One of the latest trends to hit our media outlets, current affairs programs and blatant sales pitch publicity efforts involves stress in the corporate workplace – ie work stress and mental health. This alarming trend of labeling the simplest of issues as a serious mental health threat is often a grab of the corporate dollar while medicalising everything needlessly. The same applications in this article should apply to tertiary students also, as the increase in study and professionalism brings about the same symptoms.

Bullying is everywhere – in the home, at work, school and even socially – or in churches! We need to stamp it out and address it head on. Don’t ever feel intimidated so badly that you fail to seek support. Don’t ever feel ‘not strong enough’ to find answers – if you need a shoulder, or a sounding board, please seek it!

All one has to do is examine the many contributors to stress and associated symptoms.

  • Workplace bullying
  • Diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of exercise
  • No escape
  • Ignoring illness
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Lack of vitamin D and fresh air
  • Misuse of recreational and scheduled drugs, and alcohol.


So, what do we do about each of these things? And what price would you put on your overall health, let alone your mental health? More importantly, what is it costing you in downtime, personal relationships and even finances? If you could find the key to unlock this door – what price would you put on it?

Integrative methods of avoiding work stress and mental health include

  • Exercise & diet
  • Fresh air & sunshine
  • Rest & recuperation
  • Relaxation & bodywork therapies
  • Supplements & other remedies
  • Breathing techniques and correct posture
  • Counselling/mediation sessions
  • Prayer & meditation
  • Personal issues & habits
  • Chemical toxicityatthebeach2

Okay, so you may have tried some of these – how do you know if they are working, and what actually does work? Everywhere you look today, ‘offers’ are screaming out. Where does it end? And how do you work out just what is going to help YOU?

How much did your last professional consultation cost you? How much is your time worth? If you provide a professional service, what would you consider to be a reasonable price?

We are rarely guaranteed anything in life, but clinically proven answers do exist.

With household diets at an appalling all-time low, chemical toxicity attacking us everywhere we turn, and celebrities spruiking sub-standard health advice, it is time to get pro-active. Many homœopathic remedies address emotional fear and upset – without addiction or side effects. How about your supplement choice? Do you really feel something that is synthetic or lacking altogether is of any benefit?

Don’t just let it go. Please take a chance…

You may need support with coping and facing the day but for your inner health please consider the online assessment – do a search on this page. You can also request the additional questionnaire which deals with treatment choice for emotional health.

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  1. I agree completely.Medication has become the primary treatment for every little illness,needles to say it has become the only treatment especially in south africa


  2. Thanks Sharon. Sadly, I know all too painfully, exactly what you are talking about. After my son in law being left for dead by his employer (Soweto Gospel Choir) AND the medical establishment, he/we beat secondary TB. My daughter was forced to walk 5kms every single day for months on end, just to take him food and medicine that would not kill him. In that time she was attacked by medical staff – including physically. Her husband was ‘punished’ for his efforts which deserved a bravery medal by being aspirated and operated on without anaesthesia, let alone analgesia. My daughter has scars from where he held on tight and screamed as they performed procedures I know no one would perform on a wealthy anglo. I was called in Australia and asked if I was happy to kill him – just to get us to agree to drugs that were not even proven. Not only were the doctors enraged, but the only doctor who agreed to using complimentary medicine left the country and the panel doctor refused to accept government medical documentation that he was indeed eventually cured of the disease. This put him into a vicious cycle that would eventually claim his life – one that stated in order for Nathi to come to Australia, he had to undergo the very medicine that they documented he was not-responsive to, but developed the symptoms of poor immunity which killed him. So, between fighting for his life and fighting for the right to prove he was better, he was forced onto these drugs which by their own admission, were not working positively – if at all. Between his cure and his death, he had returned to vital health – and rather than congratulate him or even use his case as an example, he was forced back onto the system with the threat of incarcerated registration and ‘treatment’. After 3 courses of what in essence is chemotherapy for TB, his organs shut down. He was by this stage cured of TB, the very thing supposedly keeping him in SA. He died of ‘natural causes’ – just another statistic in the well oiled machine of the medical system of South Africa that is killing more people than it is healing. Perhaps the most damning thing in all of this aside from the corruption in health care is the fact well paid panel doctors are not disclosing the truth to people who may be suffering from communicable diseases – in Nathi’s case, he’d have to have been sick for at least 6 years – meaning the entire time he was touring, he was sick – something we had raised with management constantly – and something panel doctors did not once notify him of. If it were just one omission we could understand, but so far, not one of his now-deceased colleagues were informed they had terminal TB until just before they died – meaning they tour and move around the world freely despite being gravely ill. Only once they become too sick to be of any further use, they are let go and failed by the health system. Oddly enough, I was able to source and refer to some of the best integrated/complimentary health care in the nation….


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