Integrative health care of those with ‘special needs’

This is a very sensitive subject, not the least because alternative health practitioners are largely forbidden from officially treating those with special needs – an appalling truth, considering how simple it can often be, how low on the trauma scale it can be and how rapidly effective it can be when an individual is unhindered by emotional bias. Something that is voraciously debated in medical circles, despite being proven time and again, is that many modern medical treatments can actually have a very real involvement in the formation and downside of many special needs health issues. Court cases on a constant basis globally, will support this.


Alongside my steady stream of patients from 1990, who provided me with constant challenges, my own children had some challenging special needs of their own – or would have, if I had not constantly sought answers and where not available within my own range of knowledge, from colleagues and research. I know if I were not their mother, I would now have 4 children with disabilities. Instead, we dealt with basic and serious issues as they arose – rather than waiting for them to become so serious there was little that could be done.


Over the years, it has become heart-breakingly obvious that those who discovered early on that many integrative therapies could offer assistance, proved many years later that determination to at least try something ‘different’ was worth it, even if it was not funded, not supported or even legal in many instances.

I have witnessed ‘welfare’ and legal intervention simply because parents or families/carers wanted to be pro-active. Those permitted had outstanding results while those who were not, often had to relinquish their loved ones to a life of suffering. This was never more evident in sets of siblings, even twins who had polar opposite outcomes – no thanks at all to those who professed to have their best interests at heart.


My special needs patients involve disability and special needs in many forms and include Down Syndrome, autism, synesthesia, amputees, bipolar, schizophrenia, ADHD, varying levels of paralysis, brain damage, impairments and traumas. Without fail, using natural therapies alongside sensitive modern medicine has proven far more effective than the usual rigid box-like hit and miss treatments accepted as the norm.


This can include diet, detoxing, bodywork therapies, homœopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture (including in brain damage and paralysis), during convalescence and alongside other therapies (true integration with astounding results), supplementation – even instructions given to parents, families and carers for ongoing support at home – each with positive long-term results.


Sadly, without fail, these results are often dismissed by medical experts, welfare and media as fluke, charlatanism or made light of by terming them rare miracles that no one can explain. I can, because I see it every day. All of my children have been affected by so-called special needs issues at some stage in their lives – and all four of them are not only here to tell the tale but have excelled in healing and their own contributions to this planet. Likewise, a huge proportion of my patients have been affected by special needs – the aim is to always offer relief or improvement to some degree without trauma – and the results have been astounding. Not a case goes by, even after all these years, where I am not overwhelmed by the results.


My first baby had something no pædiatrician, GP or associated expert could agree on. Up for debate was brain damage, kidney damage, liver disease or spinal damage, (undiagnosed/undetected congenital tuberculosis kyphosis) as her spine is quite asymmetrical but we managed to keep her free of the recommended spinal brace. All agreed they wanted to hospitalise her and use her as a guinea pig until something could be found – but all agreed she would not have a long life – supported by her frequent relapses, collapse and even respiratory arrest. I refused and risked her being taken from me but I stood my ground and along with colleagues, took every step I could to ensure she thrived. While she struggled with gait and coordination that her peers found naturally, she eventually became proficient in martial arts and dancing. She had facial structural issues thanks to a condition termed micrognathia but thanks to the amazing skill of her orthodontist that is no longer an issue. The only long term ‘issue’ is an autism/epilepsy distant cousin by the name of synesthesia – which, while it is often a hindrance to her, has allowed her to become a proficient artist and musician. In short, she identifies colour, taste and smell with words, music and visuals. I have personally seen appalling mental health system treatment of synesthesia sufferers – to the point they have been suitably drugged and labelled schizophrenic.


Many well-known artists throughout history have ‘suffered’ with synesthesia and we have been blessed with the results (think Geoffrey Rush, Billy Joel, Duke Ellington, Pharell Williams, Franz Liszt, Vincent Van Gogh…). As well as the synesthesia she had extreme allergies which, when combined to inadvertent toxicity and a number of tick bites, eventually resulted in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Lyme – but thankfully that was corrected with healthy living and finding the right treatment combinations. The latter could have killed her – but so too the initial issues, as medical treatments were archaic and at one stage pushed for her to be forcefully hospitalised, tested upon and even surgical investigation. As a young adult, she has excelled in so much – while extracurricular activities were where she found her place; she is an above-average achiever, free of the things that our system would have labelled and failed her with.

