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Organic Products - From Baby to Beauty

As a health practitioner, I have always sought out the best, premium quality products for my patients – BUT they had to be effective, ethical, vegan, pure/organic and above all, affordable. And they need to be on par with the best Practitioner Only products on the market, and be backed by believable research. At the top of this, MUST be fully trained health professionals.

As such, I have been involved with a number of MLM companies – writing, lecturing and teaching – with the view of sourcing affordable products and eventually assisting my ‘downline’ in getting their products for free. This is the promise; in reality, it rarely happens. You can sign up as many people as you like – unless they order the bare minimum required monthly, you will not do much more than maybe get a few dollars in credits per month.

Take my own case – at one stage I had a team of around 3 dozen under me and in turn, they had their own downlines – in a good month, at best, I ‘earned’ around $50 per week – a fraction of what it cost me to take part in this charade. The theory is that they each order $150 worth of product a month – nice if you can afford it. Okay, so yes, we may spend that per month on personal care or supplements. But what if we don’t? What of those who simply do not have a spare $150? That is the plight of most people who desperately sign with MLM companies after some keen distributor gives them the spiel.

I have known people to sell valuables in order to set themselves up with a Distributor Kit, not to mention the cost of babysitters and attending weekly meetings – passing them off as ‘training’ workshops; in reality, they are nothing more than money-making events for the upper-level achievers. Remember, these are usually laypeople who know nothing about health – no background in anatomy/physiology/biochemistry/natural nutrition – all training they receive is via other untrained distributors who have been told by their own uplines – or at best, watched a training DVD…

Yes, I know many people who drive luxury cars thanks to some of these companies – but at what cost? To get to that level, you would need at least a dozen high achievers under you, who in turn have a dozen high achievers under them. AND they must all be buying that minimum (and then some) every month while still signing others. So, what are these high achievers? Usually professional types (although a FEW do break the mould) who have a few hundred signed under them – those who struggle to do the monthly order, and never move any further. They drop out of sight eventually, while the high flyer keeps signing up more hapless folk.

SO many claims are made – while they say publicly, they are not promising anything. But as a practitioner, and someone who worked in research, this is where I came unstuck. If you do not believe what I am saying here, do this simple test. Contact the head office of ANY MLM company and ask for a complete ingredient list, along with a list of sources – so where is each ingredient sourced –

  • Certified proof that none of their ingredient suppliers test on animals
  • Proof that they do not test on animals or pay other companies to (most do)
  • Is unethical palm oil used? (Most palm oil is not ethical)
  • Is slavery used at any stage?
  • Are petrochemicals used in any products?

The sad truth is, most companies base their image upon one or two of the above. So, some companies even claim THEY discovered the toxicity of petrochemicals. Some even claim THEY conducted the research at their state-of-the-art facilities. Some boast of (pretty feeble) charity efforts. But I am yet to see ONE company that can say 100% that no animal testing occurs with supply companies, with their company or out-sourcing. They are unable to say that all palm oil used is ethical. They are unable to say, when it comes to slavery, anything other than ‘as far as we know’. While the main petrochemicals are not used, others are. All the while, they are condemning other companies like rabid judge/jury/executioner.

I no longer practice conventionally, but continue working on my global health coaching network to help people find the best individual health care options for their own family’s needs. After much research and more than a few ongoing issues which remain unanswered (including the use of ingredients sourced from unethical companies, and poor follow up customer service, as well as outright dishonesty and evading answering direct questions) I no longer find the former companies to be quite what they like to promote themselves to be.

So I set out to find a company that could do this. And thankfully I found one and no, it is NOT a MLM company. For the countries it does not ship to, I found another similar company, which I will do a post on shortly.

The good news is that these companies have many benefits that neither of the companies I was involved with did –

1. They ship to almost every country globally.

2. Shipping fees are a fraction of the price my former companies charge – even free.

3. Tens of thousands of products.

4. Thousands of vegan products with no history of animal testing or fake ethics.

5. Thousands of brands.

6. Rewards program (similar to an affiliate program).

7. ZERO demand for monthly orders, nor can other ‘members’ make money from your efforts.

8. Order what you want, when you want.

9. Discounts and bonuses on all first orders if you give the code of a member – my code should turn up in your checkout if you order via my main page, however if it does not, please input LSH273 otherwise you will miss out on a further 10% discount.

10. Thousands of discounts and specials/clearance items.

11. Thousands of trial purchase products for even better prices.

12. Every item guaranteed cheapest for comparable product and quality.

13. Not restricted to a few health products, cleaning, personal care and cosmetics – includes –

  • supplements
  • herbs
  • homœopathy
  • bath/beauty
  • skincare
  • healthy grocery (including gluten free and vegan)
  • kids and babies
  • sports products
  • pet products
  • links to studies and research

No other company is so extensive or inclusive. And no one compares in prices. Please feel free to do your own research on the site, but if you need help finding your own preferred products, let me know and I will work it out. The following is an extensive list of alternatives to the more popular products that health-focused MLM companies promote. For those not listed, feel free to research as iHerb will have more than one options available. Or ask and I will find the equivalent of what you need. I have no financial investment in this company – other than – like any professional would expect (far more, in fact), I do receive a very minor reward for sharing – however, nothing like I would expect if I stocked products on my own shelves and shipped them out.

Remember, all products are around half price, some even less…and yes, just as effective.

    Replacement – here
    Replacementhere (Equivalent of both products in one pill)
  • TS-X
    Replacement – here
    Replacementhere (both product equivalents in one pill)
    Replacement for adults – here
    Replacement for kids/students of all ageshere
    Replacement – here

Every product listed above contains at least the equivalent of the original products recommended – but most contain far more ingredients, as well as being in larger quantities – as well as quality and efficacy with irrefutable reviews and testimonies. It is simply not true that these MLM companies have the best or only option in any of these products. iHerb also stocks the equivalent of every other product that can be found on their pages.

A number of MLM companies like to say their products are the only one of their kind, or the best available – in fact so good that other companies beg to buy their products. These claims are simply not true. And as a health care professional, I have a real issue with untrained fanatics misleading the public. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people make unfounded claims – many in dangerous situations and with life threatening illness. Many have become adept at cutting and pasting the research and advice of people like me in order to flog product (one ‘executive’ used to send her downline members to my clinic for discount appointments just to find out what products they needed – guess who got the huge bonuses?). It’s something that does not sit comfortably with me and is very influential in the destruction of the natural health profession.






         Replacement – here


         Replacement – here


         Replacement – here












         Replacement – here

  • CASCADING REVENOL plus superfoods



         Replacement – here



  • VITASHAKE plus GREEN QI plus superfoods

         Replacement – here


         Replacement – here

– Depending on demand I may do a post on the skincare, hair care, dental, home and personal care alternatives in the future. Just know there are thousands of options – and these actually don’t contain questionable ingredients – nor are they tested on animals. Just ask! * There are also many other MLM companies out there making unfounded or vague promises. Please just ask if you need alternative, effective products found and I will do the work for you.

  • When you place your order via iHerb, be sure to check that the referral code LSH273 appears at checkout to receive another $10US off your total order (first order only).

Disclaimer – this post is my own doing as a professional; iHerb are not aware of this other than my own personal account which anyone can have, and they make no claims.

Please visit my other posts for my personal recommendations to suit your health and family needs.














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