HOMEOPATHY has long been regarded as a pseudo-science. The only achievable outcome here is to rob millions of people of sound, effective and SAFE health care. As a nurse, I too regarded HOMEOPATHY as some sort of snake oil charlatanism – why? Because someone else who didn’t have a clue had put that doubt there.

So what is pseudo-science? Having studied and practiced in both orthodox and alternative medicines, with time spent in scientific research, I came to see ‘science’ – or that title, is usually only applied to something that massive amounts of money is thrown at. “What do you mean?” I hear you ask.

If I told you that a toxic chemical, if prepared properly to render it safe, was used to reverse symptoms, would you consider it to be scientific? Likewise, if I told you someone took some human waste, animal urine or blood and injected it into a sick person, would you consider that to be science?

Guess what? The first example is in fact homeopathy which is dismissed as pseudo science. The second, third and fourth suggestions are all scientific medicine – and not only accepted and promoted but heavily funded and recommended in medicine.

Okay, so a homeopath will ask you to list all your presenting symptoms, from emotions and head to your digestion, feelings, preferences, fears, physical symptoms, acute and chronic symptoms, no matter how unimportant you may feel they are. My homœopathic site will offer far more insight into each issue http://chrysalishealthdirect.jigsy.com/

The following is a mock up of well known auto immune disorder symptoms – and all, believe it or not, are effectively and easily addressed with homeopathic medicine –

Debility, enlarged glands, atrophied organs, tremor.

Chronic inflammation, chronicity of symptoms, wasting, weakness.

Anxiety, depression, emotionally – feeling no hope, forgetful, fear, melancholy, suicidal, vertigo.

Headache, painful eyes.

Enlarged liver and spleen, jaundice, pancreatic inflammation.

Aggravation of symptoms during menses, heavy periods, ovarian pain and increased discharge (f).

Palpitation from least exertion, worse indoors, lying on back, in warm/wet weather.

Inflamed, painful joints, bone pain at night, cold hands and feet, footsweat, constrictive pain.

Arthritic picture with chief action affecting fibrous tissue.

Contraction of limbs, stiffness and immobility, needing to stretch even if painful.

Forgetful, slow comprehension.

Aching, dry sore throat with weak throat muscles.

Pain from head to neck, stiff neck/sore shoulders.

Pain in shoulders, arms & hands,’growing’ pains, sciatica/lumbago.

Gouty tearing and contractive pain, immovable stiffness, ankle pain extending up legs, lameness.

Swollen joints, intolerant of pressure.

Averse to heat, stinging pains.

Worse from motion and heat, cold/wet weather.

Morning pain in forehead, staggered gait, hallucinations.

The ‘cold’ remedy – patient feels cold all the time and needs external warmth even in summer.

Onset of weakness and debility following poor recovery from acute illness.

Hopelessness, despairs of recovery.

Suicidal and melancholy states.

Heavy weight/pain on head, chronic headaches and vertigo.

Chronic sleeplessness and startling.

Anaemia, is at the fore of this disease picture, especially in females.

Constant tiredness, prolapse and muscular weakness.

Mental confusion, poor concentration, fainting with vertigo.


The above list is more than likely to be an average picture of the average auto immune disorder – however, there are many, many more symptoms a homeopath will not choose a remedy based on a simple symptom set. In fact, the main reason homeopathy fails is because an untrained person is unfamiliar with correct remedy choice.

In order to determine your homeopathic requirements, I often advise distance patients to visit a colleague closer to where they are.  For each remedy or complex, I would recommend ordering at a 30c dose and taking 3 times a day. Please message this blog to provide your updates and personal case diary and more detailed guidance can be offered.


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