Extensive orthodontics both helped and hindered. An unforeseen sensitivity to nickel and titanium was most likely linked to her Chronic Fatigue symptoms, causing years of swelling, pain and suffering. If she had been permitted to just develop without intervention and constant care, there is no telling what the outcome would have been.


My second baby had what ‘they’ termed ADHD. I saw it only as something that happened when she was at shopping centres, whewell-meaningng friends gave her food colours/additives, or she was exposed to perfumes or extreme stimulation. She often injured herself and was out of control. I saw early on that there was no point in chastising her and soon learned to balance her environment. Her little friends with similar issues were often drugged, impairing so much of their lives. Many more ended up with learning and behavioural issues, while my daughter learned how to identify when she felt what she described as ‘salty’ (sufferers often identifiy with an aura or ‘feeling’) and soon asked for her rescue remedy to balance her nervous system. It was obvious many foods – including foods that nutritionists and doctors recommended, were not good for her!


Her downside was that she was often bullied, like her older sister – but this was more an issue with the perpetrators, and she learned how to thrive and excel in everything she applied herself to. She also didn’t fit into mainstream schooling even though a straight A student, but that also is more an issue of that particular school, and the parenting ‘skills’ of other people, than her own problem.


I have known many similar children over the years and the system failed to notice triggers, irritants and easily identifiable symptoms that could so easily be cared for with minor changes. I would not for a second say that all cases are the same – they most definitely are not – but as with any health issue, there is always an alternative, or an adjuvant therapy that will benefit the individual, according to their own symptom set. That is the difference – medicine chooses a blanket treatment and while it can mask symptoms and offer some relief, it cannot possibly correct all the minute issues that form the individual.

Too many parents claim to be feeding their kids a safe diet when one look in their pantry shows the usual – sugars, gluten, colours, additives, dairy, processed foods, etc. Giving them ‘treats’ – you may as well give them a beating! Why any parent would reward their child by exposing them to the very things that make them suffer is beyond me. Even as a young adult, my daughter knows what she can and cannot eat or drink. She can identify her triggers now.

How many of these kids are in juvenile detention centres – or jail? How many have been driven to suicide? I have had too many children plead with me and cry, explaining just how they feel, to make light of this issue – or play down the seriousness.


My twins were born with issues – which I firmly believe would have been sooner corrected if medical intervention had not occurred. One was questionably a Down Syndrome ‘low level’ child, and the other had spinal structural problems resulting in surgeons planning to operate needlessly. Both had talipedes – with inverted feet (facing outwards and would have left them walking on their inner ankles), one had completely fused genitalia,  and by they time they should have been walking, neither could sit up.


I had long stopped including either GPs or pædiatricians in their care – aside from a like-minded child health nurse. It was at this stage I introduced Chiropractic assistance, acupressure and cupping – while continuing with the therapies that included dietetics, supplementation, herbal medicine, homœopathics and massage. By their first year, they had little trace of any visible issues and those hidden were no longer remotely in existence. No surgery, no drugs, no intervention. It should be mentioned at this point that to do what I did is actually now illegal in most nations.

When I completed my nursing training in 1983, NO MEDICAL TREATMENT WAS COMPULSORY even though we were taught to bully parents on certain issues and many seen as fringe dwellers (despite their kids being vitally healthy) were seen as abusive and neglectful. Since 2000, pharma, beginning in the EU, has now paid heavily, for governments of almost every nation to control the health and take away the rights of every individual. And sadly, regardless of socio-economic background or education, this has worked – not for us, but for them.


I might add here that genetics can also be corrected, often prevented and definitely improved using alternatives rather than chancing it and leaving it until it is too late. ALL of my children were also born with congenital asthma and heart murmurs – both of which they now no longer have a sign of. Indeed, I know too many parents who are able to claim disability for themselves or children because of these two issues. Why? Again, without drugs or medical intervention of any style, both can be corrected, or at the very least, improved dramatically, by using alternative health – no drugs or side effects in sight. Both asthma and heart disease has proven fatal within my family and caused disability on many occasions – it is not chance that allowed my children to avoid this.


So, what is your best course of action? Of course, if there is a life threatening situation, you must take the best medical action needed at that time. However, once that danger is over, it is up to you to form your own plan of action for your child’s future. I can’t stress this enough – by all means, have someone you can call ‘your doctor’ but don’t make an art of it.


