People often ask me about stem cell therapy and they usually don’t like my reply. While new vibrant young cells are an exciting thought, there are many ethical and even common sense things to consider here.
If you are okay with the use of aborted foetal cells, the chance of developing Graves Host Disease (like organ rejection), high expense and eventually failure, I guess it’s alright.
The thing is, just a few decades ago, stem cell theories were proven by Dr Robert Young, a biochemist who is trashed on a daily basis – because he is sticking it to medicine in a big way and while many are jumping ship and joining him, others are running scared. He proved once and for all that even a bacterial cell can be ‘converted’ to a red blood cell. He then set about proving that various other cells could be converted as well.
Imagine that – altering a cell – converting it into another cell type altogether. Surely this is the stuff of science fiction? Or at least something headline worthy? Apparently not.
This had massive implications for cancer, organ damage and injury – not to mention anti ageing. But for the most part, his work has been squashed by those who stand to lose a lot of funding (ie money) for their unethical work. What’s his theory based on?
pH MIRACLE LIVING – therein lies the problem – apparently few people consider their lives worth that much, so the thought of eating a vegan, raw plant based diet is just not of interest.
The sad thing there is, I can guarantee that for a very little bit of effort, the way you will feel by making this change will be enough. I’d already lived an organic vegetarian lifestyle for most of my life yet was still occasionally unwell and ageing. Since making the full change a few years ago, not only do I never ‘catch’ anything going around, but all of those genetic and age related health issues creeping in are gone. (Now, if I could just find a way to stop injuring myself – shame being alkaline doesn’t help with that.)
And yes, supplementation should ALWAYS be part of a healthy lifestyle. Each of us needs a different formula, depending on genetics, health history, diet, previous medications, chemical exposure etc. Enter my favourite supplements – organic, superfood, practitioner quality. Not only increasing alkalinity but true stem cell renewal without killing a single living being. If that is not enough, there are supplements capable of reducing your chronological age and reversing all that comes with it.
Fucoidan (anti inflammatory) – find here
Reseveratrol/superfood/antioxidants/cellular nutrition – find here
Telomere health/length (shorten with age) – find here
Hormone balancing – find here
Colloidal minerals – find here
Energy (multi ginseng/adaptogenic) – find here
These are – or should be – the basis of any cellular health-based protocol. Of course, there will be other individual issues according to your needs, however if you were to research every ingredient in detail, you would understand just what is capable using diet and nutrition.

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