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Image result for pharmacopoeia

Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery (pharmakopoeia/pharmakeia), enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Galatians 5:19-21

I have long prayed on this topic. In fact, I first began praying over it as a teenager. I did not realise it at the time, but I was swathed in the lies and ignorance that would have me believe medicine in all its forms was noble, while alternative health in all its forms was evil. It was only once I put it to prayer rather than believing in what man/woman told me, did it all unfold and make sense. And then the trouble started!

Each time I met anyone who had one of those titles – herbalist, homeopath, acupuncturist, naturopath, and so on, all of a sudden my bias had them marked as something they were not – possessed. It didn’t help that my peers, lecturers, spiritual leaders, media and even government had already painted that picture. Like my peers, I would actually turn my eye away from the truth as it was – that we would accept a patient’s unnecessary death rather than try something that was shared over and over again in the Bible.


Revelation 18:23 “…for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy pharmakeia were all nations deceived.”

According to the media, mainstream education, our governments and misguided individuals, if you ask them who the great men of the earth are and you will get – 9 times out of 10 – doctors and/or pharmacists. Why? When did addiction to prescription medication take precedence over everything else, even healthy diet and a healthy abundant lifestyle?

I have written extensively on the appalling treatment of natural health practitioners and users at the hands of the church. I have lost friends. I have been targeted by fellow Christians. Big deal – this is bigger than me. This is about truth, honesty – and life.

So, what about you? So your doctor told you that you are going to die – are you one of the many brainwashed who would actually accept man’s word that your life must end, over something He has put on this earth? Do you actually say things like “It is God’s will”? Do you sit at church praying for healing and then return home to the most appalling, unGodly habits? Time to crack the whip in this earthly temple. Why are we so addicted to doctors and pharmakopoeia? Why do we take poisons just in case? Why do we take poisons that cause further ill health, then more poisons to counteract that consequence? By the way, as a friend recently said – it is NOT a side effect – it is a consequence. More clever wording at the hands of the industry to con the masses into thinking of even death as a ‘side’ effect.

Matthew 9:12

But when he heard it, he said, “Those who are well, have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.

When did medicine itself become evil? Contrary to what we are told thanks to ignorant puritan/political history, it was never a case of all health care prior to the ‘noble’ commencement of formal medicine magically being witchcraft by default. No more then, than it is today. Yes, there were people who were into strange things for personal gain – just as there are now. They had little to nothing to do with herbal medicine or turning someone into a frog.

As with many of my subjects, this one is simply too vast to deal with in one article but I will try to simplify it so those who seek the truth, understand – along with some very informative article links. Would I say that medicine itself or kindly, caring medical staff are evil? No, no more than any other industry BUT these same kindly people defend the pharma industry (this one vast but makes some frighteningly valid points).

In fact, it is illegal for them to speak out against it. How odd that even though this corruption has been widely admitted and written of by in-the-know whistleblowers, the human race is yet to listen; least of all the Christian sector. How sad that Biblical interpretation, based on ignorance and bias, has confused God’s gifts as witchcraft, while worshipping drugs that are sourced from the most evil sources, using the most unGodly practices.

Source of pharma

How interesting that the Greek word for Sorcery is Pharmacopoeia and no one bats an eyelid. How interesting too, that Sorcery is written of throughout the Bible. How deflating, when the male-dominated ‘medsin’ associations formed, they chose such a word as they deliberately destroyed real, vital, Edenic health while lying about the real causes of disease (sanitation, poverty, diet, etc).

Warning: the following information is by all accounts, a traumatic revelation but one that must be shared.

Blood thinners: combination of rat poison and pig intestines.

Pesticides: Zyklon B (Hitler’s gas of choice) and link to abortion pills.

Nazi pharmaceutical companies: Bayer, IG Farben – just two pharma companies that have their roots in the horrors of Nazi Germany.

Psychiatry: surgical removal (labelled ‘life-saving’) of adrenal glands, sinuses, organs, intestines, ovaries, testicles, tonsils, stomachs and colons. With women, this followed up with removal of the cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes, and then finally the entire uterus (beginning of hysterectomy atrocities) to ‘treat’ psychiatric issues. At the risk of drawing ire by sounding like a bra-burning feminist, let’s not beat around the bush – this is a deliberate systematic assault on females.

Injecting aborted cells into our own children: foreskins in skincare and burns treatment, aborted baby tissue and blood in vaccines.

Organ transplants: donors stricken by poverty will not only sell their organs, but often both kidneys are stolen, leaving the individual to die so that someone arguably more fortunate can receive an organ which in all likelihood, will be rejected.

Natural therapies: suppression/outlaw of research and history by medical establishment.

Nutrition: If medicine really was concerned with whole patient healing, nutrition would be at the fore – even before medications. Doctors are not trained in this most vital modality. In fact, it is not unusual for doctors to be obese, chronically ill and advise that diet makes no difference, when those of us know do know, also know that foods can cause inflammation as well as they heal. And what of foods that God created to resemble the body parts needing them most?

Is He shouting yet?

Image result for foods that resemble body parts

Cancer: Suppression of toxicity; real cures destroyed  (see article at the bottom of this page, which also delves further into each of these subjects).

War: manipulation of nations to approve and push the pharma agenda. Few war-related major events in history fail to be linked to pharmaceutical manipulation and major financial benefits.

Vaccines: Nazi Germany’s practice ground.

Death: pharmaceutical drugs – NOT illegal drugs – are the 3rd main cause of death in the western world.

Fluoride: Has never been approved.

Sugar: deliberately used to drug billions.

Chronic disease: cures have been known since ancient days.

Food: deliberate sabotage by FDA and copied around the world.

Pharma: Owned and controlled by big business and has nothing to do with doctors until the heavily-rewarded representative introduces them.

Image result for animal testing

Animal testing: (vivisection) this is, contrary to what advertising says, NOT necessary to prove medications work. In fact, it is simply to prove how toxic they are. I will leave you to do your own research – it is NOT about pretty white bunnies or painting a little lipstick on. I will not taint my blog by sharing images of the evil that actually goes on so the public can feel better or safer about their drugs of choice, but there is much more here – beginning in the 1800s this still-archaic practice includes such horrors as –

  • stripping raw skin from an unanaesthetised animal and scratching a caustic substance onto the site to see how long until it blisters or burns – or drives the animal to pain-related madness and eventually, death
  • force-feeding until the intestines rupture
  • clamping eyes open and instilling poisons until they are blind
  • Cutting the stop of the skull off to ‘test’ medications and appliances directly on the brain
  • injecting medications to the point of death



Rx: The prescription symbol evolved from the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol associated with healing powers. I will just leave that there.

Witchcraft: I had to include this small segment. I have read the most outlandish comments by leading pastors linking spells and incantations to even herbal tea! If someone is inclined to practice black arts they will do so whether they have a pack of cards, a ouija board, a shot of insulin, a car or consuming a herbal remedy. In truth, the mythology surrounding witch trials are just that – myths. And they have grown with time. In reality, just as with shutting down natural health much later with the advent of British medical schools, politically-minded church and medical leaders destroyed the future of Edenic medicine simply by fake accusations and murder of the women who had traditionally cared for gardens, health and childbirth. Even until 100 years ago, talking about contraception could land a woman in jail – it is not hard to imagine the control these people had – and still have today.

Leprosy: did you know (or care) that it is NOT contagious? Yet even in the earliest days, it as seen as the worst possible fate? I would argue the use of the word has been confused over the years and simply stuck. Research as shown that Biblically, leprosy was most likely linked to toxic mould which we know today results in symptoms found in disfiguring skin maladies, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis. And still today, it is mismanaged. Even as a nurse it was a frightening thing for us to nurse a leprosy patient – no one questioned the toxic cocktail given to patients in remote Australia. Only when I read Paul Brand’s story did I even know leprosy is a disease of the nervous system (again, possibly linked back to mould?)

Image result for pharmaceutical evils

The cannabis debate: Did you know that cannabis was spoken of in the Bible? While I have deliberately avoided it for legal reasons my whole life, the time has come to stop the lies. Of course, it was only illegal until pharmakopoeia could synthesize it and make money. Like all herbs of the Bible it has countless benefits – not to mention the ecological benefits. The fibres are stronger than cotton and wood. Plastics can be made from it (instead of toxic petrochemicals) and it has medicinal benefits. While I do not buy the hype that it is a magical cure-all, I do know, that like its close cousin Nigella Sativa (black seed) it has multiple benefits especially in chronic and terminal health issues.

Image result for kaneh-bosm

An anointing oil used by Jesus and His disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh-bosem/kannabus  – it was also applied topically during ceremonies. How unBiblical then, that those who suffer incurable ailments, pain which cannot be aided medicinally, and chronic debilitating illness are not permitted to use it – other than being given the medical synthetic version (the effects of which are questionable at best). Until relatively recently, like gold, frankincense and myrrh, cannabis extract was used medicinally by herbalists and homeopaths – and many cultures. Only the advent of modern synthetics did away with the most beneficial of God’s herbs.

I know exactly what you are thinking by reading the above. Until the last few years I did not support the use of cannabis in any form. But if you consider morphine, which is still one of my most used analgesics globally, has far worse side effects, you have to start asking questions – especially when you see people too sick to comfortably exist, relieved – even cured – by using cannabis in some form. Denying this surely makes a liar of the claimant?

Image result for christian acupuncture

Acupuncture: This is possibly the most freaky consideration for the Christian because of seemingly mystical explanations. Consider when acupuncture was developed. BC days – so descriptions were very different to today. Are we really worried about hair-breadth needles while agreeing to shoot our most vulnerable up with toxins with heavy-gauge hollow mini-knives attached to syringes containing everything from antifreeze to banned poisons to cells of other species? So dragons and winds and other confusing things are used to explain things. Have you read the Bible? Winged creatures are just the beginning! You really have to have an inventive mind to try and interpret these –

So dragons and winds and other confusing things are used to explain the workings of how and why Acupuncture works. Have you read the Bible? Winged creatures are just the beginning! You really have to have an inventive mind to try and interpret these –

  • crushed spirit and dried up bones
  • burning incense to heal
  • casting evil spirits
  • casting the bowels out of a body
  • lay a poultice of figs on skin infections
  • coming out of the mouth of the dragon
  • out of the mouth of the beast
  • unclean spirits like frogs
  • creatures with thunderous voices

Do you know which of the above are from Acupuncture studies? Actually, they are all from the Bible. But if you studied Acupuncture you would find almost identical descriptions attached to healing and various points. We simply know more about anatomy, physiology and aetiology than thousands of years ago. Each region has its own traditional medicine. Why and how is a newcomer magically better than all of them combined?

Image result for christian homeopathy

Homeopathy: This is the topic I copped more derision for throughout my career than anything else I studied. So a doctor, who also happened to be a freemason (do you know how many doctors are freemasons? How many freemason hospitals there are?) highlighted the causes of thousands of symptoms, being linked to exposure or ingestion of various substances. He also proved that taking diluted and energised versions of those substances could cure the same symptoms.

