images-8Candida, or thrush, is a bodily reaction that can be present from birth, especially if the baby was born via caesarian and the mother chooses to bottle feed.

The human body being as it is, we have the ability to fight just about every issue – IF we do things the right way. During the birthing process, one of the thousands of micro processes taking place is that of transfer of beneficial bacteria into the gut and eventually the entire body.

Up until recently, if you mentioned candida to a doctor, they would roll their eyes and ask if you had been self diagnosing or visiting a quack. That simply dismissal has resulted in chronic and even terminal health down the line.

Sadly, the development of candida begins early in life and yes, it’s an emotive topic because it most certainly begins within early days – either from what the mother is eating/drinking or what is put into the baby.


Add to that, vaccinations and antibiotics within a few days/months and you have a lethal cocktail that will prevent even the basic bodily function. And let’s not forget sugar-loaded formulas and baby food – or the worst of all, that wive’s tale of ‘needing solid food’ before the body is even able to digest anything more than mother’s milk (not cow’s, or any other..) Supplementation with probiotics is not only recommended, but imperative. This alone can often make all the difference. So long as the diet that follow is beneficial rather than convenient.


Sugar, yeast, mushrooms, vinegar – and any foods containing them, will cause further imbalance. The usual way most people realise there is candida is by oral or genital thrush. These symptoms only appear long after the yeast organism has spread in excess of what it should be. Yes, yeast is needed for many reasons, not the least because it takes part in the formation of hormones and assimilation/utilisation of B vitamins. BUT once hormone imbalances come into play (perfumes, dioxins, medications, chicken, meat, etc) high oestrogen levels will cause yeast to flourish unbearably. This is why many pregnant women suffer so badly.


I have had indignant women excuse thrush one of two ways – “I’ve always had it, doesn’t bother me. My doctor says it’s nothing to worry about.” or “I am not giving up my favourite foods. My husband can put up with it.” First of all, ewww, but really – don’t people realise that if your body is pushing out abnormal secretions, it must be causing internal damage in the first place? We are also talking thrush being passed via breastfeeding – what about that poor child consuming it? Unusual secretions don’t exist just to be excreted. That happens because there is no more room inside and they have nowhere else to go. Add some warm water to a sachet of yeast. Allow it to ferment for just a few hours – imagine that going on in your body for years! Add a little sugar and let it fester against some raw skin – that is what is happening to your mucous membranes.


There is only one true way to eradicate what has the ability to trigger reactions throughout the body – that is by changing your diet. Yes, you can take homœopathics, wash with tea tree dilution and large amounts of vital probiotics. And there are many on the market – yoghurt is not going to do it – especially if you consider what is in dairy. But there are definitely better brands out there… The thing is, one organism can fast spread to millions in a short time. No bandaid solution is going to change that. You need perfect balance for just the right amount of yeast to be where it’s meant to be.


Alkaline living will allow that – although if you have been infested for too long, you will need to take those measures just to clean up. Other signs of candida (and yes, I did already say ewww) – body odour (cheese…), smelly feet, tinea, dandruff, yellowing nails, yellow coated tongue and of course, the secretions. In babies, SM33 or similar is given to remove the topical signs only, not the actual disorder. Unchecked, candida can affect just about every bodily function involving the mucous membranes. If you imagine itchy feet or even crutch, that aggravation is going on all through the body in different ways – abnormal abdominal bloating and wind, pain, hyperactivity, headaches, weak muscles and organs, fertility issues, cycle, etc, etc – and it CAN be passed on from person to person by sharing drinking bottles, unprotected sex, etc. It can be aggravated by wearing nylon underwear BUT the main thing is diet. Removing external symptoms will not affect the internal workings one iota. See my posts on alkaline diet.


Any homœopathic prep should contain Hydrastis as this is THE candida drainage remedy (see my homeopathic site –  and check out the CYC info for more details.)

Medicinally, I have seen good results with the use of Nilstat but at almost $100 a bottle (not on PBS) you are better of using probiotics. And believe it or not, enemas and rectal application of probiotic capsules makes all benefits quadruple in effects.

Any foods containing yeast, sugar, mushrooms and vinegar must be eradicated and once under control, kept to a minimum, if ever. It really is that simple. Well, for most it’s not simple as these foods are part of their main diet. Sugar is to eradicated totally – occasional replacement with agave, pear or apple syrup and stevia are pretty much the only sugars that should be used – NEVER replace sugar with artificial sweeteners because they carry a whole new range of health issues. Just remember, candida is simply the reflection that they body is out of balance – the only way to correct that is to change it permanently. If you can’t start that at birth, start at soon as you can and stick to it.

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So, what can we take internally? Aside from homœopathics, and bicarb to rebalance pH, there are actually measures that help to flush and speed up healing.

  • A STRONG probiotic to rebalance internal flora – order here
  • Support for the gut while rebalancing internal flora – order here

There is no one step treatment for candida – it is complex and affects every aspect of your health both in short and long term. Please get your pH right and take these measures if you want to address the whole picture.






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