* CFS/lyme/fibro testimonies Pt 1

The following are real testimonies from my patients concerning the Chrysalis protocol –

If you are still of the mind that CFS/lyme/fibro is incurable, take a good look.

I watched this beautiful girl go through struggles that thankfully most cannot imagine – including those with invisible disease. Her struggles included physical, emotional and eventually attacks to her most personal life.

Yet she came through it all. She is FREE of all that could be thrown at her. She lost 3 years of her life – she may have been ‘lucky’ that her mum is a naturopath but back then, answers were thin on the ground.

And sadly it was not just an invisible disease that hurt her. I guess this is why I get so angry when sufferers, 9/10 times, will make excuses or choose to dismiss my claims at knowing the truth, that EVERYONE can heal from CFS – you don’t need some fancy, expensive overseas special clinic.

You don’t need some expensive, specialist-prescribed protocol that only results in more suffering that is then dismissed as a necessary evil – as in herxing that doesn’t improve. Primary reactions that continue simply show it is not working.

Shadi spent what life she had, counselling her peers out of their own demons. None of them knew and less cared what she was actually going through. In the end, she walked away because the attacks almost claimed her life – they’d already claimed so much. I still share her story – how can I not?

Her very last dealing with the medical establishment involved a team of health experts declaring that if she refused to take anti depressants, if she refused to admit she was self harming, if she continued to ‘lie’ to them, there was nothing they could do – enjoy what life you have left.

No health care, no welfare, no extended family support, no church or friend support. For me, as the mother, if I found answers, I was going to dedicate my life to sharing those answers. That was actually 4 years ago.

Thankfully, since then, we have had a continuing stream of CFS/lyme/fibro sufferers take advice and all of them are in various stages of once again living pain and sickness free.

Sadly, 9/10 are not – they have chosen to argue and refuse to even consider their case is curable. That is their choice. What’s your choice? As the 80s slogan says – CHOOSE LIFE! Prior to the new site being launched, let me say it IS as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Get alkaline – this means as much of getting rid of acidic lifestyle habits as it does introducing/including alkaline and healthy life options.

2. Clean up your life – detox, removing chemicals, build an effective support network.

3. Protocol of organic, cell building and healing supplements – after completing your online assessment to determine and pinpoint what you need for that inflammation, that weakness, cell renewal and LIFE. Then get back to me and tell me how many days it took to turn your health around – to get your LIFE back again.

Yes, I did say DAYS.

(Please note: the ads on my page are site-placed and have nothing to do with my own work or recommendations – apart from clinically proven Sisel supplement choices and Watermark alkaline filter).

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Author: Chrysalis

Sharing the truth in health care with the public - especially those in nations where it is illegal to know the truth, for those who cannot afford health care, and for those who, through chronic illness or terminal disease are desperate to know the truth. And I will use any means necessary to do so. This has cost me dearly over the years - legally, professionally, financially and personally - but each time I feel as though it's not work it, I find I HAVE to keep going. After the recent loss of our adored son in law through medical negligence, I vowed to never give up the fight that I began in orthodox medicine, then as a naturopath seeing proof that there are answers outside of medicine, outside of surgery, toxic chemicals and big pharma's control - and when my daughter almost died through medical error. It's easy for some sectors of the community to dismiss someone who walked away from orthodox medicine. It's also easy for them to dismiss anyone who has qualifications in alternative medicine, regardless of how many lives they have saved - and regardless of whether most of those lives were failed by orthodoxy. Yet spend years in between, working in medical/pharma research and really get the inside story and then watch the worms come out of the woodwork. It's an interesting conundrum to see just how people who on the surface appear to be intellectual and reasonable, all of a sudden shoot off the Richter scale of common sense - after all, there is no way on earth someone who has a sound knowledge of facts, could possibly, actually know something they don't. Regardless of how my peers see me, I will spend the rest of my life getting the truth out there. It's astounding how much free time some of these poor excuses of humanity have, and how they believe they are discovering some amazing new thing with their hard hitting 'journalism' - imagine if all that effort could actually go into something decent and worthwhile.

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