No, there are no incantations, no special powers. Just energy. If you are afraid of energy then you may as well just stop breathing right now. We are energy matter. Even a rock has energetic matter. There is much more to the argument and can be found in this article. I am praying that people take note that my Chrysalis Edenic Botiquin range is founded upon Biblical remedies, including Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Herbalism: Do we even need to go there? One of the most discussed topics in the Bible, herbal medicine began in Genesis and continued through to the book of Revelations. In fact, they were created before Adam and Eve.

Image result for biblical healing

Oils: One of the most laughable claims I have read (second only to the homeopathic one) is found on an entire string of so-called Christian blogs and websites. In reality these people feign their knowledge, and are led by ignorance. Oils are spoken of hundreds of times in the Bible. Not just oils but anointed oils. Yet Christians avoid this gift like they would the mark of the beast? Actually, I would change that to agreeing to the mark of the beast (implants, vaccines, certain types of surgery and medications). Listening to this rubbish would have you believe that you have cursed yourself by even smelling an essential oil!

Made up illness: Diseases are being invented every day. Cholesterol is not a health issue; clogged arteries thanks to medication is. Polio was never eradicated; it was given new names – chronic fatigue, Guillaine-Barre syndrome, muscular dystrophy, MS, ALS and so many more ‘new’ diseases.

PMDD (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) was invented to help Elli Lily to keep their expiring Prozac patent while not losing millions by not being able to flog off the excess stock. They approached the American Psychiatric Association who refused to accept it. Until SVU – the most popular TV show at the time, accepted ‘funding’ (ie a bribe) for the good Dr George to explain in detail just what ‘horrors’ this disorder elicits. Within days, PMDD was a recognised disorder and the newly painted pretty mauve/pink ‘Sarafem’ flew off the shelves while female suicide skyrocketed.

Other ‘diseases’ fitting this fictional category arguably include: many cancers, HIV/AIDS, ebola, Zika virus, Swine flu, Avian flu – if you carefully study this list (there are many more) you will soon see they are linked purely to pharmakopoiea rather than any real disease. Especially when experts, via the media, plead for more funding and the need for a new vaccine…

Legal battles: Did you know that every day of the year, legal battles rage – despite thousands of deaths a day due to modern medicine error, few drugs are recalled, few erroneous doctors are taken out of circulation. And definitely pharma is not punished – they are simply moved to another area.

Here is possibly the best article ever written, of the summary of the truth of modern medicine. I doubt any Christian could read it and not be profoundly affected.

Please, take care of your own health. Set up your home. Set up your children as they leave home. Set up your travellers. NEVER leave it to the point that you are not equipped in the event of illness or emergency. The truth is, life should never revolve around ‘what if I get sick?’ but it should never be left to chance. This is one of the main reasons the western world has become so dependent.

During my post graduate studies, we had a running joke that the house of the future would have no aspirin, but a herb garden, a box of acupuncture needles, a cupping set and a range of ointments and bandages. This is what I have based on Botiquin range on. Get an extensive assessment done. Far and above all the scans and blood tests, have a bioresonance analysis which can advise and gauge every aspect of your health needs (another aspect of health care that medsin and pharma have spent big money to discredit). Surround yourself with your every own Eden.















Asbestos, Asbestosis and Mesothelioma

Silk: meaning – biblically, from meshi/mashah (Hebrew) – to draw, extract. Interestingly, silk fibres are spun by the caterpillar – the release of which becomes the Chrysalis.
Image result for ethical silk chrysalis
Say ‘ASBESTOS’ to an Aussie and they will be as fearful as if you said cancer. It is an insidious product once disturbed – but so is mould, yet I don’t see as many major lawsuits or medical officials jumping up and down – even though mould kills more people every year and results in MS type symptoms, leaving sufferers to live what feels like an invisible parallel universe.
The truth is, only some people succumb to the horrors of asbestosis – why? There are many common denominators – underlying illnesses, smoking, drinking, and even genetic disorders (in reality familial tubercular miasm – leaving weakened lung damage for generations).
Medicine says there is no treatment or cure for asbestosis and it will turn into – or advance to mesothelioma. It’s a terrifying prospect but the truth is far more sinister. There is an affordable at-home therapy that is turning this around, yet legally it cannot be advertised or publicly shared. How absolutely criminal that those who suffer such an appalling array of symptoms must often find answers alone or be ostracised by the medical profession. This is the polar opposite of Edenic medicine in every way possible. Medical law says be silent.
I don’t care – what are they going to do to me? Jail me for speaking the truth? While billions are pumped into palliative health care (ie mainstream medicine) nothing is put towards alternatives, except for what we, the alternative health experts put up out of our own pockets. That includes usually discounted treatment for our patients because most believe alternatives are too expensive. Believe me, orthodox medicine would be as well; if it weren’t subsidised up to 95% (100% in some cases). Yes, your ‘free’ health care is anything but free.
Sadly, only around 1 in 100 asbestosis victims will seek alternative health care – that is far less than the average population stats of 1 in 10. Does that reflect another truth – that people who tend to become so unwell just don’t fit the norm of living truly healthy lives? I know relatively healthy people who succumbed but they turned their health around without much effort. In general though, most are diehard opponents of anything other than the old standard – meat and two veg, coffee/tea/sugar/milk, tons of table salt, beer or spirits – avoid health checks or healthy living at all costs (you know the kind) and then say ‘never been sick a day in my life.’
Something has got to change otherwise there is another wave on its way. A scary thought. I have personally and professionally seen lives transformed simply via the pH miracle diet, and use of the synthetic form of silkworm enzyme. That’s right, no deaths of innocent silk worms (for those of us who care about cruelty and ethics) – while avoiding known triggers of respiratory illness such as smoking, toxic chemicals and taking optimum nutritional supplements.
Clinically, I advise the best, purest choice of nutrients – and toxic chemical-free personal care. Above this though, I advise an online comprehensive assessment in order to pinpoint your individual needs rather than using mere guesswork.
Doctor's Best, Best Serrapeptase, 90 Veggie Caps
We must take every step we can to undo what put us in this position in the first place. There is no magic pill or vaccine that will turn it around. As for the Serrapeptase – it works by chemically dissolving the fibrous matter (in this case, asbestos fibres), while breaking down scar tissue, cyst and tumour growth. There is much more testimonial information out there. Your doctor and perhaps even your naturopath may still be unaware of this product. I personally came upon it simply because of my father’s battle with silicosis and asbestosis (he is free of it now).

The end effects of asbestos-related disease is painful and frightening. Yet it is avoidable. So, what are the side effects of serrapeptase? It’s all very, very good news.

They are actually benefits – users report relief/eradication of the following –


Weight issues


Multiple sclerosis (rebuilds neural scar tissue)


Respiratory disease

Pain relief




Heart health


If you would like more personal guidance with this please contact me via the form below –



















Are You Playing Russian Roulette with your Ticking Time Bomb?


Every day for over 30 years in health care I was alarmed at how many people honestly thought they had to sit it out and wait to see how their health panned out. Comments such as ‘we all have cancer, only some of us get sick’ and ‘my cholesterol is high, my doctor says I am going to have a stroke’ – these constantly struck me as concerning as the fear was real but no real steps were taken to stop the progress of aging or chances of life-threatening illness.

Such is the direction that modern medicine has taken.

Are you playing Russian Roulette? Do you wake up each day feeling less than healthy, worried that your time may be up? Do you creak and groan, ache and drag your body around, just biding time until you get something that your doctor has told you to expect? Are you scared of cancer? Strokes? Diabetes? Arthritis? Auto immune disease? Some mystery flesh eating disease for which there is no medical cure?


Are you REALLY scared? I know most people are – but I am not.

No, I am not smug, nor do I believe there is a magic bullet for everything out there. But I DO believe that prevention and protection are the best options available for health and life. Why wait until it’s too late? Most of my cancer patients over the years came to me only AFTER their doctors told them there was no hope. Yet I was not legally able to treat cancer! If a naturopath is seen as a last resort, why are we dismissed as charlatans? And when our patients are later on given a clean bill of health, why is our work dismissed as placebo or unproven? Why are we seen as not real health experts?

Well, for many we are! Millions, if not billions of people do not have a regular doctor, do not survive on side-effect laden medication, do not have cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart disease or any other health concern. They are not ‘lucky’ – they are eating right, taking natural supplements and herbs, and doing all they can to ward off aging, to prevent disease and if they are congenitally unwell, to undo the DNA damage. That’s right, even at a cellular level (stem cell therapies that are resulting in obscenely unethical methods are totally unnecessary) – we can heal and rebuild our bodies, without the need for cutting, poisoning or burning.


Sadly. right about now I can imagine you are thinking ‘so what is this magic vaccine?’ – the simple answer is, there is none. No needle, no pill, no procedure will ever protect you from ill health. It’s not possible. BUT it is possible to achieve vital health if you care enough. But it takes a massive mental swing. Do you believe that you can eat everything in moderation? Do you eat food purely for enjoyment? Do you see happiness coming from a bottle of red or some other high? Do you hate exercise? Well, I can say without fear of contradiction, that if you say yes to these, then you are already playing this dangerous game of Russian Roulette – and the Ticking Time Bomb is your body.


Let’s visualise for a second. When you are born, your body should be pristine – unfortunately this is not the case today. Pregnant women are bombarded with thousands of toxic chemical cocktails – this can be vaccines, personal care, perfumes, cleaning products, environmental pollution, food, drink and so on. The growing fœtus has already been hit with a toxic cocktail blend long before birth – and this will eventually show in their health. Add vaccines to the mix, medications and more – cigarette smoke and more of the everyday blends – and the growing child is fighting an uphill battle.

Yet doctors will give this child a clean bill of health (‘This child has asthma and epilepsy, but is a healthy child, so long as you give them these pills…’). And keep adding more chemicals to their body, rather than remove the toxins and heal naturally. What is seen as congenital (present at birth, often mistaken for hereditary) is often no more than the multiplying cells being poisoned, stunted and damaged by a pharma onslaught and poor diet – instead of being allowed to grow perfectly. But for the mishap of just a few cell divisions, babies are born with all manner of deformities and illness. And once born, the onslaught continues.


By the age of 1, most western babies (most of whom are not breastfed past a month or 3) have been needled with a toxic blend as unnecessary as it is dangerous, and already have their own pædiatrician. Why? By the age of 5, most western babies have been attacked with antibiotics – one dose of such a toxic acid form, is enough to undo all natural digestive processes, paving the way for any illness you could imagine, as all health stems from the digestive system – and natural immunity is shot. So what do they do? Shoot more vaccines in to build some elusive immunity that just cannot happen. Many children are unfairly burdened with ADHD medications which only fight to add to what a poor diet is doing – allergens such as dairy, sugar, processed flour and food additives which are present even in baby food, are already using up vital supplies of enzymes, hormones and upsetting the delicate balance of chemistry that makes up the health of any body.

