“My child has gone weird! Wants to be a vegetarian! Are they going to get sick?”

Sentiments such as this have been parroted to me for decades. And prior to that was said about me – always within earshot as if it would make some mystical difference and make me come to my senses..

One not-so-tactful parent invited me for dinner and when my then-boyfriend mentioned I was vegetarian, she loudly exclaimed “That’s so rude! What am I supposed to cook for her now?” Oh well, she gave me the title to my first cookbook!

Over the years I never did become more thick skinned – I just learned how to cook really well, become really healthy, and wrote a book – one with health facts accumulated via years of study and practice – and experience.

Parents, teachers, health experts and people who are up in arms about someone choosing to grow a conscience and walk a little lighter on this earth – it’s right about now that YOU learn how to cope, now that this individual no longer is happy to be manipulated by guilt or force into eating the spoils of an appalling meat, egg and dairy industry.

No, your child wont grow two heads, become deficient in any nutrient or necessarily turn into a drug addict. No more than someone who is happy to eat eggs stolen from a featherless near-dead bird, drink milk stolen from a mother whose baby is now long dead, or become a human coffin for decomposing meat.

The truth is, study after study has shown that eating ‘clean’ or a plant based diet will improve your health, lighten your carbon footprint and save money.

This post is not about all the pros and cons – it’s just simply to share the link to the book I wrote – rather than share it every day on social media sites when increasing numbers of people ask what they can do or say to someone hoping to make this massive change.

Facebook page here

The book link –

buy here

So, rather than do what many of my previous patients have done, ignoring the child and forcing them to go without if they are ‘so stupid’ – how about learning a little and making the adjustment the right way – for the health of your child?

After all, you taught them how to eat meat. You forced them to in fact. Maybe it’s about time you learned something new? You may even be a little shocked about just how is vegetarian or vegan. The book is completely vegan even though the title mentions vegetarian.

And it has everything from fast food to easy gourmet food. Every host and parent should have a copy and every home economics teacher should have one. Actually, every restaurant should have one – most meals I’ve had the misfortune of eating at restaurants after asking for a veg*n meal failed miserably…

Book two is on its way – focusing on particular angles – raw food, healthy children’s meals, more gourmet, vegan cheese, dips, meat alternatives and much more.

But don’t run before you can walk – this one will lay some very easy, safe and healthy foundations for your child’s (and your) future.












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