Youth Anxiety and Depression


The purpose of this post is not to replace sound mental health advice for threatening or morbid problems. But I would be remiss in my work if I were to omit the things I have learned – and practiced – over the years, which has helped many young people survive and safely navigate the maze that is life, allowing them to not only be happy but healthy as well.

On the other side of the coin, I have also been exposed to way too many youths who are self abusive, self harming, suicidal and who eventually end up in the system with little hope – all have spent years in the mental health system to no avail  – and I would argue are even worse off than they began and often on the worst meds imaginable. Contrary to popular opinion, mental health has not come so far over the years. The truth is, it is failing too many – more than ever before and sadly, with new laws, it has taken self empowerment and crushed it into oblivion – leaving a terrible mess in its wake.

This post is not about serious, pre-existing mental disturbances but quite often we can make sense of a situation, allowing the sufferer to avoid the worst through sheer neglect and mismanagement. Hearing a young person say that while their life is a mess, and the resulting side effects have all but destroyed their lives, they know they must be on this treatment for acceptance is heartbreaking – and often unnecessary.


I don’t expect to gain many friends in the field once they have read this. The fact remains – way too many people are being treated as mental health cases when they began with nothing more than a basic nutritional, chemical, enzyme or hormone imbalance – or have suffered reactions to medications which all carry the side effects of anxiety, depression and various mental issues. Both personally and professionally I’ve experienced a very substantial exposure to this phenomenon. And I have witnessed very real and valid results from proper management.

There is a lot more to the situation than just giving a pill or having occasional counselling – but this is the abysmal way such a case is handled. Psychiatric care is amongst the most egotistical and untouchable field in health care. I have been present when patients have had shock treatment. I’ve been present when suicide attempts almost claimed a life. And I’ve witnessed destruction of any hope of a future for too many promising young people.


How can it be that so many now suffer depression and anxiety bad enough to destroy lives, when we currently have supposedly the best quality of life in history? When we have access to everything – when help is just a call away and so freely available, why is depression so widespread? Official stats say 1 in 5 children will have depression or anxiety. How can that be?

Take away trauma, abuse and family history, and you will still have a high incidence. Why? How can society be so out of whack that it’s become so commonplace? More importantly, what alternatives are there?

Believe me, there ARE answers. These answers explain why two individuals can respond to trauma and suffering totally differently. It will explain why one, who has had a perfect life, zero trauma or stress, can still succumb to depression, while another who has witness atrocities and the slaughter of all their loved ones, does not.

Learn how to think more clearly, how to feel happier and more positive. See an integrative professional, seek a second opinion from an alternative health practitioner. Ensure your body is balanced – the right nutrients can be the difference. So many functions can be linked to different cases – it’s never okay to simply hand over a blanket drug. Addictive drugs with shocking violent side effects have been misused for too long!







  1. lululangford says:

    As an addendum to the above post, I’d like to add two important factors –

    1. With homoeopathy, remedies can be applied topically – paving the way for creams to become a fantastic medium for application. In Western Australia there is a Microvita range by Living Essences – WA Bush Flower Essences that can assist patients where medication has failed. I’ve witnessed many such instances. Simply put – imagine how you feel when you see a pretty flower or rainbow or hear music that reminds you of a safe place when you were a child. Bush Flower Essences act in a similar way. You may not be able to change circumstances but BFEs help in the way you respond and cope in these situations.

    2. While I’d be lying if I said that mental health care is unable to help, I also have spent many years in research, both orthodox and alternative. And the side effects of depression medication is too great to overlook. It is a well hidden fact that every case of rampage in recent years, where youths have massacred in unexplained shootings and killings, each of them was on a prescription anti depressant. Not an illicit drug, but a specialist-prescribed anti depressant. And many of these children had never displayed suicidal tendencies previously in their entire lives. One little known side effect of anti depressants is both causing suicidal tendencies and aggravating latent ones. Currently, on record is proof of the increase of teen suicide during the use of prescription drugs for depression. That cannot be risked or overlooked. There is actually a growing arena in mental health medicine, focused around care of suicidal tendencies induced by anti depressants. Studies have shown that while 15% of untreated cases of depression have suicidal tendencies (and this can vary from merely thinking the notion to actually trying it), around 50% of anti-depressant-managed cases attempt suicide. That is far higher than acceptable. And it is on the increase.


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