I recently became embroiled in a pretty one-sided argument with a colleague – someone with an international reputation to uphold. The sad thing was, despite some very smug comments and many people joining him in attacking me, the basic truth was that he was wrong. It was not only irresponsible but misleading to the very people who were seeking the truth.

Regardless of your health needs, weight, chronicity or even heredity, we all need to be very slightly alkaline – 7.4 to be exact.  What we all learned at school is very wrong and despite being disproven many times, is still taught to medical students.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. In this case, it’s definitely not pudding – it’s just a pH. Regardless of your health, inflammation or even emotional health, alkalising your body will turn your health around.

PLEASE do not ever become so enamoured with a person or company that you believe by taking a pill or tonic you will have optimum health – it is not possible. There is no fountain of youth or perfect health if you are abusing your body with food, chemicals or habits. The correct supplements are important, as is a pure environment – but without an optimal diet, you are wasting money – and your life.


7 Comments on “Getting your pH right!

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