You are what you eat – this is never more true as when you are pregnant. Everything you put onto and into your body wont just affect your health, but the development and health of your baby. Don’t eat for two – that is a fallacy. Eat the best you can – avoid all the bad foods (see my post on eating alkaline or buy my book here guiding you –  – don’t partake of ANY bad vices or take risks. Do NOT drink a glass of milk a day, or take folate supplements – in fact, don’t take pharma owned off-the-shelf supplements – ever. Instead, avoid dairy, wheat, food additives and other allergen triggers. And take a wholefood supplement – keep your hormones in check and stay healthy. I also recommend homœopathy to help prevent congenital issues, poor development or poor health of mother or infant.


I wont win popularity awards here but that is not what I am here for. If you can have a natural birth, go for it – after all, we have been doing this since Creation – and most of us can and do, do it well. Without intervention.

BUT if you need medical intervention for the birth, for goodness’ sake, use it. There are no awards for the mother who brags that she had a natural birth, if the child does not survive (I have seen this) – I have also seen the mother’s mortality at risk. Once the risk is over, once the baby and mother are safe and well, THEN every step possible for optimum health comes into play. This is not in support of medicalising any birth and I wont name names, but female health has been so damaged over the last few hundred years that many cannot do what comes naturally. It is about finding the best method – not a competition as to being a ‘real’ woman.

I do not under any circumstances recommend vaccination but I do advise you research this without my or anyone else’s persuasive arguments – YOU need to know the truth and this blog has many articles on the subject. Just know that MANY health issues are linked to vaccines – autism, bulbar palsy, cerebral palsy, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, MS, MD, shaken baby syndrome, SIDS, paralysis, tetraplegia, growth abnormalities, and yes, death. While medical experts deny this, they are not even putting the health of their patients at the fore. Studies have proven it time and again, but while pharma pressure is on the dollar, this will continue. This stands too, with the synthetic Vitamin K injection now given, unnecessarily, at birth.


What if I have vaccinated already? If there are no symptoms yet, then there are many steps you can take to ensure or at least fight the possibility of future ill health. If there are side effects resulting in poor health, there are many steps you can take to attempt at least to lessen the effects. One thing is for sure – ignoring it will not take it away! And your doctor will most likely not agree or admit to liability. Or help you in your search for answers. If you cannot find an integrative health professional who is not swayed or controlled by pharma, then feel free to do my online health assessment. Or ask, if you would like to find someone trustworthy in your area.



While breastfeeding is a personal choice, it IS the best option, end of story. No formula in existence will ever replace or change this. If you cannot or did not breastfeed, please consider supplementation and other therapies to improve your child’s health. Vitamin K injections at birth are not recommended – they are linked to cystic fibrosis, despite doctors believing this is what they are preventing! Supplementation is vital – via the mother and for the baby. Probiotics will keep bacterial imbalance at bay and stop thrush, while improving digestion and prepare the digestive system for the future.


Remember, ALL health comes from, or is impacted by, the bowel. In fact, the belief that our red blood cells come from our bones is not just incorrect but is causing many unnecessary diseases and unnecessary suffering. Our small intestine is meant to take care of this but by an early age, is already destroyed so the bone marrow steps in – this results in brittle bones, anæmia and much more. Keep chemicals out of your house – use only toxic-chemical free personal and cleaning care – these not only trigger allergies but cause behavioural stimulation via the irritated nervous system.


Diet is the number one topic here. In a perfect world, every child would have a pH neutral, vegan, organic diet. But most do not. Just because advertising cons the public and makes things look great or cool, don’t fall for it. Don’t harm your child with one health issue that is so prevalent it is destroying the human race – Munchausen by proxy – meaning parents are so concerned that there is something wrong with their child, they literally overdose them with loving kindness – medication, molly-coddling and taking the wrong action before it is needed. I’ve seen babies with medical files fatter than those of chronically unhealthy elderly people who have needed medical assistance for years – and there is NOTHING wrong with them! If there is a special need, take care of it. See and do only what is needed to keep them on an even keel, then begin introducing your new team of experts. This could include any of the therapies I have spoken of above.


