Biggest Losers – in more ways than one

I must be the only one alarmed at the bootcamp mentality of massive weightloss. I can’t see one benefit in smashing the joints, stretching the skin, emotional damage and health issue triggering that goes on with forcing shocking tactics upon the obese.

The truth is, it’s downright dangerous. Most of us want to see people lose weight and be all they can be. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is happening. Endurance running and physically abusing the body –  projectile vomiting brought on by physical trauma – damaged joints and compounding the effects of gravity during weightloss – how can this be okay?

An alkaline diet provides all that you need to not just lose weight but heal as you do so. Taking the right supplements – not those spruiked by untrained celebrities – is essential, and can help not just overcome malnutrition which most obese people suffer from. Some even help with appetite and food likes/dislikes.

There are many gentle modalities out there. Why are people turning to this type of weightloss, over a health farm? Or something you could easily do at home?  Please see my other posts if you are trying to lose weight. You don’t need to overdo it!

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