On the subject of vaccination – it has long been proven that many of today’s diseases, which few know the cause of, are actually triggered by the various vaccines – childhood and adult cancers, type I diabetes, juvenile and mature onset arthritis, auto immune disorders, cerebral and bulbar palsies – and much more. Non vaccinated people are seen as germ and disease spreaders yet most diseases for which you are vaccinated are not even for ‘contagious’ disorders. Not to mention the now-proven vaccine shedding that takes place after vaccination – for those ‘pathogen-based’ disorders the individual does in turn become a walking time bomb, sharing genetically modified pathogens with anyone, regardless of immunity or age. Yet billions of dollars go into the whole ‘help us find a cure’ scam every year – they know the cause, therefore the cure – and it does not stop at the person being vaccinated, as DNA damage is passed down through generations. The incidence of vaccine-caused illness now surpasses incidence of the diseases which are meant to be controlled with vaccines!

By their teens, most western kids are already addicted to sugar, caffeine, dairy, table salt and much more. Some even are using drugs and alcohol – both of which are waging a war with every ecological balance known to mankind. Hearing parents excuse their laziness with ‘my kids wont eat vegetables’ makes me want to scream – whose fault is that? No child I have ever seen who is fed wholefood from the time of being weaned – from breastfeeding – ever turns their nose up at vegetables. But to see a child come to my house and not even know what most vegetables are, shows exactly whose fault it is!


Over the years through puberty into young adulthood, everything from coffee to drugs, contraceptive pill to analgesics – the body is already becoming addicted to depending on outside support. The liver is often destroyed before the age of 25 and adding more drugs to ‘treat’ this is nothing more than cutting your life short with every passing day.

By age 40 most people are now relying on some form of medication to ‘live’ – blood pressure, cholesterol, type II diabetes; media and medical authorities alike spread the illusion further with the fake comments such as ‘we are living longer and healthier lives’ when it is anything but the truth. It is rare today to see a healthy 60 year old – many – if not most, are old before their time, depending on medications to keep them alive. And in turn, are taking more meds to combat side effects of the others.

Back to those who do not depend on meds to stay alive. Those of us seen as lucky for being healthy and fighting aging. Basically, whatever you put onto and into your body is going to have some effect – positive or negative. So rather than arguing as to why you can’t possibly give up meat, dairy, pasta, sugar, table salt, booze, drugs, bad habits – why not find reasons as to why you should depend on the opposite? Surely life and enjoyment of your life is more important than 5 minutes of gluttony or addiction?

Surely taking the time to find alternatives, or someone who knows the alternatives, is a better option than sitting around waiting for whatever killed your forefathers to take you?

My father’s father died relatively young, as did my father’s oldest brother. Heart and respiratory health in both instances. Their issues were caused by unavoidable difficulties thrown at them – ie hard life. By his late 50s, my father had his first heart attack. It was enough for us to find answers to at least try to prevent what he thought was inevitable. I was a nurse and thanks to finding answers in alternative medicine, I was ousted as a traitor – but who cared? My father is celebrating his 89th birthday this year and is healthier than most people half his age. It was the pivotal moment in my career and set me on a path to research and learning the real truth. He had been told by medical experts that his life would not be a long one and had been diagnosed with more than one terminal disease, including asbestosis, silicosis, blood clot, osteospondylitis and heart disease. That was over 30 years ago. He still works, drives and exercises more than many young people I know.


My children have been raised without the need for a doctor. That does not mean I’d ignore them if they had a fracture or emergency or needed pain relief. It just means I found alternatives when I could. Sadly rather than be amazed at this rarity I have been treated like a neglectful parent when I put more into their health than anyone I know. And you don’t need to be a health expert to do this – I found a way to share my findings with the world and will continue to do so until I no longer can – IF you want the truth. There are answers – and with the modern day advantage of the internet, there is absolutely no excuse. If you can search for vines or silly sites, you can search for medical help. You need to learn how to discern the ‘reviews’ by the medical fraternity, when you read that some therapy is ‘not proven’ or doesn’t work – it should read “We don’t believe that millions have used this for thousands of years and we actually know nothing about it. Please find someone who does.” Or citations and peer reviews which are nothing more than old boy back slapping, let-me-grease-your-palm medsin….

If I can have more patients on the other side of the world, via the internet, than I do in my own nation (Australia) who are turning their health around, undoing generations of damage and suffering, then anyone can do it. Please take the time – MAKE the time to read this blog and all the subjects available. You only need to do a site search on the home page to find what you are searching for. And if I haven’t written your topic yet, then just ask.

Finally, if you have pain, inflammation, or an inflammatory type illness, please consider what I deem to be the most effective anti inflammatory on the planet – responsible for healing (studies in PubMed prove this) –

  • cancer
  • arthritis
  • pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • anti-viral
  • anti coagulant
  • gastric health
  • anti aging
  • anti cholesterol
  • liver tonic
  • kidney tonic
  • anti-hypertensive
  • anti-diabetic
  • fights baldness
  • anti-obesity

This is just a generalisation of all the benefits and this testimony offers a little more personalised insight into age/inflammatory related illness. But it’s a start!

And what about a superfood/organic/plant based multi with cellular, anti aging, immune building and digestive health properties?

It’s not a cure-all. Nothing is – so please don’t make the mistake of seeing one  product as you see medication. NOTHING is going to undo a lifetime of bad habits. But a radical lifestyle change can and will. People tend to jump desperately into one thing – even become experts at promoting it yet not understanding that a) they are not qualified to do anything more than say it helped them and b) taking too much of one thing WILL throw out a major imbalance elsewhere.

If you need more information and guidance, feel free to visit my assessment page and get your own personalised comprehensive protocol.



So What Is EDENIC Health?


After a long career fraught with obstacles and opposition, no matter how good the outcome for my patients, I found myself at a crossroads; do I just walk away surrounded by the bitterness and frustration or do I finish this? As with every time during my career where things just seemed too hard for one person – that even if I thought others agreed, I was just still doing this alone – I retreated and rested.

I prayed. A lot.

I’ve always had a fascination with the notion of Eden. In fact, it is the middle name one of my daughters – and it would have been whether she was male or female. On earth it is my goal. Some speak of nirvana or perfection or whatever their particular faith calls them to do; mine is to live in Eden. A perfect, organic garden which can feed everyone, where animals can roam without fear of their greatest predator – man.


In prayer very recently, the word EDENIC began forming in my head. I even googled it to see if it was actually a word.

It is.

There are even other people like me who have begun using this word to describe what we do. It’s not just natural. It’s not alternative – or complimentary – what an insult to our Creator. It’s been around since the beginning.


If you have read my bio you will know of my struggle – well, the struggle of natural/alternative/traditional/complimentary health experts for many years. If you question that the spiritual battle has spilled into the earthly realm, or that the great deceiver is trying his level best to blind good people, ask yourself how –

  • Upon being called in after an 11-member prayed for direction for their comatose mother, fearing she was being poisoned by good intention (contraindicated medicines) and after closing my doors to pray for guidance, within hours this dear lady was awake – within a day, walking. Within a week, being discharged from hospital. The family were verbally abused by the doctor (while the amazing kitchen staff and nurses worked with me) and I was accosted and threatened in the hallway. I received a panicked call advising she was once again in a coma. Sure enough, the contraindicated medicine was back up in the IV bag. Within days she was dead – and I was blamed because I ‘had no right to offer false hope.’
  • Being requested to assist a patient with back pain – no more, no less. He called me 2 days later upset that he no longer had the interest to smoke or drink (a welcome side effect). Two weeks later he competed in a state sporting event and within a matter of months he was no longer on any meds. One Friday afternoon he burst into my clinic crying, saying the police were hunting him down like a criminal. Sure enough, the car was flying up the street. He ran – they threw him in the back. Then I was threatened with legal action, still oblivious as to the reason. I had not been told he was a mental health patient – yet within that short time frame he had not just his health restored but his mental health. His family and the local GP took umbrage to this state of affairs and had him committed. Once again the doctor blamed me.
  • During one sadly memorable period, mothers of pubescent girls were coming to me in frightening numbers, asking me if it was normal for a GP to insist on pelvic examinations. At first I thought it had been a random case but eventually when the numbers began getting out of hand I felt the old panic rise up again, where I knew I had to step out in faith whether I wanted to or not. The GP found out that I was asking and I was threatened with a lawsuit if I did not stay out of it. The GP left town within days and no investigation took place.
  • I was ‘outed’ at a church event, but a complete stranger, as a witch – even though many present were my patients and most of them had not only known me since infancy but we socialised together and attended church together. At the time I was a Sunday School teacher and assistant to our Pastor at our small church. After this event, Christians I had known all my life crossed the street rather than talk to me. Appointments were cancelled and other than my mentors, no one talked to me. We retreated to my prayer closet as I struggled with whether to close up or not.

But this is not about me. It is about truth – a hidden truth. While I have always questioned whether ANY form of medicine I have studied (orthodoxy included) is okay with God, I found that no matter which direction I went, I hit brick walls and the earthly powers that be were always one step ahead.

‘Traditional’ has now been morphed into meaning medical, as has ‘Preventive’ and of late, ‘Integrative’ – so what to do? This has weighed heavily on my mind and heart for some time and the only word given to me is EDENIC.

Whether you believe or not is not the issue here. He can heal you and guide you whether you want to acknowledge the source or not. Health is one of the first things written of in Genesis – even before illness existed. Right through to the end of Revelations we are given free and clear instructions yet we ignore them.

0 7 detox

Thankfully more and more of late, Christian Edenic health professionals are speaking out – it’s NOT demonic, it’s NOT blasphemous, nor is it New Age. Sadly and unfairly, as much opposition has come from fellow Christians as it has from the money-hungry pharma, government and yes, even medical sector. I will not repeat some of the things said to me throughout my career by so-called Christians, but if their misunderstandings had their way, ANYONE even considering bringing health to fellow/man/woman/child would be burning in hell as I write – just for something as natural and Edenic as drinking herbal tea.


I’m serious – no salt, no aloe, no clay, no peppermint, no fennel, clove, sage, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, oregano, frankincense, gold, myrrh, cumin, mustard or saffron. And they are the tip of the iceberg. While we’re at it, no more bread, corn, olive, figs, honey, apples, almonds, dates or grapes. Why not go the whole nine yards and ban water? And oils? After all, these are all healing AND used biblicly. We may joke but if you do a simple online search or look in Christian bookshops you will see just how wrong it is.

How the Christian world have been misled by deception

And now that the decades-long attack by orthodoxy to trash all things truthful and natural – with the support and input of the collective church – is coming to a head, it’s time to speak out. It’s time the angry, (oft violent) overly religious misguided sector (especially in the Bible belt of the USA) stopped speaking in hate while being amongst the most pharma-dependent community on earth. It’s time for them to take the scales off their eyes and stop worshipping man-made or speaking from self and ignorance.

