Australian Government About To Detonate Homelessness & The Foster System


We all know by now – well, anyone who is able to think for themselves – that the media is being heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry, the AMA and the TGA. The savvy cycle of pharma funding which results in massive profits for the various companies is based on a paper trail that doesn’t seem to matter; it’s too well spun to be of concern and by the time it reaches the individual, it appears to have nothing to do with the matter at hand.images-2

See recent (16 Sept 2015) ‘headlines’ and you would think, just a day after we gained a new PM by overnight stealth, that new vaccine laws had been passed ALREADY. They haven’t. But don’t let it stop them from forcing parents into thinking they must catch up with vaccinations. Not one survey or debate, all which had an overwhelming response of NO mandatory vaccinations, was considered. Of course! Pharma and government (aka Big Brother) knows best, right?images-2

Well, why wouldn’t they? Even uneducated parents are threatening non vaccinating parents – ask them why and they really can’t tell you. “But I saw it on TV…” Honestly, the blinkers go up, whoosh! Even seemingly rational, smart friends become rabid enemies if they find out you do not vaccinate – even though you have done more research than their doctors. But don’t worry, all that research will be dismissed as pseudo science. All those previous warnings against the various vaccines and their safety magically no longer apply.


I received word from another health care expert recently that she does not support any compulsory medical procedure. And make no mistake – a vaccination IS a procedure. Compare the size of your infant/child to an adult. Now, compare the gauge of a needle and use the old scale comparison by multiplying it with an adult’s body size.


If we were to upsize a vaccination needle – 22 to 25 gauge, we would be talking a paring knife tip in an adult – that would be considered a notifiable stabbing. In medical terms, we need to consider a scalpel – which, if used in any adult procedure, would be preceded by analgesia or even anaesthesia. Yet this is not considered – at all.

So, why are these procedures okay – when it states clearly in the Australian constitution at least, that no one should ever be coerced into any medical procedure. They can’t change the constitution but they can ignore it, hoping no one in politics – who are meant to be working for us – notices or acts accordingly.


So, back to this doctor – why can’t she speak out? Where are all the other doctors who do not support vaccination? Don’t be angry at them – legally they just can’t. The good news is that there are thousands of doctors worldwide who have the courage to not be manipulated by old rules and medical beliefs (even though their counterparts will dismiss other older health modalities as medieval…) – and if you do not agree with your doctor, find another one! It is your right as the consumer.


In my position, I receive emails and calls on a daily basis, many from people who have been forced (coerced) into having their children vaccinated, with disastrous results. Mothers are choosing to give birth at home even if there are known risks, or even drive to remote areas rather than be registered. In a perfect world, that would be okay – mothers give birth without assistance every day, but if something goes wrong, it won’t be the doctors or faceless trolls who pushed them to do this, who are blamed. Forget hospital assisted births result in death every day (over 11,000 annually in the US, around 1000 annually in Australia, around 4000 UK). Just like fake diseases now ‘diagnosed’ by unethical doctors to cover up vaccine injury, especially the neurological ones, they will blame the parents who have suffered unimaginable loss.


Ex partners and their new spouses/families are using this latest coercion in a sick game of Munchausen’s by Proxy – they can get at the custodial parent easily enough, by forcing them to vaccinate, even though they may not do so themselves. All of a sudden, since the media scaremongering propaganda has emerged, absent parents feel it is their duty to enforce vaccination ‘or I can’t see my son/daughter as they are a threat to our new baby’ – thereby being able to reduce or remove child support altogether because they are now not able to see their children. Step one in an already difficult socio-economic situation.


Every other day I am told of a new case of newborn babies in hospitals being snuck a vaccination or synthetic K jab even if the parents have signed documents to the contrary. This can happen under the guise of the baby needing a bath or ‘obs’ – or even while the mother has gone for a shower. We are now hearing of doctors or nurses forcefully taking the child out of the mother’s arms while she is pleading, and stabbing them with a cocktail of ‘catchup’ vaccines.


“The dog ate my homework…the car broke down….I couldn’t find my pen….our house blew up….my book was burned….it was scientifically proven that we shouldn’t write about this…anyway I have a lot of money…”

The REAL reason Mr Gates is getting away with twisting the truth and killing off millions of children…

These parents are not renegade; nor are they neglectful. How a simple coined theory courtesy of some well paid spin doctor can become medical lore is as unimaginable as it is ludicrous. Many decades ago, a researcher came up with ‘herd immunity’ – it didn’t take off for a few more decades and was once a relatively low percentage. When that didn’t prove to be correct, they increased the blanket percentage to almost 100%.


Yet, time has shown that even communities with 100% vaccination rate are experiencing outbreaks. And newborns who have been only exposed to 100% vaccinated are suffering the very illnesses their families, loved ones and medical staff have been vaccinated for. So instead of admitting fraud or error, what do they do? Redirect the public’s attention to those irresponsible parents who have done their research, who by medical theory would be the ones at risk.


It’s not working. So, once again they move the limelight to the very people who are living healthy lives, separated from the medical system, independently – not ‘needing’ fat medical files and ongoing medical ‘care’ to keep their children alive. It’s not the unvaccinated who keep the waiting rooms full – that is no coincidence. But we can’t have these people not following our rules, can we? Forget that most people who do not vaccinate are educated, mostly financially self sufficient, and not dependent upon any government support. It stands to reason, those who research ARE educated and most likely have jobs, if not successful businesses.

Group of sick children in pajamas on the floor

Group of sick children in pajamas on the floor

Over 90% of vaccinating parents receive government support in some form. So let’s make an example of the few who do depend on welfare. Take the heat off medical experts who do not vaccinate (highest percentage of the population – depending on sources, up to 40% and up to 100% incomplete vaccination) and vilify the same scapegoats as usual – the ones who can least afford it. (More on non vaccinating health professionals here).


Non vaccinated children are now being banned from Day Care and schools on the principal’s whim. So these single parents – and spouses of low income parents – are forced to be stay-at-home parents. They can’t afford private child care. Not everyone can afford nor are the able to home school. These decision makers somehow overlook the fact that Day Care centres and classrooms are breeding grounds for illness and various contagions. And while parents are ‘encouraged’ to keep infectious children at home, most don’t bother because it does not fit their lifestyle. I’d be more concerned about the fact most children at school miss out on most necessary nutrients required for health.


Step two in the socio economic decline. Parents are now share housing because added to the ridiculously high rent of 2015, they need friends or family members to help out. Many are becoming homeless – at the very least, it’s an everyday fear and threat.


As of January 2016, the Australian government – and others around the world – plan to cut part welfare payment to parents who do not vaccinate. Aside from blatant coercion, this is step three in the socio economic decline. Other parents face not being able to send their child to a nearby school – even though it is 100% up to the principal. Parents are already threatening to harm unvaccinated children, as if they will magically become a seething mass of pathogenic spawn on the first day of school – even if their children play with that child throughout the school holidays.


Speak to any non vaxxing parent and you will be told of many fears – disease is not one of them. The most real fear is having your child removed from your care. It is already happening in California. And I hear constant reports of threats to Australian parents. In a world where foster parents are outnumbered and foster homes overpopulated, our governments would rather force our loved, healthy children into foster homes to do vaccine catch ups than let us continue to actually care for our children.


You’d be forgiven for thinking the joke is on the unvaccinated. The government plans to cease all of these payments to EVERYONE in 2017. This is no more than a last ditch attempt to spin a few more billion for vaccine manufacturers – ergo, funding and sponsorship….

Every parent MUST be educated in this. Don’t take anyone’s word for anything – not even mine. Do your own research. Do not be guilted. Do not be COERCED.

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