I don’t know whether it’s my logical brain or intuition but I don’t seem to see health and life the same way others do. Not many, anyway.

Think about it. We used to be born perfect and free of toxicity. Not so long ago, a woman fell pregnant and the baby, unless exposed to some pretty bad stuff during gestation, was born free of health issues. As that baby grew up, he/she was strong, had good teeth, hair and skin. Bare feet were the norm and natural fabrics, foods, water, hobbies meant that the child would grow into a healthy adult. Obesity and chronic illness was rare (unless congenital) and even in old age, that person was able to function.

Now, during gestation a baby is born with all forms of health issue. On day 1, they are stuck with needles full of unnecessary drugs and for the first few years of their life, more and more of these toxic cocktails are administered. Passive smoke, industrial sprays, poisoned water, chemically grown foods, drugs, sedentary living, perfumes, toxic cosmetics, etc etc ensure that the baby who once would have been born with clear irises and perfect skin, presents with the irises of an aged person, is covered in eczema and diseases such as juvenile diabetes, arthritis and cancer are more and more prevalent.

It is not so rare for a child’s bowels to not function normally. Nor is it so rare for a child to suffer from man-made sickness or health issues – ADHD, ADD, autism, asthma, weak bones and teeth – just to name a few. Where parents used to provide wholesome food, many kids now wouldn’t even know the difference between brussels sprouts and broccoli. Water is alien to kids and adults – coke or cordial is the only way they will consume liquids.

A visit to the chemist or a doctor will result in prescribed antibiotics, steroids and myriad drugs with side effects. Each of these things has a long list of side effects, so it’s not a matter of maybe getting them, but a matter only of time. And for each of these ‘medicines’ there is a better, safer and more effective option to be found in the complimentary health world.

The only issue there is not if it will work but if you can afford it. Naturopaths, up until the last 5 or so years, have not had access to either subsidies, funding or loans.

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