You know when you receive A calling (most of us do not just receive just one) and you just don’t want to do it? Well, that would be me. In fact, it goes back to my nursing days where I would frequently try to resign from my initial training, then many times from my job at the time. I loved being a nurse but I did not love what unGodly baggage it was accompanied by.

WHY does the lady who is bleeding out of every orifice while so racked in pain and doped up, have no choice but to be continually pumped with more blood? The shame is killing her! WHY isn’t there another answer? WHY are these brain damaged and disabled people treated like waste? WHY are their diets devoid of nutrition and WHY do they have to be drugged up? WHY can’t we try a local herb from the bush if nothing else will work? And why – when a single case can result in a doctor deciding whether something is good or bad – WHY are they unable to see the millions upon millions of injuries and deaths they are inflicting by refusing to accept that the wrong choice of medication is responsible – even when within their own clinic, dozens come to them with the same plea? I had even done that for a time but I am glad to say I did see what others could not – but due to the response I received I pressed it down so I could not hear it.

When the small still voice became a roar, I walked away – alone. I am not talking just out the door or down the street; I am talking no one wanted to know or support me. Traitor – scammer – fake – fraud – witch – weirdo – the accusations thrown at me by my professional colleagues mirrored what the Christian sector had said – what if I was wrong?

What if I only saw what I wanted to see?

So I spent the next part of a decade studying as much as I could about every form of health I could find – herbalorganic farminghomeopathynatural nutrition – orthomolecularacupunctureiridology et al . Not just the science but the background, history and biblical parallels that it seemed only I could see. Some of it, while I am sure it has its place if used wisely, either did not resonate with me or I just found it did not match up to where I was being led.

On my travels around Australia and overseas I took my bag of files and books with me – and bought more – this was pre-computer days – and I did not have the privilege of researching expert advice. It was pretty much prayer and vision-based and I was often told that I was manipulating my own visions. Hence the reason I spent the next 20+ years pushing myself away from excelling in the area. Still the doubt lingered – what if I was being stubborn?

Wouldn’t nursing offer prestige, recognition, acceptance and validation – not to mention an actual income? Only someone in this position could understand what it took and the sacrifice involved – that it was not just a matter of self in choosing what was over the ‘other side’ of all that I had known. And why, when I had seen so much failure in the same areas, were my guinea pigs responding so well? Yes, I could do it – really well – but I lumped myself with negative words, that it would never make me wealthy, that it was just a hobby, etc. It is only now that I see where I went wrong.

A detox 3

Yes, as I am sure many others still are, I was made fun of. Usually by those who needed it the most. But thankfully mentors were strategically (divinely) placed at roadblocks –

  • like the tiny woman in a Broome health shop who was so passionate about homeopathy even though in my ignorance I was sure it was some form of witchcraft.
  • or the young woman in the UK who, by the age of 18 could identify every local herb, rattle off the Latin/botanical names and a quick list of benefits and uses.
  • and the patient Dean of my college, who, despite my pleas and constant phone calls, would tell me to pray, to let go over every barrier in my knowledge and just turn the page.
  • or the fact that my spiritual mentors were my number 1 supporters and actively walked into my clinic when no one else would.

Each time I needed the prayer closet, He would send me a case that had no-one, and nothing else. We are talking the most grim prognoses – some even told that death was imminent and to accept defeat. While praying on these cases (mostly for Him to please take this cup!) the answers would come, the problem solved and thank God, most of those people are still walking this earth even today.

Whether I want to do this or not is no longer an option

It’s not up to me. It must be done; too many have stayed quiet for too long. So what is Edenic? The basic rundown is as follows –

1. ALL healing must come from someone bigger and far more powerful than we are. I refuse to accept that the inanimate universe is somehow responsible for our healing – even though as Tutu reminds us in God Has A Dream – of course, the universe was created by Him and He has provided all we need in it. While I understand many reach out to the universe I truly believe that in reality, they are accepting that there is someone bigger even if they are not familiar with Him.

2. ALL capacity and provision for healing is already here on earth – it always has been. And despite deliberate coveting and destruction by those who have dollar signs at the fore, we simply need to search and research for the answers to any health problem. Time for frankenscience to end.

3. Answers are actually already in the Bible – and other ancient texts written down to support it. Some has been lost in translation. Much has been mongrelised to prevent others from understanding, especially by older, organised religion. There are literally thousands of Biblical references to support Edenic health which are still as profound and valid today as thousands of years ago, and it may well be the biggest obvious case of cover-up or disobedience in history, affecting each and every one of us.

4. It most likely does not and never will, have a scientific explanation. This is the most validating aspect. Science has tried to prove the Bible is wrong, that Jesus never existed, that faith is mind over matter – for centuries. It has done the same with Edenic healing. I have worked in scientific research and even death can be manipulated in the stats to present a positive outcome. Meanwhile, 10/10 cures using Edenic health can be manipulated to read as ‘absolutely unremarkable, no proof that it works’ – at all. And we are talking across the board even if only one aspect has been studied in a computer simulation! So for all the Christians who blindly support medicines they do not even realise are tested upon animals and humans, or contain foetal cells from an aborted baby, or cells of another species, or even toxic chemicals – while avoiding Edenic health at all cost – please know that science is often as about unGodly as you are going to get. Did you know that most of the larger, more successful pharmaceutical companies were founded in Nazi Germany?

It was never meant to be about money or destroying one life to ‘save’ another. It was always meant to be about never causing harm, while striving for equality and truth.


And I pray that while our government, pharmaceutical and registering bodies work hard to ban ‘alternatives’ outright, the world embraces Edenic living before it all becomes illegal. While we need church leaders to publicly embrace Edenic health (I have had them as patients since the beginning – but far less than I have had opposition) this should not scare people away. I believe the fear and revulsion is no more than ignorance and misunderstanding.














Fluid Retention – What Can I Do About It?

Image result for fluid retention

Why do we read, but not see? While this verse clearly shows that with the body of Christ we are interdependent upon one another, isn’t it screaming to us that we must also consider our bodies the same? More than that, for one part of the body to be badly affected, the entire body must also be affected.

If you read the entire tract you can see that no part of the body is independent yet modern medicine says otherwise. If you have fluid there is no way possible that singling out fluid is going to fix the problem.

Before we even consider what we can do about fluid, we have to know what it is and why we have it. Fluid retention, dropsy, ascites, oedema, etc is not a disease or diagnosis in and of itself. It is a very l-o-u-d God-given alarm bell that the body is out of balance – through stress, poorly managed chronic or even perceived hereditary factors, poor nutrient absorption through digestive damage, irregular and unexplained bruising or blood-loss, work/sports related mechanic injury/pressure, dietary factors and in many women, linked to hormone-triggered imbalance and related knock-on health issues – usually occurring after childbirth, when oestrogen dominance is at its peak.

Basically, the notion is quite easy: water is found throughout the body (in fact more than any other medium or compound) and in this case is within the blood vessels, lymphatic pathways and interstitial cells. In a healthy person, this fluid bathes the cells, elicits nutrient transfer, healing factors and oxygen – while removing resultant waste.

Image result for ascites

Fluid retention does not merely just happen; it comes only after all the other warning signs have made an appearance  – hormonal irregularities, difficult female cycle, lowered kidney function (this can be displayed in such symptoms as painful joints, lowered or darkened urine, sweating irregularities, painful skin, swollen glands, weight gain, varicose veins, haemorrhoids and medication side effects which may not be noticed at the time as we urgently seek relief from other health issues.

The pain is likened to an open wound combined with a broken bone!

So, what are some of the main causes? And why does fluid usually pool in the ankles, feet and hands? The answers are as alarming as they are simple –

Gravity – these venous, lymphatic and interstitial fluids travel up to 12,000 MILES a day – well, in a perfectly functioning body they do. Throw in variables – thicker blood thanks to some medications, not drinking enough water, incorrect diet for your health and the real killer, standing for long periods of time – these all strain the kidneys and heart, causing the dead cells (which would ordinarily head to the kidneys for cleaning) in the blood and fluids to pool (stagnate downwards) and unless you use a gravity inverter, are blessed to be able to rest with feet and hands elevated – many times daily, this will continue.

Imagine a pimple – it’s painful! Just a few thousand cells pushed slightly away from the place of origin. Now, imagine inflammatory acids, and millions of cells pushed downward into one area that you need in order to move. The pain is unimaginable! I have seen skin split and weep serous ooze that is still needed within the body. I have seen gangrene form as people force their poor little feet into tight shoes. I have seen people become totally immobile because of some perceived need to continue on bravely.

Have you ever wondered about dead skin cells on your feet? Why do they build only there? These are the few lucky dead cells that managed to be excreted via the skin and sweat ducts. We fail to slough them away and they block the natural pathway of the elimination channels, further aggravating the building inflammation. Regular foot soaks, foot scrubs, hot steam room treatments and oil massages all help in some way but more on that later.

Image result for foot skin build up around ankles

Hormones – Medicine, for all its amazing developments has become a thing of control – not by breakthroughs and miracles but by the pharmaceutical industry. Too many of my peers and former colleagues, like me, have left medicine in crushing frustration and despondence at just not being able to see what we are told to see – but instead we see the truth and cannot keep it quiet. Hormone/endocrinal medicine is one such avenue. It is no secret, the destruction of female health – initially via control at the time (shock treatment for hysteria, oophorectomy for depression or chronic fatigue, horrific hormonal treatments which have destroyed generations of female health). But this is not limited to females.

In today’s world, balancing the hormones is even more tricky than ever before. Even our homes are a minefield – as are our cars. Perfumes can at once render a female infertile while in others cause hormone-related cancers. Food is a horrific maze – genetically modified foods (especially chicken, red meat, maize and wheat) and today leave even teens – male and female – struggling with cellulite (blocked lymphatics), gynaecomastia (breast tissue formation in children and males), stunted height, exaggerated growth hormones, organ damage – and so much more. It is not a far stretch to see the link.

Image result for black kid with gynecomastia

Likewise with diabetes – we think it is merely a sugar issue. Okay, sugar is linked for sure -we eat way too much, causing acidity and cell destruction, acute and chronic ill health, terminal issues and pain. But with diabetes it is so much more – it affects the lymphatics, pancreatic health and the endocrine system. I have lost count of the number of diabetic cases I have seen disappear as if by miracle – just by removing sugars, gluten, dairy while balancing the hormones – even in males.

Kidney and liver damage – At birth, our kidneys are the most perfectly formed tiny organs. If we are blessed to not be vaccinated or formula fed and our birth was natural, we already have all the nutrients we need, protection we need – without all the assault that comes with immune destruction. The kidneys must, like the heart, continue to work every second of our lives. They flush the final fluids before return to the blood, organs, brain, lymph and cells. Over time the water is muddied and the kidneys become taxed – developing inflammatory crystals & blocked nephrons and try as they might, fail to provide cleaned, flushed, pure bodily fluids.

