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The purpose of this new blog is to expand my free service as offered via my website and my facebook pages.

As a trained nurse and natural health practitioner with many years’ experience, product manufacture, research and raising a healthy family free of the need for medical health care, I’ve been blessed to steer many families to good health.

Some people seek a complimentary health professional out of frustration and even betrayal by orthodoxy. Others just want a change and seek to overhaul their health and that of their family. Many are part of a few generations of family who have not needed medical health care.

I am not for a second saying we do not need medicine. We do. Who else will care for you when you need to be hospitalised with something unexpected? Who will tend to your emergency needs? And when nothing else helps, you wouldn’t just say, “Okay, so I am going to die, so I’ll just ignore the fact that a procedure just may save my life.”

No, my argument lies in the fact that until roughly 100 years ago, humans survived for millenia without the need for medical intervention. Yet rather than integrate, those in control rode roughshod over existing health care, replacing it altogether. The casualties that lay in the wake of this onslaught are dismissed with cleverly crafted excuses – yet the fact remains, too many iatrogenic deaths go unnoticed. Too many new diseases are popping up. And rather than reach out to practitioners who may be able to help, the effort is instead placed on discrediting the very people who offer hope.

We should do all we can for our health, and lean on medicine only in times that every other safe, effective and ethical option has failed. Surprisingly, many of us find these times are very rare.

Some posts on this blog may be long, as there is much to share. Others will be short. I pull no punches and tell it like it is. I am not here to pander to egos or restrictive ideas enforced by any industry in it only to make money. I am not paid by any company so can say what I like – and that is the truth.

My patient list covers all habitable continents – it seems truth in health care is lacking. The purpose of this blog is not doctor-bashing but some of what I have to say may make it look like that. Simply put, if you take all steps you can for better health, you can live a healthier, happier and even longer life.

One more thing, this blog is not here as either a ‘poor me’ page, where people gather to vent about their sicknesses, nor is it an outlet for arguments. Any such comments will be deleted. I do not care if you ‘do not believe in it’ – that will not make one iota of difference as to whether my suggestions work – they just do.

I also do not pander to the whole ‘just checking with my doctor’ or ‘but is it proven and is it evidence-based – as from experience, I have seen way too much unnecessary suffering because of these two cleverly crafted areas of doubt. I do not recommend anything I would not use, or have not personally seen work better than anything else.

If the medical establishment was remotely interested in your welfare, integrated medicine, that is the combined efforts of the best health options from around the world, would be the medicine of the future. Even hundreds of years ago, medical experts espoused this ideal. Sadly, the state of medicine is such that big pharma now owns and controls health care – including much of complimentary health care. They will say it is for your safety but it is purely and simply down to the dollar.

If I cared for such things I would still be a nurse as I earned far more money in those days than I do now. I would also have carried through my earlier planned career and gone to medical school. As I have no need for either, I will just continue as I am. And that is to teach the public how to gain the best health they can.

Enjoy the ride.







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  1. Lulu says:

    Hi, feel free to comment on my posts. And even more importantly, please share them around. You may never know who needs the advice. It is not up to us to qualify who may be worthy or needy of the advice given. But if you share with 10 of your friends, odds are that you just may be responible for the health and life of one of them.


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