Insanely interesting health facts – and YOUR health.

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Nice to have things we have known – or believed – for many years now validated by science, no matter how late it may seem sometimes. Here’s a little food for thought, if you still think your illness is an opportunistic or completely random one –

1. Pathogenic bacteria in your body outweigh your cells by 10 to 1. Depending on which you feed, and what chemicals you put onto/into your body, will depend on which flourish and how your health outcomes eventuate.

2. With all the talk on genomes and how this is the medicine of the future, science seems to dismiss the fact that bacterial makeup of our genes outnumbers our genome makeup by around 100 times – so genome distortion is less important than the right food – yes, even for so-called genetic disorders.

3. We NEED bacteria – so all this killing off by way of antibiotics (read = bacterial annihilators) and antiseptics, disinfectants and sanitisers are actually destroying your health and body.

4. Your digestive system is the most exposed, and sensitive system of the body. It is affected by everything you put into your body and onto your body. Nothing simply passes by without affect. Over time this will shape your life and health – this is the reason siblings, even so-called identical siblings, can end up, at the end of their life, having polar opposite personalities and even appearance.

5. Your gut bacteria affect your mental health, possibly even more than events in your life. So someone who has healthy gut bacteria, yet has been through abject physical and emotional torture, can avoid depression, post traumatic stress and other mental illness, while someone who has been able to avoid any real traumas, can develop deep-seated mental illness.

6. A person born through caesarian section, who is fed infant formula and never permitted to ‘get dirty’ or eat a natural diet, will have totally different gut bacteria to a natural birth outcome, and one who was breast fed and played in the dirt, and even lived in a less sterile home. In fact, the former, with the best of intentions, is most likely to have a poor physical and mental health outcome.

7. Due to bacterial manipulation, fast food addiction, personality disorders and health outcomes are all unavoidably interlinked. When someone says they ‘would kill’ for a burger or have eating disorders where they can physically only eat junk food, it’s often out of their abilities to change without intervention.

8, Diabetes is actually linked to gut bacteria destruction – whether thanks to antibiotics, vaccines or familial dietary/bacterial balance history – research focuses on anything but this little but long-known fact.

9. Weightloss is more to do with healthy gut bacterial balance than a ‘balanced’ or high protein diet. Programs that help in losing weight usually result in chronic health issues.

10. Asthma treatment is more about diet and gut bacteria than any side-effect-laden steroidal puffer. More about poor habits and low fibre intake than any genetic predisposition.

11. Cooking food kills bacteria, enzymes, most nutrients and chemically alters vitamins and minerals – making many unstable. So you could live your entire life on ‘dead’ food.

12. Physical fitness has little to do with your overall health outcome. In fact, I’ve had more chronic and terminally ill patients who are or were top notch athletes – and in over 30 years in health care, of the ‘sudden or unexpected’ deaths I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with, easily as many were athletes. They simply had unhealthy gut bacteria levels, high protein or processed carb, low fibre, overcooked and poor fat diets.

There is so, so much more to this. These scientists are still only scraping the edges, and also missing the mark on a number of aspects – such as the need for a plant based diet, fermented foods and totally missed the alkaline factor.

A little more here – serves to back up what natural nutritionists and natural/integrated health experts have been attempting to share for decades –

Please see my other posts on REAL diet. What about the toxins you are putting onto your body? There are enough articles on this blog for anyone to get it right, no matter where they are.

– and how about the most basic of bacterial realms, the soil? As we no longer eat directly from the soil, the very compound that helps you draw nutrients from your diet while turning your body into a magnet for good bacterial balance, fulvic acid is no longer part of a regular diet – thereby preventing us from healthy endocrine balance or protection from bad bacteria –

Digestive cleansing/detox – buy here –

Probiotics –

Digestive enzymes –

Gastro-intestinal healing –

Please take your health seriously. Health is, after all, the most important wealth.













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