Image result for hip fat

Likewise with the liver, the same damage, the same barriers, the same outcome. And sadly in this instance, fluid retention is only the tip of the iceberg.

Weakened blood vessels – linked to every other issue here, the integrity of our blood vessels is one issue seriously overlooked in medicine, usually until it’s too late. That is no one’s fault – it is the way medical students are taught to see the body as a series of illnesses rather than a whole. Capillaries – which branch out from the engorged veins, in turn become engorged and split, bleeding into the surrounding tissue. This results in spider veins, bruising, slow-burn internal bleeding and destruction of the usual osmotic process. How long do you feel it will be until it is no longer just the capillaries, but eventually the veins and arteries?

Blocked lymphatics – this system in general is sadly overlooked in not just medicine but alternative medicine. It was not until I studied acupuncture that I realised the extent to which the lymphatics really are the sewers of the body – hidden, ignored and allowed to fester. In fact it was the subject of my PhD thesis. Not a very popular one at the time but thank God I have noticed it is gaining momentum in the scheme of things. Linked irrefutably to elephantiasis, although not the only cause – depending on geography it can be linked to parasitic issues which should always be addressed – in everyone.

Imagine our sewers never get flushed – they in turn, wash into the sea and soil (our blood and tissue) rather than flushing into filtration ponds. Within a week an entire society could be brought to its knees. I saw this in South Africa. There had been a rubbish strike for just a week prior to our arrival in Johannesburg. Many businesses had to shut down, people were becoming sick and the media went into overdrive. I also saw this while working up north in a remote community hospital. Within 48 hours of the flood, our waterways were full of sewer leakage. We nurses were on double shifts, many ended up in hospital themselves. Our erstwhile GP had himself airlifted to a major hospital. It seemed the very air around us was sewage, yet the river itself was as pristine as ever. But not for long. The waste just seeped, as it did every year into the surroundings.

Image result for lymphatic blockage african american

Now imagine that is your body – where does waste go if it cannot be flushed? Your sweat glands will go into overdrive – your tongue may become coated. Your scalp and skin may react by trying hard to eliminate waste. But without the major cleaning tools – the liver, kidneys and a well-working bowel, it is not long before that waste seeps into tissues. It is no secret that a toxic bowel can affect uterine health. Think of poison; how long is it – by default – that it moves throughout the body? Yet we think that it is nothing to have poisons building in our elimination channels?

Weakened heart – this century, it is common to be born with a heart defect. Just one side effect of vaccines and many medications is the heart murmur or weakened cardiac tissue – even strokes and heart attacks. Yet one we go playing this modern day Russian roulette. If a heart is not pumping to full capacity blood pools, arteries become engorged and chronic ill health – such diagnoses as congestive cardiac failure are way too common in people with chronically swollen feet.

  • A case of particular remembrance was the father of a good school friend. I was both blessed and traumatised at being in the last special unit team to nurse him prior to his death. I had not met this man before his admission – he was so large he could not fit on the commode chair. He could not defaecate or urinate. In fact, the only way to remove excess fluid from him was to prick his limbs – and he not only oozed the serous liquid – he spurted it from each tiny needle prick. That beautiful man was in so much pain and just knew he was not going to recover this time.

He was on not one, but two diuretics and had been for years. To me, the student nurse, I could only ask why has his diet not been changed? Why, if these medications are not working, have we not found alternatives? To say I was berated for this line of questioning is an understatement. But they did not see this man’s fear – or have to face my friend, his son – and explain why he died from something so simple as not being able to eliminate. His diet was one high in pork, bacon, dairy, wheat, sugar and meat generally. I had not yet studied nutrition and had no idea but it still seemed glaringly obvious to me. But for the simple act of flushing his kidneys, changing his diet and getting his bowels moving, he would be alive today. The cause of his passing? Congestive cardiac failure – yet up until this time, his GP merely had him listed as having chronic fluid retention. 

And yet, I later saw his photograph. Just two years before, he was a tall, thin man. He showed tell-tale signs of fluid retention in his feet and a red, puffy face with ocular hypertension that was so painful to witness – his eyes were being forced forward and were not just bloodshot but the tissues around them filled with fluid. Did I alone see this?

Image result for ocular pressure behind the eyes

Nutrient imbalance – I see this as the foundation of all health. Nutrient imbalance is at an all-time high. More than any disease – despite the plethora of food and knowledge available today. Medicine sadly is not based on nutrition yet from Genesis we were instructed – above all – to use His bounty for our health.

In this century, protein deficiency – like iron deficiency – is extreme. Regardless of whether you eat meat or dairy – in fact, I would argue because of the mucosal inflammation of eat meat and dairy. When one nutrient is out of balance or our gut is not absorbing – or our kidneys not filtering – the other nutrients slide out as well. Eventually this protein deficiency (ironically one of the most difficult to reach) affects our fluid balance. Protein attracts fluid naturally – so in protein deficiency, the blood does not attract enough water – in turn becoming sticky and harder to clean or pump, while the lymph continues to leak foreign solids into the blood causing plaques and further damage elsewhere.

Additionally, when blood vessel walls weaken, the little protein present leaks into interstitial spaces, attracting water which then attempts to flush it out – causing more oedema and retention.

Interestingly, we are wrongly taught to avoid salt at all cost. The advice should be to avoid processed salts – other ‘dirty’ salts are just as like medicine for us now as they were in Biblical times.

Medications – Only a fool would say no medications have their place. But only a fool would believe that only medications can heal. Short term, some medications are often life-saving (others have consequences – including diuretics – that trigger symptoms worse than the original symptoms). Diuretics have a very short efficacy period. Once they stop working they should be stopped. They should never been prescribed without nutritional advice. Likewise, they should never be used in place of flushing the body or treating what ails you.

  • It is no secret that diuretics have the common side effects of both kidney and pancreatic damage. I have been called into a comatose patient who was on two contra-indicated diuretics – her ascites was so pronounced she could not stand, let alone walk. She had a larger abdomen than when she was pregnant many years previously. Yet within 2 hours she was out of her coma, sitting up and talking. Within 8 hours she was ambulating – something she had not been able to do for 9 months.

Tight clothing – This was the missing link that allowed me to finish my thesis. As someone from a long line of sufferers of fluid retention (I had personally suffered badly from teenage years and by the time I left nursing I could barely walk at the end of a shift even though I was only 26) and lymphatic damage – with cellulite affecting each of us so badly you would be excused for thinking we were obese, we often displayed no other symptoms other than heart palpitations.

Image result for dermatomes

  • A lecture I attended as part of my regular skills update seminars was on the topic of lymphatic drainage; something I admit to having total ignorance to its meaning or need. But over the duration of the talk, the pennies dropped one by one. I too had gone, like the case study used that day, from a very small youth to someone who jiggled and suffered from increasingly bad health despite living a very healthy lifestyle. What was I doing wrong? How did I get here?

For one, I ate gluten and dairy – in fact at the time despite being vegetarian I could sadly admit now to being not only a cake and bread addict but also a dairy addict. So much that I could fast for days but stupidly break my fast by consuming large quantities of both. I also had been hyper-vaccinated during my training and was told by specialists much later that the tumours I had begun developing in my lymphatic system were a direct side effect of the BCG vaccines I had repeatedly in the 80s despite being told I would not and could not build an immunity.

The shock to me was the similarities to the case study – she was in advanced stages of lymphoedema. This poor woman could not walk; she could barely move her arms or legs yet just 10 years previously she was an exotic dancer with a physique most athletes would admire. Why was I so terrified? I had gone for a second opinion as to my increasingly ailing health, and my physical appearance.

The doctor’s response still haunts me today: “You are in the early stages of lymphoedema – no, we don’t have any treatments but we have marvellous living aids so eventually you will have free access to wheelchairs and mobility aids as necessary.”

The fact she said this in all seriousness still terrifies me – how many more? How many would give up hope then and there? I still thank God today for the knowledge imparted to me over the previous years. Just as much as I valued the knowledge shared at this skills update seminar. The connection?

Just like this poor woman (whose arms and legs were as large as her distended abdomen) had done in her teen years, as a teenager I wore tight clothing – whether I played sport or rode my horse. When I slept and when I was at school. In fact, I did not feel it ‘fit’ if it did not cut off circulation. Therein lies the key. By cutting the body cross-ways you are indeed cutting off circulation – but not the blood as we would think. The lymphatics! While it does take a very long time to undo this damage, it can be done. This also rings true for stockings, shoes, belts, jeans and anything that constricts the legs.

And finally! What are the treatments?

Well, you know, if you read my other articles, that there is no one magic treatment, no potion or pill or needle that will fix something as intricate as fluid retention. We have to retrace our steps, decipher what has gone wrong, what is currently harming our health and while there are many steps to take to reduce, reverse and recover our health, while providing relief, we must address the triggers now. As in what can we do to take the pressure down? Take heart; while fluid retention is a sign of ongoing chronicity, it can be successfully treated to a satisfactory degree IF dealt with properly, in an ongoing manner.

You will have no doubt at least read some of the highlighted articles above which offer a plethora of advice and guidance. But below is a quick summary which will get you started –

Legs up the wall – no, this is not some new dance or joke. It is a basic old wives’ tale that is as important now as 2000 years ago when people walked everywhere and needed to rest. Think of that pooling blood, lymph and interstitial fluid. The most amazing thing is that we have drainage portals in our groins and abdomens. And our kidneys lie just beyond – and our hearts just beyond again. In order to be flushed we need to force the blood back to the groin and abdomen – at least once a day prior to bed. Imagine all that blood and fluid pooling all day and just stuck there at night! No wonder we wake in pain. No wonder rest offers no relief. I do this either on the floor prior to bed or while in bed. With your body flat, get your hips as close to the wall/headboard as possible and place your legs straight up either on the wall or headboard. Your feet will go numb as the fluid rushes down. And pain will even disappear for a time. Doing this every day at least offers some relief, even if only minimal and temporary.

(Hebrews 12:12 – Wherefore, the hanging-down hands and the loosened knees set ye up…)

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Foot soak – my patients have always been amazed at what can be achieved with a foot soak! Not just the obvious – warming or even for something like athlete’s foot. But if you use hot water and a cup of Epsom salts, your feet will drain excess fluid while getting the blood thinner and pumping it back up. Do for as long as is bearable. If too painful, remove feet and place into a bucket of cold water for as long as bearable. Once you have had enough (at least 1 minute) put them back into the hot water (reheat if necessary). Then once again, place into the cold water. It is truly amazing to see the effect. Always finish with the cold water and again, add ice if not cold enough. Then end the treatment as above, with legs up the wall. This can be done in an electric footbath if you have one. Hydrotherapy is as vital now as it was in ancient days.

