Just a few articles supporting natural therapies.

When I write I am often asked where the proof is. This thread contains a trail of news articles and links to studies – for those who are keen to do their own research.

How many die from supplements vs medicine?

3 million deaths and still counting


More on natural cancer cures…

One of the many cancer treatments

~ Just a little more proof that the sickness system (masquerading as our health system) can use their failures to get more money and recognition.

“Cancer researchers are concerned that more men than ever are dying from melanoma. Number have gone down, of people developing the cancer, but more men than ever are dying of it.”

If that is not an admission that their methods are failing, I don’t know what is.

Juicing for cancer

Why cancer wont ever have a medical cure –

Profit before cure

Why it is perfectly okay for our food, water, air and environment to be poisoned and who it benefits –

Modern day gods

Unless the public takes very real action this year, natural therapies could well be outlawed –

Take action here

Does HIV/AIDS exist?

HIV fraud

More on the toxicity of gluten and common wheat –

facts here

Do you know how to choose your health care professional wisely? You may be surprised –

Modern day quackery

A perspective of Shaken Baby Syndrome by a paralegal – someone who was involved in vaccine court cases for years –

Legal murder

Fats & oils are NOT the same –

Facts on fats


Jenny McCarthy is constantly lampooned by pro-vaccine types. She should be knighted!

Time to listen


Sadly, when doctors do grow a conscience and speak out, they are usually struck off or charged legally with some cooked up attack. This is from a cancer doctor – if it doesn’t open your eyes I truly don’t know what will.

Dead doctors can’t speak


Make no mistake – you have no say over your health or that of your children.

Who has the right


To set your family’s home up with a safe and effective health care dispensary, you should consider going to this page and not only planning a sound care kit but detox your home, replacing with non toxic products. It’s just part of what a healthy life should include. There are also many amazing articles and fact sheets on the site. If you make sure my order code of LSH273 comes up at checkout you get another $10 off the original discount price.
















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