This article is by Dr Robert Young – posted purely to hopefully guide people away from arguably risky mammography and towards infra red thermography, which is not just safer but possible of earlier detection of any health issues.

We must head towards holistic health care if we are to survive as a species. The lie that we are living longer, healthier lives should be outlawed. We are not – and for someone over 30 years old to not have some chronic health issue with dependency on pharmaceutical meds is nothing more than mismanagement of health.

Rather than ridiculous weightloss diets, how about healthy diets for HEALTH? Weightloss will be a welcome side effect. If you are eating rubbish, missing your favourite foods and hating that you ‘have to do it’ – you are doing it wrong. If you are pounding your body at the gym truly believing you can work off your bad habits without harming your body, you are doing it wrong.

Every day millions take up a diet. Every day millions cheat or stop their diets altogether. What will it take? Sadly, for some people, not even the obvious. This stands for all aspects of our health. If something has a risk, surely common sense would dictate that you find a safer option?

The most frustrating aspect of this whole diagnostic pathway is that the medical profession has waged a destructive battle with anyone providing this test – despite it being non invasive and far more effective than mammography, xray – and in my view, even MRI – most providers that existed 10 years ago are no longer in existence. Not enough money involved for the medical industry. I guess the old adage that was shared with me by our illustrious TGA, for a therapy to be approved and registered it must have the ability to cause harm. Thermography does not, ergo it’s struck off as unapprovable. Oh, therefore it mustn’t work!

1) women with dense breast
2) fibrocystic breast
3) tender breast…
4) family history of breast cancer
5) breast implants
6) those who desire a proactive breast cancer prevention plan
7) excellent screening tool for younger women under 40 years of age
8) for women over 50, 99% accuracy as an adjunct to ultrasound and clinical exam
*  Advances in infrared technology combined with data on 300,000 women with mammograms document that breast thermography is highly sensitive and accurate. Today, this means that more than 95% of breast cancers can be identified, and that this is done with 90% accuracy. In women under the age of 50, where there is the most devastating loss of life from breast cancer, mammography, MRIs and PET scans cannot come close to matching the combined sensitivity and specificity (accuracy) of breast thermography and ultrasound.
* Breast thermography and ultrasound involves no radiation exposure or breast compression, is easy to do, is done in a private setting, and is affordable.
* The FDA approved breast thermography and ultrasound for breast cancer risk assessment in 1982.
* It is important to begin breast cancer screening long before age 40. It should begin at age 25 in order to identify young women who are already developing breast cancer since it takes approximately 15 years for a breast cancer to form and lead to death. Further, young women with dense breast tissue are the most difficult to evaluate using breast palpation, mammography examinations, yet their significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer can be accurately detected with breast thermography and ultrasound.
* Mainstream procedures are not approved for breast cancer screening in women under age 40–it is widely known and accepted that they miss too many cancers and lead to too many false positive findings that result in far too many needless breast biopsies.
There is an abundance of scientific evidence supporting that breast thermography and ultrasound are the most sensitive and accurate ways to identify women with breast cancer, especially in women under the age of 55, where it causes the most devastating loss of life. For women over 55, breast thermography and ultrasound are an important adjunct to clinical breast examination, as this combination has been documented to increase identification of breast cancers to 99% breast cancer prevention.
Please look for a thermography provider in your area before you even consider allowing anyone to cause further tissue damage in the archaic contraptions invented by some psychopathic pseudo expert who would argue that flattening your breast tissue by force is somehow beneficial.

3 Comments on “Infra Red Thermography

  1. THIS is the reason why mammograms should be banned. If you dig behind the media hype you will see how many more cases of tissue damage (ie eventual cancer triggered), how many false positives, how many were not detected – and in the scheme of things it is huge stats. But no, I guess most are happy to believe that false sense of security. Thermal imaging is the ONLY way to detect early – and it is non invasive. I value my body and there is no way any man – or woman – is going to squash parts of me just to cause tearing or damage. Have you seen what they do to your boobs? Maybe it’s why some of us can retain our natural shape as opposed to pancakes of damaged ones, I don’t know. But jokes aside, please consider investing in occasional infra red thermography. I have helped many women not only avoid the dreaded crush, but detect tissue changes earlier and treat them successfully without one ounce of poisoning. Think about it.


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