Kids, stress, skin symptoms and issues that often result.


What is the link between stress, skin symptoms and child health?

Recently, I was approached regarding a child’s itching skin and emotional symptoms. This is sadly not a rarity but the good news is that it’s often easy to treat, if the parents wish to get to the bottom of it.

Long before my twins were born, I had a heavy workload of childhood cases. So much so, that I considered turning my practice into one only dealing with childhood health. Thankfully my own children gave me a lot to work with and research!

It was a tough ride – one of my twins actually showed 6/11 down syndrome markers but I could never prove it was DNA damage caused by those first 4 days of her life’s ‘care’… Not long before they were born, a baby died at the hospital where they were born. It got a lot of bad press and staff were understandably on high alert.

They warned me that they would not be as easy-going as the hospitals where my older two were born (where I was freely able to use as many natural methods to give birth as possible and care for my babies without medical intervention), and sure enough when one was born with temporary breathing issues, she was whisked off to the state’s ‘leading’ children’s hospital.. What I didn’t know until later (I was unable to visit her for 4 days) was that they’d induced a type of coma, using morphine, steroids and antibiotics – just in case. They admitted later it was unnecessary but standard especially due to their own workload. As a result she came back to me very damaged.

Lots of effort for the first 6 months, but she is brilliant now. I know she would have been very challenged if I hadn’t taken it into my own hands. I hate to think how the everyday person gets on. Both twins had extreme talipedes where their feet were not just back to front, but inverted. Neither could sit up even by 7 months, this same twin had complete labial fusion so unless I picked it up she would have suffered majorly in her teens, both had near cleft palates, one had mild epilepsy symptoms and the other had a twist in her lower bowel which resulted in needing daily enemas for many years.

Their skin issues resembled a blend of psoriasis and eczema  was definitely the toughest skin battle I had fought with any patient up until that time – nothing seemed to cause a positive result, yet I did everything I had ever done with patients in the past, with great success – until then. My own stress during pregnancy, marriage breakdown and business failure was the hidden issue and once I dealt with underlying stressors, all symptoms abated rapidly and permanently – however, if the girls eat or are exposed to toxins they soon have telltale symptoms flare up.


Like I say, both are fine now but I cringe to think what could have happened. My one and only pædiatrician visit ended up with a report that said they were fine – she was more interested in why I don’t vaccinate than what was screaming at her. Looking more at how sick they ‘may’ get as opposed to what was in front of her. Along with a chiro friend, we ‘straightened’ them within just weeks.

If you look at your child’s irises (the coloured part – blue/brown/green) and break up the iris into a clock; if they suffer skin irritation and nervous issues, they will most likely have spots at 7 o’clock in their right eye and 5 o’clock in their left eye. The ‘skin’ reflex, which runs around the outside of the iris – is usually darker than the iris colour and will reflect poor circulation to the skin and irritation like eczema. They may even have dark circles immediately around the pupil (black central hole) which show that digestion is toxic due to foods they cannot digest. All of this relays to the liver and causes all sorts of problems. And sadly – despite always being shown true in time, medicine as a whole not only ignores this early warning miracle but often lampoons and even legally challenges it.

What is your child’s diet? They will need to have certain foods removed 100% from their diet – and this will take YOUR dedication – otherwise anything else will be temporary at best – warning – this is not a situation of just doing a little and hoping for the best, but remember these triggers will always have a negative effect – to continue with them is actually sabotaging health –

  • sugar (in all forms other than stevia),
  • wheat flour in all forms,
  • dairy
  • meat
  • food additives and processed foods.

There are alternatives and are pretty easy to get used to. For sugar, use stevia. For wheat flour, use gluten free. For dairy there are many dairy free options now. And for meat, well, none of us should eat it (other than habit, addiction and misinformation carried on for centuries and industry promotion) and thankfully there are so many options out there now! In the instance of someone’s addictions/habits simply being considered more important than health, it is possible to occasionally indulge – but you will suffer.

Toxic chemicals in personal care must be eradicated and replaced.

– I can’t stress this enough! I had one child brought to me who was on an organ transplant list, the parents not knowing that it was as easy as bubble bath, shampoo or soap powder. This is 50% of the job done, regardless of health issue. There are now thousands of toxic cocktails in our homes and most health issues are attached. As you can, take out all toxic cleaners and personal care.

Begin with soap powder and what your child bathes with. Allergies are linked to adrenals to a huge percentage, so we must always consider this in any care program. Interestingly, the genes associated with asthma, eczema and stress are closely linked. They should never be treated as individual ‘diseases’ but as a holistic bodily system.

Whether rashes, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or welts – or any opportunistic symptom set, please consider this – applying a healthy environment, diet and emotional support will do more for your child than some medication or topical cream whose only relative success is temporary at best, and often no more than masking some symptoms, driving them further into the body, into the liver and establishing the cycle into repeat for the rest of their lives, affecting quality of life.

As for emotional wellbeing, it can be as simple as chamomile tea with stevia to sweeten – my kids drink it like cordial. A small dose of valerian at night can help sleep and deep rest. Otherwise, a supplement with rhodiola helps break poor psychiatric patterns from developing and keep the individual positive and happy.

Homœopathy should often be the first port of call with children due to the gentle and safe nature of results. Basically, if an individual does not need a remedy, there will be no reaction. If the remedy is suitable the individual will react gently with any and all symptoms that match the substance – meaning the body will react, the mind will react and even seemingly unrelated symptoms will gradually disappear. There are many homeopathic remedies that are absolutely miraculous in treating all symptoms of stress and skin disorders.


I have seen massive changes in newborns right through to comatose patients – so the orthodox argument that it is a placebo effect (simply because they cannot explain it I guess – one science geek tried to tell me that my placebo effect was transferred to my comatose patients! Wow, if any mind was that powerful, surely offering ANY medicine would be 100% effective?)

Yes, it does take effort but that is nothing compared to the effort needed throughout life if it’s not dealt with appropriately.

But what about an antibiotic alternative? Well, line up and take your pick! Probiotics, herb-biotics, TCM, bush medicine and so much more. It just takes a little effort and for you to stop relying on faceless pharmaceutical entities to fix what you can do at home. Or if just too scary, see a natural health professional. There are thousands of very qualified health professionals just waiting to share the age-old wisdom that has kept families alive for centuries – millenia even.

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