As a child I was vaccinated. Yet even back then with a nurse as a mum, us kids were encouraged to ‘catch’ whatever we could, to build our immunity naturally. I could never understand why family members still got sick and even died from diseases they had been vaccinated for. Later on, during my own nursing training, I was forced to undergo repeated vaccinations for TB, the disease which had already claimed a number of family members. I couldn’t build a natural immunity but thought nothing of it as excuses were thrown around – and I believed them. It wasn’t until many years later, when tumours began to grow throughout my body, with the TB vaccination being explained as a causative factor, did I realise what a bad idea that was.

I even took part in vaccination programs as part of my job and even when people asked things I was not comfortable with, I had been well trained to deflect them from being ‘difficult’ and always managed to talk them around. Once I began studying alternative medicine, I saw with my own eyes, the other side – rather than being a fringe issue, it was more like an avalanche. Nothing like being in a room full of vaccine injured patients – ranging from mild brain damage to tetraplegia, where patients were unable to move anything but their eyes – it was one of the biggest shocks of my career.

Speaking to destroyed parents, whose children had died from vaccine injury, all admitted by medical experts but prevented from speaking publicly, planted more than a little fear into my mind – and conscience. Once I began to investigate, it was almost too much for me to consider. By the time my first child was born, I truly struggled with what to do. The nurse in me said yes but the logical and conscientious side of me ran away from the idea.

Thankfully I had an understanding GP friend – he had delivered her and was very encouraging of all I did. It wasn’t easy – the amount of flak I received – parents who refused to allow their children to play with mine, family who were in fear that I was somehow condemning my children to a certain death, authorities that threatened welfare action – I came close many times to simply giving in and doing the accepted thing. But I didn’t.

I put as much time and effort into researching this area as I did any other field. Possibly more. The more I dug into the topic, the more astounded I was at how much truth was covered up. One of the areas I felt most interested in, Indigenous health, proved a minefield – decades of injury and death, yet publicly acclaimed as one of the most successful areas of modern medicine.

Over the following decades I have been embroiled in more political debate and attack than I care to remember. Despite vitally healthy children, along with many, many instances personally and professionally of vaccine injury, I found it is one area that lacks common sense in the most basic form. It is ruled more by misinformation and some blind faith than any common sense.

I have been blessed to monitor the health of hundreds of children and adults who have taken natural steps to build immunity – using homeoprophylaxis, supplements, herbs and diet – many of whom have been faced with these disease threats yet failed to suffer. The invisible threat of them somehow being germ-laden carriers of disease has been the biggest issue, not the least in the minds of those who believe the cleverly-crafted spin, was a bigger issue than anything else.

Officially there is ‘no proof’ that homeoprophylaxis works; nor is there any ‘scientific proof’ that vaccine injury is real. All this despite millions doing just this, and are alive and well; while thousands of studies exist proving vaccine injury is very real and little more than a deadly, covered up game of Russian Roulette – no one is able to determine who is safe. Aside from this, multi million dollar lawsuits are paid out on an ongoing basis, all with waivers signed to prevent liability going on record. All this, despite the package inserts clearly stating what ‘could’ happen.

Over the years I have had access to some of the best research on this subject, including two Australian professionals with years of experience in the field –

  • Various homeoprophylaxis books by Dr Isaac Golden (many medical experts are paid high amounts to keep his research silent)
  • Vaccination, The Right Choice? by Maureen Hickman – a paralegal who has spent her entire career in court handling the many cases of vaccine injury. Over they years she has managed to collate some damning data.

I recently came upon what I consider to be the best collection of studies and ‘proof’ that there is definitely another side to the vaccination debate – one that is rarely accepted or told. It lists every disease and symptom set that is linked to a vaccine cause. All the diseases that simply did not exist prior to vaccination.

In fact, I am surprised it hasn’t been taken off the internet, like most of the vaccine literature out there. Please save whatever interests you – I am certain now that people are citing it, authorities like quackwatch will destroy it. Better to save what you can.


  • What’s the truth about SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME?
  • Why is there a compensation program for vaccine injury if it doesn’t exist?
  • Why was peanut allergy unheard of prior to the 1950s?
  • Are polio and cerebral palsy one and the same?
  • Is HIV/AIDS nothing more than legal biological warfare?

There is just so much to this debate. There is not one reason that anyone should ever vaccinate. To avoid the risk of a rare disease, you are forcing yourself or your children to face possible damage – or death. There are many other ways to ensure your family remains healthy. Surely you owe it to you and your loved ones to find the best ways, not necessarily the ways you have been tricked into believing are right?

There are literally thousands of symptom sets today, all linked to vaccine injury. In the bad old days, there was no way the average parent would know the truth until it hit them – and even then it would be dismissed as anything but the truth. Today, with access to everything via the web, there is no reason for anyone to fall for the hype any longer.

It is a story that needs to be told. And shared.


PLEASE visit the above link and save what you can, before it is, like all its predecessors, removed from the internet. If you still believe that vaccination is right, what do you have to lose?

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