Since the development of modern medicine, we have learned to focus on ‘A’ disease which is usually nothing more than the body screaming out that we are living/eating/behaving the wrong way.

What if the truth is easier than believing we are a ticking time bomb? What if you don’t have to remove that organ/tumour/gland? What if it really is as easy as eating the RIGHT way and taking the RIGHT supplements – as opposed to toxic-laden, substandard options?

The words anti aging have been bandied around for a long time but think about this –


Don’t believe me? What about doctors saying “At your age, it’s normal.” or what about “Don’t worry, it’s normal for older people.”

RegenaLife Jiaogulan Tea

– even when KIDS and BABIES get these diseases?

The truth is – our health systems are collapsing under a massive burden. Hearing of yet another poor mummy-to-be losing her baby because a hospital didn’t have any beds – what more proof do you need? Why is sickness normal now? How are ALL beds in hospitals filled to capacity?

The ONLY way to beat this is to get pro active. No excuses. Some of the most incredible health miracles I have seen is when there is no hope, a grim prognosis. And this happens every single day.


Find every answer you can. If you have a so-called genetic disorder, find answers. If you have health issues already, find answers. If you are faced with dangerous drugs and procedures, find alternatives.

It’s not ‘luck’ or a miracle that some people live to a serious old age, with zero health issues. Yes, some freaks of nature who smoke and drink occasionally pop up. But is that any reason to test it? Or the old adage “I have to die from something” or that stupid post circulating “I want to slide into my coffin sideways saying ‘what a ride'” – really? Look around!

Believe me, there ARE answers.

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2 Comments on “Pain, inflammation and aging – fighting all 3

  1. Okay, especially for diabetics and those like me, who do NOT use corn syrup/fructose – “We do not use fructose but a long chemical chain generally known as oligiofructose Where it is tied up and not available . In addition it does not come from corn we use it for the flavor but it does not release fructose

    (Go to pub med dot com. Put in Resveratrol and diabetes in the search space). In conclusion we do not use fructose from corn syrup – second it is a form that does not make fructose available but is very complex in size and nature we only use it for the flavor – and third resveratrol is an extremely effecting product.” For those STILL not sure on which SISEL product is which, Reseveratrol, or the most bioavailable, concentrated form on the planet is in the Eternity tonic.

    – the above was in response to a medical doctor’s query. This both supports natural nutrition and proves the fact that medicine KNOWS the cause of cancer and diabetes – yet is withholding this from the public. – “….fructose cancels the effect of resveratrol in cancer. It is well known that fructose /mostly derived from corn malt/ is breeding ground of carcinogenic cells. Fructose helps proliferation and multiplication of cancer cells and nourishes them. It isn´t the best sugar for diabetics, the pancreas needs more time to process enzymes.”


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