Another subject that also doesn’t win me fans is the ridiculous encouragement of bad or learned behaviour. Just because a child acts up, does not mean they are ‘special’ or ‘gifted’ – such a belief has resulted in too many damaged children and yes, destroyed lives. This is not to say heavy handedness is ever needed – but firm parenting is. Encourage your child’s good behaviour, and remind them that anything less is not the best option. If they are out of control, there is no amount of screaming or even beating that will change that. I have had people tell me to do just that to my child when someone had snuck her a drink of coke or some snacks with food chemicals and she had become out of control – even self harming. What is the point? She was already injuring herself. Yet, one dose of Rescue Remedy and we were counting down the minutes until she was once again calm and happy. Don’t listen to pseudo experts if their advice does not benefit you or your child. But please, get pro-active in their health.



While many special needs situations can affect your lifestyle, it is imperative that you adjust yours to suit your own needs, not that of someone who has nothing to do with you. It’s no coincidence that some people manage to have a great, traumatic event-free life – nor is it luck. I’ve witnessed something that couldn’t be described as anything but hysteria and chaos because some people refuse to adjust and do what is best for the one with special needs.

Did you know, just one of the THOUSANDS OF TOXIC CHEMICALS can cause not just a single health issue, but can over time, result in death? How about what your child is exposed to every minute of every single day? This is scientific truths that the medical experts of almost every nation have not only covered up but been implicit.

Loud music, perfumes, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, dumping the special needs individual on anyone, without a thought for the one who needs organised assistance the most, regardless of socio-economic status. Likewise, I have seen absolute joy, love and seamless unity, happiness and remarkable health – also regardless of socio-economic status.


This can often be the number one factor – and is the last thing orthodox medicine considers. One thing you need to remember is that medical experts are not educated in either nutrition or alternative health modalities so cannot possibly advise you here. Standard western diet is killing more humans than anything else on the planet – including war, poverty and toxic chemicals. And believe it or not, diet is the number one factor that aggravates ALL health issues in some way.

Please see my posts on alkaline diet – there are many articles on this blog.

Diet can cure, prevent and heal at a cellular level – or at least contribute to removing inflammation and yes, even special needs problems. It is no coincidence that the larger incidence of special needs individuals have zero care when it comes to diet, natural therapies or alternatives. This is not because they don’t work as you have no doubt been told, but rather reflects just why so many who do suffer, are on often appalling diets. There is more on this in my blog posts on diet and will simply astound you.



Along with diet and toxic attack, our lifestyle habits are what can cause, trigger and aggravate ALL of us – especially those with special needs. Don’t make an art of the special needs – there are many answers out there!



As you can see above, they are many and varied. I do have favourite recommendations but they depend on each situation. Please just ask and I will respond as needed. Or apply for the online assessment which will target your needs in their entirety.

This blog also has many health tips on all manner of health needs – feel free to investigate further – don’t rush off for medications each and every time things go wrong – nothing ‘just’ happens by chance. There is always a trigger. Determine what is affecting your child and correct it. Always have a home medicine chest with natural options on hand. The biggest bane of my career is seeing people complain about the health of their kids and rushing them off to ER or the clinic at any sniffle. Yet they have nothing at home which even remotely resembles healthy living. Don’t wait until 2am when your child is barely breathing to take action. See the links below on answers to your child’s health needs –

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Author: Chrysalis

Sharing the truth in health care with the public - especially those in nations where it is illegal to know the truth, for those who cannot afford health care, and for those who, through chronic illness or terminal disease are desperate to know the truth. And I will use any means necessary to do so. This has cost me dearly over the years - legally, professionally, financially and personally - but each time I feel as though it's not work it, I find I HAVE to keep going. After the recent loss of our adored son in law through medical negligence, I vowed to never give up the fight that I began in orthodox medicine, then as a naturopath seeing proof that there are answers outside of medicine, outside of surgery, toxic chemicals and big pharma's control - and when my daughter almost died through medical error. It's easy for some sectors of the community to dismiss someone who walked away from orthodox medicine. It's also easy for them to dismiss anyone who has qualifications in alternative medicine, regardless of how many lives they have saved - and regardless of whether most of those lives were failed by orthodoxy. Yet spend years in between, working in medical/pharma research and really get the inside story and then watch the worms come out of the woodwork. It's an interesting conundrum to see just how people who on the surface appear to be intellectual and reasonable, all of a sudden shoot off the Richter scale of common sense - after all, there is no way on earth someone who has a sound knowledge of facts, could possibly, actually know something they don't. Regardless of how my peers see me, I will spend the rest of my life getting the truth out there. It's astounding how much free time some of these poor excuses of humanity have, and how they believe they are discovering some amazing new thing with their hard hitting 'journalism' - imagine if all that effort could actually go into something decent and worthwhile.

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