(Revelation 22:1-2

Then he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb, in the middle of its street On either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.)

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Cupping – a basic form of acupuncture but in my views the best. In one treatment you are able to stimulate the entire body while relaxing the entire body. It does result in some purpura, which are bruise-like circles but only where there are blockages and inflammations. It is also amazing to see how each person responds differently, with different markings which in turn reflect different health issues which the practitioner is able to determine. Likewise, both local and distal acupuncture can work wonders IF conducted with the other treatment ideals. For cupping which is non-invasive, various forms have been used around the world for thousands of years and may well be one of the first therapies offered by health experts.

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Homeopathy – to me, little is more Edenic than this amazing form of medicine. While God gave us herbs and minerals in Genesis, he also told us that many are poisonous even though they have their uses. So when you dilute them, the effects become the opposite – so imagine cutting an onion and how it stings and makes the eyes water – making it into a homeopathic medicine will remove the symptoms of hayfever and irritations – but the key symptom here is water, burning and fluid loss – so it is just one of the amazing treatments for fluid retention. Please head to my blog at http://chrysalisintegrativehomeopathics.org and find the Aqua, or fluid retention tonic for more information.

Basic acid-flushing supplementation – this is dealt with far more in my other dietary, detox or treatment articles and is simple enough to do no matter where in the world you are. Along with the fluid is a high amount of inflammatory acid which is linked to the fluid symptoms while being aggravated by them. In turning this around, you will notice an often extreme laxative and diuretic reaction so please begin only when you know you have the early morning free the following day. Once you are used to the process then you can take it every night but start slow!

  • Bicarbonate of soda – plain old baking soda or bicarb from the supermarket. 1 flat teaspoon dissolved in hot water, allowed to cool and mixed with a little lemon juice (optional but recommended) drink fast. I will warn you – it is disgusting. But life-saving. I think back to the Sodi Bic IV bags we saved only for the most extreme emergencies yet never used for the basic cases – why? Just maybe we could have prevented more extreme cases? Believe me, you will know you are flushing that excess fluid. This is not a temporary treatment – this is something we should do every single day to undo the damage of the previous day and our lifestyles in general. Alternatively you can buy empty veggie caps and fill with bicarb (this is what I do).
  • Bentonite (or similar) powdered clay – this is also so simple and something we once would have consumed without knowing as most of our food came from the ground and contained dirt. Clay absorbs poison and toxins. By adding a flat soup spoon into some water and drinking it once a day, you will be aiding your digestive system to filter once again.
  • Herbal teas – so easy you will most likely feel very ripped off for forgetting what our forefathers did naturally. There are so many teas which remove excess fluid while healing our eliminatory organs to do their jobs – parsley tea, rosemary tea, lemon balm tea, rooibos tea, uva ursi tea, ginger tea, coriander tea – the list is endless and this is by no means close to the full array available.

Vibration platform – this is so powerful that for extreme fluid retention, you will need to do only on the lowest setting until you are used to it and the excess fluid has been flushed. It can be very painful and I know this from experience. But I also know it works. At first you may need to sit only on a comfortable chair with just your feet resting on the platform. In fact you can do this for up to 1 hour each day while you work, if you can. Eventually you will be able to stand up and increase the setting until you literally feel not just the lymphatic drainage but the fluid leaving the wrong places and going to the right ones. In fact, you may need to stop the machine multiple times in order to go to the toilet. This handy gadget can replace expensive exercise equipment, many forms of sport and exercise, improve your circulation and energise you like nothing else. I managed to find a discount option to the more popular version but today there are payment plans – that is up to you.

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Avoidance of triggers – be they hard floors, tight clothing, standing or walking for long hours, eating the wrong foods, consuming sugary drinks and so much more. Eventually, once you are aware of the cause, you will be able to remove or lessen them one by one and even on the rare occasion you slip up you will be immediately able to determine which error caused the setback.

Drinking – this is vital. As a human race we have replaced what is really the only drink we should consume (within reason, such as herbal teas etc) – water – with anyone else we can. Toxic sugary drinks, dairy (meant for babies of another species!), fake juices, and so on – anything but water! As a sufferer of fluid retention you have no doubt been told to lower your fluid intake, yet it’s pure water that is the best thing here. Don’t make the mistake of thinking so long as it’s water you can flavour it with anything you like. Just water. Carry a bottle with you. And if you have eliminated an increased amount of water, increase your electrolyes by adding a little ground Himalayan salt to your water – the best mineral and electrolyte drink you can have – aside from a little clay water.

One of my most difficult fluid retention cases was one of extreme, life-threatening ascites – and not just because the patient was a loved one. Due to the illness which was being severely medically mismanaged, extreme atrophy of the limbs was matched only by the severity of the abdominal and foot fluid retention (ascites). Medical management was to withdraw litres of this vital bodily fluid by syringe and dispose of it. The sudden drop in not just electrolytes but nutrients and the very fluid which was necessary for life itself, sent the body into shock, causing seizures and heart failure. That in turn, was then seen as a symptom of the disease, rather than an assault on the life – and health of the patient.

The fact I managed this case from afar makes it all the more poignant. I gave instructions via text and over the phone. Contrary to the prognosis given – that he would pass during the night (each time this awful ‘treatment’ was applied and resuscitation was needed) – once we were able to apply the right recommendations between myself and a team of UK and US peers, the ascites disappeared – taking with it, all the accompanying disease symptoms. This was not done so easily – but with diet, supplementation, acupuncture, herbal medicine, bodywork and massage; ie – an integrative effort. So while analgesia was necessary – with occasional IV fluids, the remainder of the therapy was what could only be called Edenic.

To hinder matters further, as he was in hospital for much of the time we worked on him, he was given the medications and diet that were causing his symptoms – so at least until we could get him home, the ascites and associated symptoms would once again flare. Eventually, once at home and free to continue as before, the symptoms disappeared permanently.

Remember, this is a case in which the feet were swollen into ball-shapes and the skin tore; while the belly measured in over a metre, rather than the usual less-than-90cms. And the fact the fluid loss stole much-needed protein from other tissue, muscle atrophy was extreme – affecting even his movement and use of vocal chords. Most obvious was the effect this vital fluid loss had neurologically, peripherally and internally as visible signs of memory, speech patterns, organ health and skin integrity all became seen as disease symptoms rather than side effects of poor management itself.

Reading over this information generally, you will by now be possibly screaming in your brain as the realisations hit home. Maybe even thinking “Lord, I KNEW this!” You will see that it is not one thing but many – and in turn, many more aspects of your health are suffering.

  • As usual, all my articles come with the condition of homework. Each highlighted word has a link corresponding to that issue. Please read (they open in a new window) as you will be more equipped with how to deal with them and turn your health around.

1 Corinthians 12: 12 and 24-26 

(Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.while our presentable parts need no special treatment. But God has put the body together, giving greater honour to the parts that lacked it,  so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honoured, every part rejoices with it.)




















Spring Clean Your Body

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How often do you service your car? Or clean out your fridge? Or bathroom – or toilet? Think about it – all of these things have what would be considered a build up – without getting gross – a build up of sludge. And we clean them – regularly.

We brush our teeth to clean off the build up. We go to the toilet (many failing at this) to get rid of the daily buildup. We wash off the daily grime and we wash our clothes to remove the buildup and odours.

What about really cleaning our bodies?

Our lungs expire waste – well, they try to. Today’s pollution levels, sick buildings, toxic cars and workplaces, habits like smoking and shallow breathing actually build up waste in not just our lungs but our blood. Our skin tries to slough off the daily grime and capillaric deposits which seep up through the dermal layers. We wash with toxic, pretty smelling product which are often little more than nerve gas and then apply more toxic body lotions (can anyone say vaseline?) to block in the waste.


Did you know that swollen ankles is a sign of poor excretion and breakdown of the waste in your body? But by the time your body suffers this, your kidneys, heart and digestive system are already well-overdue for a service. Waste and dead/damaged blood cells usually are flushed through the kidneys to be excreted and recycled. But your overloaded kidneys, coupled with heavier, thicker blood, means it is too heavy to pump a full cycle so gravity leaves it pooling at the bottom of the body – ie ankles. And it’s acidic.

Have you ever exfoliated or dry body-brushed? If you did it with dry skin over a black sheet you would be shocked at the sheer volume that comes off. Or have you ever gone into a sauna and rubbed the skin around your feet/ankles? It feels like you are rubbing grime on a baking tray. That is all waste and it stuck to your body.

Have you ever put your legs up a wall before you slept? Or used a gravity-inversion table? Believe it or not, this allows that thick pooled blood to move down into the groin where the over-worked lymphatic system tries to flush it and separate the waste from the blood. But most people have such thick, overloaded lymph that they now suffer shocking cellulite and chronic swollen glands. This is not an illness or disease – it’s a reflection of everything else going wrong in the body.


Just like you spring clean your house, you should do the same with your body. Your dentist scrapes off plaque from your teeth – what about the plaque in your bowel? Solids that glue together and adhere to the walls, not just blocking the mucosa, villi and capillaries from nutrient transfer (resulting in malnutrition and deficiency) but block natural circulation and irritate the lining, resulting in ulcerations, colitis, indigestion, bloating (all collectively packaged neatly into a syndrome diagnosis – IBS) and worse – cancer. And it’s acidic.

And it all starts in your stomach – which is screaming at you every minute of every day. It does not help that from school, we are taught so much misinformation on the purpose and actions of the stomach that we spend our lives punishing our own.

Detoxing and fasting is not new. Many traditional cultures around the world do it as part of their faiths, and for health and wellbeing. One thing I need to emphasize here – unlike the millionaire who once argued with me that he could scoff down whatever his gluttony desired, drink enough alcohol to make an entire pirate ship merry, and pop as many medications as he ‘needed’ – you cannot continue to self-abuse and believe that an annual spring clean will fix everything. He soon enough learned that flushing out a damaged engine will result in that engine seizing. And while, like a car, you can replace some parts (transplants) you cannot magically repair everything by installing a new organ – especially if you continue to fill it with toxic fuel.

0 3 detox

Whether you do it to kick start a weightloss program, or a new health regime, there are many tips – but sadly, too much misinformation out there. If you believe you can clean up your body by still refuelling with alcohol, dairy, meat, sugar and fried foods, you will find out what too many discover (and in turn, blame anyone but themselves) – results will definitely disappoint. This whole notion of ‘everything in moderation’ was coined by someone who knew little about diet or health – with a hidden addiction issue. They just did not want to give up what controlled them – or what was killing them. Sadly too many people live but this, not understanding why they are not thriving. And there is no shortcut, nor do halfway measures help – no matter how good they may be.

As a kid I didn’t eat sugar other than what someone has cooked into a snack or dessert. I also became vegetarian aged 10. You would think I had a good start! By 19, as a student nurse, I was chronically sick – drinking at least one bottle of mylanta a week, depending on medications such as atrobel and serepax – not to mention strong analgesia just to get through a shift. My blood sugar levels were all over the place and poor dietary advice given to me coupled with shift work and short meal breaks only made things worse.

