The next step – how to get healthy


Why are there so many treatment ideals, different angles of advice? Who is right, who is wrong and does anyone really know? Surely if naturopaths had it right, their ideals would be mainstream and accepted by orthodoxy? Sadly, in almost 3 decades of health care, one thing that has been glaringly obvious to me is the fact that despite honest intentions, and despite sincere effort, it’s very difficult at time to work out truth from fiction.

A consultation to find this out, including a suggested list of recommendations would cost you in the vicinity of $200 – is your health and life worth that?

Even with supplements, it’s a very difficult truth to accept that while most options will make a difference, very few are even close to what an ethical, honest expert could comfortably promote or agree with. This is not due to some misguided promo spin doctor money-pushing ideal – it stems from years in manufacture, research and development, not to mention extensive case studies and experience. There are actually very few product ranges, for various reasons, that I would comfortably promote or personally use.


Are you on a diet? Why not? We should ALL be on a diet. That means rather than eating random junk, we only choose within the guidelines of what tastes good AND is good for us. Weight will never be an issue if we stick to that one simple rule – that means emptying your brain of all you learned up until now, because industry-penned promotional ‘dietetics’ is the worst thing you can follow for your health. No food pyramid, no 5 food groups, no ridiculous calorie counting, no low fat, low salt, sugar free lies. It’s this rot that got you where you are now. Time for a change. Thankfully the truth has been known for decades – it’s just never been financially beneficial to the industries who have become fatcats on our suffering.


No, this is not a dig at people who already feel bad about unnecessary weightgain or a diagnosis with a terrible prognosis. Simply, ALL sickness and inflammation is linked somehow to acidity. No disease, no cancer, no virus, no bacteria can thrive without acidity. Therefore it makes simple sense to get alkaline.

Please see my other posts on this advice – and order your own alkaline water filter here  – target=_new> pH Miracle WaterMark

The simple truth remains – and never will be ‘proven’ to be wrong – none of us should ever diet just to lose weight. The goal must always be to gain health. Why? Because thin people are equally ill – suffering equally with poor immunity and equally in developing chronic ill health. Half of my patients are thin – and this group suffers an alarming rate of poor health – especially those who fit the ‘fat free’ group.

No, obesity doesn’t equate to good health any more than it equates to a ‘happy, healthy, curvy, beautifully big’ individual. BUT the long-touted medical lie that to lose weight means you automatically gain vibrant health needs to be put to rest. I have seen way too many patients lose a ton of weight and at the end of it, drop dead from a heart attack or stroke – or develop cancer.

Almost daily I am asked by patients and even strangers how to easily make the transition to healthy living without breaking the bank. Yes, money always helps but the truth is we can ALL live a healthy lifestyle. We need to start at the beginning – that means casting off pretty much all you have known – courtesy of parenting, education, advertising and ‘advice’ by people who, despite their claims, have no idea of the truths behind diet and healthy lifestyle.

YOU can do it – don’t forget there is much, much more with all relevant and simple advice on HOW to do it all, including handy tips on, from the comfort of your own home, how to do the following –

  • Pray & meditate
  • Identify habits
  • Body brushing
  • Exercise – the right way for you
  • Drinking habits
  • Be prepared
  • Clean up
  • Fasting
  • … and much, much more.

So, by now your interest is either piqued or it’s already too hard.

Your call. In the past, I have taught other practitioners and keen health students all of the above – and they paid $45 each for a one hour lecture. Is that something you would be happy to do? What if you could get this info for far less?

By simply taking in what this blog shares for free, you can learn –

  • How to begin your day
  • How to control your appetite forever
  • How to establish the right network to prevent failure
  • How to avoid setbacks
  • What questions to ask, every step of the way
  • How to spot beneficial vs poisonous foods and personal care
  • How to access wholesale personal care
  • How to access wholesale health care
  • How to access wholesale home care


(Free tip – there are many shortcuts to health, we just have to know what they are. If you could still eat a LOT and enjoy your food, wouldn’t you want that over a starvation diet? And what about habits – if you could still have a fizzy drink, wouldn’t you want that? Why can’t you? Ever heard of a soda stream? Adding fresh raw fruit juice to carbonated water will soon have you turning your nose up and what you used to drink. Okay, it’s not strictly alkaline due to the slight chemical change, but makes drinking water so much more enjoyable.)

If you have been damaged by wrongful living and medical mismanagement, the journey ahead will be a little more difficult but believe me, decades of practicing in this very arena has shown me it CAN be done.

The only real question now is ARE YOU READY?


Please note – some of the adverts on my blog have nothing to do with my recommendations and are placed by the site provider.

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Author: Chrysalis

Sharing the truth in health care with the public - especially those in nations where it is illegal to know the truth, for those who cannot afford health care, and for those who, through chronic illness or terminal disease are desperate to know the truth. And I will use any means necessary to do so. This has cost me dearly over the years - legally, professionally, financially and personally - but each time I feel as though it's not work it, I find I HAVE to keep going. After the recent loss of our adored son in law through medical negligence, I vowed to never give up the fight that I began in orthodox medicine, then as a naturopath seeing proof that there are answers outside of medicine, outside of surgery, toxic chemicals and big pharma's control - and when my daughter almost died through medical error. It's easy for some sectors of the community to dismiss someone who walked away from orthodox medicine. It's also easy for them to dismiss anyone who has qualifications in alternative medicine, regardless of how many lives they have saved - and regardless of whether most of those lives were failed by orthodoxy. Yet spend years in between, working in medical/pharma research and really get the inside story and then watch the worms come out of the woodwork. It's an interesting conundrum to see just how people who on the surface appear to be intellectual and reasonable, all of a sudden shoot off the Richter scale of common sense - after all, there is no way on earth someone who has a sound knowledge of facts, could possibly, actually know something they don't. Regardless of how my peers see me, I will spend the rest of my life getting the truth out there. It's astounding how much free time some of these poor excuses of humanity have, and how they believe they are discovering some amazing new thing with their hard hitting 'journalism' - imagine if all that effort could actually go into something decent and worthwhile.

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