Colgate’s latest claim on TV advertising is about as low as it can go. So, if you are one of the myriad viewers who believe that eating what you like and brushing with arguably toxic toothpaste will result in a lifelong tenure of your teeth, I can only scream – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Are you crazy or just lazy?

For years, unethical dental advertisers have conned us into thinking that sugar in toothpaste is fine, WWII nuclear waste is okay (fluoride) and just brushing or having a 6 month checkup is responsible for a perceived improvement in dental hygiene.

It’s not.

I remember when my own sister studied dentistry in the 70s – we butted heads so much on what was the truth. Eventually she came across but I remember her saying eating potato chips/crisps was better for your teeth because it was free of sugar. Okay, so over-fried carbohydrates were somehow better than sugar laden lollies/sweets? Enter the glut of obese teens and children, whose parents honestly thought that their efforts were right, based on very misleading advice. And guess what? It had the added bonus of acid formed by eating those carbs causing as much dental decay as sugar.

White smiling teeth as a health concept or symbol

White smiling teeth as a health concept or symbol

In the background, the same pro organic, no sugar, healthy eating community continued to wring their hands in frustration at what was nothing more than propaganda rather than healthy advice. Not much fun screaming into the wind, let me tell you. But time does tell…

Over the years, I was constantly angered by the misinformation out there – spread by dental experts. On one hand they were happy to continue this pro fluoride campaign which was nothing more than Hitler’s last laugh, and sugar-laden toothpastes, which yes, eventually did pave way for other neural irritants – how else can you explain the lie of aspartame as a sugar replacement? It is causing MS type symptoms, causing blackouts of pilots and dieters alike. Appalling poison that oh, okay, it’s approved by dentists. So it must be okay.

dental mould

Back to this latest rubbish by Colgate which I am sure will be snapped up by millions of continually gullible consumers. Hey, you can eat what you like, right? Don’t worry about getting fat. Don’t worry about actually getting SICK. And don’t worry about your teeth, because Colgate is going to fix it.

It wont. There is just one 100% foolproof way to have good teeth unto death. And if you think that is not an issue, just remember one thing – dental health is linked to almost EVERY health issue, sooner or later – and still kills just as many as it did, hundreds of years ago.

NO toothpaste is going to undo an acidic lifestyle. Eat acid and it hits your teeth straight away. Drink acid and it will  wash over your teeth immediately. Drink water after you do so and it will make no difference whatsoever.


The truth is, if you want healthy teeth you need a healthy ALKALINE body. Otherwise you better get ready for your teeth to crumble as rapidly as your body does.

For more info, see my posts on alkaline living and healthy eating here. And yes, see the posts in my ebook which you can purchase here. Up to you!


So, what dental products are non-carcinogenic, not acidic, non toxic and actually capable of remineralising your teeth while ensuring your gums remain healthy? There are many but here are some of my favourites – please head to my wholesale page via this link found here and you can search for yourself or check out my recommendations by copying and pasting these codes into the search bar at the top of the page –

Tooth soap – TSP-00011

Eco dental floss – ECO-02000

Chocolate whitening toothpaste – THE-00300

Non toxic oxygen/essential oil mouthwash – EOX-44416


– and while you are there, check out my other blog posts on pure, eco, vegan and organic personal care available on this site.


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