaccine lobby, media and government authorities prevented Dr Sherri Tenpenny from visiting Australia. She was treated like a criminal – events were cancelled and various groups pulled out for fear of backlash and threatened attacks by over-zealous faceless ‘trolls’ who spend their miserable hours day and night, planting fear and doubt against anyone who threatens their livelihood and much-worshipped pharmaceutical gods.


One by one these pro vaccine puppets are systematically shooting themselves in their collective feet – the black marks, angry blog attacks, Facebook stalking and email hacking is having a profound effect on the vaccine issue. What should have been a cut-and-dry situation, and probably would have been in the past, has resulted in tens of thousands more parents now questioning the safety and real reasons surrounding vaccination.

Parents who once could not have cared less about whether little Mary-Lou needed 1 or 30 vaccines a year, are now being educated to determine whether she needs them at all, whether those previously non existent health issues were coincidental or caused by the very vaccines they are now questioning. Heavy handed lobbying of government bodies and media resulted in a backlash that once would have been reserved for hopeful visiting Holocaust Deniers – yet this one woman who serves to do nothing more than share hidden research received vilification as never seen before.

As a Doctor of Osteopathy, Dr Tenpenny has been in the cross hairs of various medical groups – namely pro vaccine ‘skeptic’ type pseudo experts – for many years. While her expertise in research is legendary, with a few dismissive words – ‘quack’ – ‘charlatan’ – ‘not a REAL doctor’ – and worse, invisible entities have a magical power to prevent the truth from being shared. Yet if one were to take the time to investigate, those making these claims and responsible for the attacks are disgraced or failed ‘experts’ or people without a face, let alone any valid qualifications.


Everything from mental health status to threats of safety of people who attend rallies or events organised in order to – shock horror – share the basic facts, is under fire. What seems to be overlooked is that while those who choose not to vaccinate spend time and effort to research facts, those who attack them actually see them with other magical powers – that they are somehow rabid disease spreaders simply because they do not pump their bodies full of poisons and unknown ingredients. The punchline here is – wait for it –


That’s right folks. The blurb of the very drug makers responsible for this mess admit their wares are as little as 29% effective (I would even argue that is a stretch) for the individual given the vaccination and this lasts, at worst, just 1 year; at best, just 5 years. So most adults are not ‘protected’…. They CANNOT protect others. But each individual injected with a live attenuated virus can SPREAD to others – especially those who are already immune compromised –

  • Formula fed infants
  • Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • Auto immune disorder sufferers
  • People suffering primary infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, etc
  • Chronically unwell individuals
  • Terminally ill individuals
  • People who have recently had antibiotics

Has your doctor shown you THEIR vaccine information for EVERY single vaccination? I am willing to bet anything that they have not. You could, if you insist, be handed a small A4 sized flyer. Take a look at the actual insert provided for health providers – and there is one for each and every vaccination, not a one-size-fits-all..


Bear in mind – this is FINE print and lists this many possible side effects and reactions. This is not a ‘might happen’ scenario. This is an ‘is happening every day’ scenario.

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Protect your body 24/7 from geopathic stress (EMF/EMR). Many designs (M/F) available. Order @ ikhaya-eco-living.com

Headlines are now advising us that newborn babies and mothers are being released from hospital within 2 hours of birth in 2015. This means that within those 2 hours, they have already given the synthetic vitamin K and Hep B vaccine (which incidentally, was originally formulated and designed for sex workers and drug addicts). Most are not advised that you need to wait up to 7 days to determine whether there will be any adverse reactions – there is NO WAY they can determine if the newborn is going to react in just 2 hours – what does this mean? If/when the infant does react, they will be able to say it has nothing to do with hospital care. More shaken baby syndrome, more SIDS, more unexplained fœtal deaths and they will be 100% absolved of any responsibility.

Especially interesting now that pædiatricians are now refusing to see babies that have not received vaccinations, regardless of whether there is a medical reason for not vaccinating, or the parent has simply taken the time to do the scientific research that is available.

