Anti-vaccine – do you know the truth?

What is your knowledge of vaccinations? Do you know the ingredients (aborted fœtal cells, mercury, formaldehyde, carcinogens and so on)? Do you know that even today, not one vaccination has been proven to be 100% effective? And there is still no test in existence that can determine if your child is going to be one of those who will contract chronic disease from it? Did you know that for example, polio was not caused by a pathogen, but by blanket spraying of DDT? Did you know that despite blanket tuberculosis vaccinations in 3rd world nations, there is no immunity BUT people are dying from side effects of the accepted vaccine and treatment?

Did you know that the people making the current laws have no medical background? Did you know that more children die from vaccine side effects than the flu, meningitis, meningococcal, tetanus and cervical cancer put together? And among the non-vaccinated, death is almost non existent? (But don’t let that stop an overzealous doctor from blaming every illness on those kids). Herd immunity is a theory that has never been proven.

Autoimmune disorders are on the rise – what used to once be just 1 in 1000 it is closer to 1 in 100 – some experts say 1 in 10 now. And you don’t have to have been vaccinated as your parents’ DNA is sufficiently damaged by their vaccinations. There are a lot more truths than the lies that parents are told. Be forewarned. In my line of work it is a very unfortunate and common occurrence to see vaccine damaged children and adults – and to meet the parents of children who never stood a chance.

And while doctors admit the vaccine may have killed that child who was vitally healthy prior to the vaccine, they do not have to by law, admit it in a court – chances are those parents will be charged with abuse. Our courts are full of cases of vaccine injury – easily as many as GBH type charges – why don’t they make the media?

Pray your kids are not among the growing number who are not as unlucky as some.

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