It didn’t help I had a hairline fracture in my neck thanks to a horse-riding accident – but physically I was what I would term today, to be a very unhealthy person. I was also dependent on laxatives and weightloss potions – until I collapsed in class one day – around the same time I was pulled away from an ER patient while trying to draw up morphine, to prevent me endangering either him or me.


My superior had noticed my hands shaking while I was leaning against the treatment table. She thought it was stress so put me onto yoga. She was almost there – I did need to learn how to relax (valium was not a rarity in my life while growing up as a nervous kid) and I have to admit learning this did assist me like nothing else but it was just a baby step towards what I really needed.

If my clinical instructor had not taken me into her confidence, and my matron had not called me in to give me an ultimatum – sort my health out or I would be gone – my life would have gone a very different way. I initially went to see a friend – a GP – who was brutally harsh. If I continued the way I was heading, I would be obese, dependent on anti-depressants and a burden on society. It bit hard!

So off I went to see another friend’s boss – a naturopath. This clashed with everything I believed in but as she had cured my Dad of an ‘incurable’ set of health issues, I knew there must be something in it. She was also Christian so allayed all my ignorant fears that it was somehow occultish to use what I later termed God-given Edenic health. So I prayed on it and from across the room she told me what was wrong. I hadn’t even booked a consult. As I also learned much later how to do the same thing, she could see my dry and lifeless hair, the lymphatic rosary in my eyes, my bloated belly, swollen ankles (I was still only around 8 stone!) and general appearance.


I began with a detox that day, changed all my personal care, took a few supplements and within a month my life had turned around. I mean it REALLY turned my life around. As much as I adored nursing I knew I was being called to something else. I knew it would not be easy and I knew I would have opposition every step of the way. While my life’s work would never make me a wealthy person, it has allowed me to witness miracles every day. If that isn’t real wealth I don’t know what is.

And now, in my mid-50s I am healthier than I was at 15. And not just healthy living but regular spring cleaning is the basis of it all.

Go figure.

The list below is by no means exclusive – every nation, every culture has their own preferred methods. These are just some I have seen administered and practiced with massive benefit – or I do them myself. I have seen more lives saved than I could number. I have seen true miracles – every single day. And it all begins with this.



It’s no coincidence that high pressure and steam cleaners are used to remove even the worst of built-up grime – even industrially – even on dirty, oily engines. It is just as beneficial to the body. Along with my others, water is my 4th commandment for health. It is vital for physical, psychological and even spiritual health. It is the first thing – after air/oxygen – that your body misses before it expires. The old adage of 8 glasses a day is not a mistake. And it does not mean 8 cups of coffee, cordial, packaged fruit juice or milk. I often joke I have a drinking habit but it’s true. Herbal/spice teas, water, lemon water – all of these add to the spring clean.

But what else? Swimming, spas, sauna, bathing in Epsom salts are cheap or free hydrotherapies that will superpower your spring clean.



Woefully underestimated today. Only a few decades ago, sunbathing was considered vital – even for newborn babies with jaundice (early indications their livers are not detoxing), for depression, for skin health, to improve digestion, hormone levels – in fact just about every health issue is linked back to vitamin D deficiency. And today we are told to cover up. And now we have an epidemic of D deficiency health issues – cancer, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, depression, etc etc etc

Take it off – sunglasses, hats, suncreen, long clothing. Let your body breathe. I’m not saying go out and get sunburnt but let your body do what God gave you skin for. It’s no coincidence that these same health issues affect those who spend all day indoors in artificial light – including health professionals.

0 8 detox


I am sure some of you are tired of the word – probably my most-used word in all my writing and advice. Tough. Have you seen what bicarb can do to shower grime – which, in case you did not know, is calcified fats, dirt and cells from your body which have in turn glued to your choice of body cleanser? Have you seen what bicarb does to battery terminal build-up? That is major calcification. Bicarb is not just cleansing but it is the most powerful pH neutraliser. It is also the main ingredient in antacids. The simple truth is, you could throw away all the other ingredients and still get just as good a result. Aside from lemon and mint, consuming bicarb for indigestion, blocked bowel, toxic anything – is the best you can do for your spring clean. If you, like me, detest the taste of it, just add lemon juice to the water – or get some empty vegie caps and fill your own. I take two a day.



Yes, I am going there. Did you know that it is 100% normal to defaecate twice a day? Not by force or pain, but natural elimination. In trying to explain, two things spring to mind. When I lived up north, we had a flood. Until that time, sewage was not an issue to me. I knew it was in pipes under the ground and was pumped away. All things change when those pipes are disrupted (ie broken) – in a flood, the septic waste fuses with the water. The end result is highly toxic waste – capable of causing death – our little hospital went from 20 beds to 50 overnight. We had people laying on the floor with IVs, and our outpatients looked like a war zone.

The other thing I think of is when I was in South Africa there was a rubbish strike in Johannesburg. Piles of waste filled the streets to eye level. The smell was memorable. You could see from the looks on people’s faces that it was making them sick. It was seeping and oozing and being walked through the streets.

THIS is what the inside of your body looks like. If you cannot perspire, secrete and excrete freely, that odourous, toxic sludge circulates and pools in your body. By osmosis, water is eliminated but the residual waste compacts and putrifies. When did it become more important to ignore than talk about? It is the number one issue in health today because all systems, blood vessels, lymph vessels, systems and cells are impacted by the state of your digestive system.

While bicarb will help with some elimination and fluid balance, there are many other Edenic things you can use. Coconut oil not only emulsifies fats but breaks down calcified, impacted waste. Herbal aperient teas such as Chinese Slim tea, senna, psyllium husk and various detox formulas all put things right. You are meant to ‘go’ at the very least, once a day – and in this action you are supposed to completely empty the lower portion of the bowel. Just imagine – the more empty your bowel – think a carpark; if full, no cars can get in or out because there are too many waiting. Remove the big cars taking up most room, badly parked cars, or those just dumped there and things start to move. Remove them all at night and by morning, an entire new load of cars can move in – likewise, the more your organs are able to offload toxins and waste. The more ‘clean’ your vital organs, the more clean your blood, lymph, skin – ie your health.

The single most common symptom I have seen clinically – before pain, migraines, depression, obesity or cellulite – is constipation – and no one sees they are all linked. Yet even athletes can be blocked up – health failure soon sets in.



Even 100% paralysed individuals must receive passive movement exercises regularly, or their body will stagnate and gangrene will set in.  Yet I know able-bodied individuals who move less than their paralysed counterparts! Hardly fair. Movement triggers the heart to pump – with this, water moves through the digestive and urinary systems. It even has a psychological effect. It can improve your hormone levels which in turn affects every bodily function. Weights, walking, vibration platform, swimming, aerobic exercise, stretching – all of these contribute to your spring clean. Just don’t let any part of your body remain static or stagnant.

herbs and spices

Herbs & spices

See these as health gifts. Something as simple as supermarket herbs and spices can turn your health around. This section could be an entire thesis in itself. It should be seen as part of the water, regularity, exfoliation, flushing and even dietary sections. It should be seen as part of everything you do, whether your personal care, cleaning care or body care. The following are just a few of which you can make teas or add to your cooking –

Turmeric – liver tonic

Cumin – digestive aid

Ginger – cleansing, anti-bloat, digestive aid

Rosemary – detoxing, cleansing

Horseradish/wasabe – detoxing

Cayenne – detox, increase metabolism, digestive aid

Cinnamon – pancreatic tonic, detox

Red clover – blood cleansing, detox

Cilantro/coriander – heavy metal detox, blood cleansing

Parsley – urinary tonic

Milk thistle – liver tonic

Dandelion – liver tonic, blood cleanser

Wormwood – parasites

Peppermint – anti-bloat, neutralising, detox

Psyllium – bowel detox

Cascara – bowel detox



Whether dry body brushing, coffee/salt/sand exfoliation, exfoliating glove in the shower or bath, various massages etc, the key to helping what lies beneath is to remove the top dermal layers (which are dead and contain waste) – regularly. Not only can it help capillary and lymphatic health but can actually prevent wrinkles and cellulite.



Lots of raw vegetable juice, water, detoxing herbs – all help. Get even a cheapie bullet blender if you don’t like the thought of spending big on a Vitamix or similar. Juices and raw smoothies must be a part of not just your spring clean but your future.

Colonic hydrotherapy/regular coffee enemas should be considered – not only does it clear our parasites, plaque and build up, but shocks the vital organs into letting go of their own built up waste which in turn helps them to function as God intended.



More on this in the Edenic article. Clay is pure minerals, of which the human body is heavily made from and dependent upon. It is also catastrophically lacking in today’s version of the human race. We’ve all heard of clay masks – why just put it on your face for beauty? Why not a clay body mask or scrub? Why not drink a tablespoon a day to remineralise and draw out toxins?



While a clear-out is external to the human body, it is vital for your spring clean, just as clearing out rubbish and unwanted ‘stuff’ is in your home or workplace.

Look at it. Is it healthy for you? Will it benefit you? Or is it feeding your addictions and habits?  Throw it away. That includes toxic personal care. But all processed sugars, white flour products, processed foods, stimulants and bad fats must go if you want this to be the beginning of a new life.



Up until the 80s, charcoal was still used in hospitals to absorb toxins and today is relegated to filters and toxic industrial cleanups. Imagine how much more effective it is if taken internally to absorb and neutralise our toxins.


Oil pulling

An ancient Indian practice this can bring about such a change in the body that not only is dental health improved, but parasites and toxins eliminated. Make oil pulling at the very leasst, a once a week haibt – but only once you have complexetely finished your srping clean (when it should be at least once a day). Just think of how many times oil is spoken of in the Old and New Testament…


As already mentioned this is by far not all that is available but the question must be asked – if this is considered vital for abundant health, how many of the above suggestions do you use for your health? Moreover, how do you thrive without them? And how have you LIVED without them?

I need to discuss a few side effects of spring cleaning – namely hunger and stretch marks. To turn off the hunger switch there is so much that can be done mentally and physically.

And for stretch marks, we need to examine what they actually are. They are not, as is widely accepted, the end result of weight loss. Half my stretchmark patients have been thin and never gained weight in their lives. Parasites and mineral deficiencies are the main triggers for the dermal damage of loss of elasticity.

Once you have done your spring clean, please don’t see it as a cure-all. Nothing is. See it as the first day of the rest of your LIFE.

Best of all, you don’t need to just wait for Spring to sort it out – you can do this any day. Got a big event coming up? Need to lose a few pounds? Feel your health is on a steady decline? Get on it!















Playing with Chronic Fatigue?

How many years have you been looking for answers, and yet are still sick?