See how many paediatricians are now refusing to do their job here

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Mosquito nets and muslin lengths. Available @ ikhaya-eco-living.com


“Informed choice means freedom of rights”
Pro-choice activists against “No Jab No Pay” policy announce a protest to debate the discriminatory and unscientific propaganda campaign instigated by The Daily Telegraph and the smear campaign against parents who have made informed decisions not to vaccinate their children.

Should Rupert Murdoch, who has pharmaceutical investments, be allowed to influence government decisions, which affect our children? “

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA On the 20th of November the third Sydney NO JAB NO PAY NO WAY rally will be held outside of the News Limited office in Surry Hills to protest against the horrific, anti-human-rights campaign against parents who make an informed healthy choice for their children by not vaccinating them. Pro-choice parents believe that this agenda has been driven largely by Mr Rupert Murdoch who has pharmaceutical investments in vaccine companies such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

The Daily Telegraph makes unscientific claims that unvaccinated children cause outbreaks and makes demands that children who are not vaccinated with state-mandated chemicals (which include mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and other toxins) be denied interaction with other children. There is much scientific evidence questioning the effectiveness of vaccines. Similar evidence on the vaccine manufacturers’ own warning labels demonstrate that the vaccinated population may be responsible for spreading disease. Freedom of Choice organisers allege that pharmaceutical companies endanger more lives than healthy happy families who exercise freedom to chose healthy and proven alternatives for themselves and their children.

The policy and its supporters, including The Daily Telegraph, demands that unvaccinated children be barred from all social contact with other children thereby isolating them as social outcasts.

Freedoms of Choice organisers are demanding a public debate with Claire Harvey and Jane Hansen to discuss their involvement with the No Jab No Pay policy.

Well informed parents who choose not to vaccinate, have been called “Baby killers and terrorists”. We are asking for a fair debate on these absurd allegations. Claire Harvey wrote “Anti-vaxers you are baby killers” (March 23 2015, The Daily Telegraph). This is an angry statement made by a woman who is paid and controlled by a very powerful man who has financial interests in pharmaceutical companies.

The organisers and their followers also demand fairness and equality in the media, as there is a media blackout on freedom of choice information for vaccines.

One must ask the question, is it Mr Rupert Murdoch’s media or the government that controls our legislation? In another report by Claire Harvey entitled: “The Sunday Telegraph has scored a massive victory in our vaccination campaign” Claire Harvey ” (April 12 2015, The Daily Telegraph), we read the following:, “Today The Sunday Telegraph has won an incredible victory in our two-year No Jab No Play vaccination campaign”. The paper seems to be run by some with questionable regard for human rights who are prepared to promote pharmaceutical child abuse. Main stream media all but admits wanting to turn unvaccinated children into anti-social monsters and psychological criminals. This is the first time in history that an Australian newspaper has directly called for the medical abuse of children and seems to be happy about doing so.

We protest against the Social Services Amendment Bill 201, we speak up about our freedom of choice, we desire to highlight the influence the media has had on this policy. This policy is a punitive financial measure with no definitive scientific basis launched as a community health initiative. For some families, the changes to the exemptions will be financially devastating.

The policy appears to have some connection, in part, to Mr Rupert Murdoch, whose family has strong relationships to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). At a dinner held by the free market Institute of Public Affairs in 2013 former Prime Minister Tony Abbott had praised the efforts of Rupert Murdoch as one of the top three Australians who have most shaped the world.

Rupert Murdoch’s Son James has also played a role in shaping the public perception of vaccines. Since 2009 he has been a non-executive director at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) sitting on the board of its ethics committee. He was apparently head-hunted by the Chairman of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), who held his record in corporate responsibility in high regard. It is interesting to note that within two weeks of James Murdoch’s appointment, and with the assistance of News international journalist Brian Deer, there were at least five articles published to discredit Dr Andrew Wakefield’s MMR research.

