Stop the destruction of the world

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This organisation was established by a team of intellectuals in 1991 – to set about ending the relentless destruction of the planet, economy and health.

Their fight is backed by sound advice and effective solutions. We each need to take a look at see what we are doing wrong, what we can do, and how we can help others understand. Or we can just continue to turn a blind eye.

From their site –

The STOP the Destruction of the World Project is sponsored by the Keppe and Pacheco Association, a Non-Profit Organization founded in Paris in 1992 by psychoanalyst and writer Claudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco. The Association is made up of an international group of individuals and institutions dedicated to preserving humanity and nature.

Project STOP’s guiding principles:

– Apolitical
– Ecumenical
– Inter-racial
– International
– We accept no public or private institutional funding of any kind

STOP’s scientific and philosophical orientation comes from psychoanalyst, philosopher and social scientist Norberto Keppe, the creator of Integral Psychoanalysis or Analytical Trilogy and author of more than 30 books on psycho-socio pathology.

The truth is frightening, but not as frightening as knowing we have the power and ability to change this world for the better. These clips tell more –

You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.

WALK LIGHTLY! That means in all you do – food, habits, lifestyle and beliefs. Changing these things alone, YOU can change how industry functions, how politicians function and how we as a race improve/destroy this planet.

If you woke up today feeling insignificant and like you were losing the fight, you need to see this.

In all we do, we MUST walk lightly. That includes within and around our home. Please consider this.

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Author: Chrysalis

Sharing the truth in health care with the public - especially those in nations where it is illegal to know the truth, for those who cannot afford health care, and for those who, through chronic illness or terminal disease are desperate to know the truth. And I will use any means necessary to do so. This has cost me dearly over the years - legally, professionally, financially and personally - but each time I feel as though it's not work it, I find I HAVE to keep going. After the recent loss of our adored son in law through medical negligence, I vowed to never give up the fight that I began in orthodox medicine, then as a naturopath seeing proof that there are answers outside of medicine, outside of surgery, toxic chemicals and big pharma's control - and when my daughter almost died through medical error. It's easy for some sectors of the community to dismiss someone who walked away from orthodox medicine. It's also easy for them to dismiss anyone who has qualifications in alternative medicine, regardless of how many lives they have saved - and regardless of whether most of those lives were failed by orthodoxy. Yet spend years in between, working in medical/pharma research and really get the inside story and then watch the worms come out of the woodwork. It's an interesting conundrum to see just how people who on the surface appear to be intellectual and reasonable, all of a sudden shoot off the Richter scale of common sense - after all, there is no way on earth someone who has a sound knowledge of facts, could possibly, actually know something they don't. Regardless of how my peers see me, I will spend the rest of my life getting the truth out there. It's astounding how much free time some of these poor excuses of humanity have, and how they believe they are discovering some amazing new thing with their hard hitting 'journalism' - imagine if all that effort could actually go into something decent and worthwhile.

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