The Chrysalis blog was set up to direct people, no matter where you are in the world, to finding answers for free to your health – but it began with Chronic Fatigue – I vowed when my daughter recovered I would share how we did it. She did get better and we do share – but every day I see the same thing: now that it is medicalised it is about diagnosis and chasing symptoms (ie perceived depression and myalgia) – NOTHING about healing or undoing the various causes. And people have given up by the time they find this blog.

I then found that my facebook pages were taking hours to write every single day, but the information was becoming lost due to the increasing number of posts and for someone with CFS/lyme/fibro it was just too difficult to navigate. Some had a great support network to help print off posts and make up a treatment file but it still wasn’t ideal.

So, I copied all existing articles and new ones, to my blog, and now direct visitors here, in order to allow them to find answers more easily. I appreciate it is still not ‘easy’ – especially when concentration, ordering, food prep etc, is a vital part of your recovery. However, compared to many other ‘CFS experts’ and their sites (especially the high fee-attracting ones) it is much easier. I found these sites difficult to navigate and very secretive, and in my view, holding the sufferer to ransom until they paid up, while thinking they had no hope elsewhere.

CFS has become a business rather than seen as an illness as bad as cancer

More than once I was told that some of these experts, and many of the patients who promoted them, had not yet dealt with a single truly successful case, nor had the patients even got close to a cure. The same can be said for doctors; they hear that yes, CFS is real and yes, it is now accepted in the system so start taking cases while the hapless sufferers have no idea that as yet, not a single case has been cured by this expert they have placed their trust in. This is alarming as I find it incredulous that anyone would claim their protocol could work, if they were yet to see a single cure! Yet these are the services that seem to be attracting the paying customers – all about $$$ while baffling with science…

This is alarming as I find it incredulous that anyone would claim their protocol could work, if they were yet to see a single cure. Yet these are the services that seem to be attracting the paying customers – all about $$$ while baffling with science…

Shock treatment and removal of vital organs?

And sadly, this is the direction medicine has gone. My first cases of CFS were seen in my nursing days – the standard treatment back then was shock treatment, anti-depressants and hysterectomies for the ladies. I wont repeat what I heard doctors joking about behind the patients’ backs. It hasn’t changed much.

CFS is NOT depression!

In 2006, which is relatively recent, when my daughter became unwell, we went to close to 20 different doctors/clinics/hospitals before we realised that yes, I would have to do it alone even if it was technically illegal. That old deja vu of ‘this is what I have studied and rehearsed for my entire professional career’ happened yet again.

‘Medical treatment’ in this instance involved anti-depressants, addictive analgesics and threat of admission into the mental health system which we refused. My daughter wasn’t depressed, and she was sick of being unwell. If, in frustration, she burst into tears, she was once again reminded that she has depression.

I wonder dear doctor, if you had pain that drove you to despair, enlarged abdominal organs that left you unable to eat or even breathe properly, neurological pain that felt like your skull was open, and a deficit of energy that left you dependent on others to be able to walk – through all this, to be told there is nothing wrong with you, that it is all in your mind, and you need addictive drugs to make you feel happy again and only then would all your problems go away, would you cry?

Or perhaps you would feel angry when well-meaning family and friends asked you each and every time you saw them, “Are you STILL sick? Don’t you think it’s time you go over it?” I am certain you would.

Fun was made of our veg*n diet, and we were told a number of times that as I do not vaccinate my children, this is what caused it.

One doctor actually Googled CFS/ME in front of us, as he had never treated it.

He sent her home in a wheelchair with the words, “Prepare for the worst. If she stops breathing again tonight, please bring her back. But she may not last the night.” So we had a teen who may or may not last the night – but as they had not dealt with it, go home. It was a long night – especially as earlier that day, we had stood in the local welfare office trying to at least recoup some of the money we’d lost (I could no longer work but did not qualify for a carer’s allowance and she had not been able to work for 9 months) – she collapsed on the floor and lay there crying and shaking. People – many who looked like actual drug addicts openly laughed at her and a few less than decent comments were made to her. I stood there crying and that was when I vowed to share any answers I found, once I found them!

Anyway, as there are a number of articles on my blog with the protocol and other associated aspects related, and I hope you eventually can read them all. Apologies to those who still find it difficult, hopefully the list below will help make it more clear.

The effort to make one doctor’s visit can have repercussions for days

The truth is, if you had cancer or any visible widely promoted/funded/supported illness, you would have Silver Chain at the very least. How long does it take you to recover after each visit to a doctor or other practitioner? My daughter usually took an average of 3 days, during which time she didn’t eat, couldn’t have the light on, and shook with pain.

I want to help you avoid this. One thing that may help is knowing how much it takes to even make and keep an appointment and the days of recovery following; you are able to avoid that stress, while ordering what you need to get better, from the comfort of your own home. Hopefully your support network can do the groceries and other needs. It would be nice to have a dedicated service in each city but I guess that will only come with more awareness and honesty in treatment. Sadly for now I don’t see things changing – I have lobbied our government and health systems and so far, there is no interest.

The great thing to know is that I have had many patients I have never met, across the world, who don’t even have a good support network and have limitless cash – who have been able to return to health, after previously using their life savings and many years in the system without any success. Almost every day I am contacted by someone else thanking me for the protocol.

So what is CFS really?

As a syndrome is a mix of symptoms that do not fit disease paradigms, so too with CFS – it is a set of seemingly unrelated symptoms – meaning medicine has not yet come up with a specific disease cause. In truth, there is no one cause. Some CFS comes from insect bites/stings (Ross River, lyme, etc). Others come from vaccinosis or other medication side effects. Others still from surgery and titanium type allergies. Some comes from hormonal damage (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovarian, gonadotropin, etc). Some comes from a mix of allergies triggered by parental toxicity or environmental damage. It may even be related to parasitic infestations or mould toxicity/allergy. Or even major deficiencies. Or it can be a mix of two or more. And the final trigger can be as simple as contracting Epstein Barr virus or the flu.

If you do not yet have a diagnosis, please stop and take stock. This latent need to get a diagnosis and validation does nothing but tell you what you already knew – it wont offer a magic cure. And it should not be necessary for you to go through the long, drawn out process (often unsuccessful) of trying to get one within the medical system. Please see my assessment page – which is a comprehensive assessment, with additional CFS assessment for those seeking answers.

One fee ($50AUS) to cover it all, regardless of how many times you need to keep in contact – Comprehensive assessment HERE – and indicate upon application, that you would also like the complimentary CFS assessment. This is more detailed than ever before and will allow me to determine whether it is CFS, lyme, fibromyalgia or another disorder.

Stage one – understanding invisible disease. It is no one issue, no magic pill is going to ‘fix’ it. It is a toxic attack that has taken some time and trauma to develop, affecting your nervous system and vital organs – and in turn, every aspect of your health. Usually misdiagnosed for years, much time has passed, allowing symptoms to develop unnecessarily.

Have you been exposed to pharmaceutical or environmental/industrial toxins/chemicals? Perhaps your decline began after a vaccine?

Stage two – starting on the correct detox, diet and lifestyle is as vital as is the correct supplementation. There are many, many simple tips, such as the common herb ginger to help with abdominal inflammation and pain, as well as hormone imbalance. You need your support network to also identify with your illness, as most people fail to understand completely unless they know how it feels, or what it is.

Do you notice that after certain foods, you feel worse?

Stage three – detoxing is important, as is rest and the correct treatment. There are so many diets out there, including for invisible disease that it makes your head spin. And it makes you sick eventually, if not immediately. Invisible disease is about inflammation.

Think about it – acid causes swelling and inflammation and is linked to ALL pain and illness. So what causes illness? Primarily what we put into our bodies but also what we put onto our bodies, our thought processes and stress. So how do you take your body from an acidic mess full of inflammation and pain, to a pH neutral, calm, pain free HEALTHY, living individual?

There is no alkaline pill, no magic vaccine that is going to change things.

If you live acid, you live with inflammation.

Most newcomers argue with this, yet eventually they get it. So how do you trust what is the correct diet, and how do you learn how to pull it all into one cohesive program? The following is just that – a combination of years of study and various trials and articles and books – and tests. Most importantly, thousands of cases were involved.

anti-inflammatory, alkaline diet

Stage four – the correct medicines – while I agree with analgesia if it means relief and sleep, I do not see it as an effective treatment ideal – many are addictive and come with a host of side effects, even death. But in the short term or occasionally, yes, please take them. After trialing thousands of dollars’ worth of what I would term excellent supplements (including practitioner only and some of the most expensive and well researched options) I began reading up on certain biochemical research.

supplements instead of food

Stage five – this wraps up all the adjuvant tips and ideas that have many benefits and even increase the effectiveness of the steps above. With diet, I am yet to see a single sufferer who is not gluten intolerant – check out the symptoms of GI –

what is gluten intolerance

Hormone imbalance is a major factor in invisible disease – including lupus, ALS, MS, MD and much more. And it is one of the most mismanaged health sectors. Just a little here with a few tips on how to ensure your hormones are at their optimum level – you will be shocked –

what every mother should share with her daughters

What about the ongoing arguments that natural therapies don’t work? This has been an ongoing very clever spin exercise, with little truth, other than fear and money – why do so many accept a death sentence without even trying”

don’t accept a death sentence

What about pain relief? Why are so many sufferers now registered drug addicts?

Why are so many now needing the assistance of drug detox and pain clinics? And why is the suicide rate so high in sufferers? –

pain relief without addiction

What about scams? How do you know the protocol is safe or effective?

how to avoid CFS scams

Feel free to print off this information and share with anyone you know who may need it.

Remember to ‘follow’ this blog to avoid missing out on any updates or articles. If you are seeking a confidential health assessment and the accompanying complimentary CFS assessment, please follow this link

online assessment

On top of the above suggestions, please use the following Rx protocol – it can be ordered online at a fraction of the cost of any competitor. The general rule of thumb is for every year you have been sick, it will take a month to reverse. Be patient and just know you are doing the right thing –

1. Fibromyalgia symptoms – boron – buy here

(Research on effects of boron – why do you need boron?

2. Fibromyalgia/adrenal tonic – buy here

3. Anti inflammatory – buy here – turmeric based pain relief

4. Superfood, probiotics, herbal, adaptogenic, tonic – buy here

5. Anti inflammatory fucoidan – buy here

(Fucoidan effects on fibro/CFS/lyme – read here)

6. Anti parasite/mould – buy here

7. Noni superfood tonic – buy here

8. Colloidal minerals – buy here

  • Homeopathic treatment currently being researched and formulated. I hope to have this available by the end of 2016.

This is the basis of the treatment. Please advise if there are any other symptoms you need help with – no two cases are identical and each can be associated with a whole range of health issues. The above list includes practitioner quality recommendations at a reduced price. ALL the products listed above are needed – as CFS is not a single symptom set and requires a multi faceted attack. Adjustments to the protocol are made as you respond and recover.

Just know it can be done!

©  copyright Lulu L 2014

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