Clearly the science is far from settled. There are so many unanswered questions regarding vaccine safety and efficacy. There are also questions about the role of those with the power to shape public policy and public opinion for their own interests while suppressing safety and efficacy information.

Informed consent is a component of basic human rights and we can accept nothing less.

Protest organiser Damien Poulsen States “This policy will unlikely raise the rates of vaccination for those who are already conscientious objectors and those who are well informed and loving parents. However it will financially cripple many already struggling low income earning families. Yet serious-crime repeat offenders, paedophiles and murderers have more of a right to a welfare system that has been created by the government in the first place and is now taking it away from those who really need it. Where there is a risk there must be a choice”.

I have an idea. How about Ms Harvey, Ms Freedman, Mr Murdoch and all the decision makers take the adult vaccine challenge – we know they won’t. They’d rather inflict it on babies too young to speak, make fun of tetraplegics who can no longer tell them that they were fine before they were vaccinated. They’d rather kill off the elderly before their time – after all, we can’t have too many pensioners in Australia now, can we? Mamma and Ms Harvey have about as much place advising parents on ANYTHING as Murdoch does on how to be healthy.

WHO: “Involuntary Medication Objectors (Anti Vaccination/Fluoride) Party (IMO)”, “Vaccination Awareness Information Service (VAIS)”, conscientious objectors, concerned parents and human rights activists who support citizens’ rights to make informed choices.

WHAT: Day of action to oppose the governments “No Jab No Pay No Play” policy.

Invited speakers will be there from many modalities

WHEN: 20th November 2015 from 2pm to 4pm

WHERE: 2 Holt Street Surry Hills out the front of the News Limited office

For more information please email: freedomofchoiceevent@gmail.com


(Courtesy of journalist Renata Bialkowska)












    • VERITAS says:

      And sadly the ones being duped by those without conscience or ethics (really just patsies to the puppet masters who DO know what they are doing) live in ignorance and prefer it that way. A sweeping blanket of clever spin makes doing the unthinkable absolutely and perfectly normal. And like the cancer industry dictates, look away, at anything other than the vaccines, when it goes awry.


    • VERITAS says:

      I say this very thing almost every day. And shame on anyone who does know, yet continues to push the poisons. This whole business of “I vaccinated my baby and he now has whooping cough/flu/measles/whatever but I am so glad I did because it could have been worse” really gets me. Worse than what? Actually not poisoning them and not getting anything at all? And if you do, it’s so mild that you are unaware they are even unwell?


  1. So Strange in today’s climate of fear that none of my unvaccinated – 7 kids, 10 grand kids and 2 great grand kids – well they just don’t have any health problems at all, just healthy normal people and kids……yet have noticed that all of their friends kids have a whole range of serious ill health problems and are constantly needing to go to doctors for their autism, allergies, asthma, disorders of some kind or another etc. and are on various medications or treatments. Yet no one seems to be able to connect all the dots why do we have a generation of so many unhealthy sick and damaged kids today,………. . .Thank God none of us want any part in it and won’t be forced into it either!


    • VERITAS says:

      Clinically and personally I have to agree. When I chose not to vaccinate – like you I am sure, the subject was not taken lightly and it caused a lot of division. Yet no one was able to see the health results. All around me the kids were on constant antibiotics, in hospital, using asthma puffers – yet my kids were called ‘lucky’ because they never needed them – despite asthma being a major issue in my extended family, even fatal. I now know families who for generations have avoided all vaccines and they suffer none of the health issues that their peers do. Thanks for sharing your story – this is exactly why I do what I do!


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    • VERITAS says:

      With all the fuss about hard hitting journalism, one would think those who DO speak the truth and have good intentions without the monetary dangling carrot would be heard. The mere fact the corruption and misguided ‘news’ is heavily rewarded shows the overall aim – and who is paying.


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