Fish oil and prostate cancer – the whole truth


I read and watched with amusement recently, as health researchers advised the public that men taking fish oil are 71% more likely to develop prostate cancer than those not taking fish oil.

This study is flawed for many reasons, but I have a feeling most people wont even be considering these reasons.

They forgot to add the little-advertised fact that similar numbers exist for those consuming green tea. Actually, the same figures exist for men who breathe air. Discuss this with your GP – you will be no doubt told that natural therapies are not only unnecessary but don’t work – more still will advise you that they are downright dangerous.

So why are these men developing cancer at such an alarming rate? And what does it have to do with fish?

Moreover, why do most natural therapists, who are actually trained in natural nutrition, never prescribe fish oil?

And what toxic chemicals can be found in many fish oil products? And why? Did you know, regular consumption of certain species of fish can actually cause auto immune disorders?

Experts argue that those who avoid medical care, those who never seem to get sick or seem vitally healthy, are just lucky. Yet more people globally thrive on alternatives to medicine than they do on orthodox modern medicine. Yet your GP will most likely echo what I was told when I left medicine – that is only because they are 3rd world countries and it is all they can afford – medieval medicine, to quote a former colleague.

So, who is right? Surely your trusted family physician wouldn’t lie to you? And if these alternative therapies worked so well, surely they would become mainstream?

Considering even on PubMed, the world’s most used health care/research website, thousands upon thousands of studies exist, that not only prove alternatives work but they can actually be better for you – why is the common belief firmly in situ that there is no proof?

My reasons for never using or prescribing fish oils rest firmly and squarely on my own personal ethics – I refuse to use any cruelly-derived products or ingredients. So they can’t come from animal suffering, human suffering or be tested on animals. Nor can they be detrimental to our delicate environment.

Fish oil simply doesn’t cut it – not when there are dozens of plant-derived plant oils that do what fish oil is purported to do. Besides, fish oil at best contains omega 3 – while plant oils can contain omegas 3, 6 and 9 – and sadly, the latter two are often missing from the standard western diet.

Compare that to your bathroom activity – you can’t do everything needed just by using toothpaste. So why be happy with a nutrient source that can only provide a partial benefit?

The truth here is that like iron, protein, calcium, aspirin and belladonna, pharma has seen the financial benefits in introducing a money-making ‘scientifically proven’ form of what alternative health providers are already using.

Not only that, doctors are only taught the use and recommendations of such nutrients by drug reps and ‘training’ lecturers. This results in misuse, misinformation and failure. And when the desired result is not met or worse still, there are adverse events or fatalities – or chronic ill health is triggered, it is never blamed on a lack of knowledge – rather, blame is placed on the product, modality or manufacturer.

Have you ever seen an actual naturopath or herbalist recommend fish oil? I haven’t. I have seen many health shop and pharmacy workers recommend it hand over fist, especially if it has just had an expose in a Sunday paper. Celebrity is capable of building some image and encouraging massive sales – from here, the public – and health experts – begin to fall for the lies.

In summary, fish oil is not necessary. It is also not a health product. But does it actually CAUSE prostate cancer?

Ask yourself why these same men also have an increased rate of obesity, heart disease and hypertension. The answers will surprise you.

Please read my other articles on diet and correct supplementation – your life may depend on it.


(A diet rich in the correct essential fatty acids – contrary to long-standing medical advice, will benefit every facet of your health and will be evident in your appearance – shiny, healthy skin, hair, nails, eyes and a strong mind)..

If you can’t bear the thought of not taking an oil supplement how about going with one that is not toxic to your health?

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