This is one of the most common questions put to a health practitioner whose aim is to offer health rather than chase sickness. It’s a valid question and the answer is not a simple one – so let me lay it out in point form and let you decide. Once again this week, a doctor, UNTRAINED IN NUTRITION OR ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE was heard to tell a patient that diet makes NO difference to your health. Okay so we should all just starve ourselves to health, shove junk food into our faces until we reach optimal health?


Firstly, let me say that all supplements are NOT the same. Through some clever marketing and trickery, more than 90% of our supplement manufacturers are now pharmaceutical – usually synthetic.


That may be okay for some, but delve further and know that these same companies have zero background in nutritional, organic or biochemical knowledge and are merely churning out unsafe, untested masses of pills that have as little benefit as the bottles they come in. That includes what is now available in health stores unfortunately. Take any well established nutraceutical company and do a little search – now owned by **** pharmaceuticals. That aside, let’s consider a few factors that affect our health….



In the early part of last century, scientists discovered that in Australia, a relatively unscathed country when it came to pollution, at least 16 trace nutrients were missing from the soil. Today, even in Antarctica (read more here), scientists have found traces of radioactive and toxic pollution – including DDT (linked to polio – facts here) – so unless we find that fictional planet, our air water and soil contamination will affect the quality of food compared to say, 200 years ago when even the humus of the soil and the presence of fulvates which are responsible for nutrient uptake into the root systems of plants. Waterways are so toxic today that many cannot be consumed and our air, aside from industrial, airway and farming pollutants/greenhouse gases, even organic foods must to some degree, be tainted. Sadly, we’d need a manmade bubble to grow food in a controlled situation to reach such a level of nutrients and even then, it would be hit and miss to reach such an optimum quality.



– the standard western diet (SAD/SWD) is so deficient today, it’s a miracle that any human life can be sustained. Thanks to clever media and advertising manipulation over the last 100 years, it’s now considered a health food to drink the milk a cow makes for her own babies…


– a chocolatey, sugary dehydrated drink that you can mix into that white liquid; vast quantities of meat we were never made to consume, and myriad foods contributing to our declining health. While we in the west are educated that 3rd world nations have poorer health than we do, by and large, unless in a region of famine (often caused by the west’s demands) they have a vibrant health we can only hope to enjoy – all the while we throw our ridiculous ideas at these nations to bring them down to our level.

So, what is your average day of eating like? Most westerners go a little like this – wake up, and start the day with coffee, tea, milk with additives, processed grainy cereal, grainy toast, a big fry up of every fatty meat on the planet  and if you are lucky, a sugary artificial fruit drink. Lunch consists of fast food, more grainy sandwiches or pies, more meat, more sugary energy type drinks to keep us going, and if we are lucky a little lettuce and tomato with our other ‘food’. In between main meals it’s cake, biscuits (more of the same old grains), more coffee or tea or any of the naughty much sought after chef type food on our TVs. Evening meal it’s a banquet of stodgy overcooked meat, vegetables if you are lucky, sauces and condiments. And most of these foods have undergone processing/adulterating and manipulation – including at a genetic level. What do you hope to get out of this ‘diet’? It’s an easy one – poor immunity, weight issues, destroyed digestive system and very little nutrients…


– More on what/how to eat here – how ANYONE can cook healthy, tasty vegan food –

FOOD QUANTITY – How much food do you need? 200 years ago you may have needed very little to sustain you as it was high nutrient. Today, you would actually need to eat many kilos of food to meet nutrient requirements to be healthy. I don’t mean the RDA (Recommended daily allowances) which are set by people trained by industry (dairy, meat, sugar and grain) and ‘experts’ untrained in natural nutrition, but optimum amounts of nutrients that will protect and repair your body beyond anything you are used to.


Many of us now choose to forgo regular food in favour of smoothies or juices. You may have heard of this – it is getting a lot of flak again from doctors who are not trained in diet – those whose mere appearance tells a tale of just how much they understand. Even so, if we should juice down and make smoothies using superfoods which contain high concentrations of nutrients, we will still most likely be lacking. I know if I go more than a few days without supplements, my body feels it badly and I have come to be able to look at a patient now and tell if they are taking supplements or not. * Note – contrary to what well known superstars and snack food companies want us to believe, oats are NOT a superfood. Yes they are yum – but so is sugar to some people – just because some actor tells you it’s good for you, does not mean it actually is. Better than much of the fast food out there maybe, but superfood? No.

DAMAGED DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS – Between the damage caused in utero by the pregnant mother-to-be eating for two, from a poorly chosen diet of very bad craving choices, vaccinations (read this before you agree to one more jab), high sugar, high grain diets (what’s wrong with grains?), dairy consumption (how dairy destroys your health) and meat eaten too much and too early (experts say don’t eat meat) leave us very early on, unable to digest food, let alone assimilate any vital nutrients from it. Add to that, today’s environmental impact – households are many times more toxic than being outside thanks to cleaning and personal care products. And they can strip our bodies of vital processes.


So, how are you going so far? I have omitted much more than I have included here. Geography, genetics, finances, education and much more affect just how well your nutrient quota is doing. I would say we ALL need supplementation to some degree – but what supplements to use? I always begin with diet and superfoods but some people simply cannot be bothered, or do not have the time or means to do this. Years ago, after finding it increasingly difficult to find supplements that I could trust for my own use and that of my patients, I came across a biochemist who claimed to research the research. He made a lot of sense, even if he did irritate me – it turned my practice methods and direction around and for that I am grateful. It also allowed me to discern pure, organic and ethical supplements from the synthetic drug-like muck that is now filling pharmacy and supermarket shelves.


And guess what? It doesn’t have to cost the earth. Yes, you can now get wholesale, practitioner quality products delivered to your door.

The end result is that I now have access to really good supplements and now that I don’t practice, I find it a bonus that I can advise someone on any particular issue and they can go online and order from home, from almost every continent – and thankfully that is growing. There are more posts on this blog about my choice of supplements but I’d just like to suggest that you visit this page and see for yourself. You can go to the media page, watch clips, see manufacturing processes, read testimonies and get the background info needed to make your own decision. I can’t make it for you – all I can do is guarantee you wont be disappointed. I was impressed – and continue to be – and that is no easy thing to do! Follow this link and just ask if you have questions – I hope you will!

Find your discount practitioner quality products here

I can already hearing you say “But how do I know what to buy for myself?” You are welcome to visit my ‘Assessment’ link on this blog and do an online health assessment which will provide a comprehensive rundown on your health and exactly what you can do to turn it around. You can type in your particular health issue and find answers on the iHerb site or you can begin with my favourite superfood supplements that I recommend above and beyond anything else – simply copy and paste the following links into a new page and place your discounted (up to 73% off) order today –

  • Vitamins/minerals/organic supergreens/organic vegetables/antioxidants/herbs/prebiotics/probiotics/liver tonic/adaptogen – simply the best multi I have ever seen and does away with many other products – order here
  • Immune building/herb-biotic – never take another antibiotic ever again – order here
  • 75 trace minerals (most of which we lack in modern day diets) – these affect every single aspect of our physical and emotional health – order here
  • Superfood smoothie mix – organic supergreens/antioxidants/fibre/pre and pro biotics – order here
  • Multi ginseng/energy/adaptogenic tonic – order here
  • Allergy/antioxidant/adaptogen/immune support – order here

Some people go through their entire lives with their tank half full and are told it’s to be expected with their genetics or at their age – this is simply not true.

If you would like more advice on a detailed protocol specifically for your needs, please head to the Assessment page. But the recommendations are a good start – and if you order through any of my links you will get a further $10 off at checkout.

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